Thursday, June 30, 2016

All done. . . again . . .

First I weeded out the craft room --- a serious weeding out... sold lots of stuff and now to organize what is left. Decided to work on the worst first so my die storage went from these:

to this:

Dies done... now onto the Stampin Up stamp sets -- have seriously downsized my wood mount stamp sets and just finished all my organizing of those and my cling mount sets to this:

Had bought this shelf unit a couple of years back at a Restore (Habitat for Humanity) and I originally had my punches on it. Then I bought some Alex units from Ikea so punches are in there and this shelf sat empty.

Moving everything around in the craft room so this shelf is now in place. Happy to report my Stampin Up stamp sets all fit on there. Left side is the cling sets with the wood mount and background wood mount sets on the right:

For the wood mount background stamps I highlighted those in yellow so I know which ones those are:

Also had room for my 1/2 size stamp cases from Stampin Up that I use for my Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamp sets:

Happy this is another completed project -- just bought 5 new to me stamp sets today from another stamping gal so happy they are on the shelf ready for use.

What prompted all this was too much stuffs --- weeded out lots that I used to use or maybe never used or maybe did not use those products like they should have been used... basically was tired of maintaining the "warehouse" -- haha. The money I made selling items no longer used paid for my supplies for my new die storage, bulletin board squares next to my work table and best yet?? FOUND the TOP of my work table!!!  :0)

Lessons learned:

1.  Do NOT buy a stamp set for ONE stamp
2.  Do not buy a product that I "can't live without" only for it to never be used
3.  Do not think I have to own "everything"
4.  Do NOT bring bags of supplies/products into the craft room and leave them in the store bags--take
     everything out of the bags as soon as they enter the craft room. Have a basket on the work table
     for new products waiting to be put away.

BESTEST FRIEND??? Label maker.....  So try weeding out your unused/unwanted items and selling them -- ask your stamping friends if they would like to shop your supplies or maybe you can all get together and have a product swap or something.....

New arrangement in craft room with better organization is inspiring and now it is easier to work in the craft room. Happy this is almost done and will post more things as they are completed.....  Even DH likes the changes... of course he is the one that claims there is $10,000.00 worth of supplies in here... silly boy.... it is only $8,000.00 !! ;0) TFL

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Saturday Stamp Class

These are the cards we made for the stamp class on Saturday I attended. Hostess was Bonnie Klass and she is a demonstrator for Stampin Up.

All five cards we made using different techniques -- the wreath card in the upper left corner we used a stamp on watercolour card stock and used an aqua pen on that. Die cut the wreath and put the card together. Added flowers to the wreath. The upper middle card we used glittered card stock for the flower and die cut the flower and scribbled pieces on the left card front.

The duck card in the upper right corner we used watercolour pencils for that. The cream background on that card was embossed using the Stampin Up Woodlands embossing folder -- this folder had been in an older catalog and they just re-released it for this new catalog so as soon as it was available again I bought one.

The sunshine card, lower left front, we stamped the card front in layers -- first the sun then the leaf stamp and then partially embossed the lower part of the card front. Added butterflies we stamped and then punched out to the card front. Using white craft ink and clear embossing powder we then punched out the greeting using the Stampin Up Word Window punch. The lower right front card has a swirl design we die cut using one of the new Stampin Up colours, Dapper Denim. Used a small die cut piece for the lower right front of this card as well.

All great cards from a great teacher -- Thanks to Bonnie Klass for opening up her home to us for a great card class!  TFL and YOLO

Blueprints explained -- aka My Favorite Things -- has a line of dies they make called "Blueprints". What the Blueprint die sets offer is all the pieces you would need to make a card and they also offer a print out on their website showing different card layouts for that die set. Here is one of the Blueprint die sets I have:

Here is a copy of the print out off their website for this die set:

All you need to add is your card stock, stamps, and bling. The Blueprints have all different dies in each set and their print outs are just a sampling of what a card maker can make with each set. Of course the layouts, using all these die pieces, is many more than their print outs show.

I store my Blueprint die sets on magnetic sheets in clear envelopes. Behind the die in the envelope I have the layout print out folded so when a card needs to be made up quickly the layout sheet is with the die set. TFL and YOLO

Stars and Stripes Card

Card for the 4th of July. Card stock base is SU gray, navy is SU, white is GP, and the red is Mikes. Used the die Striped Sentiment Strip Cover Up for the white background for the card front. Cut out the white backgrounds and then cut out red backgrounds for the red stripes. Wanted a simple and clean card for the 4th.

For the stars I used navy, white, and red glittered card stocks -- Marvy star punches were used for the stars and the SU hearts border punch was used for the glittered heart on the stars. The greeting "Stars & Stripes" is from the new "I Love Summer" stamp set from PaperSweeties,com.

Some of these cards are scored at the top and some of them are scored on the side. TFL and YOLO

Sunday, June 19, 2016

New to me stuffs . . .

Went to a SU stamp/supplies sale with another card maker on Friday. I was lucky to find a punch I had been looking for but did not find at local sales. It is the SU Ornate Tag Topper punch. With another new-to-me SU punch from another sale I labeled the punches and now they are ready for storage with like items:

Labeled the front and the back of the punch using the label maker. Since this punch has a channel for your card stock I printed out " 2" " and cut that label to size. Put it in the channel of this punch. This way when I go to use this punch I will be reminded the width size of card stock I need to use the punch.

For my new-to-me Ticket Duo punch I just bought I also labeled that:

On the Ticket Duo punch you can see a number "6" is written on the punch in red Sharpie. (Sharpie comes off the punches using rubbing alcohol if later I would want to remove that). That red number reminds me that I have the SU Paper Piercing template that matches this punch shape if I should want to use the Paper Piercing tool on it. I have numbered all my Paper Piercing template sets on their label. That number is now on all my punches that can be used with the template set. This way I know by looking at my punches which punches can work with my templates.

Now that the new-to-me punches are labeled they will now go with the other punches. I always label my punches as soon as I get them. This way if anyone should ask me the name/title of a punch I used I have the exact name of the item. TFL and YOLO

Wishy-Washi storage

Washi tape.

In the beginning had a couple of rolls of washi. Into a basket they went.

Until they multiplied and out grew their basket.

Bought plastic storage boxes to keep them in.

Great idea but the storage boxes had no sections so everything was a mess and together.

Recently saw a video on Youtube from another crafter who keeps her Washi tapes in these ArtBins. I bought my ArtBins on sale at As the crafter explained (do not have her name to give her credit but if I stumble across the video again I will post it) ... she explained her ArtBins are tarnish free inside for jewelry making storage. The thing I like about this storage is these bins have sections and you can move dividers around to give you larger or smaller sections for storage. I am glad I found this suggestion as these bins also hold the larger rolls of washi. Here are photos:

The above photo shows the label on this storage box.

In this photo you can see the turquoise dividers inside and the two latches on the case front that keep this case closed.

Now have two of these boxes organized for my Washi. This case above is just for colours and prints and you can easily see what is inside by looking through the top. This case below is all my holiday Washi:

It is nice to be able to see at a glance what colours/prints I have and I really like that when you take a roll out all the other rolls stay in place and do not roll around.

Here are the two cases stacked for storage and with the dividers I could also store these standing up and they will stay in place.

Another good investment for storage -- I have recently weeded out a lot of items from my craft room and sold a lot of that so the $$ from those items pays for the new items for storage. Just the problem with Washi tape.... it is really not that expensive but I have to be careful not to buy that like I have ribbon ... :0(  ..... (but it is so pretty and can we ever have enough??????!!)  TFL and YOLO

New scrap labels - - -

A couple years back I had the same problem a lot of us card makers have -- how to store our card stock scraps and what do I keep? ? ?

Had seen the storage idea from Tonya Gibbs for her scraps and that was what I needed to do . . .  Off to Mikes with a 50% coupon in hand I bought my Iris Photo Box with 16 photo cases inside. Brought them home and then began to go through the overflowing scrap basket. Trimmed larger sizes to fit in the photo boxes and the too small for really anything scraps were discarded. I thank Tonya for sharing her idea for scraps as this is the system I have now used for a couple of years. It is an easy system to use and maintain and a good way to put the card scraps to good use.

Once all my scrap card stock was put into these photo boxes I used my label maker to label all the boxes by colour. But overtime, and with use, these labels began to curl or peel off and those labels were no longer working. Here is a photo to show one of the original labels peeling off:

Decided I needed to label the boxes in a different way and decided not to use the label maker again. This time I used the computer -- typed up all my colours and then in the printer I put a piece of white/GP card stock to print them out.

Using the Word Window Punch from SU I punched out the words. Then used my ATG for adhesive over the word labels and then I adhered the colour word titles to the inside of the boxes:

With these new labels being on the insides of the boxes they should not peel away or fall off. Since the photo boxes are clear it is easy to read the colour label without having to open all the boxes. Here are photos of all the boxes in place and now labeled with new labels:

Nice thing about Tonya's scrap storage is you can take the whole Iris case to your work table and easily pull out the colours you are needing to use -- no digging through a basket or box looking for a particular colour and with this system I find I use my scraps more often now than before and I no longer are keeping the teeniest pieces of card stock for no reason. . .  Thanks again to Tonya!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The "Quints" have arrived. . .

So if you have followed my blog you may know the saga of DH building and hanging bird houses here and there in the yard. . .  but as nice as those were nothing beats the top of the plug near the ceiling on our front porch. . . or so it seems as many generations have begun their lives on the plug. . .

As more and more Mommy birds nested on the plug the amount of kids they had also grew. We went from our first family having three little ones... to four... and now to five. Last year DH was concerned the babies would fall out of the nest as they grew so he built a "deck" around the plug/nest. Here is a photo of those babies and then as they grew:

But as DH worked on the porch remodel this Spring the plug was downsized so no bird could build another nest on it. It seems the porch is popular with the bird Mommies so where there is a will, there is a way... In the front corner of the porch, on top of a post, is a small area and a Mommy decided to build a new nest there. DH "flew" into action and built a new platform with a lip around the edge so no nest or babies would fall out -- both as babies or as they grew. He hung this platform near the ceiling of the porch as high as the old plug was as the birds like to be up high.

DH had to move the new, now in progress, nest to this platform without touching it so he used his drywall putty knife and scooped up the nest and into the platform it went. Within a day the bird Mommy located her nest and kept remodeling things until it was time for the little ones' arrivals...

We are now proud to show our new tenants on the platform, the "Quints":

Soin enough they will grow and be gone... just like our kids!  :0)  TFL and YOLO

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Die storage -- TWEEKED

All organization works until it doesn't. . .  and my die storage does not work anymore... Too many thin dies to keep track of replacing the steel ruled thicker dies . . .  Bought the magnetic storage
ArtBin cases with magnetic sheets to store the thinner dies. But -- do you store them by the manufacturer name? What the dies are? All holidays together? Flowers together? Etc.

Stumbled across the video by "Biblescraps" on Youtube explaining her system for her thinner metal dies and decided to watch that to see if it could help me with my storage. Began with all these ArtBins on my shelf:

Although the ArtBins keep the dies dust free they are just too bulky for storage. Some cases are light and others are so heavy as they are full. Became a chore to even want to look through them for a die to use . . . So lined up in a row and ready to go....but that was about it.

In her video "Biblescraps" explains her system and some of her ideas. I used some of them for my system and others I did not. That is the good thing about other crafter's sharing their storage ideas as you can use it as they do or adapt it to your needs or space.

To begin with she uses adhesive magnetic sheets from Oriental Trading --- I read reviews on those and a lot of crafters said they are not very strong and items will slide to the bottom. I did not want that to happen so I used the vent magnetic covers by Accord sold at Lowes Home Improvement stores. I already had a few packages of that on hand for other crafting so I began with those and just added to the amount I already had. As for the box I used I had two empty refrigerator bins on hand that I had bought long ago at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had used them for SU cling stamp storage but I have since weeded out a lot of my older sets so the two bins were empty.

Where to begin? First thing I did was cut all my magnetic sheets to the size I needed and then emptied the ArtBins -- put like dies on the magnetic sheets:

I used white "backer board" sheets from for my magnetic sheets to attach to using the ATG. As she did in her video I then used washi tapes I have on hand for the tops of my magnetic sheets so I will know at a glance what dies I am wanting to use by looking at my bin. Here is a photo of one of the two bins and this one is mainly for holidays and words:

In the front of this bin you will see I have my letters and numbers. The washi tape I used for those is the black and white checkered tape. If you look at the photo you will see this same black and white checkered tape on some of my other magnetic sheets. This black and white checkered tape marks the sheets that have word dies on them. Here are photos of some of the filled sheets:

Is it time consuming to do this? Yes but it is also time consuming to look for dies that you know you have but where?? These two bins take up a quarter of the space the ArtBins did and I am selling the ArtBins on Craigs List so they can find new homes. Thanks to "Biblescraps" for sharing this idea on her video.  TFL and YOLO