Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Woven Easter Basket

This is the Woven Basket die set from MFTstamps.com. If you should want to make this a free standing basket to hold treats you need the Trapezoid Treat Box die also from MFT:

I have used these dies in the past for a basket on a card front, treat holder basket, and I masked out the woven part of the die and used a small hearts border embossing folder for the red Valentine treat holder:

For the Woven Easter Basket I am posting today I used the two die sets but wanted to change the front of the basket so it would look like a woven Easter basket. 

Using kraft card stock from Mikes I cut strips of 1/4" wide x 11". Then used a light brown ink and sponged the edges of the strips. Wove them together into a square piece. Using the basket die as a pattern I put that die on top of the woven strips (on the backside) and traced the basket die using a pencil. Once that was done I put red sticky tape on the inside of the pencil lines and then cut out the pattern piece - - as you can see in this photo I have enough woven strips to make two baskets:

The reason for the red sticky tape to be on this piece before I cut it out was to be sure to hold the woven strips together. Once the woven basket front was cut out I cut out the other pieces for the basket --- a basket front, back, and two Trapezoid Treat Box pieces for the insert inside the basket. So I had the four pieces for the basket/insert as well as the woven piece.

Before I put things together I used a decorative punch for the pink across the basket front and I also used the accessory dies that come with the basket and cut out a bow using the pink card stock. Using a Marvy scalloped circle punch and punched that out. Then stamped and punched out a Petite Petals flower on scrap white/GP card stock. Then used the Trio Flower punch I punched out a pink flower. Using the bone folder I curled the edges of these three punched pieces. Layered them together using glue dots and put a pink crystal in the center of that. Put these on top of the bow I had cut out using a glue dot. Set this aside.

Assembled the basket/insert using red sticky tape. Using the ATG I added adhesive to the backside of my woven piece and put that on the basket front. Using the ATG I put the decorative punched pink piece across the top of the basket and put the flower/bow pieces on using a glue dot.

Here is the woven basket:

A closer photo of the woven front:

And a closer photo of the flowers/bow piece:

Filled the basket with pink paper shred from the dollar store and that awaits treats for the Easter holiday. Another look for the MFT basket die set. TFL and YOLO

Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter Peeps Card

Had seen this card made up on   www.frenchiestamps.com  --- if you go to her blog click on videos at the top of the page and this card should be the second or third video. I was not sure it would be as easy to make as she makes it look in the video but it is and here is my version of her card:

And opened:

I used the Peep die from an Easter die set from MFTstamps.com for my yellow and the pink Peeps. This card opens even more for a greeting inside or you can put your greeting on the backside of the egg:

I used the 110 lb weight white card stock for the white egg base and then I used printed card stock for my egg lid and bottom -- since these are light weight papers I put them on a base of 65 lb weight white card stock from GP. This helps to give my prints more stability. Frenchie had used double sided card stocks for the two eggs she made for her video.

Another cute idea from Frenchie and a detailed video to match -- thanks to her for sharing. TFL and YOLO

Splatter Card

  ***  This card was chosen as a Favorite of the Week on Splitcoast Stampers ***  Happy me  :0)

Have seen all over that the "watercolor technique" is back again on cards and projects. Saw a card done by Brenda K that I really liked and she said the card goes together quickly. . .  but if you use the real watercolor technique you need drying time . . . so I thought I would give this a try.

She used a stamp set and ink that I do not have but I have enough other items that can substitute nicely. Here is my card:

For my card I used a base of Bermuda Bay --- cut and scored that and set it aside. Then cut a piece of green card stock for the piece behind the stamped white piece. Set that aside.

For the stamped piece I cut my white/GP card stock to the size I would need for the card front. Decided I would use Pool Party for the coloured ink on the card. Using a stamp from the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set I inked the stamp -- stamped it at the top left side of the white/GP piece -- then stamped it again below that -- and again below that. You only ink the stamp the one time and keep stamping it down the left side of the card stock below your other image -- I stamped it three times and each time is lighter than the other image. Here is a closer photo of the stamped side:

For the flower I used a stamp from Hampton Arts "Watercolor Daisy". Stamped that over the grunge stamped area on the left front of the white/GP piece. Used StazOn black ink for that.

