Sunday, September 13, 2015

BOO Day Treat Holders

Recent stop at Walmart and quite the finds. . . First the treat holder in this post has no stamping needed but still turned out well. I wanted to make free standing treat holders for Halloween for treats as favors, for work, kid's classes, etc.

This first treat holder is an old pattern revisited -- the Sour Cream container. This holds the Fun Size bag of M&M's, choc nugget candies, mini candy bars, choc kisses, and other small treats. The Sour Cream containers are free standing and can be made with double sided card stocks, stamped card stocks, and solid coloured card stocks. My Sour Cream container involves paper piecing:

To start I used printed card stock from Mikes for the yellow and orange prints and then white/GP for the white piece. Made a sample container from scrap card stocks first to be sure the sizes of strips I was using would work for this holder. The white/GP piece is 1 1/8" x 5 1/2". The orange dotted piece is 1 7/8" x 5 1/2". Then the yellow dotted piece is 1 1/4" x 5 1/2". To attach these strips together so they are one piece I used a piece of Scotch tape longer than 5 1/2" and put this across the back of the yellow dotted piece at the top edge:

I then turned the yellow dotted piece over and butted the orange dotted piece up against the yellow edge on the tape side. Once those pieces were butted up against each other I pressed the orange piece down so the tape would hold it in place. Then put Scotch tape on the other side of the orange dotted piece to add the white piece to that:

Once the white piece was up against the orange dotted piece I pressed down to attach it to the tape. Then used scissors and snipped off the excess tape on the sides of the strips. Turned it over and added red sticky tape to close up the Sour Cream container as the pattern instructs (you can find the pattern all over on the internet). Closing the yellow bottom first. Then used the crimper and crimped the ends of the yellow end. Then added my candy treats. Once those were added I then closed the white end of the container and again used the crimping tool to crimp that closed. 

Did not want to use any stamps for this container but when I went to Walmart I picked up this package of 24 Halloween stickers for 97 cents:

These are not flat stickers but like a thin chip board:

Once my Sour Cream container was made and closed up I picked out one of these stickers for the front -- using a 1" circle punch I punched out an orange circle from scrap card stock. Used a large glue dot to attach the "Trick or Treat" sticker to the orange circle. Then used a 1 1/4" scalloped circle punch for scrap yellow card stock and put these together using glue dots. The stickers have adhesive on them but I do not know if their adhesive is as good as a glue dot so I added my own. I put the three layer sticker on the container front with a large glue dot. Using the M Stewart bat punch I punched out two bats from shiny black card stock and added them to the container using mini glue dots. Pinched their wings together so it gives the container front dimension. Easy treat holder to make up and the little chip board stickers have enough variety that they will get lots of use. TFL and YOLO

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