Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wishy-Washi storage

Washi tape.

In the beginning had a couple of rolls of washi. Into a basket they went.

Until they multiplied and out grew their basket.

Bought plastic storage boxes to keep them in.

Great idea but the storage boxes had no sections so everything was a mess and together.

Recently saw a video on Youtube from another crafter who keeps her Washi tapes in these ArtBins. I bought my ArtBins on sale at As the crafter explained (do not have her name to give her credit but if I stumble across the video again I will post it) ... she explained her ArtBins are tarnish free inside for jewelry making storage. The thing I like about this storage is these bins have sections and you can move dividers around to give you larger or smaller sections for storage. I am glad I found this suggestion as these bins also hold the larger rolls of washi. Here are photos:

The above photo shows the label on this storage box.

In this photo you can see the turquoise dividers inside and the two latches on the case front that keep this case closed.

Now have two of these boxes organized for my Washi. This case above is just for colours and prints and you can easily see what is inside by looking through the top. This case below is all my holiday Washi:

It is nice to be able to see at a glance what colours/prints I have and I really like that when you take a roll out all the other rolls stay in place and do not roll around.

Here are the two cases stacked for storage and with the dividers I could also store these standing up and they will stay in place.

Another good investment for storage -- I have recently weeded out a lot of items from my craft room and sold a lot of that so the $$ from those items pays for the new items for storage. Just the problem with Washi tape.... it is really not that expensive but I have to be careful not to buy that like I have ribbon ... :0(  ..... (but it is so pretty and can we ever have enough??????!!)  TFL and YOLO

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MaryH said...

Well, I hope I didn't miss any goodies from your weedout! Like this idea, and will be looking for these bins to get with coupons. Mine (which I seldom use, dunno why I buy the stuff!) is in a big box, you have to hunt to find anything. Not only Bargain Queen, but Storage Diva as well! TFS