Thursday, February 28, 2013

Butterfly Nuggets

Had seen the butterfly nugget holders by Monica Weaver ("ratona27") on SCS that she made using the Add A Little Dazzle Metal Sheets from SU -- I do not have any of those (yet) so I made my butterflies using textured card stock.

To begin with I cut out the butterflies with the Cuttlebug using the small Sizzix Butterfly #12 die. Using the D'Vine Swirls embossing folder I then embossed the butterflies. For the blue butterfly I sponged the edges with my Close To My Heart Heavenly Blue ink, the green butterfly I used my Close To My Heart Key Lime ink, and for the pink butterfly I used the SU Mauve Mist ink. I added clear crystals from my stash for the body of the butterfly and set those aside.

For the wrapper for the chocolate nugget candy I used printed card stock and cut them to 1" wide by 3 1/8" long. Put those around the nugget candies using a glue dot and then added the butterfly with a large glue dot. If you look at the butterflies Monica made she used the Metal Sheets for her butterfly and a belly band for the nugget wrapper. But for now here is my version with supplies I have on hand --- until my SU order arrives.

The SU Metal Sheets are four times stronger than aluminum foil so they take the embossing quite well yet they are easy to work with --- you can cut them with punches, scissors, as well as a paper trimmer. They have packs with many colours inside so you get the 'bang for your buck' that we all appreciate. TFL and YOLO

Windows made simple

Will explain how to make a 'window' on your card front --- circle, oval, square, rectangle, heart shapes and such. To begin with my blue card base is SU card stock and the white is GP. Used a bunny stamp from Whipper Snapper and black ink from SU for that. Here is the list of supplies:

Card stock for the card base
GP white for the insert
Bunny stamp
Painters Tape
Spellbinders die (I used the Classic Oval die)
Removable tape runner
COPY paper ( in my photos I have green and a purple copy paper)

To begin with I cut and scored my card base. Decided I wanted this card to be wider than longer so I turned it to the side. Using COPY paper I cut a piece of that that is the same size my insert will be. Since my card base is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" then I cut my copy paper 5 1/4" x 4" for the insert. See photos:

This photo shows the blue card base, the green piece would be the insert, and the white card stock that is larger than what I will use, but is the piece I will stamp the bunnies onto.

Again I am using the purple piece in place of my green piece for photos --- taking your copy paper piece use removable adhesive on the corners and put the insert on the inside of your card, behind the front piece of your card, pressing down so it will stay in place as above. Turing your card over place the largest oval die centered on your card front. I used the painters tape to keep this in place:

Run this through the Cuttlebug and this is what it will look like from the back side of your piece and then once you remove your cut ovals:

Take the metal die off the card front and from the back side remove your purple piece. Now place your cut purple piece, your template, onto the white card stock you have stamped your bunnies on, centering it over the bunnies:

Press your edges down --- your removable adhesive will still work for this step. Once that is done take it to the trimmer and trim the white card stock off from the purple piece and you will now remove your purple piece. Using adhesive I put the bunny piece insert in the card:

Closing the card you will see your bunnies are centered --- this is just a sample as the card I made I had stamped and then coloured my bunnies before I began to make my card. But did want to show how simple this is if you use a copy paper as your template for getting your 'window' to line up and be centered over your insert image.  TFL  and YOLO

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bunny Hop Holder #3

Different take on a chocolate bunny --- no calories, but is fuzzy.... Used brown flocked card stock for my bunny and added a white flocked card stock for the tail.


Sizzix/SU Two Tags die (cut 2 of pink)
MFT Easter Elements and Embellished Eggs for the eggs
SU Bitty Banner dies (greeting tag)
SU Trio Flower punch (bunny tail)
SU Blossom Builders punch (cut 2 of small leaf for ears)
3/4" circle punch (cut 1 for bunny head)
3/4" x 15/16" SU oval punch (cut one for bunny bottom)
Flocked brown card stock (Joanns)
Flocked white card stock (Hobby Lobby)
Green checked card stock (Hobby Lobby)
Pop dots
Glue dots
Red sticky tape

To begin cut two pink tags from your die. Using a piece of matching pink card stock cut it 4 1/2" x 3 1/8" and I scored this at 1" on all four sides -- I scored it as I kept turning it until all sides were scored. Using scissors clip your ends so you can form your box:

Use glue dots to keep the ends closed. Using red sticky tape put tape on the bottom side of one of your tag pieces. Then tape this on top of the other tag bottom half and that will be the holder. Using red sticky tape on the bottom of your box/insert center this over the taped bottom of your tag pieces.

