Friday, December 30, 2016

Corralling Alex . . .

Best time of the year to organize as I am cleaning the craft room up from the holidays --- BOO Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Decided I was not using my Alex units from IKEA to the best benefit for storage of craft room items. Since Christmas is the one holiday that I use so many of my products this room is a mess.... while putting things away I also decided to look at the Alex units differently for storage. 

To begin with with my stamping buddy giving me so many wonderful gifts for Christmas -- esp the many packs of sequins -- I decided to start with those. I had ordered clear plastic bottles from (#S-14487) for sequin storage and am happy I have bottles left over after reorganizing all the sequins. Being in clear bottles I decided to store them in drawers of one of the Alex units. Wanting to see what colours the sequins are at a glance I decided to store these filled jars upside down in the drawer in colour groups:

For years I have stored my glitters upside down in their drawer:

The white bins the jars of glitters are in are from the thrift stores -- thinking they used to hold ice cubes in a freezer. I have also stored my embossing powders upside down in their drawer:

Once again the sectioned tray the embossing powders sit in is also from the thrift store. Since it helps to see what colours I have on hand I decided storing the sequins upside down would also be a good idea. 

Also in another drawer of an Alex unit is my glittered glues -- Stickles, Distressed Stickles, and bottles of liquid Pearls. I have these upside down in the Dazzle Caddys that I bought at a clearance sale. Having the Stickles upside down for storage keeps them ready for use at any time with no bubbles or "glurks" of glue spitting out of the bottles. On the Distressed Stickles I have written a "D" on the bottom of the bottle so I know that is a distressed Stickle. The "P" is for the bottle of Liquid Pearls:

Also the washi tape seems to keep reproducing -- haha -- went to the dollar store and picked up a few sets of three white plastic baskets for a dollar and I keep the washi tapes in these in the Alex drawer:

The baskets keep the washi tapes from rolling around in the drawer and I can see at a glance what tapes I have on hand.

Also bought another size of the white plastic baskets to hold the misc glues I use in the craft room and they have their own drawer:

Still working on the new organization of the Alex units. To label the drawers I am using clear label tape and the label maker. With everything labeled I am hoping I will be able to find everything again (wink, wink) and it will make it easier to put things back where they belong. No sense in having the same type of product/supplies in different locations in the craft room. Keeping them altogether will help to be able to locate them and see what I have on hand. 

Happy to have time in the craft room for upside down corralling..... but hoping to finish soon so I can get back to working on cards and such!  :0)     TFL 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fuzzy Slipper Side Step . . .

Hoping everyone has had a safe, happy holiday season so far. I have been doing the Fuzzy Slipper Side Step in the craft room .... too many products/supplies every where so am trying to put away all the reds and greens.... Christmas dies, ribbons, card stocks, trims, etc to get ready for the new year ahead of card making. Almost finished with that, organizing items along the way, but I wanted to take a break and post some photos.

This post is about everything I was given for Christmas from my PIC (Partner In Crime). She is my stamping buddy that goes to classes with me, stamper's garage sales with me, stamp store sales with me, and stamp shows with me. She was with me at Mikes one time when the We R Memory Keepers company had just put out their Alphabet Punch board. This punch board makes letters and numbers and I was happy to find it but being a card maker I had commented that I wished the letters were smaller for a card front. That original Alphabet Punch board would be good for banners or bulletin boards or even a scrap book page but too large for a card front. When I first saw this punch board I emailed WRMK and asked if they would ever come out with a punch board that would make smaller letters for card makers? I never got a response to that email so I assumed they were not going to make a punch board for the smaller letters . . . .  Stampin Up has a Large Letters alphabet die set (thinlits) but it is $99.00 PLUS tax and shipping. I would never spend that amount of money on a die set so no alphabet die set for my card fronts. . .

My PIC came over this week and brought me a gift bag filled with goodies for Christmas.... Imagine my surprise when I opened this:

A MINI Alphabet punch board from WRMK!!!! Happy me !!! :0)   I did not even know they made a smaller Alphabet punch board and these letters will fit on a card front --- YAY!!!

But also in this gift bag -- 2 stamp sets from Close To My Heart with a mini Perks stamp set also CTMH:

Flowers, Easter, and words... she basically covered my Spring cards -- the Easter set has a Mom, Dad, and little bunny stamp so that will be fun to use..Close To My Heart has such nice quality clear stamps with great storage envelopes. Love them all!

Then... Sequins!!

LOTS of sequins with so many colours to choose from. Browns, spring and autumn colours, as well as the black and white basics. Great selection for sure!

