Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick Cards

Had seen the cards done by Tina Weller at She did a video and made three cards very quickly and all the cards have the same technique but look different due to the colours she used, stamp set, and whether she did this to make a horizontal card or a vertical card. Here are two cards I made up quickly and she is right --- it does not take long at all.

Do not have much time in the craft room this week but here are my two attempts for Tina's technique:

Here is the first card and the supplies I used:

Card stock is a card base of coral from Stampin Up, dotted paper from Mikes, white is GP. I used three markers to colour the front of the card. Using the StazOn ink as Tina suggested I used a red and a green ink for the tulip -- the tulip and the word stamp are from the Stampin Up stamp set Garden Whimsy. Used yellow ribbon from the stash to tie across the front of the card.

The second card:

Again used three makers to colour the front of the card. The card base is Temp Turquoise from Stampin Up, printed paper from Mikes, and white is GP. I used Black StazOn ink for the flower stamp on the front --- I used a flower stamp from the Stampin Up Garden Silhouettes stamp set. Added crystals from my stash to the flowers. "Kindness Matters" is from the Kindness Matters stamp set also from Stampin Up.

I really like this technique and was glad to see Tina's video --- she said they are quick cards and she was right about that . .  . Thanks Tina for sharing this. TFL and YOLO

Monday, May 27, 2013

Empty Nesters no more . . .

Brief story -- DH read up and built to specks bird houses that blue birds like. He scattered them all over the front yard near the garden facing the way the birds want to be facing, spaced apart but close enough for them to see another family. He painted them and put them up and waited, and waited, and waited. Another type of bird built a nest on top of a plug on our front porch near the ceiling --- That Mom had five eggs and here the kiddies were on April 29th:

Five babies --- with faces only a mother could love. . .  Here were the five kiddies on May 11th:

The wood platform around the nest was built by DH as he was afraid with 5 babies that they would either fall out of the nest or push each other out or with them all moving around . . .  ("stop touching me" -- kids) .....  Mom was guarding while DH put the 'porch' around the nest and she spent that whole time having a hissy fit about it but she did stand on it when she would come back and forth from the Bug Buffet (front garden) and feed the kiddies. As you can see the kiddies also seemed to enjoy the porch as well - - - -

So the birds left and I cleaned the porch but we did not take the nest down right away -- we were going to leave it for a couple of days and then take it down but other house projects needed our attention and the nest was forgotten . . .  then in the past couple of days we see a bird coming and going from the nest -- adding materials (you always want to make your first place your own --- haha) and then this morning another photo was taken when our new Mom left for the buffet --- and here are the new kiddies:

So I am now busy planning a baby shower  --- haha...  DH is still crabby as we took photos in his bird houses and yes -- they are vacant . . . and as a landlord no tenants is not a good thing . . .  But with our new Mom on the porch we are empty nesters no more . .  . .  TFL and YOLO

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wishing You Well Card

Here are the supplies used for this card:

True Thyme Stampin Up card stock for card base
Crumb Cake Stampin up card stock for border card front
Cream card stock from Close To My Heart for the cream front

Stampin Up Sahara Sand
Stampin Up Ruby Red

Stampin Up Fresh Vintage
Stampin Up Fine Lace background stamp
Close To My Heart Say It In Style

Stampin Up Dusty Durango
Stampin Up Ruby Red
Stampin Up Mellow Moss

Sponge for edges

To begin with this card has a few steps that have to be done before you can stamp the card. I cut a piece of the cream card stock 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".  I cut this larger as you need to cut it so your 'grid' of the tile look background will be even/straight.

Once the cream is cut put it on the Scor-Pal and score it every 1 1/2 inches the wide way. Then turn this piece sideways and score the long way every 1 1/2 inches. When you score your card stock do not do it lightly as you need these lines to show through the background image. (Just don't do this too deeply or you could tear the card stock).  Once that is scored ink the Fine Lace background stamp with Sahara Sand ink. I used a light ink so you can see there is a pattern but the 'tile' look will show through the stamped image. Then using your grid lines for your 'tiles' line up your background stamp and press hard. This will not matter if you do not have a sharp image -- in fact it looks better being a softer stamp.