For the bunny punch out your pieces from your flocked card stock. If you should have trouble punching your pieces out using the flocked card stock then try punching it from the backside as that may work better.  I put the bunny pieces together using glue dots and used those to add the eggs to the front as well.

Used a piece of scrap checked card stock from Hobby Lobby for the green paper and for the greeting stamped it with the stamp and cut it out with the Cuttlebug and the Bitty Banner die set. Added the bunny to the front with pop dots.  Ribbons from the stash and tied them in a knot.  Will add paper shred from the dollar store and candies for the treats. These tag holders would be good for the table setting on Easter or for favors at the office or kids class at school.  These holders/bunnies, and such were all made with scraps from my new scrap system that was done by Tonya Gibbs and the Iris plastic storage box with photo keeper boxes inside. WORKS GREAT and I HIGHLY recommend this system. I have used it every day since I started it for me. Thanks Tonya for sharing it ---

Quick treat holders to put together and the flocked bunny adds another texture to the treat holder front.  TFL and YOLO

Bunny Hop Holder #2

Must our bunnies always be brown -- which is reminding us of chocolate bunnies -- yummmm... This holder I made a gray bunny for a change. Used the Sizzix/SU Two Tag die for the tag holder, made a box insert, made a bunny, and added eggs with grass for the front.


Sizzix/Two Tags die and Sizzix machine
MFT Embellished Eggs and Easter Elements die sets
SU Bitty Banner dies
SU Trio flower punch
SU Blossom Builders punch
3/4" circle punch
3/4" x 15/16" SU oval punch
SU Close to Cocoa ink
Martha Stewart border grass punch
SU Teeny Tiny Words stamp set
SU pink ink
SU gray ink
Pop dots
Glue dots
Red sticky tape

Cut two of the pink tags. Set aside. For the insert box cut your piece of matching pink card stock 4 1/2" x 3 1/8". Score that piece on all sides at 1". I scored my piece and kept turning it until all sides are scored. Using scissors clip the ends and use a bone folder and make your box. Keep the ends together using glue dots. To make the tag holder use the two tags and on the bottom of the tag put red sticky tape and tape the bottoms of the tags on top of each other. This will be the base/bottom of your holder. I then put red sticky tape under my insert box piece and centered that on the inside bottom of your tag holder.

For the bunny I punched out my pieces and on the gray pieces I sponged SU gray ink. Put the bunny together using glue dots. For the eggs on the lower right side of the holder I used the MFT stamp set Embellished Eggs and the Easter Element dies to cut out and stamp the eggs. Used glue dots to put the eggs together and put it on the front of the holder. For the banner I stamped the greeting and then cut that out using the Cuttlebug and the SU Bitty Banner die.

Used my new system for the scrap card stock pieces for the tags and bunnies as well as the banners. This system is from Tonya Gibbs and she used the Iris plastic storage box that holds the photo keeper boxes inside that -- see mine all finished and ready for use:

Will add paper shred from the dollar store and candies to my treat holder for Easter. This will make a good table marker or Easter favors for everyone -- just enough for a little bit of chocolate. TFL and YOLO

Bunny Hop Holder #1

This is a candy/treat holder for Easter. I used the Sizzix/SU Two Tags die in the Sizzix for the holder. Cut out two tags using the Kraft card stock*  from Michaels.  Bunny is also made with this card stock. The pink piece across the front of the holder is card stock from SU. Used the Easter Elements die set from for the flowers. Ribbon is from the stash as is the brad. For the greeting I used a stamp from the SU Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set and the SU Bitty Banners die to cut that out in the Cuttlebug.

* To begin this project I used all scraps from my new scrap storage system using the plastic storage container with photo keeper boxes inside of it by Iris. I bought this on sale at Michaels. See photo of this before I filled it up:

Once it was all filled up and labeled I put it by my work table and have used it every day since I put this together. This idea is from Tonya Gibbs --- and it really works well.  Back to the bunny holder:

In this close up photo you can see I sponged the edges of the bunny with SU Close to Cocoa ink and a sponge. Also on the pink piece across the front of the holder you can see I used the straight crimper ( I also have a wavy crimper) to give the pink piece dimension. Here is a photo showing the flower from the inside of the holder:

It is hard to see but I did use a small hole punch on the holder front tag to put the brad in the center of the flower through the holder. For this holder you need:

Sizzix/SU Two Tags die (Cut 2 kraft pieces of the larger tag on the die)
Cuttlebug machine (to cut out MFT flower dies)
MFT stamp set Embellished Eggs (for the flowers)
Scrap card stocks --- solids and prints
SU Teeny Tiny Elements
SU Bitty Banners die set
Pink/brown ribbon from the stash
Glue dots
Pop dots
Red sticky tape

For the bunny:

Trio flower punch (white tail)
Blossom Builders punch (small petal -- cut 2 for ears)
3/4" circle punch (cut 1 from Kraft for head)
3/4' x 15/16" oval punch (from SU---cut 1 for bunny bottom)
SU Close to Coca ink for sponging bunny pieces

I made an insert to hold treats for the inside of my box from matching card stock. That piece is cut 4 1/2" x 3 1/8". I scored this piece on all four sides at 1" -- scored and turned and repeat this until it is scored on all four sides. Clip your ends and using pop dots I made a box. For the tag holder used red sticky tape to tape one tag on top of the other on the bottom. Using red sticky tape again on the bottom of my little box I put this in the tag holder.

Pop dots are behind my bunny for dimension. Will add coloured paper shred from the dollar store and candies to my holder. These are a good size for a table setting or something small enough to hold our favorite chocolates. TFL and YOLO

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hitting the brick wall . . .

Wanting to learn new things I took a stamp class and learned four new techniques. Each one is challenging but anything new can seem that way. I have tried to make a brick wall before for a card but that did not work out . . .  So took the class and decided this IS going to work. Above is a photo of the card showing this technique from the class.

To show what I did I used red card stock for my bricks and for the piece of card stock that is my "brick base" (the piece I built the brick wall on) I used hot pink. For sponging the edges of my sample bricks I used black ink so you will be able to see the details. The pattern for the brick wall is done staggered as brick walls are made. The pattern is simple but it can get confusing with pieces --- in this post I will explain the bricks and not the stamping, bling, and such. The pattern for this card involves cutting 1/2 pieces for the brick wall but I have a way around that that may simplify this technique.

To begin with I cut a piece of red card stock 4" long x 3" wide. I cut a pink piece the same size. For the red piece I cut strips lengthwise every 1/2" --- then I cut the strips into 1" pieces. See photos:

Once all the bricks are cut I then sponged all four edges of each brick with SU black ink:

Looking at the card front I had made I used that to follow the pattern -- bottom row of brick for this card is four full bricks. What I find is best for me is to use the tape gun and run adhesive across the bottom of my base piece (the pink piece in this photo) and then put the bricks onto that. The brick pieces are small so I find it difficult to get good adhesive on each brick:

Once the first row is done I ran the adhesive across the card front for the second row and continued to do this with each row and then built my brick row.  The second row is staggered bricks so I put on the three full bricks and for each end of that row I used a full brick --- half will hang off this piece but simply flip your piece over and cut off the excess brick with scissors.  Keep the brick pieces you cut off.

Continue building your brick wall, following the pattern on the card, until it is complete.  Once the full bricks are all added you will see where you will put the 1/2 bricks you had trimmed off from your second row. On the second and fourth row of this card you have 1/2 bricks on the ends. You can see in this photo that you will use scissors to trim off the pink base where there are no bricks for you to have your brick wall pattern:

Once your wall is all put together and pink base trimmed away then turn this piece over and if needed trim your pieces that may overhang the edges. I then turned the piece over and went around all the outside edges with the sponge to be sure all the bricks are sponged on the outside edges.

When making this card in the class we first stamped our brick wall piece, then cutting it apart, and reassembling it into the brick wall. Doing that you have to pay attention to how you keep your pieces so it will be easy to reassemble into your brick wall --- for the card I made in the above photo once I came home I stamped the brick wall AFTER I had assembled my wall. Wanted to figure out my brick wall first and then I stamped it. But I think it does look better if you stamp your piece first, then cut the strips, and then cut your bricks.  Added flowers and pearls and a cut out butterfly with a pearl. Pop dots are behind the brick wall for dimension which is on the cream piece.

Of all the ways I have seen the brick walls made I think this is the easiest to cut all the bricks into 1" pieces and then trim off the half pieces as you go. With this size you will end up with 24 bricks for your piece and once the wall is completed you will have used 22 bricks.

