Monday, September 30, 2013

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ? ? ?

It is always hard to say goodbye to our pets -- and this one esp since it was hubby's dog/best bud/shadow for 15 years. . . This is Norman --- or Normie as I called him -- and he passed away in January 2012.

This was puppy (Normie)  lying in my garden on my Pachysandra next to the bird bath that he was under the impression was a tall water bowl for him . . .  DH did not take his loss well but that was to be expected. He had talked about getting another dog but never did anything about it . . . until today --- he said he was ready for a new dog and today was the day he wanted to begin his search . . .   well that did not take long -- out of 6 puppies this little guy was chosen as he took right to DH and vice versa.

So Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ? ? ?  This little guy is Luke --

He seems to be pretty smart -- his first leash and already he has tried to chew that but I will say where there is a will there is a way --- I gave him Puppy Chow in a Cool Whip bowl as I have not washed his new bowls yet but as you can guess the Cool Whip bowl started to move so what else would you do as a dinner guest but put your foot in it to hold it still??? Silly puppy --- but it worked:

We stopped at the Vet's on the way home and he will be seen on Friday so that will be good. DH is over the moon and happy and that is always a good thing. He named the new puppy Luke and I am happy about that as he suggested Muncie --- like the motor parts --- so Luke it is.  A new addition to our family . . . .  but certainly no replacement for Normie.  TFL and YOLO

Paper or Plastic ? ?

Typical question asked by the cashier at the grocery store . . .  Being a card maker I will have to say paper.


1 sheet printed card stock 8 12/" x 11"
Score board
Dies for bag topper
Dies and punches for tags
Red sticky tape
Paper shred from the dollar store

To begin with for my bag I used printed card stock sold in packs from Mikes -- believe the last time I picked these up they were on sale for 5 packs/$10.00. This printed card stock is thicker than the single sheets for sale so they work fine for these treat bags.

To begin with -- take one sheet of the 8 1/2" x 11" card stock and putting the long side at the top of the score board scored this at 4 1/2". Flip it over and do this again on the other end of the long side. Turning the card stock once you will have the short side at the top of the score board. Score this at 2" and again flip this and score again at 2" at the other side. Using your bone folder make your score lines sharp. Use scissors to cut the two center sections up to the intersection --- this photo will show this and where to put your red sticky tape:

Peel the strips off the tape and make your bag -- I put the sides on with the red sticky tape at the bottom together first and then the sides with more red sticky tape on those to make the bag -- you will understand this more as you are putting your bag together.

Once the bag is put together using your fingers crease the top of the bag as this will be the shape of the bag. It will all hold in place once you get your bag topper on it. Here are photos of the sides of the bags so you can see they are the widest at the bottom and narrow at the top:

For the toppers --- for the purple bag I used the SU Oval Collections die set and cut out a piece of black card stock from Mikes using the scalloped oval in that set and a holiday printed card stock using the largest oval die in that set. Put those two pieces together and then scored them down the middle for the fold in the center of this. Using large glue dots on the top edge of the back of the bag I put the scalloped topper on the bag. Once that was on I used a circle punch and made two holes on the top front of the bag for the ribbon to go through -- the ribbon keeps your bag closed.

For my orange dotted bag again I used printed card stock in a pack from Mikes and for the topper to this bag I used the SU Labels Collection die set and I used the largest die and cut out printed card stock. Scored this in the middle so it would fold over the bag top. Again used large glue dots on the back of the bag to hold this on the bag and again used a circle punch for the two holes on the front of the bag for my ribbon:

Used paper shred from the dollar store to put in the bottom of the bag. There are many colours of that available and for the $1 it costs you can use it for a few bags so it is worth it -- plus it is a better presentation instead of just tossing your treats into the bag.

For the tags that I made for the front of my bags --- just bought the SU Circle Thinlits die set. This die set will make circle swing cards but it also has 9 other dies in the set --- I used the scallop circle from that die set for my scalloped black circle and I also used the banner die in that set for the greeting banners on the bags.

The tag on the orange bag has a glittered ghost that I used the Sizzix Ghost die for and the greeting on the banner is from Northwoods Rubber Stamps. Sponged the edges of the banner once it was stamped. Added green crystals from AC Moore. Put the banner on the circle tag piece using pop dots. Using a tiny circle punch I made a hole at the top and using black twine I tied this in a knot to hang off the ribbon/bow. The tag just hangs there -- it is not attached to the bag front.

