Thursday, March 30, 2017

Where there's a will . . .

Where there's a will.... there has to be a way ....

Am a follower on a blog, (Wanda Guess), and she posted the cutest Easter treat bag with bunny. I read through her post for tips and tricks and products used. She had mentioned she was hesitant to buy this treat bag die set due to the price but she knows it will be a treat bag die set she will get a lot of use from. Here are her bunny treat bags for Easter:

Here is the link to her blog:

Both the Favor Bag die set as well as the Accessory Bunny Creative Cuts die set are by Mama Elephant. Her link on her blog post to products brings you to SimonSaysStamp for the Favor Bag die for $57.59 and the Accessory Bunny Creative Cuts die set was $21.59. I did not want to pay their price so I searched around.

I found carries the Mama Elephant brand so I searched on that. They are sold out of the Favor Bag die set but I was able to buy the Accessory Bunny Creative Cuts die set for $18.00. I could not find another online store that carried the Favor Bag die set but decided I would try to order from Mama Elephant myself .. but did not know if they had an online store or was just a supplier to other online stores as I have only bought their brand at stamp stores or from in the past. . Happy to say they do have an online store and my Favor Bag die set was ordered for $36.00.

When I buy any treat box or bag dies I really think it over due to their higher prices than other die sets. But this size bag is perfect for treats or a small gift and as Wanda says on her blog you can get one bag from a sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" card stock. For holidays I use a lot of the gift bags from the dollar store so over time using this die will save money on my treat bags.

Thanks to Wanda for showing this cute Easter treat bag and sharing tips for putting it altogether. Like her I also hope that Mama Elephant puts out other animal or accessory dies for the Favor Bag die set. Once my die sets arrive I will be making my Easter Favor Bag treat holders and I will post my photos of them on my blog. TFL

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Masked Heart Card

Awhile back had seen a video on Youtube by KWerner masking a heart shape and using distressed inks for her card. Decided I would try this out and here is my card:

Really liked how my card turned out for the first try. Again I used the watercolour card stock from Hobby Lobby --- next time will use the Mixed Media card stock by Strathmore but was not sure how this would work out so I used the other card stock instead. If you watch the video you will see with each step you use the heat tool to dry your inks and water. I will say this watercolour card stock did okay with the extra heating of it but am sure the Strathmore card stock will do better.

Cut my piece of watercolour card stock to the size I needed for my card front. For her heart shape she traced around a metal heart die she had on hand. I did the same using the largest heart die I had in a hearts die set. I put the heart die centered on my card stock and traced around that using a light pencil mark.

I had no masking fluid (Frisket) on hand so picked up a full kit at Hobby Lobby during my last visit to the store. Here is what I used:

As she used in her video I used a small paint brush to apply a thin coat of the masking fluid. She explains using a thin coat the mask will dry faster so you can work on your card in just a few minutes. Here is a photo of these hearts surrounded with the masking fluid (will be using the second heart piece for another card later):

With the masking fluid dry I used a clean paint brush dipped in clean water and covered the heart with water. Like she did I put my three distressed ink colours onto a large acrylic block and added a wet paint brush to the inks to put them onto my heart image.  As suggested in the video dab the ink colours onto the heart and do not brush them on. Let the water move the inks around. With the three inks covering the heart I used the heat tool to dry the inks. Once dried I used a mister and misted water onto my hand -- shook it over the heart piece so it would land onto the heart randomly. Used a clean paper towel to cover the heart and soak up the excess water. The water removes the distressed inks from the heart:

Back to the heat tool to dry the water splatters. Once dried I peeled off the masking fluid around the heart shape. Using a small clean paint brush I dipped that in clean water and then dipped it into the inks on the acrylic block I used for the heart. Lightly tapped and flicked the paint brush over my heart image piece. At first I had very little splatters but for these colours I wanted them to show up more so I just added more splatters of each ink colour. With all the colours splattered over the heart piece again I used the heat tool to dry the splatters:

For my greeting I used a stamp from a Fun Stampers Journey stamp set Thoughtful Greetings. First I used the embossing buddy over the heart piece. Used VersaMark ink and stamped the greeting onto the heart. Covered that with black embossing powder and heat set that.

With all steps completed I cut and scored a piece of turquoise card stock with the scored fold line at the top of the card. Put my heart piece onto this turquoise card stock base using the ATG. Added a clear crystal from the stash to the greeting on the heart:

This card was fun to put together and easier than it may sound but next time I will definitely use a better quality watercolour card stock that can take the water, heat, inks, heat, water, heat with no problems. This card stock did get wavy but it flattened down once all the liquid and heating was stopped. Thanks to KWerner for sharing her video and cute card using items she had on hand. TFL

Here is the video link:

Poppies Birthday Card

Card stock base is #110 black card stock from Mikes. Used watercolour card stock from Hobby Lobby. Poppy stamp is from Technique Junkies. Used Memento black ink to stamp flowers onto the watercolour card stock.