The greeting is from the Express Yourself stamp set and the stamp I used is "always thinking of you" but I did not want the 'always' on my card so I just inked the "thinking of you" part of the stamp and stamped it on the lower right front of the white/GP piece. Set that aside.

Using a multi-butterfly punch from M Stewart I punched out my butterflies from scrap card stock. Added clear crystals from my stash to the center of the butterflies. Once those were done I put the card pieces together using the ATG and then added the two small butterflies to the card front using glue dots:

This card does go together quickly and is an easy way to add interest to the card front. And the stamp I used gives the front of the card a 'splatter' effect. TFL and YOLO

Pass the tip jar #3

This is a photo of some of the stamp sets I have bought from Stampin Up that have punches that match the stamp sets. Stampin Up sells just the stamp set alone and the punch alone but if you buy them together as a "bundle" it is cheaper. Problem is? I don't store my stamp/punch 'bundle' sets together. I have a cabinet for the stamp sets and the punches stay with my other punches. So the problem is? Which stamp/punch set did I buy as a bundle with a matching punch and which stamp set did I buy just the stamp set?

Used the computer and printed out "p" on printer paper. Then used a yellow highlighter and went over the 'p'. Once that was done used a 1/4" circle punch and punched out the "p". Put the "p" on the stamp set that I bought as a bundle using a small glue dot. Now when I go to a stamp set I can see the "p" and that reminds me that I bought the matching punch.  TFL and YOLO

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Treat Bag Holder -- Card stock free

One of the reasons I bought the QuicKutz Treat Bag die was to be able to make my own treat bags at home that would have the details that comes on the gift/treat bags sold at the stores. I like the tiny scalloped edge detail on the top front and top back of this Treat Bag die. Here are the two Treat Bags I just made and I did not use card stock for either:

Due to the size of the die to make these Treat Bags that are 6 1/8" high and 4 1/8" wide once cut out and assembled you would need to use 12" x 12" card stock. Although I have the 12" x 12" card stock I wanted my Treat Bags to be lighter in weight and be more flexible. So what to use?

The brown bag on the left is a piece of brown paper from a roll of brown paper used for mailing a package. The pansies print on the right is gift wrapping paper by Innisbrook Wraps. Using the brown paper I can stamp on the bag, use Washi Tape or add trim to it to dress it up yet it still has the flexibility of a paper bag. By using the gift wrapping paper for the bag on the right I can let the print be all the design I need and add a tag or a little bling here or there. But with both of these papers the small scalloped detail is still shown on the die cut piece:

To show the size this Treat Bag is I am showing it with an envelope pouch I had made for BOO Day (Halloween):

These Treat Bags can get filled up with various treats, tickets, candies, etc. Also due to the size of these Treat Bags you would be able to fold over the top front and add ribbon or twine to close the bag if you would like. TFL and YOLO

Best of both worlds - -

When we retired and left Upstate New York for the sunnier, warmer days of NC things we loved had to be left behind -- hoping to find replacements for them in NC. Such as a NY style deli, an Italian bakery, Wegmans -- our fav grocery store . . . and so it goes.

Got all settled in the new house and soon discovered there is no NY style deli, any Italian bakeries, and of course, no Wegmans. So what to do but to find the closest Wegmans and plan a road trip. But not to drive to Wegmans only but to make stops along the way to places or things we might want to see. This is the second year we have made the 3 1/2 hour one way trip to Fredericksburg, VA to shop at Wegmans -- we usually go twice a year. And, of course, with stops along the way there and on the way home this turns into an all day trip. Wegmans sells things/brands the local stores here do not sell and having shopped at Wegmans since it opened certainly spoils you for any other store.

Packing up the puppy, toys for the day, his new rawhide bone, his food and water, I packed our coolers with waters and sodas and we left for Fredericksburg while it was still dark out. Knowing that Wegmans was our main goal I thought since we are going anyways . . .   so as any serious crafter would do, I printed out coupons for AC Moore, Mikes, and Hobby Lobby since all three stores are near Wegmans. But I did a search and found out there is also another store less than a mile and a half from Wegmans that I had not been to before and it is "Scrapdoodles".