Here is the purple bag/tag:

Again the scallloped black circle was made using the die from the Circle Thinlits die set. Used a circle punch for the purple circle. Once again the greeting stamp is from Northwoods Rubber Stamps and I used the Black StazOn ink for that. Cut it out with the banner die and sponged the edges with black ink. Added clear purple crystals to the banner. For the pumpkin I use a small oval punch from Marvy for my pumpkin pieces and cut out a stem and leaf for that. The banner and pumpkin are on the tag using pop dots and again tied this tag to the purple ribbon/bow.

This packaged printed card stock at Mikes is a heavier weight than the single sheets of printed card stock that is sold so using that to make these bags is very economical. They make up nice boxes/containers. Again this treat bag is free standing and that makes them nice if you just want to hand out treat bags to friends/office workers/teachers and the like. No odd cuts or trying to figure out how things go together as it is a very simple bag to put together. It is a nice size too as it is 4 1/2" high and 4 1/2" wide. Here are the bags again:

If you have not made a box/bag before then use cheap card stock to begin with so you can see how it all goes together. As for the packs of this card stock from Mikes -- in the packs are different colours so you have a variety of papers to work with per pack. Another easy project for a treat holder. TFL and YOLO

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Take a Note . . .

Many different patterns for Post-It Note holders from the card stock covers to the acrylic frames to using dies for the shapes for the Post-It Notes. Here are some of the Post-It Note holders I have made in the past:

And standard holders for the standard size Post-It Notes:

Those were fine to make up for the standard size Post-It Notes which are approx 3" x 3" but I had picked up a pack of smaller Post-It Notes at Office Max and these Post-It Notes are a bit smaller than approx 2" x 2". Wanted to make something up for BOO Day (Halloween) so take a note as here they are:

Not only are these toooo cute but they go together quickly as I used the Crop-A-Dile tool to make the hole for the key ring to go through. Will give you approx measurements for my holders as I made up a holder first from scrap card stock and then 'tweaked' my measurements.

Double sided card stock was used for the cover front and back and it is approx 4 1/4" long by approx 2 1/8" wide. Your score lines depend on the thickness of the Post-It Notes you use. To decide the stack height of my Post-It Notes I took the orange pad of notes out of the package and used my hands to break this stack apart about half way just by looking at it -- no measuring. Even with doing that this stack will be too thick so take a few more notes off your stack.  I took my cut card stock to the score board and put my stack of Post-It Notes in the center standing up and made pencil dots on each side of the notes and that is where I made my scored lines. Used a bone folder to crease the scored lines.

Once the cover piece is scored and your lines are sharp put the stack of Post-It Notes in the cover/holder and press hard across the top to get the Post-It Notes to stick to the back of the holder. Now using the Crop-A-Dile hole punch attachment I punched a hole through my Post-It Note holder with notes inside of it. But IF your holder with notes does not fit into the opening for the hole punch then simply remove a couple more notes from your stack**. Once your stack and holder can fit in the Crop-a-Dile then punch a hole in the upper left corner of your holder. Be sure you are not too close to the side edge or the top edge of your card stock holder.  Here is a photo of the Crop-A-Dile and the hole punch attachment is at the top in this photo where it says "3/16":

The Crop-A-Dile works well with this project and it does not hurt your hands trying to get it to punch your circle for the ring through all the layers you have. It is fast so if you decide to make many of these holders they will go together quickly.

Once your hole is made use a 1" key ring and run that through the holder/notes combo. Using various ribbons and yarn and tulle I tied a bow and knots on my holders. Using a scalloped circle punch I punched out circles and then used circle punches for the greetings. On the dotted BOO Post-It holder I used the stamp from Gina K Design's "Wicked" stamp set for the BOO and I added a bug from a dollar bin holder at the craft store. Added black crystals to that holder:

For this next holder I used an EK Success border punch on scrap black card stock and put that at the bottom of the front of the holder. Punched out a single scalloped circle for the black circle on the front and used a "Trick or Treat" stamp from the stash. Stamped that onto orange card stock and used a circle punch to punch that out. For this holder I tied ribbon, hairy yarn, and a piece of black tulle on the key ring to dress it up.

These holders are good to give to friends and such that maybe can't eat candies or the regular BOO Day treats or for someone you want to give a little holiday favor to. They truly go together quickly thanks to using the Crop-A-Dile to make the hole for the ring to go through.

I picked up a pack of the 1" rings at AC Moore and they were in the cross stitching/stitchery section of the store. You can use a coupon so that makes them reasonable. For my smaller Post-It Notes I bought my Post-It Notes  at Office Max and they are the Office Max brand and come in a pack of 5 packs of the notes and each note is a different colour. For my two holders I used the orange stack of notes.

** As for the Post-It Notes that you have to peel off your stacks to make them fit under the Crop-A-Dile punch holder -- keep the ones you peel off and if you should make a lot of these holders then when you are all done you can use all the extra notes you peel off the stack and combine them into one stack and then you can make a holder with all the colours that are in the package to begin with. When I had cut out all the Butterfly Post-It Holders I made using the Sizzix/SU Beautiful Butterflies die I had extra from all the notes and I put them together and made a couple of the Butterfly holders with a rainbow of the Post-It Notes.

These also use up card stock scraps being so small and I think the most time I spent on these was deciding what I would put on the front of them. Cute for BOO Day as well as usually treats and little items for that holiday either are of, for, or to hold candies. These are calorie free treats which mean we can have more candies -- haha....  TFL and YOLO

Buggy B00's Card

New die set from Stampin Up -- the Circle Thinlits die set. Comes with the die for your card shape as well as extra dies to decorate your cards with. Have made two other cards using this die already -- the first is a one layered card cutting it as the die shape is:

Front of this card and when it is opened:

Cute but it can be more if you cut your card stock longer for your card base:

And when this card is opened you can see the back of the circle piece:

If you look at these two cards the first one the decorated card stock is trimmed to show the card stock base around the pieces. The second card I cut the decorated card stock using the die and used full pieces so you do not see the card stock base around the decorated card stock pieces so two different looks.

Finally figured out the trick to using this die and getting pieces that fit perfectly around the swing circle is to cut your decorated card stock by using the die:

SU also sells a magnetic plate for your die cut machine to keep the die pieces in place but with the cost of this die set plus the shipping and handling I will continue to use my blue painters tape to keep my die in place which saves me $$ -- esp since I already have painter's tape in my craft room for my Spellbinders dies. Once you cut the decorated card stock using the die you will have enough cut pieces for two cards so it can't get much easier than that.

Cute cards and I like the Circle Thinlits die as well as the words, banners, and shapes that come with it but can this card be more than what I already have made ? ? ?

Here is my card I made using the die as usual but my circle is now on the bottom and opens from the right side instead of the left --

The above photo is the front of my card and the photo below is the back side of the swing circle that is on the inside of the card:

Here is this card show from the back:

Makes a lot of sense to cut the decorated card stock using the die as well so that the curves around the swing circle will match your card stock base.  When you cut the decorated card stock using the die just follow the scored lines the die makes on your card stock with a pair of scissors and you will have your curved pieces. So much easier to cut these pieces using the die and then use your trimmer to trim off about 1/4" inch to allow your card stock base to show.

Probably could use the card turned on it's side as well -- so another card made with the new die. For my bugs I used flocked black card stock and the smaller bugs were made using a dollar bin bug stamp from the craft store and the larger bug on the inside of the card is from Marth. (Martha Stewart)  Added black and white Washi tape to the front flap of my card. Orange crystals are from AC Moore.

This die set is more versatile than I thought and hoping to get lots of use also from the banner dies, words, and shapes that come in this set. TFL and YOLO

** Welcome to a new blog follower (thank you) and hoping you will find something here to inspire you **

Saturday, September 28, 2013

B00s X 2 Cards

Above photo is of the Stampin Up Circle Thinlits die set. Figured it all out and here are two cards made using this die set and figured out the 'trick' to this die set.

