Friday, February 27, 2015

Bunny Ghirardelli Holders

Had seen the Bunny Treat Holders by Chat at:

Perfect size holder for the Ghirardelli candy bars.

Supplies used:

Stampin Up Ornament Punch (bunny head)
1/2" circle punch (pink cheeks)
3/8" circle punch (white nose)
Stampin Up oval punches -- old black punches for ears
Stampin Up Owl punch (black circle behind eyes)
Wiggle eyes
Stampin Up Gray ink/sponge
Thin black marker

For holder:

Sizzix Card, Petal die
Stampin Up Curly Label Punch
Stampin Up Cute and Curly stamp set
Stampin Up Teeny Tiny Wishes
Glue dots
StazOn black ink

To make the holder I cut out the Sizzix Card, Petal die in purple and pink card stocks.

For the bunny head I punched out two ornament pieces from white/GP card stock. Used scissors to cut off the top of the ornament. Used white/GP card stock for the white oval ears. Using the Stampin Up Gray ink I sponged the edges of the ornament pieces and the white oval ear pieces.

Punched out the white circle for the nose, the two pink ovals for the ears, and the two pink circles for the cheeks. Used glue dots to put the nose on the pink cheek circles. Used a fine black pen for whiskers next to the nose. Punched out two circles from black card stock using the Stampin Up Owl punch and put the wiggle eyes onto these black circles using glue dots. Then put the nose/cheeks piece on the ornament piece using glue dots. Put the wiggle eyes above this piece, again using the glue dots. Put the pink ovals on the sponged white ovals for the ears and put the ornament/face piece on the ears using glue dots.

Used a bone folder for the Card/Petal piece for the holder. Wrapped a ribbon around each holder and put that in place with a large glue dot. For the greeting I stamped a label stamp from the Stampin Up Cute and Curly stamp set using StazOn black ink on white/GP. Used the Stampin Up Curly Label punch and punched that out. Using oval punches I punched out a pink and a purple oval . Then stamped "Happy Easter" on white/GP and punched that out using a smaller oval punch. Put the greeting on the striped label using glue dots and put this on the holder front.

Put the ornament/bunny piece on the top of the holder using large glue dots. Added a Ghirardelli candy bar to the holder and this treat holder was complete. Here is a closer photo of the greeting and label piece:

Could add a small bow near the bunny ears if you wanted to dress it up a bit. Thanks to Chat for sharing her holder and directions on her blog. Another cute project using the Stampin Up Ornament punch. TFL and YOLO

Bunny Bags

Had stumbled across these Easter treat bags on so decided I would make a few to have for Easter treats and basket tuck-ins. Crystal shares her how-to's in photos and also has a fee pattern for these bunnies. Here are the first two I made:

Crystal used embroidery thread for her bunny eyes and mouth but I opted for felt for mine. Used a circle punch for the black circles for the eyes and the nose is pink felt that I cut out using a Sizzix die in the Cuttlebug. I used Aileen's Tacky glue to put my eyes and pink heart nose on my bunnies:

Here is a photo of the backside to show the bunny tail:

Just used a white pom pom and again used the Tacky glue and put that on the bunny. For these photos I have paper shred inside my bunnies but these are a perfect size for Easter treats --- and cute enough if you do not have baskets for everyone --- fill up a platter with your stuffed bunnies (with chocolate) and hand them out on Easter or tuck them in your baskets.

I cut out a bunch of bunnies when I did my cutting but only sewed these two to show them. This is a job that will work out well if done in assembly line style -- cut out the fabric, do the sewing, clip the curves, sew the opening closed, turn right side out, glue on the face and pom pom tail and then stuff with chocolate treats. Easy to sew up and thanks to Crystal for the free pattern and her photo how-to's on her blog. TFL and YOLO

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Tag or Tie On

Had seen these Avery Key Tags made into Snowman Tags by Karen on her blog: As soon as I saw them I immediately thought of my two snowman face stamps from: I have used my Morningstarstamps snowman face stamps for many things -- from Snuggets to snowman wrappers for Lifesaver candy rolls and etc:

The Snuggets are wrappers on a Hershey chocolate nugget candy and the photo below that shows the Lifesaver Snowmen. Using my small snowman face stamp from makes quick work of putting these treat holders together . . . . Stamped the snowman face with StazOn black ink and used an orange marker for the nose. . .  so was happy to see this next Tag or Tie On by Karen on her blog and happy to find another use for my small snowman face stamp:

If you go to Karen's blog on the right side bar is a section for "Tags". Click on that and her Primitive Snowman Tags are there. I did a lot of the things she described for her tags but then she suggested a hat and I changed up the scarf . . .  added a flower to the hat. . .  then a crystal . . . and the story goes. 

