Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Truly Grateful Thanksgiving Card

Wanted to make another Thanksgiving card but wanted to break away from the leaves, pumpkins, rusts, browns, and other Autumn colours. So decided to use the SU Sahara Sand card stock for the card base. The blue card stock is Baja Breeze and the front piece is Very Vanilla.

Cut and scored the card stock base and cut the blue piece to size. Set those aside. For the Very Vanilla piece I used the SU Truly Grateful stamp set and stamped the background piece using Sahara Sand ink. Using the acorn stamp from that set I stamped that onto scrap Very Vanilla card stock. Using the SU small tag punch I punched the acorn out. For the brown tag behind it I used scrap brown card stock. Using Crumb Cake ink I sponged the edges of the acorn piece and then put this on the brown tag. At the top of the tag piece I used the Horizontal Slot punch and punched that for my ribbon to go through. My original plan was to tie the jute/twine around the ribbon piece at the tag top but the ribbon is too bulky for that. Instead I put the ribbon piece through the slot and used a glue dot to keep them in place. Tied a small piece of the jute/twine into a bow and put that on the front of the ribbon using a glue dot. Set that aside:

Using the "Truly Grateful" stamp from the stamp set I stamped this onto the Very Vanilla piece on the lower right front corner. Once this was stamped then I sponged the edges of the Very Vanilla piece using the Crumb Cake ink. Put this onto the the Baja blue piece using the ATG and then put these on the card base front.

Did not want sparkles on the front of this card so I did not want to use crystals by the stamped greeting. Instead I used a small circle punch and punched out two circle from the scrap brown card stock and put these next to the stamped greeting using a glue pen. Put the tag piece on the card front using large glue dots.

This card has a softer look since I used lighter inks -- remember when using the large background stamp in this stamp set that it has a direction so keep that in mind when working with it:

The acorn stamp from this set has a lot of detail and is a good size if you were to use it with leaves. Nice stamp set from SU --- Also think out of the box for Thanksgiving --- break away from the Autumn colours and see what inspires you. TFL and YOLO

B00 to me card

Love when the mailman brings handmade cards to my mail box and I wanted to share another Halloween card from a card maker:

This card was made by one of my blog followers, Mary H. As you can see on little trick-or-treater on the card front that Mary works magic with her Copics. Once again it looks like a picture as her colouring is flawless. This card front has so many layers/textures.

The camera did not capture the shine on the the background paper. In person this gives this card front a lot of depth with the spooky trees background, the moon, and then the witch is textured black card stock. The bat in the upper left hand corner is metal and very shiny and all these textures add to the depth of the card front. The trick-or-treater is on the card front with pop dots which adds more dimension. Thanks to Mary for sharing her talents one more time and for a cuter than cute Halloween card.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Trace of Thanksgiving Card

Had to call this card A Trace of Thanksgiving because I used a serrated tracing wheel for the front of the card. Those of us that know how to sew or quilt have probably used a tracing wheel somewhere along the line and I used one on this card front with acrylic paint.

To start cut and scored a card base of Choc Chip and set that aside. Cut a piece of cream card stock for the card front as well as a piece of striped card stock. Put those two pieces together using an ATG and then put them on the card front with the ATG.

For the Pumpkin Pie piece on the card front I cut that to the size I wanted to use. Did not want to use a plain piece of card stock or an embossed piece but wanted to have some design on it so I decided to try the tracing wheel technique. Using cream acrylic paint from the craft store I squeezed a small amount of paint onto a piece of copy paper. Using a foam brush I spread the paint out so it was thinner. Using a ruler I lined it up on the edge of the Pumpkin Pie card stock piece and held it straight. Ran my serrated tracing wheel through the paint on the copy paper and then rolled the tracing wheel onto the Pumpkin Pie card stock keeping the edge of the tracing wheel up against the ruler. **  Turned the Pumpkin Pie card stock and did this on all four edges. Set this aside to dry.

