Friday, July 29, 2016


Embossing folders..... Used for embossing they add texture and design to your project. You can also ink the embossing folder to transfer the design to your card stock or even emboss wax paper for a resist technique. In the beginning all embossing folders were the same size... then the 5" x 7" folders came out... then the folders that have a slit on the fold of the folder to allow for longer strips of card stock so you can emboss a continued design were available. Have to say, in my crafting life, I have not met an embossing folder I did not like... and I can speak for my Cuttlebug and Big Shot machines as well... until the mailman showed up this morning. . .

Had seen the new "Woven" embossing folders by We R Memory Keepers and I really liked the designs this set of two folders make. Here is a photo of the packaging for these folders:

Although I have a Basket Weave embossing folder to add a weave texture to projects as I did in my Berry Basket:

I liked the two woven designs these folders have:

Happy me these folders were in the mail this morning. Sprinting into the craft room I opened the package, pulled out a piece of white/GP card stock to try out each folder and started with the Cuttlebug machine first. I have a "love/hate" relationship with my Cuttlebug... I love it and would hate to have it break...

Loaded up the Cuttlebug using the normal 'sandwich' I use for embossing. I stacked the A plate, a B plate, the folder with card stock inside, and finished it with another B plate. Starting rolling this sandwich through the machine and the Cuttlebug was having none of this... It would not work... Did not want to force it. . .

Knowing that not all machines can handle all projects I quickly went to the Big Shot and got out the Big Shot platform, opening it for an embossing folder. Put my clear plate on the platform, then the embossing folder with card stock inside, and then the other clear plate. The Big Shot was having none of this... again did not want to force it . . .

Hmmmmmmmmm....  Looked at the packaging to see if WRMK had a 'sandwich' recipe on it for using these folders? Nothing.... Here is what finally worked in each machine:

Cuttlebug:  A plate
                  Embossing folder with card stock
                  C plate

Big Shot:  Platform CLOSED
                 Embossing folder with card stock
                 Clear plate on top (one plate only)

PLEASE try this carefully as we know all machines are not the same -- do testing first to be sure these sandwiches will work for you and your machines.  ALSO for the Cuttlebug I have 2 "B" plates that I have marked so I know they are for embossing folders only. They are not used for anything else so they remain flat and they give a nice embossed finish.

ALSO -- these folders emboss deeply so you may want to emboss two pieces of your card stock at a time to keep your card stock from tearing or showing stress marks on the embossed patterns. It all will depend on the thickness (weight) of the card stock you are using. These folders are much thicker than regular embossing folders and they emboss deeply so your embossed designs will be more detailed. When I put these embossing folders in with my other embossing folders I will be sure to mark them to remind me a different machine sandwich is needed when using them.

SHOPPING ALERT:   I bought these embossing folders from: If you should go to their webpage you will see they accept coupons from competitors -- Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Mikes and they provide you the codes you need when you check out so be sure to write your codes down so you save on your purchase. TFL and YOLO


Anonymous said...

Thanks Candee for the embossing folder info. I returned a Spellbinder folder cause I could not get it to emboss correctly in either my Cuttlebug or Big Shot machines. Decided it was not worth breaking either machine. One broken Cuttlebug was enough!!!
Hugs and smiles Reva

Ann Dahne said...

Thank you for sharing your thorough analysis of this. I'm surprised that WRMK didn't include at least suggestions for the most common machines available. While having many projects to choose from can be a blessing, it can also lead to confusion and frustration in the crafting room. Oh! I do love your card!

Candee said...

Hi Reva and Ann -- thanks for the comments on the "Buyer BEWARE" post on my blog. As soon as this happened, and once I figured out the sandwich that worked for my machines, I thought I had better get this in a post in case other crafters also were buying these folders. After I was able to use the folders I will admit the patterns are very nice but certainly not worth breaking our valuable machines over! Thanks ladies for your blog visit also! Candee P

Unknown said...

Hi, just read your beware. I too have these folders and love them. They are the new style of 3D embossing folders, so your sandwich is correct. Try giving your CS a light spritz of water before running through. It will soften the paper and prevent breakage.