Friday, September 21, 2012

Boo Pops

It all began with this die and stamp set from --- My Favorite Things. This is one of their "Brand New" sets. So what began with that ended up being this:

As you can see I tried to make different lollipop holders using different card stocks, patterned papers, trims, etc. LOVE this set. In the photo below you will see on the bottom of the white holder I used three of the border stamps in the set. The solid line, the dots, and the stripe. I put all the stamps on the block together and stamped them at once. Then on the purple holder I removed the solid line stamp which left the dots and the stripe. I turned the block upside down so this time the stripe was below the dots. Stamped that onto the purple die cut piece. For the kraft paper holder I removed the striped stamp and used just the dots border.

For both the kraft holder and the white holder I used punches for the bat and the black cat. I used flocked card stock for the black cat. This stamp/die set comes with greetings on circle stamps and you can choose the border you want to be around or behind the greeting. But on the white holder I just wanted to use patterned papers for the topper with no greeting. I used the circle dies in the set and cut out three patterned papers for that. Added a button and tied it off with black and white twine. All the holders I have used old buttons from the button jar and some buttons I turned around backwards as the backs looked better than the fronts.

In the photo below you will see on the pumpkin and the white holder I used one border stamp that I stamped on the lower part of the holder:

For the pumpkin holder I stamped the star border three times to cover more of the holder. On the white holder I used green ink and the diamond border stamp. But I would have to say this is my favorite:

This is the purple holder and for the topper I used the solid circle stamp and stamped that with purple ink and then stamped the circle greeting on top of that in black. Used black polka dot paper for the medium circle die and in the larger circle die I used solid black card stock. Added black and white twine to tie that off.

This is a good set and I am hoping they will come up with circle greetings for this set for Christmas. Once again was able to use some scraps for these and that is always a good idea. TFL

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just TOO Cute post

DH is finishing projects and now I, the LA, (Lovely Assistant) has to start the finishes... Just painted the ceiling in the new powder room and while that is drying I thought I would quick as a bunny make two things up with products I got in the mail today ..... never too busy to order things .... I am sharing this because this is an excellent value and too cute too!

This is from My Favorite Things and it is for Boo Day (Halloween). It is a combined set of four dies and 23 stamps. You can buy just the dies and you can buy just the stamps but the combined price is very good and you get such good quality. First time I ran the dies through the Cuttlebug the pieces came right off the dies---no poking around trying to get pieces out of the dies . . .

Also on the back of their packaging is the sandwich 'recipe' for all the machines to use with the dies. No trying to remember which one is what or having to look it up yourself:

So as for quality this is a great product and they have so many new things for the Boo Day on their website - look under 'Brand New'. Their service is also great--ordered one night, shipped the next day, and I opened it today which is two days later. This is what I made:

I have a lollipop in the black holder and in the candy corn/orange holder I have a mini candy bar. These are so cute and once I am done painting I will play with them more and post them when I can. A great product and something new and different for Boo Day ...  Have to run as a Lovely Assistant is always needed.. :0)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Try a Triangle Tree . . .

Last week at Stamp Club Cindy W had us make a Christmas card that had a Triangle Tree on the front. This is a good project as it uses up a lot of scraps and although we all used the same scraps our trees looked very different. People have asked how to make a Triangle Tree so I thought I would explain it and use photos to make it easier to understand. Of course I did not take time to match colours in my scraps for my sample tree but it should give you the idea.

To begin with decide what size tree you want. I used a 3" wide tree x 5 1/4" high. To simplify how to make the triangle I cut my card stock 5 1/4" long x 3" wide. See photo:

Using a pencil I measured the center of the one end of the card stock and made a pencil dot at the center point. See photo:

Place a ruler at the corner of the bottom of your cut piece and put it at the center dot at the top:

At the side of the ruler draw a line connecting the dot at the top to the bottom corner of your piece:

Once the first line is drawn put the ruler on the other side from the corner to the dot and again draw a pencil line. You will have a piece that looks like this photo. Using scissors cut out your triangle as below:

When making the Triangle Trees I find it easier and faster if you put the adhesive on the triangle piece rather than trying to put adhesive on your smaller card stock scraps. I covered my triangle with adhesive with my tape gun as below:

I tried to take a photo so you can easily see the adhesive. Now using different shapes and patterns cover the triangle piece with card stock. Do not worry that the piece may hang off the sides of your triangle:

This certainly looks like a mess but turn it over and then using scissors trim the excess paper off the sides of your triangle:

Now you will have a triangle that is covered in scrap card stock and this is your Triangle Tree. You can make any size triangle this way -- just decide on your width at the bottom and how tall you want it to be and that will be your length. Cut your card stock for the length and width and simply mark the center of your rectangle with a pencil point to make your triangle the size you like. Hope this will help everyone that wondered how to make Triangle Trees.  Thanks again to Cindy W at our Stamp Club. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reindeer Tags

These are Reindeer tags I made using the Reindeer die from BossKut.  I used Kraft paper from Recollections from Michaels. The tag was cut out using the Sizzix Tags, Scallop Combo #2. This die cuts a small, medium, and large die with one pass. The tags I used are the large size. The printed card stock is also from Recollections/Michaels and is sold in a holiday pack.

I cut the Reindeer out using the Cuttlebug. I then sponged the edges of the Reindeer head and his antlers with Stampin Up Close to Cocoa ink. For the nose I used red card stock again from Recollections/Michaels and I used SU Real Red ink to sponge the edges of that. Used a small circle punch for the black card stock scraps for his eyes. The ribbons are from the stash and I tied a knot on the ribbons using soft string.

The "To From" stamp is from Rubber Stampede and again used the SU Real Red ink for that.

To assemble I cut a piece of the holiday print card stock to the size I wanted and used a tape gun to put that on the tag. I then stamped the "To From" on the back of the tag.  Then used a small circle punch and punched a hole in a solid red card stock. Using a 1/2" circle punch I punched over that hole to form a red ring. This is to cover the hole made in the tag with the die. Used a glue pen to put the circle on the tag hole.  See tag below for how it looks after it is die cut:

I put the red ring on the tag circle to reinforce it for the ribbon to go through. It also adds a little red to the front of the tag and I think it makes the tag look more finished. See below:

Once the print card stock and ring were put on the tag I then put the Reindeer head on, then the antlers, his black eyes, and finally his nose. Tied ribbons from my stash and it is all done.  TFL

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Die Cut Tags

Am making gift tags for a craft show I am working on. As with most of my dies I have used the label maker to put the size card stock I need for each die. Since I am making so many tags for the craft show -- and also do this for holiday time -- I cut these two tag dies at the same time in the Sizzix machine. I have the extended plate and also the extended crease pad to use for this.

First I cut all the card stock to the sizes I need. I then put the dies on the extended plate, put the cut card stock on each, and put the extended crease pad on top. When I put these through to machine I am now cutting two different dies in two different card stocks. See below:

Both dies fit easily on the extended plate as you can see. This is them after the pass through the machine:

Once all the tags are cut I then can work on one set and while the ink and glue are drying I can work on the next project. The large tag on the left I used Kraft card stock from Paper Trey Ink and the two tags on the right are cut from a much lighter weight card stock from Michaels.  The machine will give these an even feed and there is no 'jump' or anything and as you can see each die was cut well. This saves time when you are making a project in a quantity. Does not only work with tag dies as I have also used this for flower dies. TFL

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gold Twine VS Thread

Am working on craft sale items for the show next weekend.... wanted a small gold bow so this reminded me of what I use. I had bought the metallic gold thread/twine but found it was very stiff and did not stay flat and sometimes my bow would undo unless I put adhesive under it. But still wanted the gold colour and the shimmer of gold on a project so what to do?

On the left is the gold thread/twine and on the right is the gold crochet thread. It has the gold metallic running through it so it will give me the shimmer I want but because it is soft it stays tied in a knot or in a bow. It also will lay flatter on the project. You can buy this at any craft/sewing store that sells yarns and such for knitting or crochet.  TFL

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Tags Die stuffs

Just a few things I have made with the Sizzix/SU Two Tags Die. Well worth the purchase of this product. I highly recommed it.

Rudolph Gift Tag

Saw this gift tag from Dianne Shiozaki but could not find her directions. So I will give you the 'recipe' I used to make this tag.  Here is the inside:

Used the Sizzix/SU Two Tags die for this. Supplies I used:

Red card stock from Michaels
Kraft card stock from Michaels
White card stock from Georgia Pacific
Black from scraps
Two Tags Die
Stampin Up Large Oval punch
SU 3/4" circle punch
Small oval punch for red nose
Small and extra small punches for mouth and eyes
Stampin Up Snowflake punch for antlers
To/From stamp from Inkadinkado
Ribbons from stash
SU Close to Cocoa ink
Snowflake stamp
ColorBox white ink


Using the Two Tags die cut out white card stock
Using the Two Tags die cut out red card stock and stamp the front of the tag with the snowflake stamp with white ink. I closed the tag and then I did my stamping on the front of it.
Punch oval out of Kraft card stock and sponge the edges with the SU Close to Cocoa ink. Punch out one 3/4" circle from the Kraft card stock and cut that in half. Sponge the edges of the 1/2 circles. Punch out the snowflake from white card stock. Using scissors clip off two of the snowflakes but leaving them attached to each other. Using the small oval punch punch out a red oval for the nose. Now put the snowflake section on the back top of the large oval with a glue dot. Then put the 1/2 circle ears on with a glue dot. I then used a glue pen and put the two small circles for the eyes on the reindeer face. Used 2 glue dots for the red oval for his nose and put that on his face.  I used another circle punch for the mouth. Put the reindeer head/face on the white scallop die cut piece. I then used a stamp from Inkadinkado and StazOn Black ink for the "to/from" stamp on the inside. Added two ribbons from the stash. Thank you Dianne S for a too cute holiday tag!! TFL

Friday, September 7, 2012

Scalloped Tag Treat Holder

These holders were made using the Sizzix/SU Two Tags die. This die cuts two different tags each time. I had just used it to cut out tags for my previous post. Since this die cuts the two tags each pass I always cut my card stock large enough for the whole die. Once I had made the other treat holders I had all these tags left:

I used two of these tags for each of these scallop tag treat holders. With these cut I then scored them below the bottom scallop at the top of the tag. Put adhesive on the scalloped section only and put them together, wrong sides together:

Once these were adhered together I used a bone folder to make a sharp crease on the scored lines. Then put them back on the score board and scored 1/4" on each side of where they were together:

Then I closed this matching the straight edges and using a pencil I made two dots for the hole punch for the ribbon. This way when I use the punch I am going through the two sides of the tag holder:

Once the holes were punched I used a bone folder again to give the new score lines a sharp crease. Using glue dots on two miniature candy bars I put the candy on the scallops--one candy bar on each side of the scallops. Once that was done I used ribbon from the stash and tied it closed. Using the Stampin Up stamp set Bitty Boos Too I used StazOn Black ink to stamp those onto scrap white card stock. Used a small circle and a small scalloped circle punch for those and put them on the front with glue dots. Easy to do and they are free standing and best of all? Use up scraps which is always a good thing.  TFL

Two Tags Treat Holder

These are the larger tag from the Sizzix/Stampin Up Two Tags Die. When the shape is cut it also puts a score line on the tag. To make this a candy/treat holder that will stand up I took the tag and then scored it on the Scor-Pal 1/4" on both sides of the scored line. See photo:

The blue tag shows the scored line after the die is cut. The black tag shows the die cut scored line and then the two 1/4" lines I made on either side of the die cut scored line. These hold the miniature candy bars. See below:

I used two glue dots to attach the candy bar to the tag holder. As you can see on the green tag holder on the left that I put the candy bar in backwards. If you put it in the holder as the black one shows your holder may not stand up freely. To help it be free standing is why I scored the bottom.  These are easy to make and I used ribbons from the stash. The stamps are from Stampin Up Bitty Boos Too and I used StazOn Black ink for them. Used a circle and a scalloped circle punch. TFL

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tag Gift Card Holder

This is a gift card holder that was made using the Sizzix/Stampin Up Two Tags die. I used a stamp from the stamp set Deer Friends by Stampin Up. Red and green card stock is from SU and the holly print is from Joanns. This is a simple gift card holder to make once it is all figured out. . .


Sizzix/SU Two Tags Die
Red, green, and printed card stock
1 3/4" Scallop punch
1 1/4" and 1 3/8" Circle punches
Red sticky tape
Stamp for scallop circle piece
Green ink
Glue dots
Score board


Take a piece of green card stock that is twice as long as the die piece you want to cut out. Score that in the center and use a bone folder to make a sharp crease. Put this on top of the die so the crease line is above the bottom of the die. See photo:

Once this is cut out then I punched out a scallop circle from the red card stock. Stamped my stamp with green ink on white scraps and punched that out with a circle punch. Used adhesive to put the tree circle on the red scallop circle.

For the holder of the gift card you need a piece of red card stock 4" x 5 1/2" and score this at 2 1/2" and again at 5". Put red sticky tape on the 1/2" wide piece. This will be the flap folded over to close the holder. I also put a piece of red sticky tape at the bottom of my holder as I think it looks more finished. Once the tapes are in place remove the red strip from the tape pieces and fold your holder. The holly piece is cut to 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" and I used the 1 3/8" circle punch to make the circle at the top of the piece. **I made myself a template so I can easily place the punch where it needs to be on the piece -- see below:

Once the template was made I turned the cut holly piece over and traced the cut circle on the back of the holly piece and when I punched my circle it was from the back so I had it centered on the cut holly piece. This will help to keep it centered when you punch out the circle off the top of the holly piece.  I then used adhesive to put the holly paper onto the front of the gift card holder. Once the holly piece was on the front I used the 1 1/4" circle punch and punched off the front of the holder. This will give the holly circle a 'frame' as you can see on the holder. 

For the tag piece when you put the tree/scalloped piece on this you have to use adhesive on the right side of the tree piece only. You need the left side of this to be able to go over the half circles on your gift card holder. In the photo below I put a piece of yellow card stock under my tree piece so you can see only half of the piece has adhesive:

Now you can put your gift card in the green scalloped tag and it will easily slide into the red holder. This is a simple presentation for a gift card and of course much nicer than the envelopes retailers provide with their gift cards. These are perfect for Christmas but will be equally nice for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's and Father's Day, graduations, baby showers, and it is endless. I had seen these done before but I will say making a template is a wise decision so your circles are centered on the front of the holders. See below: