Saturday, January 25, 2014

Valentine's Hearts Lollipop Holder

Picked up a bag of the heart lollipops at the Dollar Tree for my treat holder. I used the Sizzix/SU Scalloped
Envelope Die for the holder. I cut out a die piece from red card stock from Mikes and the heart printed card stock is from Hobby Lobby ***.  Trimmed off the sides and bottom of the heart print to fit inside my red die piece as a liner for my holder. Once I had the heart printed piece cut to the size I need I put that on the red die piece using the ATG.

Using the bone folder I creased the scored lines of the holder that is made when the die cut piece is cut. Using thin red sticky tape I closed my holder. Using a ruler I measured across the bottom of the holder and made a pencil dot to mark that. Using a small circle punch I punched off the bottom edge of the holder to make the hole for the lollipop stick. Put the lollipop in the holder and tied a red ribbon around that.

For the bow I used a circle punch, a small oval punch, and a larger oval punch. Then cut two banner pieces for under the loops --- these are other bows and holders I have made:

For my bow here are the punches I used:

For the two banners I used red card stock for the longer banner and cut that 7/8" x 3 3/4". For the hearts banner I cut that 5/8" x 2 3/4". Used a 1 3/4" square punch for the banner ends. For the bow parts I cut two red ovals using the larger oval punch, two heart print ovals using the smaller oval punch, and then punched out a circle from the red card stock for the center of the bow. Fold the ovals in half and put a glue dot on the end of the oval to hold the ovals in a loop shape. Add a red crystal to the center of the circle when it is completed for a little sparkle to your holder. Here is a photo of the bow pieces from a blue holder I had made to show you these pieces punched and cut for the bow with the banners:

This goes together quickly and by using the cheaper red card stock from Mikes and the bag of heart shaped lollipops from the dollar store, this does not cost a lot if you should be making a lot of them for a kid's class or to take to work. BUT *** Since I used the heart printed card stock to be the lining of my holder as well as using it on the bow on the front I had to be sure I had the hearts all right side up --- so if you should be using card stock with a design be sure you are using the card stock with the design upright and not sideways or upside down. TFL and YOLO

The girls and I . . .

Am heading out today to go over to a gal's house from my stamp club and I will be showing a couple of them how to make the cards I learned at the class I took from Daphne at Betty's in Greensboro. Am packing up my supplies and decided I would take the 'girls' along with me. . .   This year I am trying to make things I have wanted to make forever but never did -- either due to time or fuzzy directions. Since I am big on how-to's for projects I was so happy to find these 'girls' and clear directions by Miss Kimm at:     She not only explains things clearly but she has photos of each step and this all helps the 'girls' go together quickly. Here are the two I made last night in about a 1/2 hour from a package of 6 pairs of tube socks from the Dollar General:

Tube socks, rice, and ankle socks make up these cuties and buttons and flowers from the stash jars. What hat is complete without accessories?

I used Aleene's glue for the eyes and the buttons. The flowers are on the hats with a brad and the white pom poms are on the hats using glue.

Who would have guessed that with rubber bands and rice you get something cute? A BIG thanks to Miss Kimm for making these and sharing them and a bigger thank you for posting a very detailed tutorial on the how-to's of it all. (She used fuzzy anklet socks for her hats and scarves but with the cold weather I could only find regular anklets --- but I do prefer the fuzzy hats and scarves). Also with the package of tube socks there are 6 pairs in there so you could make 12 of the Snowgirls up from one pack. I bought the big bag of rice from the big W store and that was cheaper than the known brand names rice. TFL and YOLO

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dryer Inspired Valentine Tag

This is another project inspired by the laundry dryer - - first project made using used dryer sheets that I learned at stamp club. Camera did not capture all the sparkle of this technique but here is that card:

It is an easy technique once you are taught the correct way to do it. For the Valentine Tag I made I was inspired by TracysTreasures.24. I have used aluminum foil and the Xyron before to get the "foil" look on projects but this time I used foil tape that I bought at the blue big box home improvement store. This adhesive foil tape is used on the dryer vent to the dryer. Here is my Valentine Tag using this foil tape:

