Monday, January 15, 2018

Valentine's Bag with Treats

Recently reorganized my printed card stocks in the craft room and decided I have enough double sided card stock for Valentine's Day to make my own treat bags. Had seen this video by Amanda F. on Youtube awhile back:

She gives you patterns for many different sized gift bags but for the two Valentine's Gift Bags I made I used two pieces of 8" x 8" double sided card stock. The finished size of my bags are 5" high by 4" wide.

Here is a photo of two of the bags after I made them:

To decorate the front of these gift bags I used paper doilies from the dollar store and cut one in half and used glue to put them on the bag fronts. Added red foil hearts to the front of the doily piece using a Spellbinders heart die set to cut the hearts out:

Inside the bag is red paper shred from the dollar store. I made a Tootsie Pop holder using the pattern by Nancy on this video:

The dark red Tootsie Pop holder I made using her measurements but the pink Tootsie Pop holder I had sized down a bit. Using a plastic jar with lid from the dollar store I filled that with red paper shred and various chocolate candies. Cut out a 2" circle from the printed card stock to put on the jar lid using the ATG. Tied twine around the top of the jar and that is held in place using a glue dot. The printed band around the center of the jar is washi tape.

Here is a photo to show the Hershey Nugget holder I made and a holder I made for two of the Ghirardelli candies:

For the nugget holders I used printed card stock for the sleeve that slides over the nugget tray. The nugget tray is made using solid card stocks and this size holds four of the nugget candies and here is my pattern for the solid tray:

Use a piece of card stock 6 1/4" by 3 1/2". With the 6 1/4" edge at the top of the score board I scored this piece at 1/2", 1", 5 1/4", and 5 3/4". Turned this with 3 1/2" edge at the top of the score board and scored that at 1/2", 1", 2 1/2", and 3".Using the bone folder I creased all my scored lines well. Using scissors I cut the corners of my box -- this is what that looks like with corners trimmed away:

Then using the pattern for the sleeve I made for my original holder I cut out the printed pink card stock and made the sleeve for the tray:

 Cut the print to: 4 3/4" by 4 3/8". With the 4 3/4" edge at the top of the score board I scored it at: 1/2", 2 1/8", 2 5/8", and 4 1/4".   

Using Tear and Tape I put the printed sleeve piece together. Wrapped each nugget candy with a piece of card stock 1" x 3 1/8" and put these wrappers onto the nugget candies using glue dots. Here is a photo of my nugget holder using this pattern using a clear window sheet for the sleeve -- made these up last year:

This nugget holder with clear sleeve top is from and she had a video on Youtube but I had to make my own measurements for it to slide.

For my Ghirardelli pattern I made that myself.  For the tray inside that holds two of the Ghirardelli candies I cut a piece of solid card stock 3" x 3" and scored it at 1/2" on all four sides. Snipped the end corners and put this tray together using glue dots.

For the actual holder:

Cut a piece of solid card stock 2" x 8". Scored this with the long side at the top of the score board at:
1 1/2", 2 3/8", 3", 5", 5 5/8", and again at 6 1/2". Once this was scored I used the Stampin Up Scalloped Tag Topper punch and punched out each end. Used the bone folder to crease my scored lines. Using various washi tapes I put washi tape on the front of the holder and trimmed the edges even with the sides of the holder. Put two Ghirardelli candies in the tray and placed that inside the holder. Do not use adhesive or glue dots to hold this in place in your holder or it will not slide out. With the tray and candies inside I used double sided tape to close the holder. Added ribbon and twine at the top of the holder. Easy holder to put together.

Glad to use more of my printed card stocks to make the gift bags. They are not too small or too large to hold a couple of the treat holders and chocolates for Valentine's Day. They also help to use up the vast ribbon collection --- haha.  Thanks to all the ladies for sharing their ideas for these fun treat holders!    ALSO ---

DH had built my new wooden work island and I had since asked him to make me a stand for my glue bottles that I use most so that the bottles are upside down and easy to reach for. Here is a photo of that holder he made for me using a scrap staircase post and cutting circles in it to hold the bottles:

Over time have seen other crafters storing their most used glues this way so I wanted one for my craft room. Did not have a real pattern but I told DH what I wanted and this works great -- it is heavy enough not to fall over when I put the glue bottles in the holder or take them out to use and it can hold other types of glue bottles I have on hand so it will get lots of use for sure.  TFL