Plan in action --- Wegmans first and Scrapdoodles second and whatever stops after that. DH and puppy dropped me at the door and their plan was to take a walk around the parking lot for puppy while I was inside Scrapdoodles. This store is mainly set up for scrapbooking but it had plenty to offer for us card makers. The nice thing about this store is when you walk in the front door directly in front of you is the "Newest products" and the "Just In's" --- which is nice for us shoppers if we saw something we HAVE to have and did not know we needed so we do not have to search the store. But I did go through the whole store just to see what all they had -- and did not leave empty handed. Went in for one thing and left with more than that --- I found their clearance section in the back of the store near their classroom and picked up a couple of the small QuicKutz (AKA Lifestyle) dies for $2.00 each -- then I looked through their rows and rows of card stock and their holiday sections for each holiday. The store is very nice, good layout, and displays are very nice as well. Definitely a store for inspiration if you need some ideas for your next project.

They were sold out of the stencil I wanted but I did find the section for their dies. On the floor in front of the dies is a basket and in this basket are the "Last Ones" and these are the last of whatever die they sold and this basket is marked 70% all these dies. I bought a few of the basket/bags/and treat holders by QuicKutz and here they are:

Problem now was how to store these larger dies? Have the ArtBin containers with magnetic sheets for the smaller dies and that is a good system but these larger dies of course are too large for that system. So using the printer I printed up the titles of the dies and put the dies inside large plastic bags from the dollar store. Used tape I taped on the title of the die and put the die and photo packaging inside the large plastic bag. Some of these larger dies have small label dies or small die shapes and I did not want to throw those in the bigger bag for fear the smaller dies would be lost. So for the dies that have smaller label dies or smaller shaped dies I used a snack size plastic bag -- also from the dollar store -- and put the smaller pieces in that. These smaller bags go inside the larger bag that holds the large die and photo packaging.  But I needed to come up with a way to know which dies have extra pieces and which die these extra pieces went to.

Here is a sample of the Bakery Box die I just bought:

What I did was printed out the title "QK Bakery Box  #1" -- that way I will know that I have the larger die piece and #1 reminds me that I will have additional dies to go with this --- and you can see in the photo on the snack sized bag I have "QK  Bakery Box  #2". And again that tells me that those smaller dies go with the Bakery Box die set.

Have these in a clear box from Mikes that I used to keep card stock in --- it has a snap lid and Mikes has them on sale all the time --- but did not want to just toss the dies in this larger box and not know what dies are in there so I typed up a die list and I taped it on the inside of the lid to this storage box. Since my smaller QuicKutz dies are in the ArtBin I taped a copy of the list of the larger dies to the inside of the ArtBin as well and this is what that looks like:

For now the box with the snap lid will keep all the larger dies together and everything is labeled inside so I will be able to find what die and pieces I am looking for. Had the plastic bags and the snap box on hand so was able to set this up when we arrived home from our day trip to Wegmans --- it was sunny and 73 in VA so puppy was happy he could hang his head out the window, ears flopping in the breeze. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hop to it - - -

These are the new Impression Obsession dies I bought yesterday at Betty's --- I am most interested in the bunnies die. . . . for Easter. Am happy to report my new storage system for my flocked card stock is working out and it was quite easy to take out my brown flocked card stock to cut out the bunnies from the lower front die:

Mandy, at Betty's, had told me that Betty had just gotten in these dies. My concern was that these dies are so small and thin that maybe they would not be able to cut through the flocked card stock. Mandy suggested I put the die on the backside/paper side of the flocked card stock and then cut out the die. That is what I did and I did not use waxed paper or anything other than the die and the flocked card stock and the die to cut this out.

Using the awl I poked out the pieces and they all fell out of the die right away:

Here is a photo to show a bunny punched using the M Stewart bunny punch and one of the bunnies from this die set:

These bunnies will be cute on a card front or project tucked in an Easter basket or by a fence in the grasses. Cute die --- esp since there are four different sized bunnies in four different shapes.

Looking forward to using the reindeer on Christmas cards as well. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, March 8, 2014

FIgured it out - - - Finally

For all the scrap card stocks I have I had to try a few ideas for sorting and storing them so that not only could I find them in the craft room but use them as well. Had used the file folder method but when I would take out the file folder the smaller pieces of card stock would fall out and that did not work well. . .