For the pumpkin I used dotted card stock sold in packs from Mikes and using the large oval punch from SU I made three ovals. Sponged the edges of those with the Pumpkin Pie ink. For the leaf/vine piece on the pumpkin I used the small Sizzix die Flourish #9 and cut that out of green card stock in the Cuttlebug. Sponged that with Old Olive ink. Using a Marvy small leaf punch I punched out one leaf and sponged the edges of that. Put the dotted ovals together using glue dots and put the leaf/vine piece on the pumpkin using a glue pen. Single leaf is on with a glue dot.  The stem is made using the Word Window punch from scrap kraft card stock and I sponged the edges with Close to Cocoa ink. Set the pumpkin piece aside.

Using the All Year Cheer III stamp set from SU I used the "Happy Thanksgiving" stamp and stamped it on the card front using Close to Cocoa ink. Put the pumpkin on this piece using pop dots. Added orange crystals in the lower corners. Put this piece on the card front using the ATG.

** First -- if you try this tracing wheel technique be sure to go in one direction with the wheel. Do not go back over your line -- like a wheel stamp do not roll back over your image. It works better if you do your short edges first and then each long side. With each pass I used a clean paper towel to wipe off any left over paint on the ruler. This way you will not get paint smears on your piece. Once all four sides were done I rinsed off the ruler and the tracing wheel in running water to remove any paint residue.

Allow a few minutes for your paint to dry.

You may want to practice on scrap paper first -- when you are running the wheel on the edge of your ruler you want to hold the wheel so it is against the ruler but you do not want to press down on the wheel and make holes in your card stock.

This technique gives you a look of stitching without a sewing machine. It is easy to do but practice first on scraps. Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores with sewing and quilting products sell the tracing wheels. There is a wheel with a plain wheel and that would just give you a straight line. The serrated wheel will give you the look of stitching and the wheels are less that $3.00 each -- use a coupon and they are even cheaper. TFL and YOLO

Ornament Card

What is old is new again. Used many older supplies to make this card for Christmas.

To begin with if you have visited my blog you will know I am not a big fan of posting cards or projects with no instructions. This card, though, has no definite pattern but I will explain how I made it as I went along.

To begin with I used a piece of 8 1/2" x 11" Real Red card stock for the card stock base. I usually score my full sheets lengthwise at 4 1/2". For this card I cut the card stock with the length at the top of the scoreboard and scored it at 5 1/2" width wise. Then cut this with the trimmer lengthwise at 4 1/2". I now had two pieces for card bases. Set one aside for a later project.

Now you have your card stock base -- you need to decide what stamp you want to use on your card -- I knew I was going to use the Delightful Decorations ornament for my card but I was not sure about the greeting for the card. I decided I would use the "merry Christmas" stamp from the Petite Pairs stamp set. Stamps decided but now I needed my inks. . .

Cut a piece of the white/GP card stock larger than what I was going to need for this card which would allow me to trim it to the size for the card -- 4" x 5 1/4".  I decided I would use a red ornament for this card and I reached for the SU Real Red ink pad. When SU switched to the new style ink pads I only bought three in the colours I used all the time -- Real Red, Old Olive, and Black. Well -- if you have bought any of the new style SU ink pads you know the problems --- some stamps can leave an imprint on the ink pad surface, the pads are very inky and can make a mess on your stamps, and of course, the black has been recalled as it does not dry--even with a heat gun. But I have the Real Red and the Old Olive in the new style. I am happy to say I have also kept the old style ink pads and this is why --

I had my ornament stamp out and white/GP was cut and ready for the card. I grabbed the new Real Red ink pad and inked my stamp and stamped that onto the white/GP. This was NOT the red I wanted for my card so I cleaned the stamp, cut another white/GP piece, and used the old style ink pad in Real Red for my ornament for my card. Here are the two ornaments stamped in Real Red:

Clearly quite the difference in the same colour ink so am glad I have kept my old style ink pads. To the left of my red ornament I stamped the "merry Christmas" again using the old style Real Red ink pad. Once that was done I trimmed the white/GP card stock to the size needed for the card. But I needed a Christmas tree branch for my ornament to hang from. Decided to use a stamp I have used as a branch before and it is the single tree stamp from the Lovely As A Tree stamp set:

Using this stamp I stamped it at the top of my white/GP piece sideways stamping only half of the tree at the top of my piece. Was careful not to get the center of the tree stamped onto my piece as I just wanted this to look like a Christmas tree branch. Using a silver pen I drew a line from the branch to the top of the ornament to resemble an ornament hook/hanger. Using silver twine I tied a small bow and put that on the ornament using half a glue dot.

Now to decide where to cut my card front away -- decided I wanted the whole stamped ornament to show so you just have to do this as you go. With my finished white piece I laid that on the counter next to my red card stock base so I would know how much to cut off the front of the card. Using a pencil I made a pencil dot on the fold of the red card stock base and using scissors I cut from the top of the card stock base on the fold to my pencil line. Once that was cut I used the trimmer to trim it across the front of the card to my pencil dot on my card fold. On my card this leaves about half of the front of the card left but this would depend on what stamps you decide to use.

Once I had the card front cut away I measured the lower front of the card and cut a piece of dots card stock for the front. Put that on the card front using an ATG. Put the stamped white/GP card stock piece inside my card using the ATG. Using a pencil again I made two dots to know where the ornament is in the card so I could use a 2" circle punch and punch part of the lower front of the card so the ornament will show. Once my pencil dots were made I used the punch and punched about a third of the circle off the card.

Here is what the card looks like standing up:

This is a card that each time you make it, depending on what stamp you use, you will have to adjust your measurements and it is basically a 'do as you go' card. Although it sounds difficult  it isn't.

So what is old is new again --- the Petite Pairs, the Delightful Decorations, and the Lovely As A Tree stamp sets all complete this card. Another holiday card done -- TFL and YOLO

Sunday, October 27, 2013

B00 Post

Ever so cute - - mailman brought a new BOO Day card in the mail and wanted to get a photo of it for the blog.    L O V E  getting cards from other card makers --- this card is so cute and so striking --- the white card stock base and the black front of the card and the ghosts on the front --- Owl punch from SU. Then the using of kelly green rather than the normal lime green for BOO Day makes the pumpkins and ghosts stand out. Love that ---

Such a fun card and the card maker includes a "recipe" note -- she made the pumpkins using a 1" circle punch and then a small oval punch for her pumpkin pieces. Sponged the edges of them with Dusty Durango. The stem/leaves looks like the SU Bird punch. She said she used SU Tangerine Tango ink for the greeting and sponged the edges of that piece as well. Fun card and cute too --

Very enjoyable to receive other card maker's creations -- never think your cards are 'not good enuf' or any such thing --- each card is a piece of yourself and a present for the receiver so happy me to get this card for sure. TFL and YOLO   (Welcome to a new follower of my blog and hoping you find something that will inspire you for your creations)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Card

For this card I cut and scored a piece of light brown card stock and set it aside. Cut a piece of Pumpkin Pie card stock for the card front and set that aside.

Using brown card stock from Core'dinations I cut a piece larger than the embossing folder I was going to use. Then using the Fall Leaf Background embossing folder from Darice I embossed this brown piece with this folder in the Cuttlebug. Once that was embossing I used a sanding block and sanded the front of the embossed piece. When that was sanded I used a make up brush on the front of the embossed/sanded piece to remove any sanded residue. Cut this brown piece to the size I would need for my card front and using the ATG I put the brown embossed piece on the Pumpkin Pie card stock piece. Then put these onto the card base and set them aside.