Here is how I made my Tag or Tie On:

Here is a photo of the Avery Key Tags from the office supply store and these have a Split Ring. You need them to have the split ring so you can remove the ring:

Here is a photo of two key tags -- one with the ring and one after I removed the ring:

Once the ring is removed I used the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig and stamped the Morningstarstamps small snowman face stamp using StazOn black ink. Once that was stamped I used the Stampin Up Round Tab Punch and punched out a black "hat" using black card stock. Fold it in half and used a bone folder to crease the fold -- this is the top of the "hat". But how to know where the hole is in the key tag to put the twine through?

Using red card stock to show this better here is the stamped key tag and the red "hat" piece:

I put the red "hat" over my stamped key tag and once I had it in place I opened the "hat" and used a pencil to make a circle on the red piece to mark where the key tag hole was. Removed the stamped key tag piece from the red piece and used a small circle punch and punched out the penciled circle for the hole. Once the one side of the red piece was punched I closed the red piece and turned it over and punched the small circle punch in the hole already made. (Remember on my actual Tag or Tie Ons the red piece is the black hat). 

Once I had the hole in the front and the back of the "hat" piece I folded it again and used mini glue dots to put the "hat" piece on the stamped key tag. Added a strip of coloured card stock to the hat and put that onto the hat using a glue pen. Snipped off the excess with scissors. Then I punched out a small flower and put that on the hat with a mini glue dot. Added a small clear crystal to the center of that. Put a piece of twine through the hole in the hat/key tag and tied it in a knot. Clipped the ends of the twine with scissors. 

Karen had sponged her snowman face and for my samples the snowman with the blue scarf is not sponged. I just used light pink ink on his cheeks. For the snowman with the red scarf I did sponge his face using light brown ink and then I put his pink cheeks on. Here is a photo to show these two different looks altho the camera does not really capture it ---

For the blue scarf I used the Stampin Up Word Window punch and for the red scarf I used the Stampin Up Modern Label punch. I have my snowman Tag or Tie On on top of the scarves rather than behind the scarves as Karen shows hers. Thanks to Karen for sharing a cute project and I am so happy I have another project I can use my Morningstarstamps snowman face stamps for --- :0)

Here are the Tag or Tie On snowmen again:

Since it is still snowing here today I thought I would get into the spirit of it all and make a snowman project for the weather.... TFL and YOLO

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bunny Bag

Had ordered from in the past -- they carry My Favorite Things, Taylored Expressions, Tattered Lace, Cheery Lynn Designs and such and with each order I had gotten a good price, good shipping charges, and fast shipping -- which to us card makers -- is great. But. . .

I had never ordered any of their dies -- Top Dog Dies -- until earlier this week. I am on their email mailing list and they were having a sale so I decided I would order two of their brand dies and give them a try. I ordered a bunny for Easter and another die.

Wanted to use the bunny on a treat holder for Easter but what holder would I use? Had recently made this treat holder for Valentine's Day but did not want my bunny to be on such a big treat holder so I adjusted the pattern -- here is the Valentine's Day holder I had made:

Also I wanted my treat holder to be open at the top so after a couple of adjustments here is my Bunny Bag for Easter:

My pattern for this bag is:

Card stock is cut to 8 1/2" x 4 1/2. Score this with the long edge at the top of the score board at:
1 1/2", 4", 5 1/2", and again at 8".

Turn with short edge at the top of the score board:
1 1/4"

Cut your scored line at the bottom of your bag:

Once the scored lines have been creased used scissors and clip the scored lines and cut off the small scored line on the smallest scored section of the bag. Used red sticky tape to put the bag together. (The white card stock in the photo was my sample piece for my pattern).

After the bag was made I cut a piece of plaid card stock from the Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby for the front panel -- 2 1/4" x 3". Put that on the front panel using the ATG.

Used #110 weight white card stock from Mikes to cut out my bunny in the Cuttlebug. Even with this thicker card stock the Top Dog bunny die cut out the bunny, with details, the first pass through the Cuttlebug. After it was cut out I used light gray ink and sponged the edges of the bunny. Here is photo of the bunny die to show the detail on the die but also the extras it cuts out:

The die has the bunny, the two pieces for the pink for the bunny ears, eggs, and a nose piece. But for my bunny I used a small heart punch for my bunny nose. I put the pink ear pieces and heart nose on my bunny using a glue pen. Put my bunny on my treat bag using pop dots for dimension.

Then I decided to add a carrot for my bunny so I used the carrot die from Taylored Expressions for that:

This die has detailed lines on the carrot and that transfers to the die cut carrot:

Once the carrot piece and the greens at the top of the carrot were cut out using the Cuttlebug I sponged the edges with ink for detail.

This Bunny Bag could be punched at the top edge of the bag (while it is flat before you add adhesive and make it into your bag) with a decorative edge punch if you'd like. I will fill my Bunny Bag with paper shred from the dollar store and fill it up with Easter treats. Cute bunny and easy treat holder to put together. TFL and YOLO

Bunny Box

Had seen the Easter Bunny Box Tutorial and video on Youtube by Michelle Last for this bunny box. I do not know if it originated with her but I did use her pattern to make my Bunny Box. As with most box/bag projects I always make one up using white/GP card stock before I use heavier card stocks for my project. This box holds Hershey chocolate kisses as well as their foiled covered chocolate candy eggs. Here is my Bunny Box:

This Bunny Box was made using the Stampin Up Scallop Tag Topper punch, a small heart SU punch, as well as two SU flower punches. I found after I made my white bunny first that it was easier to put the face together while the card stock piece was still flat before I used the bone folder to crease my lines. First I used TomBow glue and put the heart on for the bunny nose:

Then I used a fine line black marker for the whiskers and using a small circle punch I punched out black card stock for his eyes. I put the black circles on using a glue pen:

Once the face was done I creased my scored lines and clipped the box piece for the bottom:

Using red sticky tape I put the box together. Then punched out the oval ears and the pink ovals for the inner ears. Put the ear pieces together using TomBow glue and then put them on the bunny box. As you can see in this photo this box is thick so you can use larger candies to fill it -- chocolate kisses, chocolate eggs, and even the smaller foil chocolate bunnies as well as jelly beans:

If you watch the video Michelle shows you how to cut the card stock to make your box and she has a good tip for the stems to the flowers --- she uses fringe scissors to cut her green card stock and before she cuts the stems off the piece of card stock she ties her string/twine around these stem pieces and then she cuts them off the card stock. Makes an easy job of dealing with such small pieces. For my flowers I used scraps and punches and added clear crystals to the center of my flowers.

This is a quick box to make and I found putting the face on the bunny before I creased the scored lines or made the box was easier. Thanks to Michelle Last for sharing her video and her detailed tutorial for this Bunny Box. TFL and YOLO

Friday, February 20, 2015

Step-Up Spring Card

Had seen the center Step-Up die by Stephanie Barnard on "" by Sizzix. Watched her video for the how-to's and tips to using this die set and I bought one -- here is what the die set packing looks like:

Here is the card I just made using this die set:

This die set has 23 dies in it and in the past I have made only one Step-Up card. Reason being without this die set you have to measure your solid card stock base and cut that and also cut and score all the "steps" and then cut all the pieces for the front of the card, step fronts, etc. Too much time for one card but I do like how they look.

This die set cuts as well as she claims in her video and all the smaller dies are in the set for the flowers, vines, words, and shadow dies, and all the step fronts. The one tip I learned was for the flowers with the stems and leaves -- cut that out in your green card stock and then cut the flower dies in the colours you want and use the green flower/stem/leaves piece as your base and add the coloured flowers on top of that. Once I had all the flowers in place I used small clear crystals for the centers of my flowers. When I cut out my vines pieces (there are two of those pieces across the bottom front of my card) I then lightly sponged the edges of my pieces and then I put then on the front of my card.

Sizzix has more of the Step-Up die sets -- Birthday, Hearts, Flowers, etc and of course you can decorate yours as you wish beyond the pieces that come in the die sets. Fast card to cut out in the Cuttlebug, got to use scraps for the flowers, and this goes together quickly. TFL and YOLO

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Butterfly Spring Card

Had seen a card by "amyk3868" on Splitcoast and liked the colours she used and her layout. But did not have the card stock she used for her card front, or the butterfly die, or the button . . .  but still did like the colours.