Now cut and score your True Thyme card stock base as well as cutting the Crumb Cake piece for the card front. Set these aside.  Trim your stamped cream grid/tile piece to the size you will want for your card front. Using markers I coloured the stamp from the Fresh Vintage stamp set. I used a Mellow Moss marker for the stems and leaves and for the flowers I used both the Dusty Durango and the Ruby Red markers. No right or wrong way -- I have both markers on each flower and each time they looked different when stamped.

Once the stamp was inked with the markers I used the "huff technique" and stamped the corners of the grid/tile piece. (I had my grid/tile piece on top of a piece of copy paper so the stamp would not leave a mark on my counters). Do not clean your stamp in between --- just keep adding markers and then 'huff' before you stamp again. I did the two corners that have the big flowers --- then I stamped the two opposite corners using just one side of the stamp. Once this was done I cleaned the stamp and all the inks came off. (Used my ONLY stamp cleaner --- 1/2 water and 1/2 Simple Green in a spray bottle). Here is a close up of one of the stamped corners:

Using the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig I stamped a stamp from the Say It In Style "Wishing You Well" using the Ruby Red ink pad from Stampin Up. Here is a photo to show the grid/tile look better:

Once the grid/tile piece was all stamped I used a sponge and sponged the edge with Sahara Sand ink. Using the ATG I put all the card pieces together and the card was complete. This sounds like a lot of steps to make this card but it did go together quickly. TFL and YOLO and here is the card again:

Flowers and Smiles Card

Card base is pink card stock from Stampin Up, white/GP, and I used the silver Pearls card stock from Joanns. Used the Spellbinders Labels 8 to cut out my two pieces. The stamped image is a stamp from Inkadinkado and I stamped that onto white/GP using the Going Gray ink from Stampin Up. Then I used
coloured pencils to colour the flowers and bottles. Cut out the bottles/flower piece using the second largest die in the Labels 8 die set. Using the silver Pearls card stock I used the largest die in the set and cut that out.

For the greeting "smiles" I used a stamp from the Stampin Up stamp set Petite Pairs and the stamp reads "so many smiles" but I just wanted to use the 'smiles' part of that stamp so I used a marker for that. Stamped it onto scrap white/GP.  Punched it out using a small tag punch from Martha Stewart. Added pink crystals from the stash. The card looks nicer in person than the camera could capture in the photo -- the silver Pearls card stock is lighter than the photo shows so it matches the grays on the bottles.  TFL and YOLO

Woven Birthday Card

Birthday card for a friend that loves reds . .   Decided to use the Purely Pomegranate card stock and ink from Stampin Up for the card. Close to red but not as bright.

Card stock base is on Purely Pomegranate, white by GP. Used a 6" x 6" paper pad pack from Stampin Up for the woven strips. This paper pad is double sided papers and be careful when cutting your strips for your card front that you do not have the Stampin Up logo on your pieces. They have their logo on each side of the card stock so be sure they do not end up on the strips you are going to use.  Being double sided card stock it is easy to do the woven cards as you do not need to cut so many of the strips. Decide how many you want to use and cut them out and then decide which sides you will use side up. Plus by using the paper pad packs the prints and colours are coordinated.

