Thursday, January 1, 2015

Santa Nuggets

Thought I had posted this in December but must have missed it --- this is another holiday nugget treat holder for Christmas, Santa Nuggets:

To begin with I had made the gift card holder with the Santa belt for Christmas:

The gift card holder went together quickly and I used the WRM Envelope Punch Board. Decided I wanted to use this idea to make a holder for a Ghirardelli candy bar and here is that:

Once again I used the WRM Envelope Punch Board to make the holder to hold one of the candy bars. But I wanted to use the Santa belt idea for the smaller Hershey chocolate nugget candies.

Problem being are the nuggets are very small and I wanted to figure out an easy way to make these smaller items without having to deal with tiny pieces of card stock. When I make my nugget wrappers I use the lighter weight card stock from Mikes. I try to buy packs of red and black of this card stock when Mikes has a sale -- 5 packs for $10.00 is the best deal and I use both colours on cards and projects throughout the year and not just one holiday season.  My nugget holder pattern is:

1 inch wide by 3 1/8 inch long. I wanted to have enough wrappers for eight of the nuggets since I was making up two treat bags. I cut my red card stock 8 inches wide by 3 1/8 inches long. Then I cut a piece of black card stock approx 1/4 wide by 8 inches:

Using the ATG I put adhesive on the black piece and then put that onto the red card stock approx in the center:

Now all I had to do was to cut this 8 inch wide piece into 1 inch wide strips and this would make up the nugget holders. I ran the red strips over a bone folder to make them easier to put around the nugget candies and then put them onto the nuggets using glue dots. (I always make my nugget wrappers long enough that the glue dot holds the wrapper on the candy nugget but can be slid off the candy and not stuck to the candy wrapper).

I used a 1/2 inch circle on silver glitter card stock for Santa's belt buckle. Then used a 1/4 inch circle punch for the black center on the belt buckle. Both the silver belt buckle and black center were put on the nugget holders using one glue dot. Now for the tray I put the nuggets on -- the trays keep the nuggets in place inside the bag. For my tray I cut a piece of Mikes black card stock 2 3/8 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches long. Putting the short side of this at the top of the score board I scored the left side 1/2 inch down. Then turned this piece all the way around and again scored the other long side at 1/2 inch. Using the bone folder I creased my scored lines.

Put the nuggets onto this tray and used a pretzel bag from the candy aisle at the craft store for the bag. Used sliver twine and mini bells and tied the bag closed. Trimmed off the top of the pretzel bag to the size I wanted and all I had to do was add a holiday greeting tag. Here are the Santa Nuggets again:

They went together quickly since I had made the larger red piece with the black belt on that and then cut it apart to the 1 inch pieces I would need for my wrappers. TFL and YOLO