Monday, August 29, 2016

The Gang's All Here . . .

Used the Stampin Up Curvy Keepsake Box die set to make my four treat boxes for Halloween. Here they are:

Each box was stamped with a different background stamp so they are all different. Here is a better photo of their witch hats and bows:

This first box:

I stamped these pieces using a stars background stamp from MyFavoriteThings using SU Pumpkin Pie ink. This next box:

I stamped this box with the wire background stamp from MyFavoriteThings. This next box:

Stamped this using the Stampin Up Hardwood background stamp. For this next box I did not stamp a background onto it -- just the pumpkin face:

For my spider web on her hat I used a Cheery Lynn die. The SU Tree punch was used for her hat. The SU Bow Builder punch was used for all the bows and I used various prints from the stash for those. The spider web is adhered to the witch hat brim using double sided tape. But I did not like that when you took off the hat you can see the clipped spider web underneath. To fix that problem I cut the Word Window punch out of black card stock and then used a 2" circle punch to punch over that and that was my "lining" to cover up the spider web under the hat:

This just makes this look more finished and it did not take a lot more time to cut that lining out and put it under the hat brim. These will be filled the week of Halloween with treats. TFL and YOLO

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Curvy Cute Pumpkin

Recently went to a stamper's sale where all the sellers were former Stampin Up demonstrators that combined their Stampin Up products for this sale. They are now all Fun Stamper's Journey coaches (demonstrators) and they were selling their Stampin Up items cheap. I bought a few sealed packs of Stampin Up 8 1/2" x 11" card stocks for $2.40 per pack, Stampin Up punches for $5.00, Stampin Up embossed folders $1.00 each, and many other great deals. . . But today I will feature a project I made using my new-to-me Curvy Keepsake Box Thinlits die set that I picked up for $5.00.

Had always wanted this box die but not for the $33.00 it sells for.... but for $5.00 ... it was mine:

First project I wanted to make was the pumpkin for Halloween that everyone has made. Here is my version:

Used the Stampin Up Pumpkin Pie card stock to cut out my two box pieces. Stamped them using the Stampin Up Hardwood background stamp and Pumpkin Pie ink. Put the box together using red sticky tape. Used the pumpkin face stamp from the SU Sparkly Seasons stamp set and stamped the face on one side of the pumpkin using Memento black ink before I closed the box:

Do not have the black spider doilies SU sells so I used a spider web die from Cheery Lynn and cut that out using SU black card stock. Once cut I spritzed it with Pearls Shimmer Mist. While that was drying I made the witch hat -- two trees using the SU Tree punch from black glittered card stock and cut out the brim for the hat using a 2 1/2" circle punch and the Word Window punch. Put the witch hat together using glue dots.

Snipped the center of the spider web piece using scissors so that the web could slide over the top of the curvy pumpkin treat holder. Put the spider web on the treat holder and put a few mini glue dots on the bottom side of the hat brim. Put the hat on the holder over the spider web and then the web stuck to the glue dots on the hat. This way when the hat is lifted off the holder to get inside for the treats the hat and web will be one piece.

For the bow I used the Stampin Up Bow Builder punch and scrap card stock for the purple part of the bow. The orange spider web paper on the bow is a shelf strip from the Halloween aisle at Walgreens from last year. Added a purple crystal to the center of this bow:

This is a very easy treat box to put together and certainly the pumpkin and witch hat make a cute presentation for BOO Day treats. Happy me to find this at the sale!  TFL and YOLO

Mini Halloween Treat Bag

A recent trip to Mikes and I came home with this black and striped kraft paper:

Regular price was $5.99 but on clearance I paid $1.49. Wanted to use it for a Halloween treat holder. To make the treat bag I used the Stampin Up Mini Treat Bag die. Cut the bag out in the Big Shot. Used red sticky tape to close the bag.

For the tag I cut a piece of Mikes kraft card stock 2" wide and used the Stampin Up Scallop Topper Tag punch on one end. Then used the trimmer to trim the other end so my tag is 3" long. Used a corner rounder punch on the trimmed end. Using a pencil and ruler I made a light pencil line across the tag to help keep the washi tapes straight. Used three washi tape patterns for the tag. Used scissors to trim the edges of the washi tape even with the sides of the tag:

Having die cut so many Halloween dies last week I was able to put this tag together quickly. Used a glue pen to put the "boo" on the tag. The Sizzix Sizzlit Ghost die was cut out of white glittered card stock and I put that onto the tag using glue dots. For the top of the tag I cut a piece of the orange mesh bag onions are in at the grocery store and put that through the hole at the top of the tag. Tied sparkly black yarn around that and trimmed the ends:

Put the tag onto the top of the treat bag using a small black clothespin from the stash. This treat bag is large enough to hold a couple of the Fun Size candy bars for Halloween. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, August 27, 2016

More Hershey Treat Holders

The above photo are the first two Hershey Treat Holders I made and here are two more:

The orange holder is card stock from Mikes. Cut and scored that piece. Used red sticky tape to close the holder and then used a crimper on the bottom of it. Used the ghost border punch from M Stewart on scrap white card stock for the ghosts above the striped card stock. Black cat was punched out using the Fiskars cat squeeze punch from glittered black card stock. The "boo" is one of the die pieces that I had cut out using the Cuttlebug. To add dimension to this I also cut out this die from a piece of cardboard from a kleenex box. Used TomBow glue to put the cardboard "boo" behind
 the black glittered card stock "boo". 

For the bow on the hat I used the Stampin Up Bow Builder punch and for the hat I used the Stampin Up Tree punch. Glue dots hold the hat and bow pieces together. Put the "boo" on the front of the holder using micro mini glue dots. Glue dots also were used for the witch hat as well as the black cat piece. Used ribbon from the stash for this holder. Sparkly black yarn is tied onto the ribbon to keep the holder closed. 

For the green holder I cut and scored that piece putting it together using red sticky tap. Then used spider web printed card stock with a piece of black and white striped card stock at the top of that. For the bugs I punched those from glittered black card stock using a dollar punch from the craft store. Put the bugs on the holder using mini glue dots. Made my witch hat and the bow is made using scrap Halloween printed card stocks.  

The "Beware" on the green holder is again cut out of the glittered black card stock and glued onto a die cut piece of the kleenex box card board I cut out using the Cuttlebug. The card board gives both the "Beware" and the "boo" on my treat holder fronts dimension:

Again I used the sparkly "hairy" black yarn and tied a piece of that onto the ribbon for my holder. Here is a photo of all four of the Hershey Treat Holders I have made:

Easy holders to put together. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hershey Treat Holders

These treat holders for BOO Day (Halloween) hold the 6" Hershey Chocolate candy bar. In the past I have made the witch hats by Janet Baker using the Stampin Up Tree punch:

For the treat holders today I wanted to be able to use a witch hat but since it was on the front of my holders I needed it to be flat. Here are my two Hershey Treat Holders:

There are different patterns for these holders but I used the one on Splitcoast:

To make my witch hat so it was flat I used scrap card stocks to show how I did this. For the circle brim to the hat I used a 1" circle punch and put the black card stock into the punch as far as it would go. Punched out my circle:

Using a 2 1/4" circle punch I punched over the 1" circle:

Took this 'ring' piece to the trimmer and cut it in half -- this way I have a brim for another witch hat:

Using the Stampin Up Tree punch I punched out a tree using scrap chevron card stock. Then I put a glue dot on each lower corner of this tree and a glue dot on the trunk of the tree:

With the glue dots in place I took my half black circle and put that on the tree:

Added a bow I made using the Stampin Up Bow Builder punch:

To put the hat on my holder I used glue dots. Here are photos of each holder:

To begin with I suggest you watch this short video by Maria on the shortcuts to fabulous bows using this punch and your bows will not be so bulky:

LOVE her tips and ideas and it cuts the time making these bows in half. For my above holder I used SU black card stock, dotted card stock from Mikes, and fabric netting around the holder. For my witch hat I used black glittered card stock, black/white chevron card stock is Mikes, and the spider web paper for the bow was free as it was the shelf strip from Walgreens holiday aisle last Halloween that I picked up last year. Added a black crystal to the center of the bow. "Trick or Treat" is from SU Toxic Treats stamp set.

This holder I used SU purple card stock, green print is from the stash, M Stewart spider web border was used for the spider webs. Again the hat is black glittered card stock and the chevron print is from the stash. These holders go together quickly and make good use of holiday prints as a belly band. This holder I used satin orange ribbon.

These holders hold a regular candy bar -- 6" size -- and is good to make with ribbons or card stock prints you may not be fond of. Thanks to Janet for the witch hat pattern and to Maria for the great savings of time and glue dots with the bows! TFL and YOLO

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Loaded up and ready to BOO - - -

Happy me to have a new-to-me We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser. Heard all the complaints about it ---

Does not rotate well when full of washi tape --- PROBLEM SOLVED

Cutting edge of the dispenser is sharp so it can attack your knuckles --- PROBLEM SOLVED

Washi tapes will get dusty sitting on your work surface --- PROBLEM SOLVED

Here is my used dispenser loaded up and ready for all BOO projects in it's future:

All loaded up and ready to go -- but it does not turn well with the tapes on it. PROBLEM SOLVED:
A  9" Copco turntable from Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.99 (less with my coupon - :0) .... ) solves that problem:

Putting the dispenser on this turntable it spins easily and does not wobble. Also with the dispenser sitting on the turntable it is higher off the work surface so less chance of skinned knuckles - PROBLEM SOLVED.  You can always use scissors to snip of the strip of washi you want to use to avoid involving your knuckles at all . . .

Dust and the dust bunnies . . . Ideal scenario is endless crafting time.... Real world? NOT happening. Leaving your washi tape in this dispenser out on your work table or work space for crafting may not be ideal as far as dust is concerned. But packing it all up and putting it away after each crafting session is time consuming. . .  PROBLEM SOLVED:

Last trip to the thrift store solved the dust problem --- picked up a plastic dome lid used to cover a round layer cake for 79 cents --- brought it home and it took a ride in the dishwasher and it fits over my washi tape dispenser and turntable:

With the lid over the dispenser I can see the washi patterns -- here is a photo looking through the top of the dome:

Once my BOO holiday projects are over I will put my Halloween washi tapes back in the case I keep all the washi tapes in. With the washi dispenser then empty I will keep that, with the turntable, inside my upside down cake dome lid in the cabinet for storing. Then for Christmas projects I will bring it out and load it up with the Christmas/holiday washi tapes for use again on my work space.

I have too many washi tapes to leave this dispenser out all the time as they won't all fit but for holidays this will work well as at a glance I can see what tapes I have.  Happy me to have a new-to-me WRMK Washi Tape dispenser and buying that used helps to stretch my crafting dollars!! TFL and YOLO

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Die cut clean up

Have my Big Shot and my Cuttlebug machines on a kitchen cart on wheels from the thrift store. To keep my machines from moving on the cart when I am using them I bought a silicone mat for each machine at a restaurant supply store on sale. After cutting out all my die cuts today my die cutting cart was a mess:

Cleaned off the larger scrap pieces with a piece of scrap card stock but the silicone mats are harder to clean. Used my lint roller to run across the mats and here they are:

Had a lint roller on hand for cleaning glitters and residue off my steel ruled dies. Cleaning the silicone mats with this lint roller was a simple task. TFL and YOLO

Bling it on... BOO

Sooner than later we will be working on BOO Day (Halloween) treat holders and tags... decided I may as well get some items cut out and ready for assembly when needed in October.

To begin with wanted to cut out word dies from glittered card stock as well as glittered foam sheets that I picked up at Mikes in the kids crafts section of the store. Problem is some of the words are smaller so they could be flimsy on a project -- both a tag or a treat holder. Wanted to be able to use a stiff backer piece for these but regular card board and even the thinnest chip board were too thick.

Decided the thinner the better but what could I use that I already had on hand??? Simple -- the pull tab lid to a kleenex box:

Used the Cuttlebug to cut out my word die using this lighter weight card board piece -- one pass through the machine and all the words were cut:

After my card board words were cut out I cut out these same dies using the glittered card stock and the glittered foam sheets:

Using TomBow glue and an old craft paint brush I covered the card board word with glue and then put the matching glittered word on that. This photo shows some of the words cut and glued to the card board words:

The above photo has the foam sheet words on the left and the words on the right are glittered card stock words. Once all my words were adhered to the card board words I rinsed off the red lid and my paint brush with warm water to remove the glue before it set. Having these small words on the thinner card board for a backer piece will give my projects dimension when layering them for the holiday.

This photo shows some of the items I have either die cut or used punches for to use for my projects:

Will keep all these pieces together in an empty clam shell box for use for the BOO Day festivities. By making these things up now it will help with the rush around the holiday. TFL and YOLO

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hot Glue!!! WHO knew ????

First you decide on the width and then the length. . .  cut that to size and then decide on the score lines . . .  decide that and score . . .  then the folding begins -- mountain, valley, mountain, valley. . . once that is done you have to attach it to itself to make a circle. With that done now it has to be attached to a circle you punched out as the "base" to keep it flat. Using liquid glue you attach the base to your circle and wait for it to dry or set before you can use it. . . Making a Rosette, (also called Accordion Flower), was not so easy and not so fast . . .  that in itself was time consuming. But adding tulle was another story. Problem is with each layer you are adding height to your Rosette and that was an issue for what I am using my Rosettes for. .

Time to bring out the Tim Holtz Mini Paper Rosettes die -- here that is:

In one pass in the Cuttlebug I cut out two different size Rosettes:

This die not only cuts and scores your card stock in one pass but it gives your pieces a scalloped decorative edge. Which takes the guess work out of having to decide width and length and then having to use a scallop punch for your strip for a scalloped edge. Cut, scored, decorative edge -- all three done in one pass through the machine. Now for the hard part.....

Anyone that has made Rosettes or Accordion Flowers realizes a third hand would be helpful when making these up ... between the glues, the backing circles, the attaching tulle..... A third hand would definitely help. . . until I saw this video on Youtube by Patty Bennett:

Hot Glue!! WHO knew ??? I watched her video and decided this was too easy.. how could this work? How long would it hold? Adding tulle had never been easier --- plus you did not have the bulk of extra layers by adding the tulle. . .

Decided to give it a try and here are my two Rosettes I made using the Rosette die and one pass in the Cuttlebug:

First the black polka dot card stock used is from Mikes. These two Rosettes are the sizes that die cuts. Using the glue gun as Patty suggests works as easy as she shows. I have a craft mat from Ken Oliver that you can use for a hot glue gun and the extra hot glue peels right off once it is cooled with no damage to the mat. I have my two Rosettes closed using a small piece of red sticky tape.

In her video Patty uses the scalloped edge tulle from Stampin Up. For my tulle I used plain black tulle sold at Hobby Lobby on a spool. I cut 7 strips 4" long by 2" wide. Once those were cut I put them on a black card stock circle I punched out of scraps, folding and twisting the tulle as Patty suggests. I covered that circle with double sided tape as I do not have the circles covered in adhesive that she used. You could also use a Xyron to cover your card stock circle with adhesive to put the tulle on.

Once I had my tulle on the circle I used the hot glue gun to put this behind my Rosette piece. Using scissors I shaped tulle around my Rosette. Put a stamped greeting on the small Rosette and a Sizzix ghost on the larger Rosette. Still am surprised how fast these Rosettes went together and thanks to Patty Bennett for sharing her tips and tricks and her video for how-to's. TFL and YOLO