Here is my card using the colours Amy used:

My card is SU Cool Caribbean for the card base, then a piece of SU Bermuda Bay for the card front, and for the white I used GP. Using three different distressed inks over the Mini Vineyard stencil by TWC/Jenni Bowlin (@ Mikes with a coupon) I stenciled the white/GP piece. Started with the darkest ink, then the medium dark ink, to the lightest ink at the top of the piece. Here are the inks I used for this:

The inks are: (dark to light) Peacock Feathers, Broken Glass, and then Tumbled Glass. Looking at this photo the Tumbled Glass lid looks like that colour would be more of a denim blue but it is not. I had made this colour sample chart of the distress inks at a card class I had taken which shows the true colours of these inks so it is easy to see which colours will work well together:

Once I finished the white/GP piece I removed the stencil and removed the inks from the stencil using a non-alcohol, fragrance free baby wipe. (You can also rinse the inks off the plastic stencils under cold running water as well). Trimmed my white/GP to the size I wanted for the card front. Using vellum (as Amy did for her card front greeting) I used a dollar stamp from Mikes and stamped that onto the vellum using SU Bermuda Bay ink. Cut that to the size I wanted and put that across the stenciled white/GP piece. Put the vellum onto the card front and then put the white/GP onto the Bermuda Bay piece and put these onto the card stock base.

Did not have the butterfly die she used for her card so I used a detailed butterfly punch from M Stewart and punched out a butterfly from the Bermuda Bay card stock. Then for the smaller butterfly I put on top of the darker butterfly I used scrap white/GP and the stencil for that is Texture Mesh from Memory Box. I used the lighter distressed ink and inked the stencil. Then I used a smaller butterfly punch from M Stewart and punched out a butterfly. Put this butterfly on top of the larger butterfly with a mini glue dot. Added two clear crystals to that and put this butterfly on the card front using glue dots. Pinched the butterfly wings together to raise them:

Adding a small butterfly to the greeting piece with a clear crystal and this card is done. Thanks to Amy for sharing her card and colour combos. TFL and YOLO

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello Spring Card

Used a stamp set from Stampin Up from 1997 for this card and was inspired by Jackie Jerke with her card using this stamp set:

Card stock base is #110 weight white card stock from Mikes. Used a pink card stock from SU. For the embossed white piece I used an embossing folder from Lifestyle crafts and as usual when I emboss card stock I used two pieces of card stock. This gives the embossed piece a softer look and prevents rips and tears in the embossed design.

Stamped all four stamps in the stamp set onto white/GP card stock using StazOn black ink. Using coloured pencils I coloured the basket and eggs, the tulips and leaves, and then lightly put pink on the inside of the bunny ears. I also added a purple card stock bow to the handle of the basket and added a small purple crystal to the center of the bow:

To make the card I cut and scored the white card stock base. Then cut the pink piece for the card front. Embossed my white/GP for the card front and trimmed that to size. Put the embossed piece on the pink card stock using the ATG. Added ribbon and a knot to the card front. Then used the ATG and put these onto the white card stock base.

Stamped and coloured the four images from the stamp set. Used a square punch and punched these out. Used a ruler and measured my four stamped image pieces and cut a piece of pink card stock to put the stamped image pieces on. Once they were on the pink piece I put this onto the finished card front using pop dots for dimension.

Thanks to Jackie J for sharing her card and layout. TFL and YOLO

Celebrate Spring Card

Card inspired by Dawn5377 on Youtube. Did not have the stamp sets she used so I had to use one I already had to make do --- easy card to put together but . . .  Used white #110 weight card stock from Mikes for the card base, then Stampin Up Almost Amethyst card stock for the card front. Used white/GP for the stamped card front and my flowers. As usual when I take photos of a lavender colour the camera always makes it appear more blue than it is.

For my stamped images above the flowers I used a stamp set I had on hand Work of Art as I do not have the stamp set Dawn had used for her video. But I did use the Flower Shop stamp set for the flowers as well as the SU Pansy Punch to punch out the flowers. Used crystals from Mikes that are a bluish purple for the center of the flowers and these crystals go well with the Amethyst colour card stock in person:

Easy card to make and another use for the Flower Shop stamp set. Thanks to Dawn for sharing her video and tips. TFL and YOLO

Valentine Treat Bag

Pattern for this Valentine treat bag is from a video from FrenchieStamps on Youtube. One sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" card stock will be enough for two of these treat bags. Had bought the Stampin Up Love wheel at a recent SU retirement sale by a local demonstrator. As with all my wheels I took the stamp off the wheel and I mounted it onto an adhesive sheet for unmounted stamps.

To make this treat bag I cut kraft card stock from Mikes 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". I scored it with the long side at the top of the score board at 1 1/2", 4", 5 1/2", and again at 8". Turned it once and scored it on the short side at 1 1/4". When you watch the video you will see where to clip your scored lines to make your treat bag.

Once I had the score lines made I kept this piece flat and using red ink I inked the Love wheel stamp and stamped it just above the scored line for the bottom of the treat bag. Then I used a bone folder to crease the scored lines of the treat bag. Used red sticky tape to close this. Used paper shred from the dollar store I filled about half of the treat bag and then added chocolate candy hearts and chocolate kisses to the treat bag. Used a small circle punch and made two holes near the top to keep the treat holder closed with a ribbon/bow.

