Sunday, March 19, 2017

Slip Sliding Away in my Alex . . . .

Been busy reorganizing the Alex units in the craft room that I got last year. Decided with all the drawer space that I would use some of the drawers for punch storage. Did not want to toss the punches in the drawers without drawer liners but only had some left overs from the dollar store. Used what I had from there and here is that result --

With opening and closing the drawers the weight of the punches makes them slide around - here is a closer look at the beige drawer liner I began with:

Since what I had on hand clearly was not going to work I replaced the beige drawer liner with white drawer liner from Walmart --

New liner but same results:

Stopped lining all the drawers for now and decided to shop around for a better liner. Mr. Mailman dropped off a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to me for $5.00 and decided to check out their drawer liners. I found this in the kitchen tools section:

Brought it home and began lining the drawers with the punches with it:

And a second drawer:

And another:

So far so good with this new drawer liner -- can open and close the drawers now knowing the punches will not be in a jumbled mess. Easy to cut the liner to size with scissors and having it stay in place is a big plus. .  .  .

Yesterday we made a trip to the Charlotte area and since we were so close.... My stamping PIC (Partner in Crime) and I stopped in at IKEA. She bought another Alex unit for her craft room and I came across the EKBY Alex shelf. Decided this shelf would work on top of my Alex units so I bought one for the craft room.

DH assembled it for me (thanks to him) and now it is in my craft room. This is what the top of my Alex units looked like before my EKBY shelf:

This is a photo of the EKBY shelf in place:

Two more drawers for me to fill up and since the EKBY is not as deep as the Alex units I still can put things on the top when I am taking out items from my Alex units:

Also I bought some of the white plastic magazine holders from IKEA that I put next to my EKBY and those holders hold my British card making magazines and also card stock. The EKBY unit is a good addition for my craft room and will be filled up shortly! Happy I found a drawer liner that works so my crafting items will no longer be slip sliding away. . .   TFL


MaryH said...

Looking good. You're keeping Ikea in business. I like the look of this new shelf. Been working on sorting stamps in mine. Good idea with the punches & drawer liner. I have mine on shelves so I can see what I have. Also have some pegboard with curtain rods (like the one Ikea has) and hang punches there, easy to see. Just not enough space for all my punches...of which I have way too many. Glad you & Miss D. found some good stuff, bet it was fun. That is a lovely store in Charlotte, and the café food is quite tasty and reasonable too. I think a trip is my near future as well, but gotta get the room sorted before I buy more stuff! TFS

Lora said...

My mouth fell open when I saw your punches in the open drawer. They looked like mine. What are those nice looking wooden shelving that you have reams of paper in. Also the one on the top far right, where you can slide paper or folders in?

I love your set up, it looks so organized and clean.

Candee said...

Hi Lora - First -- the far right unit at the top - that is a holder for 8 1/2 x 11 card stocks and I just turned it on it's side for folders I have with clear sheets, magnet sheets, and vellum. The wood look shelf under it above my EKBY Alex new additions is a shelf unit I picked up at a thrift store in the kitchen cabinets area. The best storage I have found is at the thrift stores and if you shop those just think out of the box--I never know what I will find there. As for the punch drawers the new Contact drawer liner really works well. I keep the very small punches in baskets, sold in sets of three at the dollar store, in each drawer. This way those tiny punches do not get lost in the back of the drawers. Hope this explains that set up. Thanks for your nice comment and your blog visit! Candee P