Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Well... who hasn't? ? ?

Well... who hasn't??? Pretty much everywhere in the US this week there has been some weather situation going on -- from torrential rains, to sleet and ice, to snows . . .  Here in NC we had the sleet and ice and also snows. Luckily for us we started with freezing rain that switched to snow but unlike it was predicted we only had about an inch and a half of snow. Some places were hit with 10 inches of snow or higher. Living in NY before moving here 10 inches of snow was the normal and no big deal... in NC they do not have the heavy snowplows or salt/sand trucks or anything serious to battle snows. Therefore everything shuts down -- stores, businesses, schools all close until the weather improves..... Due to this I have been out of work for the last three days waiting for all the ice on the roads to melt. Hoping things will be back to normal tomorrow...

Having this storm over the weekend and being housebound I decided the craft room will be getting a serious overhaul. DH and I went to the sale at IKEA a week ago and picked up another Alex unit on sale for my craft room. It is the low one that has 6 wide drawers. DH put that together for me and this weekend I was able to get it filled up and organized, drawers labeled. While I was in the craft room I did other organizing and decided to move my solid card stocks to a better location in the craft room. The new location is away from the windows so I do not have to worry about sunshine on the card stock and it is also next to my work island that my paper trimmer is on. This new location will help when I am starting a card as I will be able to see at a glance what card stock I want to use.

Also Mikes has their plastic craft storage items on sale this week for 50% off. I had some of the IRIS thinner project cases but needed a few more for my new organization of card stocks and items. I went to Mikes and picked up a few more of those for the 50% off price and also used a 25% off sale and regular priced items coupon so good deal for sure. These thinner boxes fit in the older slotted white cubbies I used to keep all my card stocks in long ago. Here are photos of my solid card stocks in their new location:

and a second photo to show the other end of this shelf unit:

and a photo to show the IRIS project boxes:

On the one side of this shelf unit, (which was free from a woman's clothing store), is my solid card stock and the IRIS project boxes. The other side of the shelf unit is more of my solid card stocks and packs of card stock in the slotted cubbies below.

Was able to move my metal die storage over to where the card stock used to be and that should also be a better location for those. Label Maker is the best tool in the craft room --- labeled items as I have organized them so it should not be hard to find everything... Key to all of this is PUTTING items back where they belong when finished with them instead of in a basket or bin waiting to be put away. But a basket or a bin is better than a pile on the work table. . . .  haha   TFL


MaryH said...

Well, this looks great. I've never seen those 'skinny' plastic boxes. I have some of the Iris ones, but they are about twice as thick. This looks like you've got a good organization going, especially for the paper. I need you to pay a visit and organize my stuff!! LOL.
TFS & Hugs

Lora said...

A wonderful looking craft room. Do you have the solid card stock standing up in bins or?

Thank you for showing us your room.

I have been cleaning closets and drawers during our snow and icy weather. I have not been able to leave for 9 days so far.

Candee said...

Hi Lora--the card stock used to be stored in cellophane bags but they would rip all the time. Now I use the Job Ticket Holders (pockets) from Staples Items #433441. I have them in the card board Bankers Boxes #FEL07224. These boxes are on the shelf laying down rather than standing up like you would use them to hold magazines. You can buy them at office supply stores or online or from Amazon. The prices vary on those so shop around. I recently have sold a lot of my unused craft items so I used that money towards this new card stock storage. You can also cut down a cardboard box to hold the card stock as well. The job ticket pockets are very durable compared to the cellophane bags and none of them have torn or ripped and I have used them for some time. Thanks for your blog visit and be safe in your winter weather! Candee P