Finally a technique that works and actually looks like a brick wall... am thinking this would be a good background for a lot of cards in the future -- the sponging of the edges really defines the look and the bricks. I am glad I learned how to do this --- will be good for Christmas cards, fireplaces, and such. Here is a photo of the front piece again:

And again the card:

The card base is blue from SU, with Very Vanilla, and I used Crumb Cake card stock for my bricks and also used that ink for the sponging of the bricks. It is not hard to do this technique -- just have to plan and if you stamp it first and then make your cuts be sure to keep your bricks in order by rows for easier re-assembly of your wall. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Easter Basket Card

To begin with this card is on a lavender card stock base with purple card stocks but the camera did not capture this well. This card was made with the Woven Basket Die, Easter Elements die,  and the Embellished Eggs stamp set from

I used white card stock from GP for the eggs which I cut out using the Easter Elements die set and then used inks from Stampin Up to stamp the eggs. Used scrap card stock for the solid yellow egg which I had cut out using an oval punch. For the plaid egg I used a scrap piece of white GP card stock and put adhesive on that with the tape gun. Then put a scrap piece of the plaid card stock on that and smoothed it out. Once that was done I then used the Easter Elements die set and cut out the egg and the small plaid flower. Used single layer plaid card stock and cut a triangle from that for the plaid 'liner' to the basket which is hanging down in the front of the basket. I also used the Fiskars squeeze bow punch for the plaid bow. Used the Martha Stewart grass border punch for the grass in the basket. Lace trim is by Darice.

How to assemble this card:

Cut and scored the lavender card stock for the card base. Using a darker lavender I cut a piece for the matting on the card front. For the embossed white piece I cut a piece of white GP card stock larger than I would need for the card front and used an embossing folder from Cuttlebug "Caramelo".  This folder is in the box when you buy a new Cuttlebug and it is a design from their European collection. If you would want to buy it, sells it --- go to their website and in the left side bar click onto "Cuttlebug European" and this will bring up the page this folder is on. This folder is the larger size embossing folder. As I do with most of my embossing folders I always emboss two pieces of card stock at a time --- I do this so I have a softer looking embossed piece and this also prevents the card stock from tearing as some folders emboss deeply. Once that was embossed I put the extra embossed piece in the file with the folder for later use if I should need to make a quick card and do not have a lot of free time to do that. This way I have an embossed piece ready for use.

Once the white card stock was embossed I trimmed it to the size I wanted. Using adhesive I put the embossed white card stock onto the purple matting piece. Then put these onto the card front. Using the Cuttlebug I cut out the basket die. Using lavender ink I sponged the edges of my basket and handle. Cut out the eggs and stamped those, punched out the yellow egg. Punched out the green grass from scrap card stock and trimmed that to the size I wanted. Using adhesive along the long straight edge between the basket handles I put the plaid triangle I cut out on the basket front. I put the grass on the backside of the basket with adhesive and then put the eggs behind the grass using glue dots. For the lace on the front of the basket I used red sticky tape across the top straight edge of the basket and put the lace trim on that. Trimmed the two ends of the lace with scissors. Using glue dots I put the bows together and added a pink crystal from the stash. Put this on the basket using glue dots. I layered my flowers on the left side of the basket front and put those on the basket using pop dots.

For the "Happy Easter" greeting I used the SU stamp set Teeny Tiny Wishes and purple ink. To cut it out I used the Bitty Banners from SU and I positioned the banner die over my stamped greeting with the die end close to the end of the word Easter -- I am cutting off the left side of the banner so this way my banner is not too long for my project. Put that on the card front using a glue dot.

Once the basket was completed I then put it onto the card front. is coming out with new stamp sets with matching dies that are too cute to not use -- decided for this basket that I would add the lace to dress it up. Here is a close up photo of the basket front layers and also the embossed piece:

Here are actual baskets I have made with these dies and stamps:

This basket die embosses and cuts out the Woven Basket. The dies work very nicely and they are made in the USA -- woo hoo for that. But for this next basket I masked off the woven part of of the basket so I could used the Adornment heart embossing border folder from SU:

These go together quickly once all the pieces are cut out. Did my cuts first, then the stamping, and punched the pieces I also was using and then put it all together for my Easter Basket Card.  TFL and YOLO

Friday, February 22, 2013

Treasure Life Cards Set

These are products I used to make my four cards from six sheets of card stock. Supplies used:

Inks used:  Stampin Up:  Basic Black
                     Cool Caribbean
                     Mint Melody
                     Tempting Turquoise

Card stock:   2 sheets white (GP)
                     2 sheets SU Tempting Turquoise
                     2 sheets SU Black

