Saturday, January 25, 2014

The girls and I . . .

Am heading out today to go over to a gal's house from my stamp club and I will be showing a couple of them how to make the cards I learned at the class I took from Daphne at Betty's in Greensboro. Am packing up my supplies and decided I would take the 'girls' along with me. . .   This year I am trying to make things I have wanted to make forever but never did -- either due to time or fuzzy directions. Since I am big on how-to's for projects I was so happy to find these 'girls' and clear directions by Miss Kimm at:     She not only explains things clearly but she has photos of each step and this all helps the 'girls' go together quickly. Here are the two I made last night in about a 1/2 hour from a package of 6 pairs of tube socks from the Dollar General:

Tube socks, rice, and ankle socks make up these cuties and buttons and flowers from the stash jars. What hat is complete without accessories?

I used Aleene's glue for the eyes and the buttons. The flowers are on the hats with a brad and the white pom poms are on the hats using glue.

Who would have guessed that with rubber bands and rice you get something cute? A BIG thanks to Miss Kimm for making these and sharing them and a bigger thank you for posting a very detailed tutorial on the how-to's of it all. (She used fuzzy anklet socks for her hats and scarves but with the cold weather I could only find regular anklets --- but I do prefer the fuzzy hats and scarves). Also with the package of tube socks there are 6 pairs in there so you could make 12 of the Snowgirls up from one pack. I bought the big bag of rice from the big W store and that was cheaper than the known brand names rice. TFL and YOLO