For the flower I used the large flower from Betsy's Blossoms from SU and the Pomegranate ink. Punched this out using their Blossom punch. Sponged the edges of that. Used a smaller flower stamp also from that stamp set and sponged the edges of that. Put the small flower on top of the larger one using glue dots. Added a clear crystal from the stash. Used the Martha Stewart leaves punch for the leaves and also sponged the edges of those. Here is a better photo of the flowers:

For the "Happy Birthday" greeting I used a stamp from the SU stamp set Teeny Tiny Wishes and I used black ink for that. The Pomegranate is a dark colour so the black shows up nicely on it. Simple card to make and you can use as many or as few of the strips that you want. For the ends of the strips I used a square punch to make the points like a banner. TFL and YOLO

Friday, May 24, 2013

Acrylic Distress Background Card

Have learned a lot from watching "frenchiestamps" on Youtube and also you can go to and see her blog. I usually will check the blog or watch the video and get new inspiration, or tricks, or how to make something I did not know how to do, or whatever. She always tells you exactly what she is doing in the video and she will even tell you if she tried something and it did not work. . .   and as usual I will stash the info in my head for a later project. .   but not today.

I watched her video on her Acrylic Distress Background Technique and I had to try it to see if indeed it was as simple as it seems . .  and it is. For her card she used the Baja  Breeze card stock from Stampin Up and I do not have that colour. . . then she used tan acrylic paint . . . again I do not have that colour -- only have a small acrylic paint in white to cover chips/scratches on the JetMax. But I do have the embossing folder she used --- Vintage Wallpaper. Bought mine used last month so at least I had that. . . She made her card into a birthday card and added butterflies but I did not want a birthday card. I choose the Kindness Matters stamp set from SU and I used their Brilliant Blue ink for that. She had butterflies on her card and although I put them on my card I used the multi Butterfly punch from Martha Stewart. Clear crystals are from my stash and here is my version using Frenchie's technique:

I followed her instructions and after each step I expected I would get to the "hard" part  but honestly this is such a simple card to make . . . Since I did not have the colours she used for paints and card stock I decided to use SU Brilliant Blue for my card base as well as the piece I embossed. Since you are using paint for this project you have to allow time for it to dry --- which is not very long.

First I cut two pieces of my Brilliant Blue card stock -- I cut them 5 1/2" x 4 1/4". I used two pieces in case I had made a mistake but also figured if I am using paint and a foam brush I may as well do an extra for a later project.

Once the card stock is cut for this technique I shook the paint and squirted a little onto the card stock. Using a foam brush I spread the white acrylic paint out on the card stock to cover it totally. I did Frenchie's suggestion which was to put removable adhesive on the backside of the card stock to stick to a scrap paper --- I used a piece of copy paper --- so when you are applying your paint you do not make a mess on your work surface and you will not have to hold your card stock which will leave a finger mark.  Once it was covered in paint I put it on my cookie cooling rack I have for the craft room and let it dry.

I cut and scored the Brilliant Blue card stock for the card stock base and then cut a piece of white/GP for the card front. Once the paint was dried on my painted card stock, I then used the Stampin Up Vintage Wallpaper embossing folder and ran this piece through the Cuttlebug to emboss it -- be sure you have your painted piece in the folder so the raised side will be on the painted side.  Once that was done I used my sanding block and sanded the painted side. Like Frenchie said do this on the raised design only and do not press hard enough to remove the paint between the embossed design. I did mine in a light circular motion -- you can always go back over and do it again but you do not want to do this so hard that you tear your card stock.

Once I had the sanding done to my liking I trimmed the embossed piece and put it on the white/GP using the ATG. Then I stamped my greeting stamp "Kindness Matters" using the SU Brilliant Blue ink onto a piece of scrap white/GP. Trimmed that to the size I wanted and put this on the embossed piece. Using the ATG I put these onto the card stock base.

Used scrap card stock and the multi Butterfly punch from Martha Stewart and added the butterflies to the front of my card. Added clear crystals and this card is done. I really can not believe how easy this was to do and the only tip I have is to use copy paper or scrap paper under your embossed piece while you are sanding and when done 'tap' it off onto your copy/scrap paper. (And certainly -- don't sneeze.... )

A simple but effective technique for sure.... and I certainly am not driving all the way to the store for tan paint . .  that would be a waste of gas . . .   maybe I will pick up a new sanding block too --- hahaha...... Thanks to Frenchie for another great idea and video and lots of inspiration.... TFL and YOLO

Something smells fishy to me . . .

Love to look at others cards and projects and I have learned so much from so many . . .   You never know where you will get inspiration from .... card ideas, putting colours together that you may never do, using stamp sets in different ways. . .  I always try to explain what I did or how I did something . . . but sometimes no matter how long you search??? NO details.

For this card I will do my best to explain it all --- so here is the card:

This is a fishing vest card I made for a friends DH for Father's Day. He loves to fish and is always out on their boat. To begin with I used Kraft card stock from PaperTreyInk for the card. Using the Scor-Pal I made this vest from a gate fold card. ( has patterns for all the card shapes you can make using their board. Also on the Scor-Pal it is marked where to score for a gate fold card).

Once I cut and scored the Kraft card stock I had to make the curves on the vest for the sleeves. I had done this before on a card I made for last Memorial Day and here is that card:

So I used a pencil and made the curves on the card stock for the sleeves and I cut the curves away using my scissors. To cut away the top opening I punched an oval out of scrap card stock and laid it on top of my vest which was closed. Used the oval shape as a pattern and ran around that shape with a pencil. I put the oval as far down on the vest that I wanted the opening to be.

For all the pockets on the vest front I just used a square punch and then a corner rounder punch. Once they were all cut to the size I wanted I sponged SU Close to Cocoa ink on the edges. I then sponged all the edges, both outside as well as inside the vest, with the SU ink. For the "gone fishing" here is what that stamp looks like when it is stamped:

But I did not have room on the vest for a long stamp so using the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig I stamped it with the words stacked rather than spread out. Again used a square punch for that . Made two small holes and ran string in that for the handle to the sign. Put all the pocket and sign on the card front with a glue dot. Added the small pocket at the bottom, again with a glue dot, and added string to the button and put that on the small pocket.

For the other side I printed "FISH" out onto card stock on the computer and put that on the pocket side. Added fish I stamped and cut out onto string and put them on the pocket and put this on the card front with glue dots. Again added the small pocket at the bottom. Here are photos of each side of the card fronts:

Wish I had a pattern to share but I don't but this is how I made this card --- It has details but did not take that long to make. Hoping it will make him smile on Father's Day --- here is the card again and TFL:

Hello Silhouette Card

Card base is pink card stock from Stampin Up, white from GP, pink background is BoBunny, and the green gingham is Paper Studio from Hobby Lobby. Doily is from the dollar store.

To begin with I started with the frame stamp from the Stampin Up Four Frames stamp set that I just picked up at a garage sale. I used SU ink and stamped that onto scrap white/GP. I have three SU oval punches and none of them are the right size for this label so using my small scissors I cut out the center of the frame. Using the label punch from SU that matches this set I punched out my label.

Then using markers I used a small flower stamp from the SU stamp set Silhouette Sentiments and coloured that. I stamped that onto white/GP and using the same label punch I punched out the floral piece. I put my cut frame over the top of the flowers and put that in place using pop dots. Here is a photo to show that:

For the "hello" I do not have a single stamp small enough to fit on the Jewelry Tag that the SU punch makes so I used the "hello baby" stamp from the SU Teeny Tiny Wishes and used a marker to colour just the 'hello' part of the stamp. Stamped it onto the white/GP and punch it out with the Jewelry Tag punch.

