Saturday, May 13, 2017

Onto Plan B . . .

Over time I have bought Gina K Design stamp sets from used stamp sales as well as ordering a few of her stamp sets from her website. To store these stamps I have them in the plastic snap closure stamp cases from Stampin Up. Inside the stamp cases are the stamps and the cover page that is on the front of the stamp set when it is sold in the clear plastic bag.  Using my label maker I put the stamp set title on the spine of the plastic stamp case and kept the stamp sets in a clear bin from Bed, Bath and Beyond to store:

The plastic cases worked well to keep the stamp set dust free but I recently bought two clear stamp sets from Gina K and these stamp sets are too large to be stored in the Stampin Up plastic stamp cases. New storage plan had to be in place as I did not want two ways to store the Gina K stamp sets.

I measured the new clear stamps packaging they arrived in.  I had a few of the larger Sizzix plastic envelopes that die sets are sold in that were now empty. These envelopes do hold the larger stamp sets so I shopped around online and found they were on sale at Joann's also had a shipping special so a win win for me. My Sizzix envelopes arrived today and here is a photo of some of the Gina K Designs stamp sets I have put into these larger envelopes:

Here is the back of these envelopes:

Now for the larger stamp sets I just bought from Gina K:

All the Gina K stamp sets are in these new envelopes and these take up so little space compared to the Stampin Up stamp cases I was using for the Gina K stamp sets. These envelopes keep the stamp sets dust free and you can see the stamps through the envelopes which is good if you are looking for a particular stamp. Just happy that I thought to try the larger Sizzix envelopes to store these larger stamp sets and esp happy the envelopes were on sale!  :0)   Will find another use for my now empty Stampin Up stamp cases.   TFL

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