Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bunny Easter Card

Card stock base is pink. Used a cream egg print card stock for the card front. Used the Egg die set from Spellbinders for the pink egg and the embossed cream egg. For the bunny I used the Stampin Up Chocolate Bunny stamp and once stamped I cut it out with scissors. The bunny is on the card front using pop dots for dimension. Bow punch is from M Stewart and I added a pink crystal to the center of the bow. TFL and YOLO

Monday, March 30, 2015

Baby Chick Card

Here are a couple of Easter cards using the chicks I had made before. In this photo it looks like the pink card on the left is larger than the yellow one on the right but they are the same size --

For this card I used the larger and second larger egg dies in the Egg die set by Spellbinders and cut out the "frames" to the white embossed eggs on the card front. For both of the white egg pieces I embossed them in the Cuttlebug for texture. Here is a closer photo of the yellow Baby Chick card to show how the yellow frame sits on top of the embossed white egg:

TFL and YOLO. Here is a better photo of the yellow card:

Choc Bunny Card

Here is one of the Easter cards that are in the mail --- for this card I used a yellow card stock base. Egg print card stock is from Hobby Lobby. The yellow egg shape and the embossed white egg shape were cut out in the Cuttlebug using the Egg die set by Spellbinders.

Embossed the white egg shape using an embossing folder by LifeStyle Crafts called Wildflower. Used the SU Choc Bunny stamp and dark brown ink. Stamped this onto brown card stock and cut it out using scissors. Added pop dots behind the bunny for dimension. The bow was made using the bow punch from M Stewart. Added a yellow crystal to the center of the bow.

Here are some other Choc Bunny cards in different colours:

Cutting out the bunny with scissors does not take long as there are not a lot of small curves on the bunny. TFL and YOLO

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bunny Container

Hard to photograph a sour cream container but here it is -- saw these made up by Kim on her blog: kimplayswithpaper,com and here is the one I made. I did not have the size heart punch she used for her bunny face so I used a Hearts die by Sizzix for mine. Used an SU oval punch for the ears. Here is a closer photo of the bunny face:

In the sour cream container I have Hershey kisses and Hershey chocolate eggs. For the greeting "Happy Easter" I used the SU Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set and then used their Bitty Banners die set to cut that out in the Cuttlebug.

Easy bunny to put together and thanks to Kim for sharing her tips and pattern. TFL and YOLO

Tool caddy and stuffs --

After the Pare Down of the craft room --- weeded out lots of Stampin Up stamp sets, ink pads, wheel stamps... then weeded out punches and other stamps from other manufacturers... Sizzix and SU dies... then the odds and ends of the craft supplies I really don't use -- but what to do with it all?

Figured since I have bought lots from Craigs List for my craft room that I would start selling my excess supplies on Craigs List. To date I have sold quite a lot of items and my wallet and craft room are happy --- :0)

After I pared it all down --- organization was needed -- so here are a couple of things I worked on -- first were the Stampin Up sponges for my SU inks. I keep them in a craft box that usually is used either for cross stitching floss or maybe jewelry supplies. I have bought a couple of these containers at the thrift stores so it is really cheap to buy them. Used the computer to print up all the ink colours and used that print out to label my compartments for my sponges -- and to save space I have the daubers that I have used on the ink pads in with the sponges in the boxes:

Since I have a few of these boxes for the sponges I have typed up all the colours and printed that out and then cut that and used double sided tape to put that label on the top of each box. This way I will know which box has the sponges in that I am needing to use:

Now for the tools for all of this:

This is a Pampered Chef utensil tool counter top carousel. I bought mine used. I keep it on the ink counter in the craft room --- and it holds a lot. I have it sitting on a turntable from the kitchen section of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The Pampered Chef carousel rotates but I think it is smoother with the turntable under it.

In my tool caddy I have various scissors, my awls, my wall paper seam roller, my craft tweezers, my pencils -- stored upside down so the points don't break and with the pencils upside down they do not mark up the caddy. I also have my bone folders in there, glue sticks, and Bic white out pens -- I use those to make white dots on dark card stocks.  Also a make up brush -- in the silver -- that I use to brush off excess chalk when using chalks on a project. Here is another photo:

This is a sturdy carousel and well worth my $$ -- esp since it was used. Brought it home -- washed it off and once dried loaded it up. Keeps tools off the counter and keeps tools together that I use all the time.