This first card you cut your card stock 5 1/2" x 6" and cut out the card shape. For this card I wanted a border around the decorated card stock so once I cut out the decorated card stock pieces I took them to the trimmer and trimmed them to the size I wanted. For this card I used white glittered card stock from Hobby Lobby and I used the Ghost die from Sizzix for my ghost. For the "BOO" on the inside I used a stamp from the Gina K Designs "Wicked" Halloween stamp set. Pop dots are behind the ghost for dimension. Here is the card:

Ran a piece of black and white Washi tape down the left front of the card for extra design. As you can see this card is the exact size of the die and with me using printed card stocks I can write my message/greeting on the back of the card.  Used various circle punches for the pieces behind the "BOO" greeting.

For this next card I figured out the trick to this whole card and I also used the banner die and the scalloped circle die piece that comes with this die set:

The above photo is the card standing up.

The above photo is the inside of the card. "I'm a little batty for you" is a stamp from Impression Obession. Bat punch is from Marth. (Martha Stewart)

The above photo shows the card folded flat.

The above photo shows this card from the back. For the inside of this card I have a black area that I am not sure if I will put a greeting in there in white or stamp a greeting on orange card stock and then put it in there but I wanted to show this card with the other one.

For this card you cut your card stock 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"-- and again remember to shave about 1/16" off of this so it fits into the die -- you do the "under over" method to cut this card out:

By putting this card stock in the die as above you will have a score line for the extended flap and that will fold to fit under the circle piece. Remember to use a bone folder on all scored lines so your lines are sharp and the card will look better.

Here is the trick to this whole thing -- the first card I cut my decorated card stock pieces smaller than I needed so you could see the black card stock base around them. For the second, longer card with the extra flap, I cut my decorated card stock the size of the card stock base so no border is needed. Now to the trick to getting this done in an easier and more exact way:

Once I cut the black card stock base I then choose three pieces of printed card stocks for my card.  Two of the prints I cut with the die -- once cut I used the trimmer to trim off the pieces from the die I did not need -- this gave me the exact shape of the circles on the card pieces. For the third piece that has no circle -- it is just a panel piece -- I just measured the size I would need and cut that for the panel on the back side of the card. If I were going to use a printed card stock for the blank panel on my card then I would have cut two of those pieces from two different card stocks.

By cutting your printed card stocks with the die it is soooo much easier than trying to figure it all out and your circles will match the card base perfectly. For the longer card I added pop dots behind the white banner piece and my bats are on the card using glue dots. Added black crystals on the banner piece. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Leaves Card

Wanted to use the Leaves embossing folder from Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby for another Fall card but also wanted to bring all the Autumn leaf colours to the card front. Decided to use the technique using the painters tape to get the inks onto the card front. This is how this is done:

First -- cut the piece of card stock you want to use for this technique larger than what you are going to need for the card front. Now open an ink pad of whatever colour you want to use and turn it lengthwise. Cut a piece of painter's tape longer than the ink pad so you can easily move this from the ink pad to your card stock piece. I used black ink for the sample so it is easier to see in the photos:

Lay the tape across the ink pad and using your finger press the tape onto the ink pad to pick up the ink. Then lay this across your card stock piece:

You want to press down to get the ink onto the card stock but not too hard to cause the card stock to tear when you remove your tape. ** When you remove your tape you will have a stripe of ink on your card stock piece:

I always work from the bottom and this is how I made my card:

Card stock base of SU Mellow Moss was cut and scored. Cut a piece of SU Cajun Craze card stock and set that aside. For the cream piece on the front of the card I used the creamy speckled card stock and cut it larger than I would need. Using SU Soft Suede ink I made the stripe on the bottom. Then used SU Dusty Durango for the next stripe, then SU Pumpkin Pie for the next, SU So Saffron for the next, and the final stripe is SU Old Olive. Each stripe was made using a new piece of painters tape.

Once the stripes were done I used the Leaves embossing folder and embossed this piece in the Cuttlebug--the camera did not show this well so here is the backside of this piece so you can see the leaves pattern:

Trimmed this stripe piece to the size I needed and put it on the Cajun Craze piece I cut for the card front. I had wanted to use jute/twine for the front of the card but it was too thick so I used household string instead. To make this thinner I cut the string and separated the strands so I had two strands thick which worked better for the card. Put this on the embossed piece and then put these on the card base.

Using a stamp from Stampa Rosa from 1999 I stamped "Happy Autumn" using Cajun Craze ink onto scrap creamy speckled card stock. Cut that out using the Spellbinders die set Framed Tags #1. Sponged the edges of the tag and put it on the card front using pop dots. Added a button that I ran string through and put this on the card front by the tag using a glue dot.

