Sunday, January 8, 2017

Close To My Heart order

Just received my Close To My Heart order and wanted to share it on the blog before I put it all away and forget to post this. I bought washi tape and twine but this post will show their dies and their embossing folders.

To begin with Close To My Heart has used clear stamps for many years and all their stamp sets are packed in plastic envelopes for storing them. Many of their stamp set coordinate with Cricut programs as well. They offered a Pink Flamingo stamp set with matching die last year and I bought the set. Their dies are called Thin Cuts and I had never bought their dies before. After making a card with the flamingo stamp and matching die set I was impressed with how well the die cut the card stock, both thin and thicker card stocks.

Close To My Heart totally "gets" us crafters.... their stamp sets arrive ready for use -- no trimming them and having to mount them all before we even think of using them. They also offer the "ready for use" with their dies. To begin with their dies arrive in clear envelopes on magnetic sheets:

You simply open the envelope, take the die off the magnetic sheet, take it to the machine to die cut your piece. I bought three of their Thin Cut dies and I cut them out to show these better using thinner to thicker card stocks and they all cut well the first pass through the die cutting machine:

How many times do we buy a die or die set and once it is home we almost have to bend the dies to get them off the packaging???!!! Close To My Heart does not use the tape on their dies so they are ready for use and there is no sticky spots on the dies from the tape on their packaging. Again -- they arrive and are ready for use...

Now to their embossing folders. I bought three of these and for my photos I have a piece of scrap green card stock in the folders to show the pattern. There are a few good things about their embossing folders -- first, there is a slit on the fold of their embossing folders so you can emboss a longer piece of card stock with a continual pattern. Second their embossing folders measure 5 1/4" x 7 1/4" so you can emboss your card stock from top to bottom and side to side with the full pattern. Here is the first embossing folder "Happy Thoughts":

This folder has various works in script and in print. This next folder is "Snowflakes":

Large and small snowflakes with detailed flakes scattered on the folder. This next folder is my favorite of all the wood grain embossing folders I own -- this one has nail heads on it and detailed wood grain on the planks. It is called "Wood Slats":

I have a few of the Close To My Heart embossing folders and they work well with the thinner as well as thicker card stocks. Very good quality. The only thing missing is the folder title -- but I used my label maker and clear label tape and put the folder titles on each folder:

Things are ready to go where they belong in the craft room and ready for use. TFL

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MaryH said...

Good info here. I've only got a couple clear CTMH stamp sets, never used folders or dies. No local seller here. I like these folders too.