To make this tag I began with using 110 weight white card stock from Mikes and cut out my tag shape using the Sizzix Tags #3 die. Cut this out in the Cuttlebug. Once the tag shape was cut out I cut two lengths of the foil tape that are longer than the tag:

Once all this was cut out I peeled off the backing from one of the foil pieces and put that on the tag. Then peeled off the other foil piece and put that on the tag overlapping the foil pieces:

Using your finger to smooth out any lines on this piece. Turn the tag over and using scissors **  trim off the excess foil from your tag:

With the foil trimmed away from the tag I then ran this through the Cuttlebug using the Sizzix Curlique and Hearts embossing folder. ***  Once that was done the tag looked like this:

Used a small circle punch to punch my hole on the foil/embossed side of the tag for my ribbon to go through at the tag top. Using the Sizzix Hearts die I cut out red hearts in the Cuttlebug. I used the largest heart from the die and I put that in the Swiss Dots embossing folder in the Cuttlebug. Using a stamp from My Sentiments Exactly I stamped "happy valentine's day" onto cream card stock in red ink. Cut that out using the SU Bitty Banners die set. Put this heart on my tag using large glue dots. Using a M Stewart hearts border punch I punched out various sizes of hearts and put these smaller hearts on the tag using glue dots. Added ribbon and curly yarn to the tag top. Here is a closer photo of the tag:

This next photo shows the shimmer this foil tape gives the tag:

** To start with -- when I emboss card stock I always use two pieces of card stock for a softer embossed piece and the second piece of card stock prevents the embossed design from tearing. But using the 110 weight card stock only one piece is needed when embossing. ** Also --- when you use scissors to trim away the foil tape from the backside of your tag use your "junky" scissors as the foil tape/adhesive can dull your scissors.

An easy way to get the foil look on your projects when you do not want to use aluminum foil and the Xyron machine. TFL and YOLO  **** See below:

Judy sent me a comment asking about the dryer vent foil tape I used on my tag --- she wanted to know if I could have used just one piece of foil and not overlap two pieces. The vent tape roll is 1 7/8" wide and the Sizzix tag die I used is 2 1/8" wide. Also if I just put two pieces of the foil tape next to each other once it was embossed the embossed design could pull the two pieces apart and that would show my tag base and I did not want that. This foil tape is not stiff so the side edges are wavy -- here are two photos I took to show this to Judy and hope it helps to explain that:

If you used a smaller tag die than the one piece would work but I wanted a larger tag as this is for the set of Valentine Coasters I made using tiles and napkins. Hope this helps for anyone, like Judy, that wondered why I overlapped my pieces. Between using the 110 weight card stock @ Mikes and this foil the tag is not flimsy and the foil took the embossing well. Thanks to Judy for her questions and I hope this helps. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Love Grows and Grows Card

 ** This card was chosen as a Favorites of the Week -- Jan 19, 2014  on Splitcoast Stampers **   :0)

First this card is hard to photograph as the heart in the center is punched out of red foil card stock. But to begin with the card base is Stampin Up Riding Hood Red, white is GP, and the red heart pocket is also the Riding Hood Red.

To make this card I cut and scored my red card stock, then cut the white/GP card stock. Set these aside. Using the Sizzix Petal Card die I cut out a die piece from the red card stock. Using the Hugs and Kisses embossing folder from Cuttlebug I embossed the two flaps I would have for the front of my pocket. Set this aside.

Stamped "happy valentine's day" using SU Riding Hood Red ink and a stamp from the SU Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set. Cut that out in the Cuttlebug using the SU Bitty Banners die set. Put two red crystals on the greeting banner and set it aside.  See photo:

For the heart 'pocket' I cut a doily from the dollar store in half using scissors and put this in the pocket piece. After that was on the pocket piece I cut out the branch pieces using a small Sizzix die and SU Old Olive card stock . Using a few heart punches from M Stewart I put the hearts on the branch/vines piece using glue dots. Put the branch/vines in the pocket using glue dots. Using a medium heart punch I punched a heart out of red foil card stock and put that in front of the branch/vine pieces using pop dots. Then I used small glue dots and closed the pocket using my two embossed corners. Put the greeting banner on the pocket using pop dots. Using a sprig punch from M Stewart I put a few sprigs around the foil heart in the pocket to fill it in. Here is a closer photo of the pocket front and the foil heart:

Here is a better photo of the card front:

I knew the hearts would hang over the top of the card and the sides so if you should make a card like this be sure to make your card base smaller so even with the hearts this card will fit in your envelope. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First the markers, then the glue pens, the glitter pens, the . . .