What card maker does not need ONE more pad of card stock? This pad is for the Christmas season with prints and foils included:

Also a container that holds shiny brown reindeer -- glitters, scatters, or perfect for a shaker card:

Spoiled me for sure.... and then she had these included:

She and I had taken a holiday card making class and in this class we used these "sticker blings" on our cards. After class we both looked at the local craft stores and we could not find these Stampendous stickers. But she found them somewhere so she bought enough for me as well. Happy me to have these. They are silver, gold, and red and with so many on each strip I am sure to get many uses of these.

She also had taken the time to sew two sizes of the Hot/Cold packs for aches and pains. With winter and colder weather upon us I am sure I will be getting lots of use of the Hot pack!! Happy me as the receiver of her generosity for sure!!

So back to the Fuzzy Slipper Side Step for me for now but wanted to post these photos before I opened them all up and put them in their new homes for use. I ♥  ♥  ♥ new craft supplies!!  Happy me to have such a generous PIC!!   Happy New Year! TFL

Friday, December 23, 2016

Quick Treat Holder

Went to Hobby Lobby this week and like other stores they had their Christmas items on sale for 50% or more. I picked up a roll of their holiday gift wrap --

Their wrapping paper is heavier than some of the stores so I knew it would work well with the die cutting machine. Dug through the steel rule die cabinet and decided to use this treat bag die from Sizzix:

I bought a roll of dotted holiday wrapping paper so I could use it for Christmas, Valentine's Day, summertime, and other events. This way I do not have a huge roll of wrapping paper covered in Christmas trees or Santa or some other seasonal image. I cut a piece of the wrapping paper a bit larger than the die and then die cut it out. To put it together I used red sticky tape.

Wanted the front of the bag decorated for Christmas but something that would be easy to put together and not too busy -- used the Stampin Up Santa Sleigh Thinlit die set and cut out a reindeer and a wreath. Used the small bow punch from Hobby Lobby to punch out a small red foil bow to put on the wreath. Used glue dots to put the wreath onto the reindeer and then a glue pen to put the bow onto the wreath. Pop dots were used to put the reindeer onto the treat bag:

Inside this treat bag is a Fun Size M&Ms bag of candy. This is a quick treat holder for a favor or stuffed in a stocking or at the holiday table. For my holder I wanted the side and bottom seams to be on the back of my holder but it really could be used either way.  Quick and easy. TFL

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Semi-Christmas Made Gift Bag

Had seen this cute Snowman gift bag at a store and picked him up and brought him home for this gift giving season. He is cute on his own... but decided to 'spruce' him up a bit... Here he is as he was sold in the store:

Happy and cute but lacking in the seasonal bling.... last trip to Hobby Lobby I picked up red foil card stock on half price and a "believe" die from the Clearance section. Once home I cut out the die using the red foil card stock and I put that onto the gift bag using a glue pen:

Always hard to photograph foil card stock ...  Wanted to add some sparkly snowflakes so used glittered white card stock (also Hobby Lobby) and the Sizzix/TH Snowflake die set and cut out snowflakes. For the smallest snowflakes I used the Snowflake border punch from M Stewart:

Added clear Wink of Stella to his eyes for some sparkle and shine:

Now the gift bag is waiting holiday treats for giving. Will add ribbons and twine once the bag is filled for giving:

Always can use help during Elf season and store bought gift bags save time.... TFL

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snowman Hat Treat Holder

Had seen "Frosty's Hat" made by Knox for a holiday treat holder and had to make one up for myself. I followed her general instructions but here I will list sizes, punches, glues, and what I did to make my version of her treat holder:

To begin with she suggests using a toilet paper roll/tube, paper towel roll/tube, or other roll/tube from foil or whatever you would have on hand. All I had was the tube from the paper towels on my holder in the craft room so that is what I used.

To begin with I did not have any measurements to go by so I will explain what I used for my hat holder. I used a pencil and marked 1 3/4" up from the bottom of the paper towel roll/tube making a pencil mark on the tube as I turned it so I would have a solid line at the 1 3/4" spot. Then carefully used an Exacto.knife on the 1 3/4" line around the tube and cut it off, being careful not to flatten the tube as I cut it as I needed it to be round.

As she suggested I used a black marker and coloured a little part of the inside of the tube so when you are looking at the hat treat holder you will not see the brown cardboard the tube is made of:

I also ran the black marker around the top of the tube to make that black as well. I measured the size of my tube around and cut a piece of black card stock from Mikes to wrap around the tube for the hat.  Used the bone folder to run this piece over so it will wrap around the round tube easier:

Using liquid glue I put the black card stock onto the tube -- here is a photo of the TomBow glue I used for that and then the Aleene's glue I used to attach the circle for the hat brim piece to the bottom of the tube:

With the tube covered with the black card stock I punched a circle from Stampin Up black card stock using a 2 1/2" circle punch. (You could also use a 2 3/4" circle punch for this piece). Used the Aleene's glue on the bottom of the wrapped tube and put this onto the black circle for the hat brim. Used a toothpick to remove any excess glue. Set this aside to set and dry.