For the pumpkin I used the large oval punch from Stampin Up and punched three ovals from Pumpkin Pie card stock. Inked two embossing folders on the raised side and put my ovals in the embossing folders. Closed the folders and used the brayer on the closed folder back and forth to transfer the inked design to my ovals. Used a dotted folder on one oval and a paisley folder for one of the ovals. The third oval I left plain with no design --- did sponge the edges of all the ovals with the Pumpkin Pie ink. Using glue dots I put the ovals together in a pumpkin shape:

The swirl/vine piece is Old Olive card stock and used the Sizzix Flourish #9 die to cut that out. Used a small Marvy leaf punch for my two leaves. Sponged the Old Olive ink on these pieces. Put them on the pumpkin using a glue pen. For the stem to the pumpkin I used the Modern Label punch on kraft card stock from Mikes. Sponged the edges of that using the Close to Cocoa ink and cut it in half lengthwise for the stem and put that on the pumpkin using a glue dot. Put the pumpkin on the card front using pop dots.

For the greeting "Happy Thanksgiving" I used a stamp from the Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set and stamped that onto cream scraps to show how this looks:

Did not want my greeting piece to be this long so I used a brown marker and the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig and stamped my greeting onto the cream scraps. Used the Modern Label punch for the Pumpkin Pie label and then used the Word Window punch for the greeting and added brown crystals to that. That label piece is tucked behind the pumpkin using glue dots:

Love the details on this embossing folder from Darice.  TFL and YOLO

Friday, October 25, 2013

Reindeer Tag

Had seen a Reindeer tag done by Judy May and wanted to make one but I did not have the Reindeer stamp she used --- went through my Stampin Up stamp set binder and found this small reindeer stamp which is in the Joyous Celebration stamp set. Stamped that onto Very Vanilla card stock using Close to Cocoa ink. Used the dotted oval frame stamp from that set and stamped that over the reindeer using Cherry Cobbler ink. Set this aside.

Using Kraft card stock from PTI ( I cut out my tag using the Sizzix/SU Two Tags die in the Cuttlebug. Then cut out another tag using double sided card stock. Trimmed that to the size I wanted as you will see in this photo of the inside of my tag piece. The stamp for the inside of my tag is Stampabilities from Hob Lob (Hobby Lobby) and again using the Cherry Cobbler ink for that:

As you can see with the tag opened I trimmed the top of the striped tag off to the size I wanted. Put that on the Kraft tag using double sided tape. Using two small circle punches I made the ring to go over the circle at the top of the tag piece. Put the ring on the tag top using a glue pen. Put red ribbon on the tag top and tied gold crochet thread **  around the ribbon. There is space on the inside of the tag to write a note or stamp To and From.

For the front of the tag I stamped "very merry" using the Cherry Cobbler ink on the lower part of the tag piece. This is a stamp from the SU Short and Sweet stamp set. Using scrap red card stock I cut a piece for the front of the tag and use striped card stock to put across that. Trimmed this to the size I needed and I put this on the tag using the ATG.  Put the reindeer piece *** on the tag front using pop dots. Added a very small red crystal for the Reindeer nose so it is now Rudolph.

** For the gold crochet thread --- I used to always use gold twine but it either would come untied or be stiff and added bulk to the items I used it on --- the crochet thread can be found at the craft stores in the yarn section and it ties nicely every time, lays flat, and adds sparkle to the project. Also it is very economical compared to gold twine.

*** For the reindeer piece --- Very Vanilla card stock is not a sturdy/thick as the regular SU card stock so for my oval piece I stamped I punched out a plain oval and put that behind the Reindeer oval to make it more sturdy. Just used the ATG to put them together. (Wish SU would make the next size oval punch for the oval punch I used but they don't).