How to store all the card making items? How to store them without spending mega $ $ $  that could be used for more card making items? ? ?  Will have to say my craft room is basically "new to me" items from thrift shops, garage sales, Craig's List, and the like. Not a room by Ikea but it is my craft room and it inspires me to create so whatever works is a good thing.

If you have read my blog you will know that I try to buy most of my Stampin Up items from garage sales, Craig's List, and from other crafters that are selling their supplies. I have a lot of the Stampin Up markers and I would have to say I have probably bought 5 of them new and the rest are used --- or gently used. Did not have anyway to store the markers until I had seen someone online had used PVC pipe cut to the size she wanted and glued together for her marker holder. Asked DH about it and he made me my PVC pipe marker storage and I just had to spray paint it and put it into use. Here is what my PVC pipe marker storage looked like until today:

SU markers. Whisper markers. LePlume markers, VersaMark pens, Artwin markers all put together into the PVC holder. The holder kept the markers together but that is about it.

In the past I have ordered from  and I am now on their email mailing list for product update, sales, and such. This past weekend they sent an email that they were having free shipping for orders of $35.00 and higher. Usually they offer the free shipping on orders of $100.00 or more. Here and there I have seen the Ultimate Pen Storage tray set and people use it for the Noir Spectrum pens and Copics as well as other markers/pens. This storage system has 6 trays per set and you can stack them vertically or horizontally.

Checked around and to buy a 6 tray set of these marker holders it would cost $39.99 in general with some places asking a bit more. Once I received the shipping email special from ConsumerCrafts I decided to check their store and see what their price was for the 6 tray set. Much to my surprise they were asking only $25.97 for each set of 6 trays. I ordered two over the weekend and today they arrived by Mr. Mailman. Here is the box to show what they look like:

Had seen videos on Youtube to show how easily these trays can be put together and how they can be arranged both vertically and horizontally. NO tools needed --- they go together easily and can be separated just as easily to move things around. They are by Crafter's Companion in the UK and they are made there (not China) and are well made. My sets have the blue trays but they also sell black as well.

Took my PVC holders off the shelf and dumped all my markers/pens onto the craft table and began putting this altogether. Wanted to separate the markers by manufacturer and also wanted room to not only separate my Stampin Up markers but to put them together by colour. Here are my new trays holding my LePlume markers and the Whisper markers:

Have to put the markers together in better colour groups but for now this works. I have them in a Recollections white cube (like a JetMax cube) from Mikes. As you can see once I remove a marker it will be easy to return it to the tray in the spot it belongs. On the top tray I have my M Stewart glue pens, a glitter pen, and a fine glue pen. Room to grow and now that I can see all the colours I will know which colours I will need to buy.

Now I have the Stampin Up markers in the PVC holder and here they are:

Can easily pull out a marker that I will need as they are not all jammed in there together. Here is what my PVC holders sit on on my craft table:

The PVC holders are on a shelf unit that I picked up at the thrift store --- if you look at it closely you can see it is a shelf/towel holder for a bathroom but I turned it upside down and I can put my markers on the bottom shelf and on the top I have glasses from the dollar store behind the towel bar. These glasses hold various tools I need --- scissors, bone folders, the Exacto knife, etc. Another used item for the craft room. . .  Now my markers/pens are together on the craft table:

I just know that now that my markers/pens are organized that I will not only use them more but be able to find that certain shade of . .  that we always are looking for. TFL and YOLO

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Warehouse . . . .

For all the products out there for us card makers, all the Craigs List and garage sales, for all the people we know downsizing and selling their supplies . . .  sometimes it seems the craft room has become a warehouse of supplies... many we use, some not so much, and others ? ? ?  get lost in the crowd. . .