As for selling stamps and supplies and such -- once you make the decision to weed out supplies and such you are no longer using keep in mind that any $$ you should make you can use towards more supplies you know you will use -- or maybe use the $$ for a new Cricut, Cameo, etc. Maybe for buying the new 9" wide Sizzix Big Shot? Glad I have weeded out -- too many things were just taking up space in my Craft Room Warehouse -- as the DH calls it. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Easter Chicks

Had seen these made up on Splitcoast Stampers by "1crzystamper" and they are too cute not to make up for my Easter treats this year -- they will be cute on a tag, on a Tootsie Pop holder, a card, a place marker, etc.. Something other than the normal bunnies and eggs for Easter projects --- and here are three of the ones I made:

On her description on the how-to's for these chicks she said she used SU circle and heart punches. That was a start but the first chick was a trial and error for me so I will tell you how I made these little cuties:

1 1/2" circle punch (egg)
1" circle punch (chick head and body)
1/4" square punch (beak)
Small circle punch (for eyes)
Heart punch (wings)
Yellow ink
Various embossing folders
Decorative edge scissors
Sizzix Borders die set

To begin with punch out two 1" yellow circles and two hearts. Using a sponge and yellow ink sponge the edges of the circles and the hearts. Put these together using glue dots to make your chick body and wings. Once those are together I used the 1/4" square punch and made the beak. Put the beak on the chick face using a mini glue dot. Then using a small circle punch I punched out two black circles and I put those above the beak using a glue pen. It is easier to position the eyes after you have the beak in place. Set the chicks aside.

Using the 1 1/2" circle punch I punched out my circles. These are the eggs for the chicks. For two of the eggs I used the Sizzix border dies to cut the circles apart in the Cuttlebug -- here is a photo of that die set:

Also used this die set for the ric rac and wavy pieces across the egg fronts. Once I had two of the circles cut apart I used the decorative edged scissors for the third circle. Once all the "eggs" were cut apart I used three different embossing folders and embossed the eggs.

Cut out the ric rac and the wavy pieces and using a glue pen I put these on the bottom part of the "eggs". Trimmed those to the edges of the "eggs". Now I put the "egg" bottom and the top on the chicks using small glue dots.

For the ribbon bows I used various ribbons and tied my bows. Put them on the "egg" tops using a mini glue dot.

These are very easy to make and put together once you know what size punches you need -- here are two photos of the punches I used -- the first show the punches for the chick and egg and the second photo is of the M Stewart hearts border punch I used for the heart wings:

In the top photo two of the punches have the size marked on the punches. The punch on the far right does not have a size printed on it. I used a Sharpie marker and marked the punch size on the top so I know at a glance it is a 1" circle punch. The Sharpie pen mark can be removed with rubbing alcohol if I want to remove that at a later date. Here are photos of each chick:

Made all the chicks and eggs using scraps -- another good use of scraps. Thanks to "1crzystamper" for sharing her too cute chicks. TFL and YOLO

Full Snowman Nuggets

A bit past winter -- we hope -- but had seen this idea all over and decided to make a full snowman for Hershey Nugget candies. Once again for the snowman nugget covers I used the small snowman face stamp from Morningstarstamps.com for the face. This holder is quite easy to make --

First get three nugget candies. Cut 3 pieces of white card stock 1" x 3 1/8" for the white nugget wrappers. I stamped one of the white nugget wrappers with the snowman face stamp using black StazOn ink. Used an orange marker for the nose. Put this wrapper on one of the nugget candies using small glue dots:

Using bath gloves from the dollar store I cut off a finger tip for the green hat. Flipped up the raw edge of the "hat" like a brim. Put the "hat" on the nugget candy using a glue dot. Added a pom pom to the top of the hat.

For the second white wrapper I used a small circle punch and punched out three black circles for the buttons. Put the white wrapper on the nugget candy using glue dots and then used a glue pen to add the three black circles/buttons:

For the third nugget candy I put the white wrapper on it and put fuzzy white ribbon at the bottom of the nugget wrapper using double sided tape. This is to resemble snow.

The black channel/tray the nugget candies are on is a piece of black card stock 1 1/2" x 4 1/2". Scored both long sides at 1/4" and again at 1 1/4". Used a bone folder to crease the scored lines. Put the three candy nuggets on the channel/tray. Then put this all into a pretzel candy bag from the candy making section at the craft store. Tied the top closed using green/white twine. Using scissors I cut off the excess part of the pretzel bag.

Another cute snowman and treat holder for holidays/winter. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The filling station. .

Went to the thrift store this week and picked up my 2nd remote control/desk organizer -- this one was $3.00 and my first organizer is on the work table and this second organizer will stay on the end of the ink pad counter.

In the back row of this holder I have my two chompers, then my brown craft mat rolled up, and next to that is 1/2 of my stamping Darice mat. The mat is large so I cut mine in half so I have one for this holder and one for the other holder on the work table.

In the front row of compartments on this holder, starting from the left, are small spray bottles that I filled with my stamp cleaner -- this is 1/2 water to 1/2 Simple Green and this cleaning tip was told to me by a Stampin Up demonstrator who was tired of spending money on stamp cleaners. I have used this for many years and this even cleans long-time inks off of used stamps I buy off Craig's List.

In the center front is my StazOn cleaner and on the right is a glass jar and my heat embossing tool. I like having these two holders as it keeps my work/stamping areas cleaned up and it helps to keep things organized. . . . well, until I start stamping again --- haha.  TFL and YOLO

Happy Birthday Card

Received this card for my birthday from another card maker --- cute card and very sparkly with the crystals on the card front. Woven strips of printed and solid card stocks with crystals added to those. Then under the "Happy Birthday" she added a row of smaller blue crystals ---

Happy me to be on the receiving end of this birthday card -- Love the greens and blues together. The mailman seems to be a favorite today! Haha.  TFL and YOLO

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reindeer Rudolph

I ordered Marianne die COL1369 from www.franticstamper.com and they shipped my order the same day. Got it in the mail yesterday and was able to make up a quick Reindeer using scrap card stocks. Here is my little Reindeer:

He is approx 2 3/4" high and approx 2 1/4" wide --perfect not only for cards but tags and the like. He will be cute also cut out of brown flocked card stock or felt as the Marianne dies cut through a lot of different items in the Cuttlebug.

The nice thing about this die set is that it comes with a clear stamp:

This way you can make your Reindeer and have a stamp to match for a card or a tag or whatever it is your Reindeer will be on. Marianne dies always cut well and in this set there are a lot of the detail dies to work with. Happy to get it shipped so fast, too!  TFL and YOLO

Bunny Card

Had seen this bunny all over so do not know who it originated with but it is too cute not to make up. For my card stock base I used Groovy Guava card stock, the lighter blue card stock front is Bazzill, and the white is GP.

To make this card I used the Stampin Up oval Framelits set. For my bunny I used the smallest oval for the coral ear piece and cut out two of those -- the coral card stock was in a 6 x 6 pad of printed card stock I had in my stash. For the white/GP ears I used the next sized oval die and cut out two of those. Using the ATG I put the coral and the white ears together. Set those aside.

For the bunny face I used the second largest oval in the Framelits set -- which if you are counting from the smallest oval out then this would be the 5th oval die in the set. I also used my oval for the bunny face sideways on the card.

To figure the right layout for the ears and face I first cut and scored my Groovy Guava card stock base. Then cut the light blue card stock for the card front. Laid the ears on the blue card stock and then laid my bunny oval face piece over the ears -- moved things around until I got the ears where I wanted them -- once that was decided I used the ATG to put the ears on the blue card stock.

To layout the bunny face I put the white oval face piece on top of the ears and once I had that where I wanted it I put the nose oval onto the white oval piece using the ATG. Once that was done then I used a 1/4" circle punch and Mikes black card stock and punched out two pieces for the eyes. Put the eyes above the oval nose using glue dots.

For the bunny cheeks I used a dauber and Groovy Guava ink. I inked the dauber, stamped it off onto scrap card stock, then put the dauber on the oval face piece for the two cheeks. Once those were done I used a fine black marker for whiskers. Now to put the oval face piece onto the blue card front -- I used the ATG and added adhesive to the back of the oval piece and then put it on the blue card front:

Once that was in place I turned over the piece for trimming -- did not want to get adhesive on my trimmer so I used scrap copy paper and cut two pieces to put over the adhesive on the oval:

Once the excess adhesive was covered I then took the blue card piece to the trimmer and from the back of the blue card front I trimmed off the excess white oval piece. Using the ATG I attached the blue/bunny piece to the Groovy Guava card stock base.

