Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Single Stamp Storage Rack

This is an old bakers rack that DH and I found at a barn sale. We cleaned it up and it holds all my single wood mounted stamps. I have each tray labeled for whatever stamps are on there---Spring, Trees, Hearts, etc.. Using this system enables me to find all my stamps and I am able to slide the whole tray out and take it to the work island or my table to pick out what stamps I want to use. This is a space saver for sure as they are all centralized rather than being in boxes stacked on each other. TFL

Large Punch Storage Video

This is the storage system I use for the larger punches that I have. I have two of the shoe racks from the big box stores from the closet organization systems. I have them in the middle of the JetMax cubes that I am using and being able to see them and find them helps me to use them more. Some of the larger punches are not only very large but can be very heavy for a punch rack or rail system. I have used this organization for them for some time and it works well. There is room behind the punches for other sizes or other large punches I buy. TFL

Short video of Slice storage and such

Thanks to step daughter Clare that made a video of the craft room for me. She is still editing some parts so I will post what I can as she finishes. TFL

Sunday, February 26, 2012

StazOn Ink Tip

This is a tip using the StazOn ink pad that I had seen long ago and thought I would share it. Just opened a new pad and took a picture to explain what to do:

    Open the ink pad. You will find a small square for a label. This is on a clear plastic cover for the
    Leave the clear plastic cover on the ink pad.  Remove the label square. On the inside of the lid is
         a dot in the center.
    Use a 3-D glue dot (which is the larger thicker glue dots) and put this glue dot on top of the dot
         in the center of the lid. Be sure it sticks.
    Place the ink pad lid back on the ink pad being sure it is closed. Then press in the center of the
         ink pad top. This will attach the glue dot to the clear plastic cover over the ink pad.

Now when you open your StazOn the clear plastic cover will be stuck to the lid with the glue dot and you will not have to take it off the ink pad or put it back on when you are finished as it is attached to the lid.
 *** Splitcost Stampers would not publish this tip

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slice Machine Program Storage

Before the clearance/closeout of Slice machines and programs at Michaels I had my Slice programs in a small zippered holder. Once Michaels began the clearance of this product I bought many more programs. They were on sale for $2.99 and $4.99 from their regular price of approx $40.00 each. I did not want all these boxes to store so I had to think of a better solution that would take up much less space. I went to Staples and bought a 1  inch binder for $2.00. I then bought one package of ten of the clear pocket pages for holding trading cards (or baseball cards). I removed each program and the booklet from the box and put three on each page. (For this photograph of the notebook I put white card stock paper under two pages so you can see I alternated the placement of the programs so the notebook is flat.)  This takes up much less storage space and because the pockets on the page are deep the program chip will not fall out.  I have them in alphabetical order in this notebook. Less than $6.00 and a space saver too.