Sunday, January 29, 2017

Inside Out Valentine Treat Holder

To begin with I recently saw a video by Dawn Griffith on Youtube for an easy Valentine Treat Holder:

Her video is easy to follow and she explains two different ways to make her treat holder using two different sizes of card stocks. Here is a photo of the treat holders I made using her pattern and tips:

I used the same card stock she suggested -- the new 6" x 6" paper pad "Sending Love" by Stampin Up. This paper pad has many patterns for Valentine's Day but remember many of the patterns are directional so be sure the front or back of your holder does not have the patterned paper upside down. Dawn suggests buying the 3" x 6" Gusseted Cellophane bags from Stampin Up. Their bags are sold in a set of 25 bags for $4.50, plus tax and shipping/handling. That can total over $12.00. I did not want to pay that amount of money for 25 bags..

In the past I have ordered treat bags and clear envelopes from:

I ordered item #GB6 which is 100 of their 3" x 6 1/2" cellophane bags. With tax, shipping/handling, I paid $10.40 for my order. I ordered these these bags on Jan 26th and they were delivered on the 28th. My Stampin Up orders always take a week or so to get to me so having these bags delivered so fast was a nice surprise.

Also for my holders I used a different greeting stamp than Dawn did. Mine is a garage sale stamp I picked up for 50 cents and it is by Hero Arts. All my treat holders have that greeting on them. I used the Real Red ink from Stampin Up but there was a problem -- I have two different Stampin Up Real Red ink pads. One is the linen ink pad and the other is their new foam style ink pad. Problem is both ink pads, in the same colour, stamp in different shades of reds:

For these holders the foam pad on the bottom was a better red for the printed papers I used. I stamped all my greetings onto white/GP card stock using the foam Real Red ink pad. Used the 1 3/4" circle punch and punched out the greetings. Using a 2" circle punch I punched circles from white and red glittered card stocks. Put the greetings onto the glittered card stock circles using double sided tape and TomBow glue. Set all of those aside to dry. Once dried I used the multiple hearts punch from M Stewart and punched out hearts from the red and white glittered card stocks. Here is a photo of that punch;

Using mini glue dots I put the smaller hearts on the greeting pieces. I used large glue dots and put the greeting pieces onto the treat holders above the circle windows.

Cut my printed card stock as Dawn instructed. Used the 1 3/4" circle punch for the windows on the front of the holders. Used the 1 3/4" circle punch and then punched over that with a 2" circle punch to make all the glittered circle frames over the windows. Used the TomBow glue to put the rings over the treat holder windows. Set those aside to dry. Using a small Marvy heart punch I punched out hearts from the glittered card stocks and put those hearts on the treat holder front to the side of the window using glue dots.

Since my cellophane bags are 1/2" longer from ClearBags than the Stampin Up bags I trimmed off 1/2" off the tops of my bags using sharp scissors. I used large glue dots and put my greeting circle above my circle window. Dawn has her greeting pieces and decorative pieces on the outside of her bags but I wanted my greeting on the inside of the cellophane bags so I put the greeting pieces on the front of my holders first. I filled my bags with 6 pieces of candy, slid in the front/back treat holder piece and I stapled the bag shut at the top as she suggests. These treat holders can lay down or be free standing. Here are some more photos of these holders:

Thanks to Dawn for an easy treat holder and for the new way to use cellophane bags -- on the outside of the holder rather than on the inside of the card stock treat holder. These went together very quickly and are as simple as Dawn shows in her video. TFL

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

She had me at "Hello" . . .

She had me at "Hello" but lost me with the how - to's . . . .  I had recently seen a cute Valentine treat box from France Martin "Frenchie Stamps" on Youtube --

I will say I am old enough to share that the calculator we used in school was the pencil... No Texas Instrument calculators.... I know my "tables", fractions, and the like. . . .   Who would have known way back then I was prepping for card making ???  haha.... Here is a photo of my version of Frenchie Stamps Window Sheet Slider Box:

She totally lost me with all her measurements and off to her blog I went and the printed version was not much better. I thank Frenchie for sharing this too cute Valentine treat holder using chocolate candy hearts. In her video she used Hershey chocolate candy hearts but I had already bought the smaller Dove chocolate candy hearts so that is what I used. I still made the treat holder the same size she made hers and the smaller hearts fit in the box.

To begin with --- in her video she uses the Stampin Up score board. I do have one that I had picked up used but my "go to" score board is the one from M Stewart. Once I figured out measurements for my holder I made two of them -- one using the Stampin Up score board and one using the score board from M Stewart. My measurements work fine for both treat holders using the two different score boards.

Since I had to figure things out myself I decided to use my white/GP card stock to make up my samples until I was able to get the right measurements before I used my double sided card stock for my treat box. For the actual box that holds the candies I used some of the measurements she has printed on her blog. Once I knew these score measurements would work I then used my double sided Valentine printed card stock by BoBunny and cut the piece I needed for the box cutting a piece of card stock 6 1/4" by 3 1/2". With the 6 1/4" edge at the top of the score board I scored this piece at 1/2", 1", 5 1/4", and 5 3/4". Turned this with 3 1/2" edge at the top of the score board and scored that at 1/2", 1", 2 1/2", and 3".Using the bone folder I creased all my scored lines well. Using scissors as she instructs on her video I cut the corners of my box -- this is what that looks like with corners trimmed away:

I do not use liquid glue to put boxes/treat holders together. Instead I use tear tape. To begin assembly of the box I used a glue dot on all four corner tabs and folded them in. Then used the tear tape for the ends and sides of my box:

Before I had put the tear tape on the box sides I folded it up and I ended up "shaving" a hair off the edges of the long sides of my box with the trimmer so the sides had a sharper shape if that makes sense.

You can use glue dots under your candies to keep them in place but since I have four smaller Dove candy hearts in my box I did not need the glue dots as the candies stay in place. With the actual box completed and filled with candies, I set that aside.

Now for the window sheet slider cover. I had to make this from scratch and after my second try what I changed worked. Using my junk trimmer, (the one I use to cut plastic and other non card stock materials), I cut a piece of window sheet 4 3/4" by 4 3/8". With the 4 3/4" edge at the top of the score board I scored it at: 1/2", 2 1/8", 2 5/8", and 4 1/4".  I used a piece of the tear tape and put that across my 1/2" side -- unlike Frenchie the only scored line I used my bone folder on at first was the 1/2" scored line where my tear tape was. Here is a photo to show the tape on that edge but the photo is not great -- I have ceiling lights in my craft room and they reflect a lot on the clear window sheets but here that photo is:

I removed the paper strip from my tear tape and folded up the other edge of this clear sheet holder to close my window sheet sleeve for my box. Once the two edges were adhered together I used the bone folder and creased my scored lines on the clear sheet. Once all scored lines were creased the window sheet sleeve began to look like it should. Again here is a photo of the window sheet sleeve over my treat box:

This window sheet sleeve easily slides over the treat box. To decorate my treat box top I used a piece of red ribbon from the stash -- it was the ribbon that was tied on a pajama set for Christmas. I tied that around my closed box and tied a bow. Trimmed off the ends using scissors. Put a glue dot under the bow to keep it in place on the slider sheet box cover. My glittered red heart is from a bag of glittered hearts at the dollar store. I used a smaller heart punch and I punched out a smaller heart using red foil card stock and put the foil heart on the red glittered heart:

The two hearts were put on the window sheet sleeve using a glue dot.

This is a simple box with a window sheet sleeve for a cover. I thank Frenchie for sharing her idea for a new Valentine Treat Holder and a new way to use window sheets. ** See below

** Decided I would make another of the Window Sheet Slider boxes to see if the Hershey Nugget candies would fit and they do:

And with the window slider sleeve sliding off the box for opening:

Since the Hershey nugget candies are higher than the Dove hearts I was not sure if the window sheet slider top would fit over them but it does. The box also holds four of the Hershey candies so I put in two solid chocolate and two chocolate with almond nuggets. Wrapped them with card stock from Mikes. Again with this holder I used a glittered foam heart from the dollar store with a red foil card stock heart on top of that on the window sheet sleeve. . I put the hearts on the box top using glue dots. Tied a red ribbon bow around the box and added a glue dot behind that.  TFL

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pillow Box Punch Board Pocket

Had seen the video from Papercrafter45 on Youtube using the WeRMemoryKeepers Pillow Box Punch Board:

The video is easy to follow and no sound so be sure to have paper and pen in hand when watching it so you can write down measurements and tips. Here is the link:

Here are two of the Pillow Box Punch Board Pockets I made:

They hold a Fun Size candy bar. I used glittered foam hearts from the dollar store for the hearts on my treat holders:

For the greeting I used the Stampin Up Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set and the Stampin Up Classic Label punch:

I also used double sided card stock for my holders. So another cute treat holder and a good use for the Pillow Box Punch Board other than just a Pillow Box in different sizes. Thanks to Papercraft45 for sharing their idea and video. TFL

Monday, January 2, 2017

Many Thanks Thank You Card

Made a few holiday thank you cards. Cut and scored the card stock bases. Set those aside.

For the solid white card stock for the card front I cut that 4" x 5 1/4". The stenciled piece measures 3 3/4" x 5". I used a stencil from the stash and stenciled it onto the smaller white piece using distressed inks. Once all the stenciled pieces were complete I used a stamp from the Gina K Designs stamp set Lots of Lines and stamped that onto the stenciled piece using the MISTI and Memento black ink. With the stamping done I used the ATG and put the stenciled piece onto the solid white/GP piece. Cut a piece of ribbon wider than the card front and put that across the card front using double sided tape on the back of the stenciled piece. Using the ATG I put the stenciled piece onto the card stock base.

With the card assembled I cut a small piece of ribbon and tied that over the ribbon piece into a knot. Secured that using a clear glue dot. Added three sequins to each card front. Here is a photo of other cards I made using different inks:

Easy card to put together and the sequins add just a little sparkle and shine to the card front. TFL