Saturday, May 27, 2017

Stamp set photos

Finished taking all the Stampin Up stamp sets out of the DVD cases they come in and now they are in the clear envelopes in the clear bins on the shelf. This is how I had the Stampin Up stamp sets in the DVD cases stored in the craft room:

This shelf was a good idea until it wasn't. One side is the Stampin Up wood mount stamp sets with the cling/clear stamp sets on the left side of the shelf. Hard to see all the sets when I was looking for a particular stamp set. Now I store them in clear refrigerator bins in clear envelopes and this is going to work well for me:

All the Stampin Up stamp sets fit in these two bins with plenty of room for more...Can easily flip through the stamp sets to locate a stamp set I want to use or if I know the stamp title these sets are in alphabetical order:

Also on this shelf unit is the Close To My Heart, Paper Trey Ink, Gina K Designs, and other clear and cling stamp sets from various manufacturers. Kept the wood mount stamp sets on the shelf but the clear and cling Stampin Up stamp sets are now altogether in these bins.  TFL


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea and what a great craft room! Love it.
Mrs Noofy

Candee said...

Hi Sue - Glad I finished the SU stamp sets from the cases to the clear envelope storage. They take up so much less space and now I can take ALL the clear/cling mount sets to the table in the two bins and look through them. Before they would slip and slide if I carried too many cases to the work table. Esp at holiday time when I am making cards, tags, boxes, etc.. Looking forward to making it easier for holiday projects. Thanks for your blog visit and nice comment!! Candee P

Anonymous said...

Candee this is great idea, I totally dislike getting the clear and cling stamps back in the containers or sleeves they are sold in. Now to find the best price I can find for the Avery Elle pockets on the internet. My shopping is limited in my town. BUT I hear tell we might be getting a Hobby Lobby! Thanks for sharing your newest storage idea, Hugs and smiles, Reva

Candee said...

Hi Reva - First sells the Avery pockets for $11.99 per pkg of 50 plus s/h. But I also use the large storage envelopes from and those are also a pkg of 50 but only $8.99 so do shop around. The problem I had with keeping my SU stamp sets in the cases is every time I bought a stamp set from a used stampers sale I had to make room for another case. Now all I do is put that stamp set into the clear pocket and slide it in the bin and no rearranging. Plus I can easily take the two bins to my work table if I want to use multiple stamp sets without the cases sliding and falling. As for you getting a Hobby Lobby -- you will LOVE it!! They carry so many crafting items!! They also have their own store line as well as carrying major brands. Happy you to have a local store than having to make your 89 mile drive! Hoping it happens soon for you as Hobby Lobby is a nice store. Thanks for your blog visit and enjoy your week! Candee P

Anonymous said...

Dear Candee, Thank you for helping me with my internet shopping. I totally agree the stamps in pockets--so easy to flip forward an envelope--make a selection and then just put it back when done. No more making sure I have returned it to the correct category.I will be using the color coding you used-- I color coded my SU containers like you suggested. Fortunately for me my hubby of 60 years is patient in hobby shops--he drops me off at HL or Tuesday Morning or Joann when he has his doctor appointment in Las Cruces. When we go to El Paso we stop at the 3 stores plus Michaels after my doctor appointment.

Lucky you, I have the idea, at least from your newsletters you have numerous stamp stores in NC. The few I have been in on our trips to New Bern, NC I have thoroughly enjoyed. It is like attending the big stamp shows (did not get to Albuquerque show this year) they were fun and learned a lot.

Again Thanks, I appreciate you. Hugs and smiles Reva