Just moved my Stampin Up Paper Piercing supplies into a larger box with a snap lid so now I can just grab the box and go  . . .  but then I wondered if other card makers out there do not use their Paper Piercing packs and supplies due to failed attempts in the past? That is why I did not use mine . . .

I will share now what I have learned over time when using the Paper Piercing supplies. Stampin Up has sold a few of the Paper Piercing packs -- the Essentials Paper-Piercing Pack, the Festive Paper-Piercing Pack, the Occasions Paper Piercing Pack. Brought them home and tried to use them more than once. Seemed to be easy to do . . .   but maybe not so much . . .  Stored them away, safe and sound, in a dust free box but not forgotten.

Here are a couple of tips I have learned about using the Stampin Up Paper Piercing Packs and I can not give credit to where I learned these tips as I can't remember when or who, but I do thank them for sharing.

First photo:

First, using kraft card stock from Mikes for my samples, I punched out three labels to show this technique. I used three Stampin Up label punches for my samples: Curly Label, Large Tag, and Decorative Label. In the photo you can see the three sample labels, the Paper Piercing template sheet, and the white tube in the upper right hand corner holds the Stampin Up Paper Piercing tool.

First problem --- these labels are small and using just your hands to hold the template over the labels does not always work since you are working with such small pieces. Especially since the paper piercing plastic template is over your small punched pieces. Problem solved -- using temporary adhesive I put that on the center of the punched piece and also on the Paper Piercing template on the pattern I was going to use being sure to put the adhesive in the center so I kept the adhesive away from the piercing pattern. You won't get a sharp pierced pattern if you are punching through adhesive and you want your piercing tool to be clean and adhesive free to be able to make a good pierce into your pieces. Here is a photo of the punched labels with adhesive still on them before the I did the piercing. Remember with the removable adhesive you can move your template around on your punched piece to be sure it is centered and straight before you do the piercing:

You can see how the adhesive holds the template sheet in place over my labels. Of course I would usually be using the piercing technique on one label at a time but for this sample I did the three labels.

Second problem --- Now my punched pieces were attached to the template sheet I was ready to pierce the inside lines onto my punched pieces. But have learned in the past --- to keep your lines straight be sure you are piercing the holes straight up and down and not at an angle. This gives you a straighter line for the pattern but it also is easier to keep your template lined up on your punched pieces. Here is a better photo of the piece I punched using the Decorative Label punch:

And after the template was removed:

Straight lines and even design. Here are the three punched pieces after they were pierced:

Remember the temporary adhesive can be removed with your finger tip or you can use an adhesive remover that works like an eraser. This will remove all adhesive residue without leaving a mark.

Third problem comes into play when you put this pierced punch piece on your project. If you do not use pop dots or dimensionals behind your pierced pieces then when you put these on your project the holes will not be clean and crisp and you will see this on your project. Using the pop dots or dimensionals keeps the pierced holes crisp and clean for a nice design.

Fourth problem is planning. Since you are actually punching holes into your punched pieces I suggest after you punch them out then sponge the edges if you like before you do the piercing. This way you are not handling the pierced punch piece while trying to sponge the edges and when handling it you could press your pierced holes closed.

Easy product to use once you have the tips on how to achieve success each time. This is another time that a mini "How To" pamphlet would be helpful for the users of the product. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snowman Notes

Had made up holiday tags using this snowman:

Wanted to use this snowman on my Post-It Notes holder today but needed him to be smaller in size. For the Snowman Notes holder I made today this is how I made a smaller snowman:

To begin with I used white/GP card stock scraps for my snowman. Using a 1 1/8" circle punch I punched out the circle for his head. Used the SU small oval punch -- 1 3/4" x 7/8" -- for the oval for his body. Using the SU Bashful Blue ink I sponged the edges of the white circle and oval pieces. Used scissors to cut out his orange nose and the blue scraps for his banner scarf. For the hat I punched out a black oval using the small oval punch and punched out half a 1 1/8" circle from black card stock for the hat top. I used a fine black marker for the snowman mouth. Using a small circle punch I punched out two small black circles for his buttons. Once the snowman was made I set him aside.

Used a M Stewart snowflake punch and punched out a snowflake from white glitter card stock.