Using these two punches from M Stewart I made the sprigs and holly leaves for the hat front:

With those punched out of scrap green card stocks I put them together using micro mini glue dots from Hobby Lobby. For the ribbon around the hat by the brim I used tear and tape at one end of the ribbon and another small piece at the other end to put the ribbon onto the hat. No sense wasting tape to attach the ribbon all the way around the hat. This way the ribbon meets at the back and that is where it is attached.

I put the sprigs/holly piece onto the front of the hat using glue dots and then added three different sized red crystals from my stash. For the candies in the hat I used a pretzel bag from the candy making aisle at the craft store and filled it with various flavored Hershey Kisses. Tied a red ribbon at the top of this bag and used scissors to cut off the excess pretzel bag above the ribbon bow:

Very easy treat holder to make --- it is free standing and you are recycling your tubes... Cute idea and thanks to "Knox" for sharing her hat!!  (This treat holder is less than 2" high). TFL

Tagging Treat Holder

Recently bought the Taylored Expressions Tagging Along die set for this treat holder. I used it with the Taylored Expressions Stacklets die set. Used green and red card stocks for the holder and various holly prints from my stash. Wanted to add sparkle and shine to the front of the holders so I used a clear Wink of Stella pen to add some sparkle to the holly berries:

Sometimes when you order dies from some online stores they enclose a mini free die as a "thank you" bonus or maybe a free mini die if you spend a certain amount of money. I can not tell you how many "thanks" or "Thank you" dies I have received.... Imagine my surprise when in my last order from Taylored Expressions this Christmas "charm" tree die was enclosed!! So for each treat holder I cut out the free tree charm and added that to each holder:

Inside this treat holder is paper shred from the dollar store and I filled a pretzel bag with candy. (Bags sold on the candy making aisle at the craft store). Tied them closed with ribbon tied into a bow. Easy to put together and love the little tree! TFL

Double Treat Holder

Had made treat holders before for the Ferrero Rocher candies. Here is a photo of holders I made for Valentine's Day and BOO Day (Halloween):

Yesterday, while out running errands, I stopped at Hobby Lobby. While waiting in line I saw this package of 3 Ferrero Rocher candies and decided to make one more holiday treat holder for the Ferrero Rocher candies. Here is a photo of the package of 3:

Wanted this Christmas treat holder to hold 2 of the candies. Here is the finished treat holder:

For my treat holder I used Stampin Up Crumb Cake card stock, the holiday print is from a paper pad of holiday prints from Hobby Lobby. The red/cream striped paper is from the stash. To begin with I used white/GP card stock to make up the pattern for this holder before I used my actual card stocks for the treat holder. This way I did not waste card stocks making the pattern.

For my holder I cut a piece of Crumb Cake card stock 3 3/4" x 11". Put this on the scoreboard with the 11" edge at the top for my scoring:

Scored this at:  2, 2 3/4, 4 3/4, 5 1/2, 7 5/8.  Used the bone folder to crease all the scored lines. Once all the scored lines were made I folded the treat holder and made a pencil "x" on the two parts I would be putting printed card stock on -- the front panel and the larger back panel:

 Using a 1 3/8" circle punch I punched two red circles from scrap card stock. Used temporary adhesive to position those onto the holder for the holes that the candies sit in. Punched those circles out and that left me my two holes:

Cut a piece of printed card stock for the back of the holder and put that onto the Crumb Cake using the ATG. Using the Stampin Up Labels Collection die set for the back of the holder. I used the third largest die for my holder. Before I put the die onto the printed card stock I marked the center with a pencil so I would know that my die was straight and even:

The photo does not show it but I had a piece of painters tape holding the top of the die in place to keep it straight at the top before I cut it out. When I cut this in the Big Shot I only cut the top of the piece -- I did not roll the die all the way through the machine as I did not want to cut the back piece other than the shaped top. This is what the treat holder looked like with the patterned card stocks on the holder and after the die cut the back piece:

I cut a piece of the red/cream striped card stock for the front panel and put that onto the holder while it was flat using the ATG. Used scissors to trim off any excess paper on the sides of the holder. Used tear and tape to hold the holder together. Removed the paper strips off the tape and folded the treat holder into shape. Added a greeting from Stampin Up Petite Pairs and used the SU Classic Label punch to punch that out. Used a punch for the hole at the top of the back piece and punched out a ring to put over that hole. Put the ring over the hole using a glue pen. Added ribbons and then the candies:

This is a free standing treat holder and I will put it in a cellophane bag from the candy making supplies aisle at the craft store for packaging. TFL  (What happened to the third Ferrero Rocher from that package??? DH took care of that.. ;0)  haha)