Using a Easter stamp set from Hero Arts I then stamped "Happy Easter" to the blue card front using the Groovy Guava ink:

Again here is the completed card:

You could added eyelashes or a bow if you wanted your bunny to be a girl or to dress her up. You can also sponge the edges of the ears and the oval face piece. You can also emboss the card front piece or maybe the bunny ears for dimension. Or put the bunny face in the left corner instead of the right.

Simple card to do once you know which oval dies to use for your piece. Went together quickly once I figured out in which order to make the bunny ears/face. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, March 5, 2015

St Patty's Day Cards

Three St Patty's Day Cards - all on Mikes 110# weight black card stock base. For the white/GP card front I used the Cuttlebug Simply Charmed embossing folder --- embossed two pieces of white/GP at the same time and this gives the embossed piece a softer finish. For the smaller rectangle piece on the cards I embossed that white/GP using the Swiss Dots embossing folder -- again embossing two pieces of card stock at the same time. 

For the first photo -- the green foil shamrock is cut out using an old Sizzix Shamrock die. The green foil card stock is from Hobby Lobby:

The other two cards I used the Stampin Up Curly Label punch for the hat. The small shamrocks on the hats were cut out using a Shamrock die from Memory Box. For the small shamrocks again I used the green foil card stock and I added a small gold bead to the center of the shamrocks on the hats:

The printed holiday ribbons are from Hobby Lobby for the hat cards and the large shamrock card has a ribbon from ACMoore. TFL and YOLO

Tissue??? I hardly know you !!!

Here is a photo of two samples of the Faux Silk Technique that I just put together:

This technique can be done two different ways -- and this will give you two different results.

To begin with I decided to use the Stampin Up Painted Petals clear stamp set -- a faux headache for sure -- but that is another story. . .

With the sample on the left in this photo I stamped the leaves/flowers onto white/GP card stock. While that was drying I cut a piece of white tissue paper, using scissors, larger than my stamped card stock. I crumpled the tissue paper up into a small ball, being sure to really scrunch it, and then carefully opening it as to not tear it. Using a glue pen I ran that all over the stamped piece, being sure to get glue on all my edges. Once that was covered in glue I laid my crinkled tissue paper over the stamped piece and gently smoothed that out with my hands --- being sure all the edges stuck to the tissue paper. Using scissors I trimmed the excess tissue paper off the stamped piece. Here is a closer photo of this piece:

As you can see in this photo you can clearly see the wrinkles in the tissue paper from your crumpling it up. It gives your stamped image a softer look as well as the wrinkles in the tissue paper giving this piece texture.

Now to the other way to do this technique:

Again in this photo this second technique is the sample piece on the right. For this sample I stamped the stamps onto the tissue paper it self. Then crumpled this up and opened it slowly so I would not tear the tissue. Cut my white card stock to the size I would need and again covered the white card stock with a glue stick. Once covered in glue I put the stamped tissue on the white card stock piece. Again using scissors I trimmed off the excess tissue paper so it would be the same size as the white card stock.

Here is a closer photo of that technique:

In both of my samples I did not ink the stamps and stamp off --- I inked the stamps and went right to the card stock piece and the tissue piece. As you can see with stamping on the tissue VS stamping on the white card stock your image will be brighter/darker. In the sample on the left, stamping on the card stock and then putting crumpled tissue over it, you have a softer stamped image. You also notice the texture more on that sample.

Guess it is a personal preference as to which way you would want to do the Faux Silk Technique but you get two different looks by doing it two different ways. But using the SU Painted Petals stamp set can give you a faux headache -- I bought the clear stamp set and in the clear stamp only all the flower and leaves stamps are separated so I had to watch a couple of videos on Youtube to see how to use this stamp set before the headache began. . . Trick to it all is to stamp the stem/leaf stamps first and then stamp your flowers/petals over those.

Other trick -- be sure to have a really good quality glue stick for this technique and be sure to really cover all edges of your card stock with a glue stick to put your tissue on. Be careful not to smooth out your crease lines in the tissue piece as that is what gives this technique the dimension. Easy technique to do and a new way to add a different look to a stamped piece. TFL and YOLO