To assemble the card I cut and scored the pink card base. Cut a piece of white/GP for the card front. Then cut the BoBunny striped card stock to fit on top of the white/GP piece. Put those all together using the ATG and then ran the ATG across the card front. This will hold the doily in place as well as the gingham paper. Once the doily was on the card front I put the gingham on top of that. Using large glue dots I put the floral frame piece on the doily piece. Using a small glue dot I added the "hello" tag under the floral frame piece. Here is a photo of that:

I like the pink with the green --- just like the blue and white, pink and brown, black and white, red and kraft combos --- another one of my favorite combos.  TFL and YOLO

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Woven Thank You Card

Loved a card made from Jo K and so I tried to make one myself. Had wanted to use a flower similar to the flower in the Stampin Up Mixed Bunch stamp set but since I do not have that set --- how did that happen? I do have the Blossom Punch though so I decided I could use the punch but needed a flower stamp large enough for this. Betsy's Blossoms stamp set has a large flower so I decided this would work. Here is the card with my make shift flower:

The card is on a card stock base of purple from Stampin Up, white is GP, and the strips I used to weave my pattern is from a 6 x 6 paper pack from Stampin Up. This paper pack is double sided papers and that works well for the woven pattern.

Cut and scored the purple card base. Cut the white/GP paper for the card front. Using a few sheets from the paper pack I cut strips for my card front 1/2" wide and in various lengths. I have made woven cards in the past but had seen this pattern done on various projects and liked it since it is a more casual woven piece. To keep the bulk down I used pieces of double sided tape to keep the woven strips together rather than the glue dots as they can be bulky. To make the flag/banner ends I used a small square punch for them.

Using a stamp from the Stampin Up stamp set Teeny Tiny Wishes I stamped "thank you" on one of the strips and I used black ink from SU for that.

 To stamp my flower I used Almost Amethyst ink from SU and stamped it onto a scrap piece of white/GP. Using the Blossom Punch I punched out my flower. Sponged the edges of the large flower. Then using the medium size flower stamp from the same stamp set I stamped that and used scissors to cut that out. Again sponged the edges of the flower and put it on top of the large flower in the center. For the leaves I used scraps of green card stock and a leaf punch from Martha Stewart. Again sponged the edges of the leaves and put those on the flower using glue dots. There are pop dots behind the flower/leaves piece for dimension.

This card is being mailed off to an SU demonstrator that was nice enough to mail me a new SU catalog--the third one I have received from different SU demonstrators -- the nice thing she did is enclosed in the front page of the catalog is a sample sheet -- white card stock with a stamp stamped with all the new colours so you can actually see the true colour stamped --- nice touch as the photos in the catalog may not represent the exact shade of ink of a colour.

Now to address why I do not have the Mixed Bunch stamp set .... that WILL be on my new order from the new catalog. . . but for now here is the card again and I hope she will like it --- TFL and YOLO

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Patriotic Table Toppers

Made some of these items using the Sizzix/SU Bigz Table Setting Die with the Sizzix machine. To begin with the Snickers Fun Size candy bars are in holders that I made using this die. After I cut the die shapes out for the long piece I scored it twice. Put decorated card stock from Hobby Lobby on the backside of the holder and across the front of it. Put the candy bar in this holder with a large glue dot. Tied a ribbon around the lower front of the holder to keep it closed.

For the 'place card' holder that this die cuts out I put more of the decorated card stock on the front and then added the "Happy 4th" banner on the front. That is part of a stamp by Darcies. The 'place cards' are cut in one piece and already are scored by the die so they are free standing. Added crystals from my stash. For the banners on the 'place cards' I used the Bitty Banners Die set from Stampin Up to cut them out.

For the lollipops I used the Ribbon Border punch from Martha Stewart and used the CTMH stamp set Say It In Style for the 'celebrate'. Inks are from Stampin Up. Here are close up photos:

Usually I use the Fun Size Hershey chocolate candy bars but as you can see other Fun Size candy bars will fit in the holders. The die piece that holds the candy bar can also be folded in half to hold the Ghirardelli candies as well.  TFL and YOLO.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh, Lollie Lollipops . . .

Saw this cute idea on the blog: and I adapted it for July 4th treats. To be able to take a photo of the lollipops I put them in a floral foam block. Here they are:

This set of four lollipops are the DumDum lollipops and you can buy those at Target, the big W, and a dollar store. I used patriotic paper from Hobby Lobby for the star banners and I used scissors to cut the 'tail' of the flags/banners. Those are on the lollipop stick using glue dots. The cream banners with the words on them are made with card stock from CTMH. I used blue ink from Stampin Up as is the red.