Here is the tag again and TFL and YOLO

Snowman Christmas Card

Card stock base is a light blue from Close To My Heart. White is GP, and the Core'dations card stock is the embossed layer on the card front. To begin with I wanted to use the snowman from this stamp:

But it is a tag stamp from the Tags for All SU stamp set and this photo shows what it looks like if I stamped it as is. To just get the snowmen stamped I used a black marker on the snowmen only and stamped that onto a piece of white/GP card stock that was cut 4" x 5 1/4". Once this was stamped I then used markers for the hats, scarfs, and carrot noses. Used a glue pen that I scribbled below the snowmen and put white glitter on that. Set it aside to dry.

For the Core'dations piece I cut that 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". Used the Spellbinders oval die set and cut out an oval 'window' in the front of the Core'dations piece. Used the Sizzix/Tim Holtz embossing folder Snowflake Pattern and embossed this piece in the Cuttlebug. Here is a photo of the embossing folder package to show what the set looks like:

Once my piece was embossed I used a sanding block for paper crafts and sanded the front of the Core'dations to reveal the darker blue background. Once that was done I trimmed this to the size I wanted for the card front. I put this over the snowman piece so I would know the size I needed to trim the snowman piece.

Using the ATG I put the snowman on the card front. Before I added the embossed 'window' piece I put two pieces of white ribbon on each side of the oval 'window'. Trimmed this piece for the card front. Using the ATG I put this embossed piece over the snowmen.

For the greeting "merry Christmas" I used the SU stamp set Petite Pairs for that and stamped that onto white/GP card stock using the Close To My Heart Heavenly Blue ink. Used the Bitty Banners die set to cut out the greeting. Added blue crystals to that and put the banner on the card front using pop dots.

Added three small snowflakes punched with a Marth (Martha Stewart) punch from Doodlebug white glittered card stock. Put these snowflakes on the card front using glue dots.  TFL and YOLO

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The dissertation - - -

All I did was ask for tin snips and so it began . . .

My Stampin Up Modern Label punch was leaving hairies on my labels and never is that a good thing on the front of a card. Was told to punch through layers of waxed paper -- which really did nothing but get stuck in the punch. . . Then tried the layers of aluminum foil --- same results as the waxed paper. After all that? The punch was still dull and left hairies as I was still pulling waxed paper out of the punch. . . .     :0{

So. . . did some checking around and found this tip with a video from Linda Heller on her blog:   (under her Stamp Busters series from Nov 2008)

I watched her video using a soda can and thought I would give this a try and so . . . all I did was ask DH for tin snips and so it began. . . 50 questions -- why did I need them? What was I cutting? Who told me that? Are you kidding? and the list goes on and on . . .  

DH heads out to the garage and returns with the tin snips. He gets a clean, dry soda can from the recycle bin and tells me he will cut the can apart. I ask if he has gloves to do this and he said he doesn't need them.  Silly me wanted the tin snips and my heavy garden gloves to cut the can with but what do I know? ? ?

While he is cutting the soda top and bottom off so I could use the can flat I used the dull punch and punched out a label using white/GP card stock to show DH how dull the punch was so after I punched the can and the punch was sharp then DH could see the difference between the dull punch piece and then the newly sharpened punch piece.

He brings the flattened can over to me and I punched out a few labels to sharpen the punch -- see photo:

The above photo is what he cut of the can for me to use -- boys are soooo messy. And the photo below is showing the punched label pieces I punched out.

Here is a photo of the punch over the flattened can before I punched out my labels: (DH held the cut can so I could take the photo)

Once I had punched all over the flattened soda can piece I then punched through a piece of waxed paper folded into layers. Then followed that with punching through a piece of aluminum foil folded. Now I have a photo of two pieces of the white/GP card stock labels:

Here is a photo of  labels I punched after sharpening the punch. The top is the white/GP card stock and then a Pumpkin Pie label and an Always Artichoke label. The coloured card stocks are heavier weight then the white card stock and all three labels look so much cleaner than before the sharpening:

On the video Linda had sharpened her circle punch and her scalloped circle punch. I am happy with the results altho I will say I will not do this without wearing heavy gloves as the soda can is sharp after it has been cut -- but of course I am just a girl . . .    :0)       TFL and YOLO

Try, try again . . .