To begin with I cut the watercolour card a bit larger than the background Poppy stamp. Used the MISTI with creative corners and stamped the poppy stamp. Wanted the black on the flowers to really stand out so I inked the stamp again and stamped it a second time.

Once that was dry I used distressed inks and went from lighter to darker inks for the poppies. The center of the poppies I used the darker red/orange distressed inks. Did not want this darker ink to have an edge to it so once this piece was all inked I used a paint brush and dipped it in clean water and went over the stamped image. This softened the edges of one colour meeting the next:

Set it aside to dry. Once dried I trimmed this stamped piece to the size I would need for my card front. The above photo shows the blending of the inks.

For the greeting I used a stamp from a set of stamps on clearance at Hobby Lobby by My Sentiments Exactly. Stamped that onto scrap white card stock and used ColorBox black ink for that. For the black card stock behind the image I used the Stampin Up Finishing Touches framelit with the decorated scalloped edge and cut out a piece of black card stock using the Big Shot. Trimmed my greeting piece to the size I needed and then put the die cut black piece behind it using the ATG. Once my stamped card front was dry I used the ATG to put the greeting piece across that. Trimmed off the sides even with the stamped piece.

To assemble the card I cut my black #110 weight card stock base to the size I needed with the score fold on the side. Used a bone folder to crease that. Cut a piece of white/GP for the card front. With the stamped image and greeting piece complete I put them onto the white/GP piece using the ATG. Used the ATG and put these onto the black card stock base. Added black crystals to the greeting piece. TFL

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Background Stamp Storage

 Still reorganizing the craft room and recently I moved my Close To My Heart stamp sets to clear bins from Bed Bath and Beyond. I had stored them in the Close To My Heart large storage container. With that container now empty I decided to move my background stamps to this container. I bought some clear envelopes from to put the background stamps in. Here is a photo of two of these stamps:

The stamp on the left from Tessler I bought new and had the original photo packaging for it. The Halloween background stamp on the right I had bought used at a stamper's sale so no packaging for it. For all my clear envelopes to store my stamps in I used a trimmer and trimmed off the adhesive flap -- this turns the envelope into a pocket. I cut a piece of white/GP card stock 6 x 6 1/2 and put those in the clear pockets. Then put the background stamp, and photo packaging if available, into the pocket. But did not want to just toss them into the storage container. . .

Out came the WRMK Tab punch board... I used #110 weight white card stock and made my tabbed dividers. Used the label maker for the labels and here is a photo of them all in the container:

As with all my tab dividers I write on one of the dividers in the front the size card stock I began with. This way if I should have to make more dividers for this size I know my measurements. Here is a photo of the size written on the lower left corner of the divider:

Happy they are all together in one location so when I want to use a background stamp they are all in one place. TFL

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Embossing Folder Storage

Still rearranging and reorganizing the craft room. Moved my Close To My Heart stamp sets from the Close To My Heart large organizers to clear bins from Bed Bath & Beyond. Decided to use the now empty CTMH large organizers for the embossing folders. I used to store the folders by the titles of the folder but sometimes the title did not match the embossing folder pattern so that was not helpful.

Recently had bought the new We R Memory Keepers Tab Punch Board and used this for the dividers for the new embossing folder storage. I used the #110 weight cream card stock from Mikes and made up a stack of the dividers, grabbed the label maker and the process began. Decided since the titles were not working for storing that I would do better by putting the folders together that are alike -- IE Woodgrain, Nautical, Valentine's, Dots, etc. Here are photos of this new storage system for my embossing folders:

So I will know what the title of the folder is when I take it out to use, I have used the label maker and clear labels to put the title on the folders. This is an ongoing process that will take some time but already this new system works better than my old storage for them. I really like the large Close To My Heart storage containers as they hold the taller embossing folders. These containers also have a latch closure with handle and they are stackable. TFL

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Slip Sliding Away in my Alex . . . .

Been busy reorganizing the Alex units in the craft room that I got last year. Decided with all the drawer space that I would use some of the drawers for punch storage. Did not want to toss the punches in the drawers without drawer liners but only had some left overs from the dollar store. Used what I had from there and here is that result --

With opening and closing the drawers the weight of the punches makes them slide around - here is a closer look at the beige drawer liner I began with:

Since what I had on hand clearly was not going to work I replaced the beige drawer liner with white drawer liner from Walmart --

New liner but same results:

Stopped lining all the drawers for now and decided to shop around for a better liner. Mr. Mailman dropped off a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to me for $5.00 and decided to check out their drawer liners. I found this in the kitchen tools section:

Brought it home and began lining the drawers with the punches with it:

And a second drawer:

And another:

So far so good with this new drawer liner -- can open and close the drawers now knowing the punches will not be in a jumbled mess. Easy to cut the liner to size with scissors and having it stay in place is a big plus. .  .  .

Yesterday we made a trip to the Charlotte area and since we were so close.... My stamping PIC (Partner in Crime) and I stopped in at IKEA. She bought another Alex unit for her craft room and I came across the EKBY Alex shelf. Decided this shelf would work on top of my Alex units so I bought one for the craft room.

DH assembled it for me (thanks to him) and now it is in my craft room. This is what the top of my Alex units looked like before my EKBY shelf:

This is a photo of the EKBY shelf in place:

Two more drawers for me to fill up and since the EKBY is not as deep as the Alex units I still can put things on the top when I am taking out items from my Alex units:

Also I bought some of the white plastic magazine holders from IKEA that I put next to my EKBY and those holders hold my British card making magazines and also card stock. The EKBY unit is a good addition for my craft room and will be filled up shortly! Happy I found a drawer liner that works so my crafting items will no longer be slip sliding away. . .   TFL

Saturday, March 18, 2017

5 AM -- LIFT OFF!!!

On the road again . . . DH drove me and my stamping PIC (Partner in Crime) to the Charlotte, NC area this morning to visit a GREAT paper crafter's store: Paper Crafter's Muse and the address for the store is: 1905 Rice Road Ext., Unit 108  Matthews, NC 28105.

This store is owned by Daphne and she used to teach card making classes at a store I used to shop at. I had taken a couple of classes from her before she moved from that area to the Matthews area to open her own store. I was happy when I was able to locate her and her new store and whenever we take day trips in that direction I shop her store. Her store has the latest of late in products with card samples, journals, mixed media pieces all over the shop so inspiration fills the store no matter where you look.

Today I asked Daphne if I could take photos of her store to share on my blog -- Daphne is so in tuned with us crafters and her store shows this at every angle. Here are various photos of her shop:

What is to love about Daphne's store? It is clean, bright and cheery. She hangs wooden frames with her card samples inside the frames with clothespins holding the cards. Her card samples are usually hanging above the products used for her cards. Not only having these card samples hanging every where good for inspiration but they help the customer see the products in use -- the size of a die on a card or journal, the colour of an ink, maybe a new card layout, etc.. Her samples show you that even you can make that card using what she sells.  EVERY item has a price sticker on it so as a shopper you are not in shock from surprise totals when you get to the register. She has product lines together so if you want a stamp, a die, matching card stock or bling for that item it is all together for more inspiration. Inks, markers, Copics, mixed media items are all together. Specialty card stocks are together.  She has theme displays -- IE  She has a display for baby items to use for a baby shower or birth announcements etc. She has stamps, dies, stencils, embossing folders and anything baby related together. She carries Funny Bones stamps, religious/inspirational stamps, floral stamps, word stamps, shapes, theme, etc.. I have never shopped her store and have not found a new product that inspires me to hurry back to my craft room to create something fun or pretty. . 

Also -- Daphne will answer any questions you may have about new products coming out or maybe how to use a product you have never used before or even tell you how she made some of her inspirational cards hanging on her walls. Daphne's store is WELL worth the trip to Matthews -- why buy something online that you can not see in person, or see inspiration for, or ask how to use it? I will also say that Daphne is constantly introducing new items -- she carries new products as the paper crafting industry changes. Daphne also appreciates most crafters have a serious budget and she appreciates all shoppers and as a shopper you know this when you shop her store. 

A few weeks back Daphne had sent out an email to announce this year would be her first Customer Yard Sale she was holding at the plaza her shop is in. Her customers were selling their gently used crafting items that they no longer needed at this sale. When I received Daphne's email announcing this sale I asked my stamping buddy if she would want to go with me to this sale and also shop at Daphne's? Our day was planned and we impatiently waited for this day to arrive. . .

This morning at 5AM we pulled out of the driveway for our trip to Matthews, NC. The sale began at 9AM but even with stopping for breakfast we arrived early for the sale. Daphne was nice enough to let us shop her store before the Yard sale began and I found LOTS to buy:

Two 6 x 6 pads of printed card stock, floral card stock, LawnFawn and Poppy Stamp dies, distressed ink in a colour I needed, clear plastic envelopes to mail my cards in, a package of the Avery Elle clear pockets, (that are very hard to locate), and the Sizzix dimensional cutting pad. She sells so many things you just do not see anywhere. I thank Daphne for all the inspiration I get from my shopping trips to her store -- every time you shop her store there are new items to be found -- not the "same old, same old" that some paper crafters stores have. She does not have rows and rows of card stocks never bought but displays full of new products waiting to be used.

After we shopped her store we went over to the customer Yard Sale and here are a couple of photos of that:

LOTS of deals to be found -- my stamping buddy bought Close To My Heart stamp sets -- two for a DOLLAR -- one lady was selling the ink pad carousel from Stampin Up for $10.00 !!! Here is what I bought:

Never used Fun Stampers Journey stamp set for $2.00, Martha Stewart star border punch - 50 cents.

These three SU stamp sets were sold by a demonstrator from SU and she said she has too much SU items at her house so she cleared out stamp sets --- decided to sell all of these for $5.00 a piece because she wanted them 'gone' from her crafting space. These dies, with the pink dots, were all $3.00 a piece:

One table had a basket with three items for $2.00 total so I picked out three items:

and three packs of SU card stock, $5.00 per pack:

Thanks to Daphne for her first customer Yard Sale and a fun shopping morning! A really BIGGER thanks to Daphne for having a great store to shop at with all her inspiration inside. My stamping friend and I have already made plans for our next trip to Daphne's.... Looking forward to that!   If you are in the area, or passing through that area, make plans to shop her store -- you will NOT be disappointed. It is an easy day trip and we ended our trip with a stop at Long Horn's to eat. Two happy stampers now!! TFL

Saturday, March 11, 2017

St. Patty's Day Cards

Used the same layout using two different St. Patrick's Day printed card stocks from Hobby Lobby. Both cards are on a #110 weight white card stock from Mikes. Here is the first card:

Used a light green card stock for the card front. The white card front piece is GP white. Used a hexagon punch for the card front and the printed card stocks. Used a smaller hexagon punch for the small white hexagon the shamrock is on.

Cut and scored the white card stock base with the fold at the top. Cut the light green card stock for the card front. Put this piece onto the white card stock base using the ATG. For the white/GP card front I used the larger hexagon punch and just punched the card stock. Using that same punch I punched out five of the printed card stock pieces. Used the ATG for adhesive and put these onto the card front using the ATG.

Stamped the "Happy St. Patrick's Day" stamp in dark green above the printed hexagon pieces. Using pop dots I put this onto the green card front. Used a smaller hexagon punch and punched out a white hexagon and put that in the center of the hexagon on the card front using the ATG for adhesive. Used a small shamrock punch and punched out a dark green shamrock. Used clear Wink of Stella to add sparkle to that:

Put the glittery shamrock onto the white hexagon piece using a glue dot. Used a small flower punch for the three flowers on the card front. Added clear crystals to those. Used glue dots to put them on the card front.

Here is the other card using another shamrock printed card stock:

Easy card to put together and with the different prints the card have a totally different look. TFL

Monday, March 6, 2017

All fun and games .... until . . . .

Well it is all fun and games and then you realize you do not have much time .... I am a follower on a papercrafter's blog. She is a Stampin' Up demonstrator and she posted on her blog that lately she has only been making 3D projects/boxes and no cards or tags. She wants to get back into just the card making but has lost her "mojo" for stamping. She posted on her blog that she would like to hold a card swap where we all send her our cards and then she sends us someone else's card in return. This sounded good to me so I emailed her and told her that I would like to join in on her swap. She emails back her address in the UK and the date she needed my card by. . .  then a gal at work broke her foot and she is off work so more hours for me but less crafting time...

Had already committed to the swap -- with her being a demonstrator for Stampin' Up I thought I had better use their stamps, inks, and card stocks for my card. The last card I had made was the embossed card using the new-to-me Stampin' Up stamp set Corner Garden. Here is that card:

For the card I made for the swap I used the embossed image sideways and added Stampin' Up Cool Caribbean ink to that -- I also used solid white sequins on this card:

Also for this second card I used the Lotus Blossom stamp set for the greeting on the front of the card as well as the inside. Finished my card, packaged it up, and off to the post office for me. Inside my small padded bag is a second card for her thanking her for the swap and with just the two cards inside I had to pay $13.50 in postage.... Hoping for that amount of $$ that the cards arrive in mint condition and good to go. I am retired from the post office so I did expect this would be costly in postage but I figure it was a one time thing and am sure it will be worth it. Once I receive a card back from this swap I will post it on my blog to share. Another long day at work tomorrow but I wanted to get this posted before I should forget. TFL

Sunday, March 5, 2017

New loot - - -

Just received my order from (Scrapbook Outlet) with my new Gina Marie Designs dies. This order qualified for a free Peep Bunny die and that is below:

This order has the Flower Trio Burst Background die, the Corner Pine Swag and Bells die set, the Grass Tufts die set of 2 pcs, the Easter Chick die set, the Decorative Ribbon Border die, and the Dogwood Wreath die set:

and the free Peep Bunny die set:

Also received my Close To My Heart order:

A wreath stamp/die bundle, circle dies, and a 'grunge' stamp set, "Ink Blot Flair". That will be a good stamp set for cards and tags. The CTMH dies cut very well and can cut both the thinner and thicker card stocks with ease. Happy me to have the mail man stop yesterday!!!  TFL