Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hissy Fit and the Landlord . . .

Well, well, well . . .    just when you think you have seen everything and that you know some one . . . . I guess you never know...  WHAT is that on the bird nest on the front porch? ? ?

It seems that since our tenant had 5 babies she has outgrown her little nest pretty quick. Now the kiddies --
see photo --- are getting bigger and flapping the wings and such..  Here they were on April 29th:

As with any babies once you start feeding them the growing begins. . .  These little babies are not anymore little babies and with five of them this spacious nest is not so much. . . DH was concerned that they are getting too big for the nest and with them moving around . .  .  .   plus we noticed at night Mom is having a hard time being able to get into the nest so DH decided something has to be done ---

This is what I came home to today:

It is a platform DH built and screwed into the wall behind the nest and it is smooth on the top for the babies and Mom --- he was afraid they would fall out of the nest since they are getting feathers and moving around so much --- he watched and waited after he put the platform up and Mom has come and gone with the delish fav lunch of bugs and worms (ick) and here is a photo of her standing on the platform feeding the kiddies:

So hoping she is over the Hissy Fit she was having as he was putting up her new porch -- he was very careful not to touch anything or bump the nest but Mom guarded him through the new porch project . . .
I am hoping this will help Mom tonight when she is guarding the kiddies until morning. . .  What a landlord DH is --- now if I could get a new porch put up for me that fast --- hahaha.... TFL and YOLO