Sunday, September 25, 2016

Does the Easter Bunny know???

First we had Peeps for Easter... yellow, pink, green, and blue...

Peeps are now available for Halloween.... ghosts and pumpkins...

For Christmas they have Peep Christmas trees.....

Recent trip to Walgreens I came across Cadbury Scream Eggs for Halloween.... Decided to pick some up for the treat bags I am putting together but what to put them in???

Decided to try the holder pattern I use for the Ferrero Rocher candies that I have made for Halloween. Knowing the Cadbury eggs are heavier than the Rocher candies I decided to change out my card stock to use a thicker weight. Here is my Cadbury Scream Egg in my Rocher pattern treat holder using Stampin Up black card stock:

Used the pattern the same way but the heavier card stock seems to be fine to hold this egg. Here is a photo of the side of the holder showing how the egg sits in it:

Used the SU black card stock for the treat holder base and used a Halloween print for the back of the holder. Put the printed card stock onto the holder using the ATG before I folded the holder closed. For the pumpkin trim I used a dollar spool of trim from Walmart. Cut the pumpkin length to the size I needed for the holder front and I put the pumpkin strip onto the holder using thin red sticky tape:

Again used the Stampin Up Scalloped Tag Topper punch for the top of the holder and I tied black tulle on that using orange satin ribbon:

Here is a photo of the Cadbury Scream Egg next to the two holders I have made for the Ferrero Rocher candies:

These holders go together quickly and make good use of scrap printed card stocks and trims. They are free standing holders so would be nice on a table or desk. TFL

BOO Treat Bags and Tags

Here are four of the treat bags I have put together with the tags I just made. I started with kraft gift bags from the dollar store. Used the Stars stencil from Stampin Up and various inks to stencil the stars design on the bags. To be sure the bag was flat while I stenciled it first I cut a piece of card board from a box to slide inside the bag which gives you a firm surface to stencil on:

Using painter's tape I taped the stencil onto each bag -- used inks and a dauber to stencil the colour on:

Once I had all the colours on the bag I carefully peeled off the painter's tape and lifted up the stencil being careful not to smear the stars design. Using a baby wipe I cleaned off the stencil. Onto the next bag being sure to turn the stencil so the stars design is not the same on all the bags. With the stenciling done on some of the bags you can see a mark from the dauber at the top and the bottom of the stars design. Covered those marks up with washi tapes across the top and bottom of the bags:

With all the bags stenciled I then cut pieces of tulle and put those on one of the bag handles. Used pom pom trim from the clearance section at Mikes and tied that on. Added ribbon to that. Using black clothespins from Mikes I put the Boo Bag Tags I just made onto the bags -- here is a photo of each bag with the tag:

Inside the bags is paper shred from the dollar store and closer to Halloween I will fill the treat holders I have made recently and pack them inside. TFL

Saturday, September 24, 2016

BOO Bag Tag #4

Here is a fourth BOO Day tag for treat bags I am making for Halloween:

This tag is a kraft tag sold in a package at Mikes. For the hole at the tag top I used two circle punches to punch out the black ring I put over the hole. Put the ring onto the tag using a glue pen. Sponged edges of the tag using black ink.

For the "Boo" stamp -- this is the Steampunk Boo stamp from Inkadinkado -- could not find it in any stores so bought it off Ebay brand new. I stamped this onto white card stock using VersaMark. Then covered it with Stampendous black embossing powder. Heat set that and it is very shiny:

Once that was cooled I used the SU Circle dies and cut that out. Used the next larger circle die and cut out a solid pumpkin coloured card stock to put behind the embossed piece. For the black die cut piece I used the SU Starburst die set for that. Put all these die cut circles together using the ATG.

Wanted a banner/flag across the tag so I cut out black card stock from Mikes, dotted card stock from Hobby Lobby and put those together using the ATG. Then I ran them through the crimper to give it some dimension:

Put the banner/flag piece on the tag using tear tape. Put the circles piece over that banner/flag and used pop dots for that. Added three black crystals from the stash to the embossed piece:

Used shiny black card stock and the mini bat EK Success punch for the small bats. Put them onto the tag using TomBow glue. TFL

BOO Bag Tag #3

This is the third Halloween tag I have made for treat bags for BOO Day:

Tag base is a kraft tag from a package of tags from Mikes. Cut a piece of black card stock for the tag top and then orange card stock for the bottom of the tag. Put these onto the kraft tag using the ATG. Turned it over and trimmed these pieces to the tag shape using scissors. Once done I turned it back over and sponged all edges using black ink.