** As for the painters tape -- it usually does not rip the card stock but if you are questioning that try a piece of scrap card stock and your painters tape --- IF it should rip or separate your card stock then when you cut your pieces of painters tape and stick them to your work table/counter a couple of times and then do the technique as that will remove some of the stickiness. Easy technique to do and using all the colours of the Fall leaves brings the theme together. TFL and YOLO

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dancing in the Dark . . .

Dancing in the Dark, Off and Limping. . . Sharp as a Marble . .  and the list goes on and on. As you know one of my not favorite things is seeing a project and no details and then you are on your own to try to figure it all out . .  My own fault I suppose for wanting to make something that I thought was cute  -- -- so all I will say is this is my third time trying to make this card and this is what it is --- since I do not know HOW it was made to begin with I can only share what I did and so I will share that info so you do not spend extra time as I have trying to figure things out.  Here he is:

All I had was a photo and that was not good so here goes:


Red card stock cut 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" -- single layer
White card stock cut 4 1/4" x 10 3/4" -- single layer
Pink card stock for face/cheeks
Black card stock for eyes and belt
Red flocked card stock for nose
Gold card stock for belt buckle
Pink shimmer chalks for cheeks
Light gray ink for sponging
1/4" circle punch for twoblack eyes
3/4" circle punch for red nose
1 1/4" scallop circle punch for hat pom pom
1 3/8" circle punch for two pink cheeks
2" scallop circle punch for eyebrows
D'Vine Swirl embossing folder
SU Labels Framelits
Red sticky tape
Pop dots
Glue dots
Cuttlebug machine

To begin with cut your white card stock 4 1/4" x 10 3/4" and score this with the long edge at the top of the score board at 4 1/2" and again at 7 5/8". Now put this card stock in the 2nd largest die as this photo shows:

I taped the die down and put this in the Cuttlebug--trick to cutting this out is to let the die cut the card stock but then stop the Cuttlebug---do not go further on the white card stock as you will leave a line -- so run it thru until you hear the 'crack' and then reverse it and take it out of the machine:

Put the die cut end in the the D'Vine Swirl embossing folder just about 1/4" down from the last curve on the cut piece. Also cut a piece of white card stock out using the die and cut that off about 1/4" from the last curve --- this will be your mustache piece for the beard. Now sponge the edges of the embossed pieces using the gray ink.

For the lower section of the card piece --- the straight end of the bigger white piece --- just put that section in the D'Vine Swirl embossing folder and emboss that. Sponge the edges of that with the gray ink. You will see that the center white section of your card is plain with no embossing.  Using red sticky tape put a piece at the top of the mustache piece and put that on the fold of the long piece you just embossed --- it is confusing but see photos. Cut a piece of red card stock 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and put your Santa face/body on this lining up the bottoms of these two pieces.

For the cheeks/eyes:  Punch out two pink circles using the 1 3/8" circle punch. Use a dauber and put pink shimmer chalk on the pink circles to the sides of the circles. Punch 2 1/4" black circles and put them on the pink circles for the eyes. Put the circles on the face as I show in this photo:

For the eyebrows punch out 2  2" scallop circles and cut it off 6 scallops from each circle and this will be the piece you use for his eyebrows -- sponge the edges of these. Put these above the eyes using pop dots. For the pom pom to his hat punch out a 1 1/4" scallop circle from white card stock and sponge the edges. Use a glue dot to put this on his hat.

For the nose use the 3/4" circle punch and punch out a circle from red flocked card stock. I used two pop dots stacked on each other as the lower card has to tuck under the nose to close the card. This photo is blurry (sorry) but you can see I put the pop dot at the edge of the nose piece:

Here are more photos to see how this all goes together:

For the belt I used a 1/4" strip of black card stock cut 1/4" x 4 1/4". Used a small square punch and made the belt buckle from shiny gold card stock:

I do hope I explained how to make this Santa --- you can open the card by untucking the mustache and you would put your greeting inside on the piece that is plain and not embossed. Am glad I finally was able to figure this out and make Santa as he is cute --- difficult with no directions --- but cute. If you do not understand any of this just leave a comment and I will try to explain it better. TFL and YOLO