Had tried in the past to use napkins on card fronts with clear plastic wrap but it never worked out the way the technique tutorial explained. Gave up on that idea and although I have used napkins on card fronts I have used the Xyron for the adhesive. If you use an ATG you will see the tape lines and glue is too messy. Basically have given up on that technique and theory and moved on . . .

Until I saw this technique done from France Martin AKA on Youtube. Had no intentions other than watching her video to see what I was doing wrong or if she had some tips to do this technique in a new way. Watched her video and then checked the drawer in the craft room that I keep the plastic wrap, foils, and baggies in. And there it was . . . .  my roll of plastic wrap from the dollar store said right on the label "microwaveable" and that is the problem.

As Frenchie had explained you can not use the microwaveable plastic wrap for this technique as the iron can not get it hot enough to melt to the napkin or the card stock. So I knew I would have to buy a new roll of plastic wrap and of course I would have to get new paper napkins for Fall or Thanksgiving as she made a card and place marker using Thanksgiving napkins. She never says where she picked up the napkins but I thought this time of year I should be able to find something that was seasonal.

As usual DH needed to go to a big box home improvement store for some parts for something he is working on so I tagged along knowing the big W was across the street. He and puppy dropped me at the door and I went in and picked up a roll of Glad plastic wrap (as she had used) and I made sure the label did not say that it was "microwaveable". Then off to the seasonal section of the store and I could not find any Fall or Thanksgiving paper napkins. Walked through there twice thinking I missed them and nothing -- decided I would stop at the dollar store and see what they had. . . turned the corner and in the drive aisle was a set up of holiday paper napkins, table clothes, etc., and there it was --- the same napkins Frenchie had used for her video and I really liked them as they had pumpkins, a turkey, and leaves. Picked up one pack and there are 20 napkins in that for $1.97. You have to cut the napkin in half lengthwise and these napkins have this pattern on both ends of the napkins so this would give me 40 pieces for projects and that is good for $1.97.

Came home and followed her instructions and here is my version of her card and am happy to say this technique worked the FIRST time and that is always a good thing:

Here is your napkin out of the package:

You need to cut the napkin at the top on the fold and this will give you two pieces. All napkins have "ply" and that is however many layers there are. The more expensive paper napkins are then the more layers it will have. You need to peel away all layers and just deal with the printed layer which is the napkin front. This is a cheaper paper napkin so it is a "2 ply" which means I had to separate the printed front of the napkin from the one layer which is the back. Peel the layers apart slowly as to not make holes in your printed napkin front.

To begin with you need to use a DRY iron (wool setting) with no steam for this technique. I used a clean folded bath towel on my craft room counter. Pulled off a big piece of aluminum foil and put that over the towel. I then took an 8 1/2" x 11"  sheet of the cream speckled card stock **  from Stampin Up and cut that in half width wise. Set that aside. (** The card stock you will be sticking your napkin to will be the 'back' of your napkin piece so it will not be seen -- use cheaper card stock or a card stock you don't like just to use it up --- basically it is just something for your napkin to adhere to to be sturdy).

Took the one layer printed napkin and put that on the foil on the towel and ironed that flat to remove the fold lines on the napkin. Once the napkin is pressed remove it from the foil. Put your card stock on the foil piece in the center. Tear off a piece of your Glad Wrap that is a little bit larger than the card stock. Be sure you put the plastic on the card stock so it is smooth and flat:

Now put your ironed printed napkin piece on the plastic/card stock piece. I lined up the bottom of my napkin piece to the bottom of my card stock piece -- it is better your plastic wrap is wider and longer than your card stock piece so that your napkin edges with adhere well. Once the bottom edge of the napkin was lined up with the bottom edge of the card stock I again tore off another piece of foil and put that on top of the napkin 'sandwich' pieces again being sure the foil piece is bigger than your card stock and plastic wrap pieces. Using the iron press your "sandwich" moving slowly and be sure you press the edges of the napkin piece so it will stick well to the card stock. When you think you are done you can remove your top foil piece and check the edges. If the napkin edge is not stuck to the card stock edge then put the foil on top again and press it again with the iron. Here it is:

Once this is all stuck together remove it from the foil "sandwich". I used scissors to cut away the extra napkin from my card stock piece. (The napkin piece will over hang on the sides of your card stock).  For my card I used Spellbinders Labels 11 for the pumpkin piece *.   I used the second largest die for my pumpkins and a smaller die piece from that set for the turkey head/upper body and I will use that on another project. Just figured it is easier to cut them both out at the same time in the Cuttlebug. Once my pumpkin piece was cut out I used the largest die in the labels set and cut out a piece from Pumpkin Pie card stock to go behind the pumpkin piece. Once my pieces were cut out I set them aside.

For my card I cut and scored a piece of Cajun Craze card stock for the card base. Set that aside. Using the Very Vanilla card stock for the card front I wanted some design on it but did not want texture that an embossing folder can do. Cut this piece larger than what I would need for my card front.  Decided to ink the raised side of the Darice Crackle embossing folder with Goldrush ink from Close To My Heart. Put my Very Vanilla piece in the folder and closed that. Using a brayer I went over the closed folder back and forth and side to side to transfer the inked embossing folder pattern to my card stock. Once that was done I rinsed off my embossing folder. Trimmed the Very Vanilla piece to the size I needed for my card front.  Here is a better photo of the card front with the details:

Using  the "Bountiful Blessings" stamp from the Taylored Expressions "Autumn Wreath" stamp set I stamped that using Really Rust ink and scrap Very Vanilla. To cut this banner out I used the banner die from the Circle Thinlits die set. Once again I put the banner die piece over the stamped image to the right so that I would have a blank space on the left front of the banner to slip under the pumpkin piece. Sponged the edges and put this under the pumpkin piece and put them on the Pumpkin Pie label piece for the card front. Set them aside.

Used a piece of gross grain ribbon across the Very Vanilla card stock front. Then put that onto the card stock base. Using pop dots I added the pumpkins/napkin labels piece with the banner:

Here is a better photo of some of the details of the card front:

* For the napkin piece I cut out using the Labels 11 die I did not want my pumpkins to be centered as too many times on a card front things need to be centered. This napkin pattern has many things going on from the pumpkins to the gourds to the leaves and I felt if I centered just the pumpkins then you would miss some of the other items in the picture printed on the napkin. If you look closely at the bottom of the napkin piece under the pumpkins you can see the napkin has a textured border already on it and I wanted that to show on my label piece so with me cutting the pumpkins off center more of the napkin border texture shows.

The great thing about Frenchiestamps is if something does not work that she is doing she does not edit it out of the video so you are thinking things never go wrong --- even for the more experienced card maker. Am glad I saw her video as now I know what I was doing wrong for the technique --- wrong plastic wrap -- this is a simple technique and am glad I found the napkins she used as I think this makes a nice Thanksgiving Bountiful Blessings card.  Thanks to Frenchie for sharing. TFL and YOLO

Monday, October 21, 2013

Holly Christmas Card

Whether you bought them in a set of four of the Textured Impressions Embossing Folders or you bought a die and they came with it -- I think it is safe to say more than one of the small embossing folders that measure 2 1/4" x 2 3/4" get lost in the craft room maze. Long ago I would store these smaller folders in the drawers with my regular embossing folders. But soon they ended up with the wrong folders, or slid to the bottom of the drawer, or into the back. My motto is "if you can't find it, you won't use it".  Also by having a storage system for our supplies helps us to remember some items we have on hand -- or at least a storage system SHOULD help with that. . . haha.

This year I have decided for the Christmas cards I am making that I will not make any duplicates and so I have begun my Christmas card making. Today is another Christmas card I made and I found this idea on this blog:   and as soon as I saw her card I had to make one of my own. Of course to find the small embossing folder she used at one time would be impossible but now I can easily find these small gems.

After giving up on the storage of these small folders being in with the larger embossing folders I had to decide how to store them and I decided to gather them all up. I bought a cheap plastic binder and the plastic baseball card sheets at the office supply store and put all my small folders in the sheets. Here is the binder and my sheets inside:

Easily found the small embossing folder that I needed to make this card and here is the card:

I used a Riding Hood Red card base and used white/GP and kraft/red dotted card stock for the card front. I used the small embossing folder on white/GP in the Cuttlebug. The key to this embossed piece is you need to cut your white card stock larger than the folder--wider and longer. Once embossed trim the top and sides of the embossed piece. Then decide how long you want your embossed piece to be --- keep in mind you have to tie your ribbon on the bottom of the embossed piece. Once the piece was embossed I put this onto kraft card stock from Mikes and then on a piece of the Riding Hood Red card stock:

As you can see in the above photo that I used a piece of the kraft card stock and to get the holly print on that I used a holly embossing folder from Paper Studio (Hob Lob). To do that technique ink the raised side of the embossing folder with ink and put your card stock inside the folder. Once closed roll the brayer over the closed embossing folder to transfer the pattern to your card stock. (Rinse or clean your embossing folder once this is done).

For the greeting piece I used the Petite Pairs stamp set and stamped that onto white/GP using the Riding Hood Red ink and then cut it out using the Bitty Banners die set. I put the banner die on the greeting so that the greeting was towards the right of the banner --- this gave me space to slip the banner piece under the embossed piece.

Simple card and thanks to "welmoedcards" for sharing this idea. TFL and YOLO

Friday, October 18, 2013

Haunted Swing Card

Used the Circle Thinlits die set to make this card. Cut the black card stock base using the Circle swing card die. For the circle on the front of the card I used the Haunted Forest stamp and inked that using StazOn black ink. At the bottom of this stamp is "Happy Halloween" and I did not ink those words as I just wanted the stamped image. Once that was stamped I punched it out using a 2 1/2" circle punch from EK Success. Sponged the edges of the circle using black ink. Used an orange and green marker for the pumpkin and the leaf. Put that on the front of the swing circle using the ATG.

For the inside of the card:

The "boo" stamp is from the dollar bin at Mikes -- and take note their "dollar stamps" are now $1.50 --- so that is quite the jump in price -- used the StazOn black ink and again used circle punches for that and the orange piece behind it. Sponged the edges of the Boo stamped piece and put that on the orange circle using the ATG.

Added printed card stock for the inside of the card. Using Washi tape on the left front of the card. The greeting "Happy Halloween" is from Impression Obsession stamps and used black ink for that and just cut it out using the trimmer.  Put the greeting on the card front using glue dots.

Simple card to make and wanted to use the Haunted Forest stamp for the card front. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thinlits Greetings

Have the Stampin Up Circle Thinlits die set and have made many cards with them:

The first three cards are cards as the die cuts them. The bottom two cards have the extended flap which is made by cutting your card stock longer and when opened that card looks like this:

The three cards that you cut as the die cuts them have no extra flap so I put the greeting on the back of the card. Here is the front, then opened, and then the back:

As you can see the die cuts curves into the card stock which allows the swing circle to move on the card when you open the card. Due to this you do not have a lot of space for your inside greeting. Decided to go through my Stampin Up stamp set binder and I came across the Spooks Galore stamp set from 1998 that I bought at a garage sale for $4.00. The stamp I used is the only word stamp in the set but as you can see it fits nicely on the back flap of my card.

Did not want the greeting on the printed zig zag card stock as you would be able to see it looking at the front of the card. This spider card and the turkey card both have a plastic circle in the center of the swing circle so you can see the printed card stock behind them. TFL and YOLO