Monday, January 8, 2018

Shopping --

Headed to The Scrap Exchange in Durham on Saturday with DH.....  Not looking for anything special but just looking....  Happy me to find two brand new Just Rite clear stamp sets for $2.00 each and they sold for $16.99 originally:

Then I searched further and came across a scalloped square punch from Stampin Up for $5.00 and a still sealed 6x6 paper pad from Graphic 45:

Always take a chance when you buy a used punch not knowing if it works well or not but I punched out two pieces from red card stock when I got home and the punch works fine. The Scrap Exchange opened a thrift store in the same plaza so we also shopped there -- I bought a table top shelf for the craft room that I am still organizing but will take a photo when that is all done. Also --

Had seen the new organization on the internet using the Avery Elle envelopes and making dividers from vinyl folders from the office supply store for various cling and clear stamps from different companies  I live near a Staples store and I bought some vinyl folders and cut them to the size I wanted and used the label maker to label them.... but the label did not always stick to the vinyl so I had to tape them on and the new vinyl dividers were very flimsy.... Worked for awhile but... now what???

On Pinterest I saw these white dividers that are taller than the vinyl dividers I made and very sturdy:

Absolutely love these white dividers -- I used clear tape in the label maker and labeled all the white dividers and did not have to tape any of the printed labels on. I also like how these dividers are taller than my dividers and having them all white streamlines this storage bin.... off to label other things!!

I bought these at   at the wholesale price. You can order any amount that you want be it 10 or 23 or 70.  I ordered them on Jan 4th and they arrived today, the 8th so they have fast shipping. These are the 5.5 x 8.5 DVD Dividers.  One more organized project done for the new year... now on to more in the craft room... haha     TFL

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season this year. As I posted earlier on my blog DH had built me a wooden work island for Christmas and I love it already....

He also surprised me with the car of my dreams.... a red Camaro... but as you can see in this photo I can park it on the new work island -- haha!

With the addition of my great new wooden work island came the need to reorganize... AGAIN... and I am hoping this time will be the last...... First I gathered up all the printed card stocks and sorted those by what they are - I use the IRIS 12 x 12 plastic containers for the printed card stock storage but I had them sorted by colour rather than what they were. Clearly that was not working so I sorted all the prints out and now they are in order by what they are -- strips, dots, plaids, flowers, etc.. Halloween and Christmas have their own containers since they are a specialty holiday and I have a lot of card stocks for those. Here is a photo to show some of the containers now sorted by theme:

I had a supply of the thinner IRIS containers that I used for various items and since I was reorganizing my printed card stocks I freed up one of the paper holder cubbies so I stacked that on top of a second old cubbie and put the thinner containers on those that hold different items. Labeled everything as I went along so I did not have to go back and do that. Here is a photo of this:

Then the foiled/glittered/flocked card stocks. I had them in drawers but although they started out in order by colour that idea soon went by the way side..... now they are sorted in the drawers by colour and on top of each colour is a 12 x 12 piece of card board as a divider:

Each drawer is about half full and it is easy to be able to get to the colours I want. The card board dividers will also keep the card stocks from getting bent. Here is a photo of another drawer cubbie that hold misc items:

Weeded out my Stampin Up wood mount stamp set collection long ago and with this reorganizing I moved what is left of those to an upper cabinet:

They are in alphabetical order by stamp case size. The rest of my Stampin Up sets are on my heavy duty chrome shelf -- these are the cling and clear stamps on the top and wood mount and background stamps on the second shelf:

Awhile back I took all my cling and clear SU stamp sets out of the stamp cases and they are now in clear envelopes and in alphabetical order by title. Saves SO much room and the cases are not why I bought the stamp sets to begin with so why use so much space to store them? The second shelf I used the SU larger stamp cases and put all my background stamps in those and some of my favorite wood mounted stamp sets in those thanks to an idea from my PIC (stamping partner in crime).  Lovely As A Tree, Snow Swirled, etc...  Also on this chrome shelf are other stamp sets from other companies:

I have a bin for Heartfelt Creations, a bin for Gina K Designs, Taylored Expressions, and then two bins for misc companies - PaperSweeties, Sunny Studio, Simon Says, etc..

Solid card stock I had sorted a long time ago using the Job Ticket Pockets from Staples and that system is still working well but I rearranged it a bit:

Stampin Up, Mikes #110 weight card stock, Paper Trey Ink card stock, and my 12 x 12 paper pads are on this shelf -- this is a free shelf to me from a remodeled Lane Bryant store I got a few years back and it holds a lot and can take the weight of the card stock with no problem.

Happy to have my new wooden work island and things are getting rearranged for the better in the craft room. Of course after I had all my dies and embossing folders on my new island I decided to move the island back 6 inches so it all had to come off to move it but it is a better location now... Hoping to finish the craft room by next week, if time allows.....  Happy New Year and hoping we all have a year of crafting ahead!  TFL

Thanks Thank You Card

Here is a photo of a thank you card I made:

Pink card stock base is #110 weight card stock from Mikes. White is GP and floral and striped card stocks are from my stash.

For the "Thanks" greeting I used a die I had received as a free gift from Taylored Expressions from an order I made with them. I cut it out of scrap pink card stock and wanted it to have some dimension so I made my own "klipboard" using the top tab from a kleenex box. I cut out the pink card stock and then cut out the box tab - used glue to put the two together:

Set the word die cut pieces aside to dry and worked on the rest of the card. Cut and scored the pink card stock base with the scored line at the top. Cut the white/GP piece for the card front. Cut the floral and striped card stocks to the sizes I needed for the white card front. Put those together using Scotch tape on the wrong sides of those. Put them onto the white/GP piece using the ATG.

Using a large scallop edge die I cut out a piece of pink card stock for the card front. Trimmed the sides of this piece to be even with my card front. Took a piece of scrap white/GP and cut that a bit larger than the die cut piece. Used a glue pen and put the die cut "Thanks" onto the scrap white/GP piece. Put this onto the scalloped piece using the ATG. Put this across the card front using the ATG. With the card front pieces done I put them onto the pink card stock base using the ATG. Added pink crystals from the stash to either side of the die cut "Thanks". Here is a photo to show how the card board behind the die cut word gives it a little dimension for the card front:

This photo shows part of the inside of the card where I put the striped card stock on the bottom of the white/GP piece on the inside:

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Shopping alert!

Hoping all had a nice holiday weekend and everyone enjoyed....  Just wanted to check in with a great shopping alert from Close To My Heart -- they are having their Boxing Week Sale this week starting today and thought I would give the link to shop for you -

Donna S is my consultant and I have bought a lot of the Close To My Heart products from her. Today their sale has various items -- click on "Promotions" to see the Boxing Week Sale products. They have some of their ink pads with matching re-inkers for $8.94 FOR THE SET! These ink pads are the new style -- they have a magnetic lid so you will have easy opening and then you will know the ink pad is closed. Nice sized ink pad inside. I love this new style! Today they have a lot of colours to choose from and I have already shopped but thought I would pass this along if you are wanting to add great inks and re-inkers to your collection. There are also other items for this sale for today as well and be sure to check in daily this week for other specials.  Happy crafting!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy Holidays to everyone

With the holiday week ahead and everyone is so busy with family and friends I did not want to miss the chance to wish everyone Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings!

If you enjoy songs and dance and the old Hollywood musicals here is a link for a fun video put together to the Uptown Funk song by Bruno Mars:

Happy holidays to all and be safe while you enjoy your festivities! Hoping we all have a fun crafting New Year ahead! 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Well. . .. that's done... now for the rest of the room .... :0(

Well -- that's done... Now for the rest of the craft room... :0(    haha  Here is a photo of the wooden island DH built me as a surprise Christmas gift:

LOVE my new wooden work island...  Hardest part was waiting for the poly coats to dry... then it had to be moved into the craft room and sit for a couple of days before I could put my dies and such on it:

While waiting for that to "cure" I started gathering the items together that I wanted to store on the island shelves. Since I had told DH I had wanted a new work island for my craft room for my die storage he put extra support pieces under the shelves to support the weight of the dies on the magnetic sheets. Moving items over to go onto the island has caused me to re organize in the craft room once again so although the craft room is a mess right now this island is a plus for me for sure! Here is a photo to show the bottom shelf of the island all filled up already:

In the large Close To My Heart storage containers on the left I have my embossing folders grouped by theme. Above those containers are three of the smaller Close To My Heart storage containers where I store my twines (one is still empty).  To the right of those are two of the IRIS photo box containers that hold all my solid card stock scraps - again thanks to Tonya for that gem of an idea. These containers make it easy to store my items in a dust free, organized way. The top shelf of the work island holds my thin metal die collection:

Have my dies in clear bins from Bed Bath and Beyond, all bought with coupons. I used the We R Memory Keepers Tab punch board to make the black dividers for the dies in order of theme. Behind the clear bins are two pink Zutter boxes with magnetic sheets - one box is empty right now and the other Zutter box has all the dies for boxes and bags that are too large to fit on a magnetic sheet I use for my die storage. The smaller clear bin in the back on the left side holds my Stampin Up dies and my Blueprint dies from MFT.

With recessed ceiling lights in my craft room it was hard to take a good photo of the island top with the glare of the lights on the poly coated island top but here is the best photo I could get:

Had to turn off the ceiling lights and open the window blinds to keep the glare down. My two opaque mats on the island top I had on my old island and I bought those at IKEA when I bought my ALEX units you can see on the back wall of the craft room. On top of the island to the left is a find from a thrift store -- it is a wooden desk top letter/stationary supply holder. I have my small spray bottles (from Walmart) filled with my stamp cleaner -- tip from a Stampin Up demonstrator many years ago - half Simple Green to half water. I also have a bottle of hand sanitizer from the dollar store that I use to clean inks off my clear acrylic blocks. Also have various bottles of TomBow and other glues. The larger section in the back of this holder holds one of the pink ATG's I have.

Next to that in the white basket is my container that holds baby wipes. Next to that is my Post It note holder and behind that is an plastic Jif jar that I keep my rolls of glue dots in so they do not stick to everything and anything that they should not be sticking to..... this way when I am using them they go right back into the jar on the work table until needed again. On the right corner of the top of the island is a paper towel holder with a drawer I picked up at the thrift store. Here is another photo showing the island already to have fun cards and projects made on it:

How I managed without this work island is beyond me.... DH came into the craft room and could not believe all it holds!! On the other side of this island is my work table so I will have plenty of space to spread projects out.... haha   DH says it is good I took photos 'cuz he is sure I will not be able to see the top of the work island soon with my projects all over it.... silly guy.... but a HUGE thanks to DH for designing and building this work island for me!!  Happy me!! Now off to sort the rest of the craft room.... TFL

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas M&M's

Had seen these packs of the red and green Christmas M & M candies at the dollar store and I picked up two packs:

Wanted to use these candies in a treat holder but did not want to use the long, thin cellophane bag to put them in since I have done that more than once.... checked around and found treat holders by Patty Bennett on her blog -- here is the link to that:

She used this idea from "Pootles" who is a SU demonstrator in the UK.  I made six of these candy treat holders - three I used a circle punch for the bag top and three of them I used the Stampin Up Ornate Tag Topper punch - here is a photo to show what they look like using the circle punch at the bag top:

All holders I used the double sided printed card stocks from Stampin Up. This next photo shows the three treat holders I used the Ornate Tag Topper punch for:

The Ornate Tag Topper punch shapes the top of the bags and it also punches a hole like a tag would have. I wanted this small hole so I could close the bags using twines from the stash. With the curved bag tops I used a small circle punch and punched a hole in the center for my twine.

How many times we order dies from an online store and they enclose a free die with your order if you have spent a certain amount of money? Too many times these online stores send you a "thanks" or "thank you" die for free. I have too many to mention.... :0(     .... but one time I placed an order from Taylored Exprssions and with my order they enclosed a free die. Happy me that the free die is this little circle tag die with a tree inset!! When I made these candy bags I thought that die would be perfect for the top of the treat bags:

I cut out the small tree die using scraps and mixed and matched them to match the printed card stocks I was using -- here is a photo to show all the M & M treat holders and their tree tags. The greeting is stamped onto scrap white/GP using Stampin Up Cherry Cobble ink and I used a stamp from the Stampin Up Hostess set Good Greetings. Really like these treat holders because they are free standing and do not use too much card stock to put them together. Thanks to Patty for sharing her treat holders and for Pootles for sharing her pattern on Youtube:

Here are a couple other treat holders I made for the gift bags I put together this year:

Used the Stampin Up Candy Wrapper die for the above treat holders. These hold the Hershey Santa Hat chocolate kiss candies. The red center to the snowflakes are "bling" I picked up at the dollar store. Used a snowflake punch for the snowflakes. This next holder is a favorite and it holds three of the Hershey Nugget candies:

Also made matchbook holders for Fun Size M & M's:

and of course I made some Snuggets:

Snowman face stamp is from -- Pam sells a small snowman face stamp as well as a larger one. These two stamps are a MUST have for your craft room!!

Fun to put the gift bags together for the gals at work -- here are photos of the gift bags when I decorated them before I filled them up:

Fun playing Elf this time of the year! TFL

Saturday, December 16, 2017

So close.... but not yet

DH moved my new work island he built me into the craft room this afternoon. He has sanded it and put the coats of poly on it (an extra coat for the top) but he said I have to wait a couple of days before I put everything on the shelves. :0(    Here is a photo to show the poly on it:

Certainly is going to make a difference in my craft room. Already moved my die bins and my Close To My Heart large storage containers that store my embossing folders over near the new island so I can put things away in a couple of days. Certainly a surprise for me !!!  :0)  and writing of surprises.....

Stampin Up offered free shipping on any order the past two Mondays. The first time I ordered a die set and an embossing folder. But then the next day I thought I should have ordered the new platforms for the Big Shot machine. My platform is fine but sooner than later the hinges will break on that platform and plus if you use the platform open it can take up a lot of room. When Stampin Up offered the free shipping for the second time I ordered the new platform set and another stamp set:

Tracking for my order said it would be delivered on Monday the 18th. . . .  So imagine my surprise when Mr Brown delivered these early this afternoon! Never have had a UPS Saturday delivery before so this was a treat. Also my Simon Says Stamp back ordered items arrived today in the mail so a good day for this crafter! Once I get to put everything on my new work island I will be able to "play" again.... ;0)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Want some cheese with that whine???

Want some cheese with that whine??? comes to mind.... Everything works until it doesn't and when it doesn't you want it fixed or changed... and NOW....

Long story - moved into this house and having a craft room without a guest bed in it (can't they stay in a HOTEL???) was a treat.... did not have cabinets but I checked on Craigs List and found a set of cabinets from a lawyer's office that was being demolished at a good price... but... when we went to see the cabinets there was a catch -- we had to take all the cabinets that were removed in order to get the ones I wanted... No problem -- I had craft room cabinets and DH had cabinets for his work shop area in the garage.... cabinets we did not use we then sold on Craigs List and that problem was solved.

In my craft room DH had put two of these floor cabinets back to back and he built a top for them using the used counter tops that came with the cabinets.. It is a good sized island and although it has served it's purpose it no longer works.... I now own quite the die collection and I have them lined up in refrigerator bins on a counter in the craft room.... they take up a lot of room and I want the counter top space back.... the island cabinets have two doors on them but I do not store things in them that I use all the time... like the dies..... so all I said....

I had mentioned to DH last week that although I liked the size and height of my island in the craft room the cabinets just were not working anymore... I told him I would prefer an island that is like a wooden workbench but something that has open shelves and can take the weight of my die collection... but I wanted the top to be the same size as the counter top he had built for the island in the craft room.... of course our house is constantly under construction with him working on this or that so although I asked about a new island I did not expect anything would happen until far in the future. He has a habit when I ask for him to build or change something that he has me draw a picture for him on a napkin or paper towel or whatever is nearby.... no request for a photo but I figured after the holidays he would come down to the craft room and do his measuring and ask questions and such....

So ... imagine my surprise when I got home from work today he called me out to the garage to see my surprise custom island he built today!!! :0)

First the top can be moved -- he did not know if I wanted the overhang to be on one side or both sides or what so that can be moved -

The above photo shows when I move the top to the front for an overhang and the next photo shows the top when I have the overhang on the back side:

He used left over oak stair posts for the corner posts of the island and this next photo shows left over oak flooring he had that he cut down to size for the front and sides of the shelves:

This next photo shows the front of the oak flooring pieces:

He has sliders under the legs but he can add casters if I wanted those on it. He put a backing on it and he remembered everything I had asked for!!! The top comes off so it will be easy to get it into the craft room once he finishes sanding it and putting the poly on it to seal the wood. Once the new island is in place he can attach the top or leave it so it can easily slide if I want it moved. With the weight of the oak it will stay in place.  He even put extra braces under the shelves and top to take the weight of the dies and anything else I would be using the island for. Here is a photo of the shelf attached to the oak stair post:

This island is the same width and height of the island I have now so it will be a perfect fit to replace my present island. Of course here I go again re-organizing the craft room but WELL WORTH IT this time!!! Happy me!!! Of course now I have to re-think my craft room and storage and such but this is going to be such a major improvement in here!! Nice Christmas present for me for sure.... Fuzzy Slipper Happy Dance in my craft room tonight!! :0)