Friday, November 30, 2012

Twizzler Treat Holder

For this Twizzler Treat Holder I used the Sizzix/SU Petite Pocket Die. I used red card stock from Stampin Up for the holder. I cut that out with the Sizzix machine. Once it was cut out I used the holly embossing folder from the Sizzix folder set Powdered Sugar/Snowglobe set. I embossed the front flap only:

To show the pattern off on the pocket front while it was flat I used a dark colour red ink from Stampin Up and sponged that all over the holly embossing. Once that was done I used a bone folder for all the scored lines and used red sticky tape behind the front embossed piece to close the pocket. Then I added Star Dust Stickles to the berries on the embossed piece. Set that aside to dry.  Below is a photo to try to show how sparkly these are but the photo does not capture it well :

I used a Merry Christmas greeting stamp and red ink for the greeting. Used an oval punch for that and the red oval behind it. I then put these on an oval from the silver Pearls card stock from Joanns.

To finish off the holder I used white/silver ribbon and tied the greeting on the ribbon with silver twine. This goes together quickly and the longest part is letting the Stickles dry. You can use any of the longer candies or maybe even a flat round lollipopto put inside.  TFL

1 - 2 - 3 Steps = a Box

This is a treat box that measures 3" x  4  1/2". It is large enough to hold some goodies or small gift or gift cards with candies. No die is needed --- all you need is:

Scoring board
Bone folder
Word Window punch (or other shape)

# 1     Cut two pieces of card stock to 5" x 5  1/2"
#2      Score at 1" on each long sides on each piece
#3      Score across short end at 1" on each piece but only score one short end on both
              pieces -- the one short end will have no score line

See photos:

I find with this box that the heavier card stock from SU or others is better than the card stock that is sold in packs from Michaels as it holds its' shape better. Score the long sides and then the one short side on each piece. Each piece will not have a score line on one short end -- this will be the top of your box. Use a bone folder to make the scored lines sharp. Clip the short sides as this is the bottom of the box.

I used the Word Window punch from Stampin Up but you could use a small oval punch or even a circle punch -- punch it out of scrap card stock from a different colour than your box. Using removable adhesive put this shape on your box at the short end that you did not score which is the top of your box. Once that is in place use that same shape punch and punch OVER that so you have your punched piece where you want it on your box and this will make it centered. Because this card stock is thicker you can put your scrap shape piece on both front and back of your box pieces being sure they are lined up OR punch out the front and put this front piece on top of the back piece lining them up and then punch again:

If you do it this way make sure your front and back box pieces are lined up perfectly so your punched areas match on the pieces. You will now have two pieces that look like this:

At this time if you wanted to stamp a design on the front and back of the box this would be a good time to do that since they are flat -- once you have done that you can put red sticky tape on the box front sides and bottom and then assemble your box.

For mine I made a belly band out of striped paper and used a piece of printed card stock "Merry Christmas"  to be in the center of the belly band. I then added a white ribbon to tie on the box top. ** Used a reindeer stamp and a circle punch for that and the red piece behind him and then used a circle scallop punch on brown card stock to put that on. Used a small circle punch to punch a hole in the reindeer tag and tied it on the ribbon with silver twine. Inside the box I have paper shred from the dollar store and loose candies, a candy cane, and a Ghirardelli bar. This box does stand up on it's own so these could be used at a table place setting or on the dessert buffet or handed out at the office, etc..  ** As for the reindeer tag -- with the holiday season upcoming I usually stamp these after Boo Day so when I begin the Christmas projects I already have my stamped images done and ready to be put together for projects. I have the reindeer and trees stamped as well as using tree punches and punched those out.  This way when I need to add something to a project I already have the pieces ready to be assembled -- I keep them in a box on my table so they do not get lost on the craft table  -- and believe me -- that CAN happen....  haha

By having the opening on the front and the back of the boxes instead of tying a knot as I did on the front shape you could use larger ribbon to tie a bow putting the ribbon from the box front to the back -- that would help to keep things inside the box if you you fill it up. Make your boxes and decorate as you wish as they all can match or be different --- be sure to use scraps up for the tags you use or even the front of the belly bands.   TFL

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rudolph and Santa Tags

Sometimes the mail brings the same ole' same ole' but today my order from: came and this is what I had ordered --- they sell the Cottage Cutz dies and with the Black Friday sales they were also having sales on some of their holiday dies. The dies from Cottage Cutz truly are some of the better dies out there.

When you open the package this is the die piece:

This is a one piece die which is nice because all the small pieces will be cut out with the one pass you make through the Cuttlebug.  Also in the package is the foam sheet that goes with the die and you peel off the backing to that and put it on the die -- once it goes through your Cuttlebug for your first card stock cut it will now look like this:

These foam sheets keep your card stock pieces from getting stuck on or in the die --- takes seconds to run it through the Cuttlebug and then it can take many minutes to get all your pieces off/out of a die if you do not have these foam sheets. This is one thing that makes their dies so nice. Once I decided all the colours I wanted to use for my two die cut guys I cut all my card stocks to size to fit over the die and then just kept cutting all my pieces. Some times I use scraps to cut things out and had 2-4 different card stock scraps on the die to cut out my pieces. I used card stock from Michaels and also Stampin Up. I will say I also used one layer of a card stock shim for each pass as the card stock from Stampin Up is a heavier weight and the shim helps the die cut all the way through the card stock. One sheet shim is enough -- you will not need two. Here is a pile of pieces I ran through the Cuttlebug:

Took all these to the work table and they all punched out of the card stock with no trouble--never used scissors on any of them. Using Stampin Up inks I sponged the edges of the Santa pieces, and Rudolph pieces, and the edges of the tags. And as usual I always make a circle to go around the hole in the tag to reinforce it for the ribbon. I used a small circle punch and then used a larger circle punch over that for those and put them on the tags with a glue pen. For Santa I also added pink chalk for his cheeks and nose. White gel pens were used for their eyes. These are simple and easy to put together and I really like the bottom scalloped edge on the tags. Again TFL and here they are:

Shipping Tag nugget holders

These are nugget holders I made for Christmas using shipping tags (Avery?) from the office supply store. These tags hold 2 chocolate nugget candies. The tag size I used for these are approx 4  3/4" x 2 1/2" and come in boxes of a few to a lot per box.  The shipping tags I used have wire on them to attach to whatever and first you need to remove the wire and discard:

I used the holly embossing folder from the Sizzix set Powdered Sugar and Snowglobe set. Please notice that I put the reinforced hole on the tag at the bottom of the embossing folder -- this way it is not too bulky by the fold of the embossing folder and you will get a more evenly embossed piece. Ran that through the Cuttlebug:

This is the embossed tag -- now you need to decide if you want your tag to have the embossed side raised or the back side of the embossing. Once that was decided (I am using the raised side) I then used the Old Olive ink from Stampin Up and using a sponge in a circular motion I sponged the ink on the tag:

You can ink this as light or as dark as you would like. I then turned it over and from the back side of the tag I scored it from the straight bottom to the top at 2  1/8" and again at  2  5/8". Use a bone folder to get the scored lines sharp as this will be the bottom of your holder and the sharper creased lines will help the holder to freely stand better. Now you need to hold the tag holder 'closed'. Using a small circle hole punch punch a hole in the reinforced hole so that the back of the tag now as a hole in the same place. While still holding that snip off the two points from the back piece so both the front and the back have clipped upper corners. See photo:

These hold 2 nugget candies and I put mine in with a glue dot this way:

This way when it is closed it stands easier and is not bulging from the curved top of the candies. Now using ribbon I put that through the hole at the top of the tag and tied a knot and trimmed the ribbon. You can leave these this way OR I added red Stickles to two of the holders in the photo and for the third I just used a marker for the berries. I only did the Stickles and marker on the front of the tag holder.You can also decide when you tie your ribbon if you want the brown reinforced hole to be in the front of your holder or in the back. I have made them both ways in the past so it really does not matter. Whichever you would like. I have done 1/2 of these with the reinforced hole in the front and also in the back -- see photo:

If you have little ones that have to be in the craft room helping you you could have them run the shipping tags through the Cuttlebug or maybe they could tie your ribbon or sponge your designs. As for adding the Stickles be sure you have them flat when you put the Stickles on --- I had the tags made with the candies inside and then tied them closed. I then laid them flat and added the Stickles to the berries allowing ample time to dry. ** The other thing is to remember some embossing folders have a one way design -- I had used the Pumpkin Harvest folder for these for Thanksgiving and if you look at the holder on the back the pumpkins are upside down -- I doubt anyone I had given them to looked at that as they were happy to have the candies -- :0)   --- but that is something to keep in mind when you are deciding which side is the front of your tag nugget holder. These tags are inexpensive and are heavier than card stock and stand well. You can do a lot of things with the tags -- they sell different sizes, shapes, and colours. Also if you are having to make a bunch for work or a gathering the tags are already cut for you so you will not have to cut them all out. Well--someone made a mess in the craft room so I should go fix that... wonder who that was??? hmmmmmmmmmm     TFL

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Hats

These hats are for the chocolate Nugget candies -- made them before but they are still oh-so-cute:

Long time ago had seen these made up on Splitcoast by Cinderelly49 and this is the place for her directions:   I have added a scalloped circle to my hats to give them a scalloped brim. Also use a glue pen to put the hat together and not glue dots.  I find it best to put the brim of the hat onto the candy wrapper with the brad first and then assemble your hats. These look like they are time consuming but I punched out all my pieces and assembled them all together.... still a cute idea for sure .... well I had a productive day in the craft room but now can only walk sideways --- hahaha.. so I best go clean up ... until the next project . . .   TFL

Die treat holders

The treat holders in this post were all made using the Stampin Up Petite Pocket die which Stampin Up has on sale and today is the last day to order it for the sale price. Normally it is approx $43.00 but on sale it is approx $30.00 and I think it is a great deal for that price -- so if you should not have one think it over while you get out your credit/debit card and contact Stampin Up wherever you are  --- and here is what I have made today using mine:

To begin with --- keep it on the cheap. You do not have to use expensive card stock/papers for these. I used Kraft paper sold in packs at Michaels (on sale or with coupon) for the box with the tree on the left and the box on the right with the dots. For the middle on being a single die piece I did use SU red card stock.

The first holder I cut two pieces with the die and I then cut printed card stock and put that on the front piece of my box. I then added printed card stock to the top flap that is folded over. Once those were in place I then used red sticky tape for the edges and bottom and then made the box. Added red trim to tie in a knot at the top. Using the Fiskars tree punch I used a paint sample and punched out the green tree. Used gold crochet yarn to tie the tree on. By combining two of the die pieces and making a box it is high enough to hold the thicker candy bar I put in it.  The second holder is a single die piece and I cut that out and then used a single snowflake stamped and used white ColorBox ink to stamp that randomly all over the front and back pieces of the holder while still flat. I then used a Sizzix Reindeer die and out of scraps cut out the reindeer in the Cuttlebug using scrap card stocks. Since this is a single die cut put your red sticky tape on the curved front piece and then close. I added a ribbon and two bells and two candy canes. For the brown dotted holder I had seen the one done by Tanya Bell so I decided to make my own.

I cut two pieces from Kraft card stock and while that was flat I stamped a dotted stamp from DeNami Designs with brown ink on the front and back piece. To make these die pieces into boxes you have to cut the die piece which is shown in photos:

Run red sticky tape on the sides and bottom. Used a reindeer stamp from the SU set Joyous Celebrations (you can order that today when you order your die) and stamped that with brown ink. Punched it out with a circle punch and added red behind it with a brown scallop. Now the the oval---in the photos below I have shown I used the small oval punch and punched that out. Now take the next size oval punch and punch over the small oval and that will give you your oval frame. Keep the small oval as you will put that on your two die pieces with removable adhesive so you can line up your punch over that to keep it centered on your Kraft die piece:

Before I did anything else I now decided which side I wanted to be the box front and I used a glue pen and put the red oval ring on the front of the box. Whenever you make a box be sure to use a bone folder on all scored lines as that will help to keep the shape of the box/holder. I then put the sticky tape on the side flaps and bottom--peel off and make your box. I used shredded paper from the dollar store and put that in the treat box/holder with the little candies inside. Used silver twine and tie the Reindeer piece onto the ribbon and tied the ribbon in a knot at the top. Looks like this:

Tips for treat holders and such:  use the cheaper card stocks as you will probably put ribbons on them or belly bands and the like. I have never had one fall apart and that is probably because I only use the red sticky tape to hold them together. As for twine --- too many times with the gold and silver metallic twines they will not stay tied in a bow or in a knot --- so go to the store and pick up some crochet yarn -- it is softer and has the metallic threads running through them so in this post for the gold I used just that. Tied a knot and it stayed. It also lays flat which gives your projects a nicer look. Don't have lots of $$$$ or even time to run around and buy coloured card stocks?? no problem---next time you are at the big box home improvement stores or the big W (Walmart) go to the paint departments---the paint samples are free. I used a green paint sample for the tree on my first box. Go to the dollar store for bags of the paper shred as it comes in many colours and it looks nice with your candies/treats in your box. ALSO remember today is the last day for the sale of this die and as you can see you can make a lot with it... I have yet to use it for the pocket envelope it makes . . .  but I will some day I am sure. TFL

Embosslit Tags

These are holiday tags I made using the Merry Sizzix/Stampin Up Embosslits die. I used the Sizzix Tags, Scallop Combo #2 die to cut the tags out of Kraft card stock from Michaels. Used a small circle punch and then a larger circle punch over that for the circle around the hole in the tag. Printed papers are from My Mind's Eye. Used a border punch from Martha Stewart for the loop border and the tree border is a punch from Fiskars.  Used the Sizzix/Stampin Up embosslit Merry die for the smaller red and green tags. The reindeer punch is from Fiskars and I added a red crystal for his nose. Ribbons are from the stash.  TFL

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Circle to a Square Box

Black Friday sales . . .  picked up the set of four circle templates from Fiskars @ AC Moore on Black Friday with a good coupon for total purchase . . .  I have made smaller treat holders/boxes with smaller circles or circle punches but wanted to make a larger size so I bought these round templates just for this. I will try to explain this as I go along and with photos I will show it done on white card stock so it is easier to see. It may sound difficult but hoping I made it easier with photos. These are what I made with these circle templates:

In the larger red box I have 3x3 holiday cards I made. The smaller green holder has white paper shred from the dollar store in the bottom and it holds two Ghirardelli candies. To begin with:  The larger red holder was made using the largest circle template in the set (8.25"). I first took a Sharpie marker and marked the quarter marks on the backside of the circle template so this is easily seen. I then put the template on the red card stock. Holding it firmly I used a pencil and lightly traced around the circle. Do not take the template off the card stock yet as you need to make a pencil dot on the inside of the circle line at all four quarter marks. Remove the template and using scissors cut this out:

Once the circle is cut out use a pencil and make a pencil dot on the backside of the red circle where your original pencil dots are as you will be turning your circle over for scoring and you need the dots on both sides.

On the white circle you will see the pencil dot. I used the Marth-Pal (Martha Stewart score board) to make these boxes as she has the 1/8" marks on her scoring board. Take your circle with the four pencil dots and put it on the scoring board -- use the score board to measure the width of the circle. Divided this in half and using a Sharpie marker I made a mark on the scoring board -- this mark can be removed with a Qtip dipped into rubbing alcohol later. This mark on the board and the dot on your card stock will ensure that you are scoring this circle evenly. I made a mark at the top of the scoring board and also on the measurements on the side of the scoring board. This is where the pencil dots will help you -- for the red circle score it at 1 1/2" and 2".  Turn the circle over and match your dots again and score it again at the same measurements which will be on the opposite side of the circle -- this will be obvious in the photo below. Once it is scored twice at these measurements turn the circle to the right to the next pencil dot which is a quarter turn. Again line up the pencil dot to the score board mark and then score this at 3" and 3 1/2". Below you will understand this better as I did this on white and I used a pencil to make dotted lines on the scored lines so you can easily see:

Trim below the 3" and 3 1/2" scored lines with scissors as below:

Add red sticky tape to the front panel you have created by cutting away your lower circle corners and this should look like this:

Peel your tape and close the box and decorate with a belly band, ribbon, or whatever. For the smaller green box I used the 7.25" circle template and scored that at: 1 1/2" and 2" and turn it over and score at those measurements again on the opposite side of the circle and then turn it one quarter turn and score at 2 1/2" and 3".  I suggest you make these first on copy paper or cheaper card stock and if you want to make measurement changes do it now before you use your good card stock for your finished project. Any circle will do -- trace a bowl, dinner plate, or whatever and you will just have to figure out your scored lines. Once you make your first one and have your measurements it goes together quickly and the pencil dots are easily erased. The red card stock and the green card stocks are from Stampin Up and the printed card stock is from AC Moore on sale Black Friday from American Crafts and it is from the Jolly pack of card stock. Used scalloped circle punches and the trees were made with a Fiskars punch and a small EK Success punch. Ribbon is from the stash. Pop dots are behind the scalloped circles for dimension.

These are the 3x3 cards I made that are in the red holder. I also made white envelopes from copy paper for them. You can put candies, 3x3 cards, gift cards or whatever in these holders. I do not own a circle cutting system as I have not found anyone that is in love with any of the circle cutters on the market ... scissors always work so used those -- haha.  Hope you will try to make these boxes as they are easy to make and you can easily make any sizes you would like. TFL

Friday, November 23, 2012

York Holders

*** See note at bottom of this post

The York Peppermint patties used to be twisted closed and they were a circle. Cut and fun to decorate so apparently we we enjoying that too much so now they are sealed into a square wrapper. Totally un-cute and hard to decorate without the end flaps showing . . .

I had used this die from Sizzix "Petal Card Die" and made bunches of holders for the Ghirardelli squares but I had too many holders and not enough Ghirardellis . . . .     so I decided I would try to see if the York Peppermint Patties fit in the holders and they do -- it is thicker but it works and at Christmas time York Peppermint Patties are popular. I used mostly non-holiday card stock for the wrappers and the decorations are snowflake stickers, little trees punched out with the Fiskars holiday tree punch, the Reindeer punch, and also the Stampin Up stamp set Perfect Punches for the "Joy". I added crystals and ribbons from the stash and I used a circle punch and a scallop circle punch for the circles on the front of the holder. These are very easy to make and are put together using glue dots so they get put together quickly.

Below is a photo of two of the holders close up. I did not want to make all the holders the typical red and greens for Christmas but also a blue and the brown snowflake card stock from Stampin Up.

Picked up glittered snowflake stickers for the Black Friday sale @ Michaels last night and used those on the front of the holders -- the stickers were BOGO so that was good .... TFL  *** Forgot to mention this --- the Snack Size York Peppermint Patties are larger than the holiday bag of Yorks and I have used these holders for both size candies and they fit. So FYI for anyone that wants to make these up.  :0)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

A wish for a Happy Thanksgiving for the blog followers (thank you) and the daily visitors -- had seen this turkey done by Bonnie Klass on Splitcoast so thought I would share it with you if anyone should be needing a quick turkey for place settings, treat holders, lollipops, or such:

You will need:

1 3/4" scallop circle punch
1" circle punch
SU Word Window punch
2 wiggle eyes
Heart punch
SU Owl punch
Glue pen
Glue dots

I used scrap papers from the scrap file for my turkey and tail. Here are the pieces you will punch out:

Punch 3 scalloped circles with the 1 3/4" punch, 1 Word Window piece, 1   1" circle piece, two gold hearts for the feet, and I used the Owl punch for the heart that is rust and that is the wattle for the turkey. For his beak I just used scissors and cut out a triangle for that. In the photo below you will see how to cut the scallop circles for his tail:

Using scissors cut off 5 scallops leaving you 9 scallops for the tail piece. You can discard the pieces you cut off. (You can also use a Sharpie marker and mark the silver side of your scallop punch and then punch off the edge of your card stock for the 9 scallops--this will help if you are making multiples as you will not have to keep stopping to count this. Again --- Sharpie marker marks are removable with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel so your marks will not be permanent)  If you look at the upper left rust circle you will see I used scissors and made a cut between each scallop --- this will enable you to make the tail more dimensional as it can now bend.

To put together I stacked the scallop/tail pieces that I had already clipped between the scallops using a glue dot to hold together in a stack.  Then put the Word Window long piece on top of the 1" brown circle -- this is his face and body. Put the rust heart on his face (the wattle) and put the gold triangle for his beak on top of the wattle. I used a glue pen for this as it is smaller than the glue dots. I  used the glue pen and put on two wiggle eyes. Lastly using the glue pen I put the two gold hearts on the turkey for his feet.  Again here he is:

~~~~~       Happy Thanksgiving -- enjoy your gobble day    ~~~~~

Let It Snow . . . man . . .

To begin with this card is on a dark green card base with light blue and then the white piece the snowman is on. The snowman is a stamp from and I believe it is M08-"Fat Snowman". Morningstarstamps also has different snowmen and I stumbled across them at one of the many scrapbooking and card making shows I  attended  when I lived in NY state. There are times when you want a small figure stamp or small greetings and as we all know there is a stamp company that sells only smaller stamps but their prices are not so small . . .   Morningstarstamps sells larger images/greetings as well as the smaller and their prices are more affordable. Their stamps are well made and always leave a clean impression. They also have very good customer service if you should have to email them and they also ship quickly. . .  now back to the card ---

Once I had the card base cut and scored I then stamped the snowman using Basic Brown ink from Stampin Up on white card stock.. Using colour pencils I coloured in the heart, scarf, buttons, holly, nose, twigs, and flower at the top of the wreath. I also used a gray pencil for the snow at the base of the snowman. I did the colouring very loosely and not exact and it did not take long at all.  Once the colouring was done I lightly spritzed the piece with Shimmer Mist and set it aside to dry. Once it was dry I then trimmed it to the size I wanted and put the card together. Using scrap white glitter card stock from Hobby Lobby I used snowflake punches and punched out the three snowflakes. Put those on the card front with glue dots. Then I used red Stickles and put it on the holly berries on his head and on all the berries on the wreath. I tried to take a photo so you could see the berries and Shimmer Mist on the card front and here it is:

Simple card to make and in person it is very sparkly with the Shimmer Mist and the Stickles.  TFL