For the stamps the "celebrate" is a stamp from the CTMH stamp set Say It In Style. The "Happy 4th" is a stamp from Darcies and the stamp reads "Happy 4th of July" and I just inked the "Happy 4th".  On the blog this idea is from she used the Ribbon Border punch from Martha Stewart and here is a photo of that:

I used the cream card stock from CTMH and punched across the top edge of an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of card stock. I then cut the punched card stock to the length I wanted my flags/banners to be. Cut these strips apart keeping two holes on each piece :

Once they were all cut apart I then clipped the ends of the banners and then stamped my words on the banners. Here is a close up photo of the DumDum lollipops:

I also used the flat lollipops:

These flags/banners would work for any lollipops and even the Tootsie pops as those are larger lollipops and have a longer stick but I did not have any of those for a photo -- DH found them -- haha.  Cute idea and I am glad that there is another use for my hardly used Ribbon Border punch from Marth. Also am glad this idea was shared on a blog.  TFL and YOLO

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vintage Autumn Card

Card is on a card stock base of Stampin Up Mellow Moss. I used white from GP and glossy white card stock from Stampin Up.

For this card I used glossy white card stock for the center piece. I cut a piece of the glossy card stock larger than the stamped image and large enough for the oval die I used. I inked the floral stamp with VersaMark and stamped it onto the glossy paper. Set that aside to dry. Got out my brayer and the Stampin Up ink pad Kaleidacolor "Autumn Leaves". I ran the brayer over the inks to transfer the inks onto the brayer. Once that was done I ran the brayer over the inked floral stamp on the glossy paper -- keeping the brayer on the glossy paper and going back and forth a few times --- only inked the brayer once to do this. I then used a soft cloth and using a circular motion I rubbed the ink off the floral image which brings out the stamped image.

To make this card  I cut and scored the card base. Cut a piece of white GP for the card front. I wanted to put a "hello" stamp onto the right lower corner of the white GP piece but I did not have a small "hello" stamp I wanted to use. So I ended up using the "hello baby" stamp from the Stampin Up Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set and I only inked  the "hello" on the stamp. Stamped that on the lower right corner where I wanted to have my greeting. Then using the Fresh Vintage stamp set from Stampin Up I stamped the edges of the white piece using the largest stamp in the set which is the floral piece in the center of my card. I inked the stamp with SU Mellow Moss ink and stamped it off onto scrap paper and then stamped the edges of the white piece turning the stamp as I went around the edges of the white GP piece.  Having my greeting already stamped onto this piece I was careful not to stamp over that. Once this was completed I put this white GP piece on the card base.

For the oval center piece I used the Cuttlebug and two Spellbinder dies -- the Classice Large Ovals which I used to cut out the oval floral piece. For the green piece behind that I used more of the Mellow Moss card stock from Stampin Up and I used the Big Scalloped Ovals Small die set for that. Put those two pieces together and put pop dots behind that for dimension. Added clear crystals from my stash and the card is complete.  Here is a photo to show the center piece has a glossy finish to it:

This was a simple card to make since I used one stamp set for both the center piece and the background on the card stock behind it.  TFL and YOLO

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flutterbies Card

Had seen this idea for a card done on Pinterest so do not know who it is originally from. I have seen it made with butterflies, hearts, and the ornament punch from Stampin Up.

If you follow my blog you will see I rarely will make a white card --- I do not think the white GP card stock is thick enough to be a card base for a card and I do not like the white card stock from Stampin Up. This white card stock is from and all of their card stock is really nice but their white I like the most. I will make up a white card but now will only use their card stock.

To begin with this card is on the PTI white card stock for the card base. I cut and scored that and set it aside. Using scraps for the solid aqua pieces I first punched out my butterfly in another colour scrap. I used the cut out shape to measure the widest part of it. That will decide how wide my aqua strip pieces needed to be. Once that was decided I trimmed the aqua pieces to the width I needed. Then I punched the Stampin Up Butterfly punch from one end of each aqua piece. Decided the the length I wanted those to be and I trimmed them to that size. Using my ATG I put the aqua strips onto the white card stock base. Then using a glue dot in the center of the aqua butterflies I put those on the card front.

For the patterned piece in the center I used card stock from Mikes and again measured my strip and punched out the butterfly. I wanted a solid butterfly under the printed one so I used the same aqua scraps and punched out a third aqua butterfly to put under the printed one. I pinched the wings of the printed butterfly to stand up. Crystals are from the stash. Here is a close up of the butterfly:

For the greeting "thinking of you" I used a stamp from the Stampin Up set Teeny Tiny Wishes and stamped that with SU Temp Turquoise ink. I used the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig to stamp it on the card front.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Cards

Here are a couple of the Memorial Day cards I am working on. Had to decide a theme so I went with the stars and the stripes. Card bases are of card stock from Stampin Up, red is Mikes, and white is GP. Here is each card and description of:

To begin with I cut and scored my card stock base. Then I cut a piece of white GP to the size I would want for the card front -- 5 1/4" x 4". I cut a second white GP piece the same size as the first one as it will be the base piece I 'build' my stripes on. For the stripes I cut 1/2" wide strips* from red, white, and blue. Using the ATG I put adhesive on the white card stock base and then put my strips on that making up my stripes piece. Once the white card stock base piece was covered I trimmed the edges to be even.  I used the QuicKutz Stars embossing folder** to emboss this piece in the Cuttlebug. Once it was embossed I trimmed it to the size I needed for the card front.

Using the ATG I put the embossed striped piece on the white GP and then put this on the card front. For the stars circle piece on the card front I used the Star Circles die set from Spellbinders. As with any die that is detailed and cuts out shapes so small I used a piece of wax paper when I cut the Star circles out. First I have the die, the wax paper, and then put the card stock on top of that and ran it through the Cuttlebug. Works every time and the cut piece comes right off the die. Does not leave a waxy residue on your card stock.

Once the Star Circles were cut out I used a 2" circle punch for the red circle. For the "Happy Memorial Day" greeting I printed that onto white GP card stock on the computer. Used a 1 1/2" circle punch to punch that out. Put the Star Circles and greeting piece together. Put it on the card front with pop dots for dimension. For the tiny stars I used the stars the die cuts and I put those on the greeting circle with a glue pen. Added tiny clear crystals and the card front is complete. Here is a closer photo of the embossing and front greeting piece:

Here is the second card I made and for this card I used three stripes only and those are cut to 1 1/4" wide and put on the white GP card stock base again using the ATG:

And the close up photo of the embossing and greeting piece:

* First the embossing folder --- this Stars embossing folder from QuicKutz and I embossed a sample piece as when this folder embosses it looks good from either side so I had to decide which side I was going to use. I put a circle on the top of the folder with a Sharpie so while I am embossing all my pieces for all my cards I am making they will all have the same look of embossing -- the Sharpie marker can be removed from the outside of the embossing folder using rubbing alcohol on a Qtip later.

** This is another tip if you should make up stripes --- Red, White, and Blue is a pattern so be sure when you are putting your stripe strips onto your white card stock base that you start with Red and keep them in order. Once you emboss the piece be sure to put the embossed piece onto the white piece for the card front with your Red stripe at the top of the card. Having the stripes makes this embossed piece like a one way design patterned card stock. So FYI for that when you are assembling the card.

Remember the wax paper if you are using detailed dies or CheeryLynn, Marianne, or other dies that are very detailed and make it hard to remove your card stock from.  TFL and YOLO and here are the cards again: