Sunday, July 3, 2016

Card Stock Storage -- Check!

Finished the card stock storage --- used to keep my solid card stocks in clear cellophane bags once I opened a new pack of solid card stock but sooner than later the cellophane bags would tear apart or the seams would separate. Then came across someone somewhere that mentioned they store their solid card stocks in Job Ticket Pockets/Holders from the office supply store. Checked around and found a lot of card makers/scrapbookers were using this idea for storage and they had a lot of success with it.

With selling so many of my no longer used or wanted card making supplies I have decided to rearrange things in the craft room, organizing as I go. Just finished my solid card stock storage and this is what I did.

Someone somewhere showed her card stock storage and she used plastic magazine holders on their sides and had her card stocks in those. Checked around and saw someone else that used cardboard Banker's Boxes for their magazine holders to hold their card stocks in. The cardboard is more affordable to me so I ended up ordering 12 of the Banker's Boxes from Amazon. They arrived yesterday and this is what they look like:

Boxes are already scored so easy to put them together:

Cleared off the shelf these will now be on and put my boxes in a row across the shelf:

Short ends of the boxes at the top. Then I used my Fiskars trimmer and trimmer off the hanging top to the Job Ticket Pockets/Holders. Labeled the pockets/holders with the label maker and then put all the solid card stocks in their pockets. Put colours in order and filled up my boxes -- my card stocks are not in any particular order by colour -- there is no right or wrong way to do this. Here are photos of my filled boxes/shelf:

My cream, white, and black 110# card stocks from Mikes are in the last two boxes on this shelf:

Now all the solid card stocks are in one place -- I have Stampin Up, Paper Trey Ink, Close To My Heart, and other 8 1/2" x 11" solid card stocks on this shelf. Easy to pick out the colours I want and just take that one pocket/holder to the work table and then return it to the shelf when done. TFL and YOLO

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