For the hole at the top of the tag I used two circle punches to make the orange ring around the hole. Then used a glue pen to put the ring onto the tag top. Using an orange mesh bag from the grocery store that held onions I cut a piece for the tag top and tied black satin ribbon around that:

For the ghost I used white craft foam (from Mikes in the kids craft aisle) and cut that out using a Sizzix ghost die. Splattered gray ink onto that. Using a M Stewart bat punch I punched out a bat from black glittered card stock and put the bat onto the ghost using a glue pen:

For the stars I used a star punch from the dollar bin @ Mikes. "boo" is a die cut and black glittered card stock for that. Once the "boo" was cut out I cut out another "boo" from a kleenex box and glued that to the back of the black glittered "boo" -- this makes that stronger as well as gives it dimension on the tag:

Used a decorative edge die and cut a piece from black card stock. Trimmed it to the size I wanted for the tag with scissors and put that onto the tag using a glue pen.

Using a doily die I cut out a black doily and put the ghost onto that using large glue dots. For the front of the tag where the black meets the orange card stock I used black glittered washi tape to cover that up. Trimmed the sides with scissors. Put the doily/ghost piece onto the tag having part of the doily hang off the right side of the tag. Stars put on the tag with glue dots.

The "TRICK or TREAT" banner is a stamp from Stampin Up Toxic Treats. Stamped that onto scrap white card stock and used a ruler and the SU banner punch to make it into a banner. Put that onto the tag using glue dots:

The glittered black card stock adds sparkle to this Halloween tag. With the ghost being cut out of craft foam that also gives the tag dimension. TFL

Friday, September 23, 2016

BOO Bag Tag #2

Kraft tag base is from Mikes. Used a spider web embossing folder and embossed the tag. Sponged the edges with black ink. For the hole at the top of the tag I used two circle punches for the ring and punched them out of scrap orange card stock.Put the orange ring onto the tag using a glue pen. Set this aside.

Cut out a witch hat die (Cheery Lynn) using all glittered card stocks. Put the hat onto the tag front using glue dots. "Beware" was cut out from glittered orange card stock and put that on the tag using a glue pen. Stars were punched from glittered card stock scraps and put on the tag using glue dots:

The Halloween ticket is a stamp from Stampers Anonymous and fussy cut. Sponged all edges with black ink. Tucked that under the top of the witch hat and put it onto the tag using glue dots:

Used a fine black Sharpie pen for the string from the end of the witch hat for the bug that was punched out of shiny black card stock -- put the bug in place using a mini glue dot:

Tied cloth webbed trim at the tag top and tied a thin sparkle trim on that:

Another spooky tag for the BOO treat bags I am putting together. TFL

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

BOO Bag Tag

Putting Halloween treat bags together and I need a tag for each bag. Here is the first tag:

To begin with I bought a package of pre cut kraft card stock tags at Mikes. Added a scrap piece of dotted card stock to the bottom of the tag. Sponged all sides of the tag using black ink. For the hole at the top of the tag I used scrap black card stock. Punched a 1/4" circle hole in that. Then using a 5/8" circle punch I punched over my first punch and that gave me the black ring for the top of the tag. Put that over the tag hole using a glue pen.

Cut out a spider web die from black card stock from Mikes. Once cut I spritzed Shimmer Mist Pearls on that. Set it aside to dry. Cut out the "31" using shiny black card stock. Put the numbers on the bottom of the tag using a glue pen:

Cut out the "Happy Halloween"/haunted house die. Using the new-to-me Stampin Up Starbust framelits I just bought at a stamper's sale and cut out an orange circle for the back of the Halloween die piece.  Used the glue pen to put the die cut piece on the Starburst circle. Sponged the edges of that using black ink:

Using a glue pen I put the spider web onto the tag with part of the web hanging off the edge of the tag. Used the ATG for the Halloween circle die cut piece. Here is a photo to show the shimmer on the web:

Stamped "Trick or Treat" using a stamp from the Stampin Up Toxic Treats stamp set onto scrap white card stock using Memento black ink. Cut it out on the trimmer and used a banner punch for the ends of the tag. Put this onto the tag using pop dots. Tied black tulle and orange ribbon at the tag top:

Added black and orange stars to the tag front along with three orange sequins -- which was a gift from another stamper for me. (Thank you). Each of the treat bags have different colours so I have to make different tags for each so I want each tag to be different with different dies and stamps and such. Having the kraft tags as the base will be a time saver when making my multiple tags. TFL

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Straw Tootsie Pop Holders

Had made these Flap Over Tootsie Pop treat holders before but for this holder I changed the pattern. I also did not want to see the white stick for the Tootsie Pop so I bought some Halloween patterned straws from the dollar store. Here is a photo of the black holder first:

For the holder I used a piece of 2" wide black card stock from Mikes. Cut that to 8" so that piece is 2" x 8". Scored it with the long side at the top of the score board at 3", 4", and again at 7". Used the bone folder to crease all scored lines. For the print on the front panel I cut that 2 3/4" long by 1 3/4" wide and put that on the front panel using the ATG. For the dotted piece I cut that 3/4" high by 1 3/4" wide and put that onto the front flap.

Used a 1/4" circle punch and punched the hole at the top for the stick to fit through. Used a small double punch for the ribbon holes and put my ribbon through those holes and tied the holder shut. Cut the straw approx 2 1/2" long using scissors and slipped that over the Tootsie Pop stick -- now it looks more like a Halloween treat. (Just slid the straw over the stick -- no adhesive was used).

Stampin Up Mixed Medley is the stamp set the greeting is from. Used various circle punches for that and a scalloped circle punch for the orange scallop piece. Put the greeting on the front of the holder using a large glue dot. Easy holder to put together and it is free standing as well. TFL and YOLO

Ghostly Nugget Treat Holders

Had seen this treat holder made up but do not know who it is from -- if I should find it again I will post their name/blog.

For these nugget holders first I used a Sizzix ghost die and cut out my ghosts from white glittered card stock -- this photo shows two of the holders with the ghosts facing the opposite direction. For that I cut a ghost out with the glittered card stock side to the die and then for the next ghost I turned the glittered card stock over, glittered side up, and cut out another ghost. This is how they face two different directions:

For the bats I used black glittered card stock and a M Stewart bat punch. Glue dots do not work on this glittered card stock so I used TomBow glue to put the bats onto the ghosts. Then added a clear crystal from the stash to the center of the bat. Set these aside.

Using two printed card stocks I cut my nugget wrapper pieces 1" x 3 1/8". Wrapped those wrappers around the nuggets and used glue dots to hold them in place. Made a tray to hold the nuggets in place. I used black card stock from Mikes and cut that 1 3/4" wide by 4 7/8" long. With the short end at the top of the score board I scored it at 1/4 and then turned this piece around and scored the other long side at 1/4. Used the bone folder to crease these lines. Put the five nuggets onto the black tray alternating the prints -- my nuggets are three dotted prints and two stripe prints per tray.

Bought the package of 75 pretzel clear bags by Wilton @ Mikes -- used a 50% off coupon from AC Moore for that. These pretzel bags are 2 1/4" wide -- the pretzel bags sold on the candy making aisle are 3" wide and that is too big for these nugget holders. I put the candy nuggets on the tray in the pretzel bag and then used black tulle to tie a bow to close the bag. Once that was tied I trimmed the ends of the tulle and pretzel bag off using scissors.

Using glue dots on the back side of the glittered ghosts I put one ghost on each nugget holder. Easy holder to put together and the nugget wrappers use up scraps of printed card stocks. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, September 17, 2016

More new to me stuffs ---

This morning I went with my stamping friend to a stampers sale and we picked up quite a few goodies that we were happy to find!! Here is a photo of items I was able to find and bring home for later projects:

Found Stampin Up stamp sets, a Stampin Up embossing folder, distress ink, Stampin Up Starburst framelits, as well as twine, and some odds and ends. Love being able to stretch my crafting dollars by shopping other stampers sales. Now to put it all away in my "warehouse" as DH calls the craft room..... ;0)        TFL and YOLO

Death by Chocolate Treat Holders

Made another treat holder for chocolate candies for Halloween. I used the Sizzix Coffin Box die for the coffin:

Used gray card stock from Stampin Up for the box. Once that was cut and put together using red sticky tape I sponged gray ink on the edges of the box lid and bottom -- here is a photo to show the side of this treat holder:

Cut out a spider web die for the coffin box front and trimmed it to the size I wanted with scissors. Used a glue pen to put the web on the box lid. Using a punch from the dollar bin I punched out two bugs from black glittered card stock. Put them on the box lid using glue dots. For the ghosts I cut that die out of white glittered card stock and put those on the box lid with glue dots. Used black tulle to tie around the box and tied that in a knot. Trimmed off the ends of the tulle with scissors.

For the "SCREAM" word I cut out the die using orange glittered card stock. Wanted this piece to be more sturdy and wanted it to add dimension to the box lid so I also cut this die out of the opening tab to a kleenex box. That is thinner card board than chip board and the die cut it with no problems. Put the card board word behind the orange glittered word using TomBow glue similar to the other words and shapes I had done for Halloween in an earlier post:

To show the size of this coffin box treat holder here it is with other Halloween treat holders I have recently made:

From left to right:

Ferrero Rocher holder, in the middle the smaller version of the Stampin Up Berry Basket, the right holder is the Curvy Keepsake Box made into a pumpkin that has a spider web/witch hatch with bow. This coffin box is a small treat holder but it holds enough chocolate treats to satisfy a recipient. TFL and YOLO

Monday, September 12, 2016


Two online stores are having too-good-to miss sales and I thought I would pass this along -- the first store is:

They have been in business for many years, and changed owners, and sadly now they are closing their doors. They are offering 25% off all products --- stamps, dies, cling and clear stamps, embossing folders, inks, card stocks, tools, etc. You can shop by product or brand names -- they carry many of the big name companies.

The second sale is from:

Once you get on their home page on the left column click on Die-Versions as most of their Die-Version dies are on sale for 70% off. Also have ordered from them many times. After you shop the Die-Version dies be sure to check the "New arrivals" as they are getting in a lot of the holiday dies now for the holiday season ahead.

So happy shopping if you are looking to stretch your crafting dollars.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hold the Popcorn . . . Treat Holder

Used the Stampin Up Popcorn Thinlits die set to make these cute treat holders that hold one Fun Size Hershey Chocolate candy bar -- idea was seen on:

Here is a photo of one style of the holders I made for Thanksgiving treats:

Used the SU Popcorn Thinlit die set and from one sheet of card stock I cut out four of the green holders:

If you were to make the Popcorn box as it was meant to be made you would need to cut two pieces for the front and the back of your box. Once my four green pieces were cut out I used her pattern and cut off the section she instructs you to using scissors. With all four pieces cut I now needed a pattern piece for the decorated card stocks for the front of my holders.

Using scrap white/GP card stock I cut out a Popcorn box:

Only needed the front panel piece so the box side and bottom were trimmed off. Since I need the front panel to be smaller than the box front I used a ruler and pencil and drew a 1/8" border around the panel piece as my pattern:

Took this to the trimmer and trimmed it all around on the pencil line. Then marked this piece with an "x" on the front and the back -- this will remind me that this is a pattern piece and not to toss it out by mistake. You could also put a "p" on it for pattern. Laid this piece on top of my cut green piece to be sure it is the correct size for my patterned card stock:

For my first holder I used a chevron printed card stock. The chevron does not have a directional pattern. I turned the chevron card stock over and on the back I put the pattern piece and traced around this with a pencil -- flipping the pattern piece as I went to save wasted patterned card stock:

Used scissors to cut out my chevron pieces. Using the ATG I put the patterned card stock onto the green bases. Then used red sticky tape to put the green treat holders together. For the front of these holders I used an scalloped oval punch and then an oval punch to cut out scrap card stocks. Put those together using the ATG.

The turkey on these holders is from The Stamps Of Life. Stamped onto cream card stock and cut him out with the matching die. "Happy Bird-Day" is also from that set and I used the Stampin Up Classic Label punch to cut that out. Glue dots hold these onto the treat holders:

This next holder:

These holders are kraft card stock from Mikes. Bought the Stampin Up pom pom trim at a recent stamper's sale. Pumpkin printed card stock is from Hobby Lobby. When I cut the printed card stock for the front of these holders I had to cut all my panels in one direction as this is a directional patterned card stock and I did not want my pumpkin print upside down -- here is the back of my printed card stock marked for my front panel pieces:

Again used scissors to cut these out and put them onto the kraft card stock using the ATG. Red sticky tape again was used to close the treat holders. For the front of this holder I used a scalloped circle punch and a circle punch for the pieces behind the pumpkin.

The pumpkin was made using a Fiskars punch and I added a small oval to the center of that to give the pumpkin dimension. All pumpkin pieces were sponged on the edges. The stem is from another Stamps Of Life pumpkin stamp and die set. The "THANKFUL" stamp is from Stamps Of Life and the actual stamp reads" THANKFUL for you" but I only inked the THANKFUL and stamped that onto scrap white card stock and cut it out using the SU Classic Label punch. I put the greeting under the pumpkin for my first holder but then for the other three I tucked it under the oval in the center of the pumpkin as I like that better:

These are economical treat holders since you can make four from one sheet of card stock. They also make good use of scrap card stocks. They went together quickly and thanks to Anna for sharing her pattern for another use of the Stampin Up Popcorn Thinlits die set:

As for the white pattern piece I put it in with the Popcorn Thinlits die set so the next time I use this die set I will already have the front pattern piece ready to go:

That pattern piece will save time in the future of measuring and cutting my patterned papers. TFL and YOLO