Stamp set used Close To My Heart  "Treasure Life"
Martha Stewart Score Board
Sizzix Big Scallop border die
DeNami Designs dotted stamp
Various ribbons
Crystals ***
Martha Stewart Butterfly punch
Stampin Up Square Lattice embossing folder
Shimmer Mist

I will show each card and the insert and explain what was used:

For this card I used Temp Turquoise as the card base with black used as the matting. First I inked the large flower stamp with Temp Turquoise and stamped that off onto scrap paper and then stamped it onto the piece of GP. Cleaning the stamp in between I then stamped it with Cool Caribbean ink and then Mint Meloday ink, stamping it off onto scrap paper first. Used the long stamp in the set for the verse I used the Cool Caribbean ink for that. Assembled the front of the card, added ribbon, and put this on the card base. This card is scored on the side. Then lower photo shows the white insert and I used the Temp Turquoise ink for that.

This next card I used the black card stock as the card base and I used the Sizzix Big Scallop Border die and cut out a piece of the Temp Turquoise card stock. Using the dotted stamp from DeNami Designs I stamped that over the scallop piece using SU Black ink. For the front of the card I used Temp Turquoise card stock and black ink to stamp my large flower punch onto that.  Used my greeting sideways on the front of this card and I trimmed this piece to allow space for my large scallops. Cut my white card stock to the size I wanted and added black ribbon. Put this on the black card base. The insert for this card I just used the black ink for the flower and stamped it off first. This card is scored at the side.

This card is the only card of this set that I embossed the white piece. To begin with this card is on a card stock base of Temp Turquoise. The card is scored along the top. I added black for the matting and for the white piece I stamped the flower stamp with Temp Turquoise then with Cool Caribbean and finally with the Mint Melody. I used the "plant smiles . . " stamp and stamped that with the Cool Caribbean ink. Once that was done I then embossed this using the SU Square Lattice embossing folder. Trimmed it to the size I need and then lightly spritzed it with Shimmer Mist. Put the card front together and put this on the card stock base. Added crystals from my stash to finish the card. For the insert I stamped the flower stamp with Temp Turquoise ink and stamped it off and then stamped the white card stock piece and lifted and stamped it again.

This card is scored at the top and I used the black as the card stock base. For the front of the card I used Temp Turquoise ink and stamped that off and then stamped it onto the white piece. Using the Cool Caribbean ink I stamped it off and then stamped it onto the white card front. Using "Treasure ... " verse stamp from the stamp set I stamped that with SU Basic Black ink across the lower part of the card front and I stamped over the floral piece. This card also has Shimmer Mist on the white card front. Once that was dry I added ribbon and put this onto the card base. For the insert I lightly inked the flower stamp and stamped the insert piecing and stamped it a couple of times without re-inking the stamp.

*** This is for the tip on crystals ---- check the clearance bins at the craft stores for your crystals --- this is a sheet of small alphabet letters made with clear crystals and I cut them with scissors in between the crystals to use them on projects. I have bought sheets of the larger alphabets and also smaller sheets with just words spelled out -- IE  Love, smile, celebrate, and etc. You can cut them apart and use them for whatever you would like and the clearance prices are always better than the regular prices.

This next card is an extra I made as I wanted to ink the stamp with a swipe of the ink pad rather than tapping the ink pad onto the stamp. Used the Martha Stewart multi butterfly punch and that has one larger butterfly and two smaller ones. I used the smaller butterfly and a crystal from my alphabet crystal sheet for that. Once I had the card front stamped I then trimmed it to size and lightly spritzed Shimmer Mist on that. Put the card together and this is what it looks like:

Wanted to try out the swiping of the ink pad and I think it is effective in giving the card front a definite look. I swiped the four colours on the left side of the card front and then for the rest of the card front I just swiped the ink pad and also stamped the ink pad onto the flower stamp as I worked around the card front piece. Just be sure to cut this piece to the size you would want for your card front so when you trim it to the size you want you will not be trimming off too much of the stamped images.

For the four cards I made from the 6 sheets of card stock --- which includes the insert for each card --- I will leave the insert blank and stamp that as I use the cards. These would be good for Get Well, Thinking of You, Across the Miles, Engagements, encouragement, and an informal wedding and other occasions.

Clearly with six sheets of card stock you can make four cards with inserts and they can all match or all be different. I cut all my card stock pieces, did the scoring, and then worked on each card until it was completed.  CTMH has really nice stamps and because they are clear stamps and not CLEAR block stamps you can see where you are stamping on your card stock piece.   TFL and YOLO