For the large red heart on my treat bag I used a Cheerios cereal box and cut a square larger than the heart I was making. Once the card board square was cut out I used the ATG and covered the card board square with adhesive. Then I cut a piece of red glittered gift wrap and put that on the card board square. Pressed these pieces together for the adhesive to stick. Once that was done I used a hearts die from Spellbinders and cut out a heart using the Cuttlebug. Put this on the treat bag front using large glue dots:

 For the three small red hearts I put adhesive on scrap white card stock and then put red glittered gift wrap on that. Used a M Stewart multi hearts punch and punched out the three smaller hearts. Put the hearts on the treat bag using small glue dots:

Since I was using kraft card stock from Mikes for the holder I did not want my red stamped area to be too bold so I lightly inked the Love wheel stamp and then stamped the kraft card stock piece.

Easy treat holder bag to put together and it looks nice tied shut or left open at the top. Thanks to Frenchie for her video and sharing this project. TFL and YOLO

Valentine Mail Man --- :0)

Lucky me to be on the mailing list of one of my blog followers, Mary H. Mary sent this card for the Valentine holiday and as usual with Mary's cards it does not disappoint. The basket of shimmery hearts is in a circle that has been sponged and this circle is on the card front on top of the printed card stocks and her embossed dark red piece. Very dimensional in person.

The greeting oval is surrounded with various size hearts that have gold specks on them -- adding more shimmer and shine to her card front. Mary always does amazing things with her Copics and talent and this card does not disappoint. Thanks to Mary for our card and sharing her talents with us. TFL and YOLO

SHOCK . . but simple solution. . .

Last year our new puppy, Luke, was only a couple of months old when we got our first snowfall of the season... the snow was less than an inch and light and fluffy and he thought it was all a game. . .

Then last night we began with rain, freezing rain, then snow, and ending with freezing rains. This morning I took Luke outside and he was not too happy ---- as you can see from the first photo that we have about an inch of snow but on top of that is a layer of the freezing rain so Luke is walking on ice:

Not too sure what to think of this but he was thinking how to tackle this. . . First he decided he would just lick it all gone:

Gave up on that idea as this is too time consuming.... then decided just to dig through it:

Once he did get down to the grass what is a dog to do but to eat the snow he dug through? So simple solutions to everyone's snowy and cold winter this year --- lucky the sun is out now and the temps are rising. Less work for the dog -- haha.... TFL and YOLO

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Treat Cups

To begin with all the Valentine cards went in the mail on time -- :0)  -- that is always a good thing. . . and here are photos of the treat cups I am taking to work for the gals I work with:

Bought a pack of three plastic red cups at the dollar store and inside is their white shredded paper for filler. Then inside I put:

a box of the Brachs candy conversation hearts, then to the left is the Flap Over Tootsie Pop holder I made, lower left front are Hershey nugget candies, then to the right of that is a treat bag of Hershey chocolate candy hearts and kisses.

The above photo is shows the nugget candies that I wrapped with hearts card stock from Hobby Lobby. I made a "channel/tray" to put the candies on. Then put this all in a pretzel bag from the candy aisle at the craft store. Tied silver twine in a bow to close this and trimmed off the excess top of the pretzel bag with scissors. Using more of the red glittered wrapping paper I punched out hearts and put them on the sliver twine with glue dots.

Again this photo shows a treat bag, also from the dollar store, and as you can see it has a zip closure at the top. Inside I put chocolate candy hearts and kisses, tied it closed with a sheer pink ribbon, and then cut off the zip lock closure with scissors:

To begin with I tied Valentine ribbon around the cups and kept those in place with a glue dot under the knot in the front. Trimmed the ribbon by the knot. Put the paper shred into the cup to fill it about half way then added the little treats. Once I had the cups done I then put in loose chocolate candy hearts and kisses around everything in the cup -- here is photo to show the cups all full:

Keep it simple -- get cups for your containers, used holiday baggies for wrapping candies, and let loose candies fill around your treats in the cup. These went together quickly as really all I made were the Flap Over Tootsie Pop holders from card stock. The wrapping of the nugget candies with the printed card stock does not take long and then just filled the baggie with candies and tied a bow. It is mostly chocolate so I am sure the gals will like it. TFL and YOLO

The above photo shows a couple of the Flap Over Tootsie Pop holders I made for this holiday -- one of the left has printed card stock on the front and the top flap has Washi Tape. The red holder on the right I embossed the front of the holder and used a holiday ribbon to close that.