For the front and back of my Post It Note holder I used a die from the Spellbinders Classic Scalloped Square Die set and cut out a scalloped square from solid card stock. Then I cut a piece of dotted card stock from a pack of card stock from Mikes for the front of the holder. Put the dotted card stock on the scalloped front piece using the ATG.  After the dotted card stock was on the front square scallop I then put the glittered snowflake on the dotted piece and then put the snowman next to the snowflake. Added a clear square crystal to the snowman scarf.

For the ring on the holder which holds the front and back covers and Post It Notes inside I used a 1" 'book rings' from Office Depot. These are sold in a package of 100 pieces and is very economical compared to smaller packages sold at AC Moore and Mikes.

To put this all together -- I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch a hole in the upper corner of the front and back scalloped square pieces. Then I punched holes in the upper left corner of my Post It Notes punching a small stack at a time until I had as many Post It Notes that I wanted for my holder. Once the front, back, and notes were all punched I put them together and put the 1" book ring through all my layers. Closed the ring and tied white/silver ribbon on the ring.

The Snowman Notes holder was complete. This is going into my bag for the card making class on Saturday I will be attending and I will also use it for my stamp club meeting for next week. TFL and YOLO

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year 2014 Card

Card stock base of black card stock from SU, silver is the Pearls card stock from Joanns, and the white is the GP I buy @ the big W. The "happy new year" stamp is from SU.

To make this card cut and score the black card stock and set it aside. Cut a piece of the silver Pearls card stock for the card front and set that aside. I cut the white/GP card stock a bit larger than I would need for the card front and then using black StazOn ink and stamped the "happy new year" stamp in the center of the white/GP piece. Using the Scrollwork embossing folder from Cuttlebug I embossed the white/GP piece.*** Once that was done I trimmed it to the size I needed for the card front.

Put the stamped/embossed white piece on the silver piece using the ATG. Using white and silver ribbon from the stash I cut a piece of ribbon for the card front. Cut it longer than the card front and wrap it to the back of the embossed piece. Put these pieces onto the black card stock base using the ATG.

For the "2014" I used the computer for that --- printed it out onto white/GP and used the SU Jewelry punch for that. Using a small tag punch from Martha Stewart I then punched out a black tag and put my year tag onto the black tag using adhesive. Used a small circle punch and punched out a silver circle and put that circle on the tag pieces using a glue pen. Put the tags piece on the card front using a glue dot.

Using a silver metallic pen I added silver dots to the stamped area for some sparkle and shine to the card front:

Forgot to post this card when they were mailed out --- so here is the post. As for the *** --- some embossing folders emboss deeply and on the lighter weight card stocks the embossing could cause the card stock to rip/tear/or wrinkle.  Always when I emboss a piece I use two pieces of card stock. For the second piece that is embossed I put that extra piece in the file drawer with the embossing folder that I embossed it with -- this way if I should have to make a card/project up quickly I already have a piece embossed and ready for use. By embossing two pieces I get a smoother embossed piece without creases or tears. I store all of my embossing folders in JetMax drawer cubes:

In the above photo is of the JetMax drawer cube and I have my embossing folders inside alphabetized by folder title. On the top of the cube is a binder filled with plastic baseball sheets from the office supply store. In the pockets of these plastic sheets I have a scrap piece of card stock for each folder design and title:

This way when I am wanting to use an embossing folder to emboss a piece of card stock or I want to use an embossing folder as a stamped background on my card I can simply look through the binder for a design. It is easier to look in the binder than to look through all the drawers of embossing folders. As you can see in the photos the folder designs are not alphabetized or in any order---just as I get a new folder I put the new design in the back of the binder. The folders are in the drawers alphabetically so it is easy to find the one I am looking for:

For my manila dividers I picked up a box of the legal sized manila folders from the thrift store and I cut them to the size I want using scissors. Then used my label maker for the titles---on each title I have the company name and then their title of the folder--TH is Tim Holtz, S is Sizzix, SU is Stampin Up, D is Darice and such.

It is much easier to find an embossing folder now that they are put in order in the drawer than in the basket or box I once kept them in. Had not used the Scrollwork embossing folder in awhile and decided it would dress up the front of my New Year's cards. TFL and YOLO