Then came across Tonya Gibbs' suggestion for her card stock scraps and I tried that and am happy to say this is the best system and I find I use my scraps more than before because I can find them now. Here is her system using an Iris container from Mikes --- I used a coupon so it was 50% off the regular price:

Card Stock Scraps Storage--Iris storage container with photo boxes inside. Idea is from Tonya Gibbs and I have more photos of the container and the sorted scraps on my blog --Thanks Tonya for sharing! My blog: cardcornerbycandee.blogspot.com

This container comes with and holds all these smaller boxes that snap closed so nothing will fall out. LOVE this idea and thanks to Tonya for sharing it. (The container is opened in this photo to show the smaller boxes inside).

Last time AC Moore had their Darice boxes with lids on sale 2 for $10 I picked up a couple. Decided the system I had for my glittered card stock was NOT working out --- either could not find the colour I was looking for or the smaller sheets could not be found --- gathered it all up and sorted it by colour. All the smaller pieces for each colour I keep in a plastic bag (picked up a box of the plastic bags at the dollar store) and that is in front of the full sheets of that colour and they all fit in the box:

And here are photos of the colours and their plastic bags of smaller sheets/pieces for use on later projects:

All my glittered card stock are in this one box -- Stampin Up, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore and Mikes. I used the other box I had bought on sale for the flocked card stock and also my foil card stocks -- again full sheets with the bags of the smaller sheets/pieces in front of each colour. As you can see I have a lot of the white and the red glittered sheets already punched so hoping this new system will force me to use one sheet at a time rather than 2 or 3 or 5 or 6 or . . .

This system will not only help me to find these specialty sheets for a "punch here and a punch there" but now I will know if I am running low on a colour. I had these specialty sheets in vinyl envelopes from AC Moore but clearly, by looking at the bags of pieces, that system was not working. TFL and YOLO

You can't get there from here . . .

One more time I saw a cute card and one more time . . .  had to figure it out myself -- don't know if this is the way the original card was made . . .   but here is my card and how I made it:

Card stock base is SU Bordering Blue, the star patterned card stock is from Moxie, and the "Happy 4th of July" is a clearance stamp from Hobby Lobby.

Cut and scored the card stock base and set that aside. I used SU Night of Navy ink on the greeting stamp and stamped that onto white/GP. Used a 2 1/4" circle punch to punch that out. Using a 2 1/2" circle punch I punched out the red circle behind the circle greeting. The fishtails/banners were cut out using a die from the Sizzix Sweet Day die set. Put the circles and fishtails/banners pieces together using the ATG and then set this aside.

Will show the inside of the card and explain what I did to make it:

The stars were cut out using the smallest star die in a star die set from Sizzix. I cut out two from each colour so if they move the back will look as finished as the front. The stars are hanging on waxed dental floss. Did not put a greeting on the inside of this card but there is plenty of room to stamp one later.

Once the stars were cut out I cut three pieces of dental floss approx 3 inches long --- used a glue pen on the backside of a star and put the dental floss on the star to the middle of the star and then put the matching star on top of that and pressed them together with my fingers lining up the points on the stars. Did the red, the white, and then the blue star. Set them aside to dry.

To make the square insert that the stars hang from I cut a piece of matching card stock 1" x 8 1/4". Scored that with the long side at the top of the score board at 2",  4 1/8", and again at 6 1/4".  Used the bone folder to crease the scored lines. Used Scotch tape to tape the stars onto the backside of this insert piece -- see photo for placement of the stars. Wanted the stars to look like a mobile and be different lengths. Once I decided the length I wanted I taped the stars on and then trimmed off the dental floss pieces I did not need.

Used double sided tape to put the insert in the card -- remember to put adhesive on the end sections of your insert only as the front of the insert has to be able to fold and unfold with the card. Line up your insert piece to the top of your card stock base.  Here is a photo of the top of the insert to see it makes a square when the card is opened and standing:

Added a 1" strip of the stars printed card stock to the inside bottom of the card. To complete the front of the card I put a larger piece of the stars printed card stock across the front of the card using the ATG. Put the circle greeting/banners piece on the card front using pop dots.

This card would be cute with flying ghosts for B00 Day (Halloween) or eggs for Easter, hearts for Valentines, etc. Very easy to make once you have a pattern to go buy.

Hoping this helps if you want to make this card. It went together faster than I thought it would and was able to use scraps for the stars since they are small. TFL and YOLO

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pass the tip jar #2

Since I am making 20 St. Patty's Day cards . . .  and since I am using jute/twine for the button . . .  Had to come up with a solution for the mess the jute/twine ball has become. Not that I minded every time I reached for the jute/twine I lost the end I just cut off . . . not that I minded more times than not it fell off the work table onto the floor when I was pulling on it . . .

So had to come up with something and here it is --- I now keep the once balled up jute/twine in a zip lock bag --- near the top of the bag I punched a small circle punch so I can pull out the already cut and always ready piece of jute/twine. Here is the bag of this mess:

And I held up the cut end of the jute/twine so if you follow it down to the bag you might be able to see the hole that the jute/twine comes out of:

I heard if you put it in a jar with a hole in the lid (like the glass jars and lids for sugar) that that will help but this ball did not fit well in that jar so had to come up with another solution. I save a lot of time looking for the cut end and the bag also keeps it altogether and not all over the table, the floor . . .  TFL

Frosted Treat Holders

Some Easter treats waiting for treat holders to be made. Upper left corner is the York Peppermint Pattie in the new square packaging -- :0(  -- Upper right is a bag of Mini M&Ms --- like the Fun Size bag of the regular M&Ms but this bag holds the mini M&Ms. In the center bottom is the new Easter Ghirardelli candies and these are sold at the big W in a package of 2 for $1.00. Each of the Ghirardelli candies has a different colour packaging and a different holiday center --- bunny, basket with eggs, chick in an egg, etc.. So what I wanted to use for Easter treats now need holders made . . .

Did not want to make the regular double sided card stock treat holder so decided I wanted to use Vellum for the holders. The Vellum from Mikes is a heavier weight than the one from SU so I used the Vellum from Mikes for my holders. Wanted the bag/packets to have a design on the Vellum so decided to emboss them as well.

To begin with I cut a piece of Vellum 4" x 6". Scored this with the long side at the top of the score board and scored it at 1 1/2", 4 1/4", turn it once and score it at 1/2". Clip the corners as shown to make your bag/packet as shown in these sample photos:

The second photo shows how I used scissors to angle the bottom flat -- it lays flatter if you do this and it looks more finished.

Once I had the candies chosen I then decided on my ribbons and then decided what embossing folders to use. Here are the holders finished:

For the lower left one for the York Peppermint Pattie candy I used the D'Vine Swirls embossing folder. The "just for you" is a stamp from the SU Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set and I stamped that using pink ink. Punched out that tag using the M Stewart tag punch. Ribbon is from the stash:

The center holder for the Mini M&Ms bag I used the Darice Easter Egg Background embossing folder to emboss that Vellum bag/packet. Blue ribbon is from the stash. The "Happy Easter" is Teeny Tiny Wishes and I used the SU Bitty Banners to cut that out in the Cuttlebug:

The lower right holder holds the Ghirardelli candy and it was embossed using the Cuttlebug Caramelo embossing folder. Again the "sweet treats" is a stamp from Teeny Tiny Wishes. Used the SU Bitty Banners to cut that out and ribbon is from the stash:

Great idea to emboss the Vellum but issues arose right away. To make all these treat holders I cut and scored and assembled the bag/packets. Then put one of the bag/packet in the embossing folder and embossed it --- as I had expected the embossed design caused the Vellum to crack/rip with the design. Problem solved. I cut two pieces of white/GP card stock 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". Put one white/GP piece in the embossing folder, then put the bag/packet on top of that, then put the second white/GP piece on top of that. Close the embossing folder and run it through the Cuttlebug. Once you take it out you will have two pieces of white/GP embossed pieces and your bag/packet is embossed with no cracks/rips. I put the two white/GP embossed pieces in the file with the embossing folder for later use on another project. As you can see in these photos the embossing patterns still show up well on the Vellum:

Another thing to know about this Vellum -- it can tear when you try to fold it on the scored lines when you are assembling your bag/packet. What I did was fold it back and forth on the scored lines to get it folded on those lines but do not use your bone folder. I put red sticky tape on the back flap and again on the bottom flap and that holds the bag/packet together. Once it goes through the Cuttlebug it will be flat. As for seeing the red sticky tape through the Vellum --- which any adhesive is a problem with Vellum  --- but having the embossing on the bag/packets helps to hide that. Here are the holders again and TFL: