Monday, July 26, 2021

MorningStar Stamps

 With stamping shows starting up again if you should have the chance to visit the booth at Morningstar Stamps at a show you need to go -- Pam M is the owner and she has such nice products and her booth displays are also very cute! Today my order came from her with some of her new stamp releases and I thought I would share a photo of those -- but first -- Both the small and large Snowman Face stamps from Morningstar Stamps have to be the most used stamps in this crafter's craft room! Here are some photos of projects I have made using these stamps for the holidays:

The above photo is of the Snow Family -- I made these last year from scraps of wood from the garage and the base is a paint stick glued to the bottom of the wood piece to make them free standing. I used white craft paint and painted the family and when dry I stamped the Snowman faces using black StazOn ink. Added holiday fabrics for the scarves and hats. Easy project to put together and a fun decor piece. This next photo shows some projects I make every year using these stamps:

These are the most popular projects for the holidays. The three Snuggets on the left are Hershey Nugget candies and the hats for those snowman are fingertips from bath gloves at the Dollar Tree. Hot glued a pom pom to the front of each hat.  The two longer snowmen on the right are craft sticks cut in half and painted white. Once dried stamped the faces with black StazOn ink. Their hats are fingertips from regular winter gloves from the Dollar Tree. Used black and white twine to attach these tie-ons to a gift, a tree, etc..  The center circle face snowman tie on is using the round metal edged key rings from Avery that I bought at the office supply store. Removed the metal ring, stamped the face, used a curved label punch for the hat and again used black and white twine to tie these onto a gift bag, gift, treat bag, etc.. Here is a better photo to show the how-to's for the key ring snowman:

Another project:

The red hat and blue hat Snowman tags are die cut using a tag die and stamped the face onto the tag and cut out the red and blue card stocks for his hat. Easy project to make.

The above photo is of the newest snowman project I made -- hidden paperclips -- I show the key ring tie on with these guys to show you can use the key rings for the tie on and also for the hidden paperclip but you can also make the hidden paperclips just using a circle punch. The hidden paperclips would be cute on a treat holder, gift bag, journal, or planner or anything else you would like to add him to. 

Happy me that my new order arrived today from Morningstar Stamps:

She has cute card samples on her website showing the projects she has made using some of these stamps - looking forward to using her new Thanksgiving stamp release on this year's card.  Also a fun Christmas stamp as well as a few new additions for BOO Day (Halloween)... Here is the link to her web store:

While you are looking at her new releases be sure to order your small and large Snowman Face stamps for your holiday treats ahead! Beat the rush while they are still in stock! Looking forward to some serious stamping of holiday projects this weekend for posting next week .  .  .

Sunday, July 25, 2021

BOO Day Tags

Wanted to use more of the rosettes I had made for tags for BOO Day so I used this die set from Ellen Hutson for the tag base:

Using #110 weight white card stock from Mikes I cut out the tags using the largest die in the die set. This die set arrived already labeled and on a magnetic sheet in a clear envelope, ready for use. I did not have have to pry the die pieces off of tape or cut the dies apart before I could use them. Even with the heavier weight card stock these dies easily cut out the tags.

I wanted the white tags to have some design so I used a crackle stencil from Plaid/FolkArt and stenciled that onto each tag using Memento Black ink and a blender brush. With the tags stenciled I set those aside and cut out the black squares using a die from Spellbinders. For that black card stock I used the #110 weight black card stock from Mikes. 

For the rosettes I used the Rosettes die set from Sizzix and some holiday prints from the stash. I formed the rosettes and set those aside. I used a 2 1/2" circle punch and punched out circles from printed card stocks to put the rosettes on. Once the circles were punched out I sponged the edges of those using a dauber and black ink. For the center front of the rosette I used a 3/4" circle punch and punched out a black circle from scrap card stock. Stacked my circles and rosettes as I wanted them to look:

Once these were all stacked and ready to go I used the hot glue gun and glued the layers together. Set those aside. With the tag bases stenciled and ready to use I decided to add a print to the center of these tags but I did not want to use a banner die - so I decided to use a strip of printed card stock 1 1/2" wide and die cut the tag again using the same tag die I used for the tags:

With the printed card stock cut out I used liquid glue and put the printed strips onto the tag fronts:

(This photo is the sample tag that I made before I did the stenciling on all the tags I used. I made a sample to see if the size was right)....... Once the printed strips were all die cut and glued onto the tags I set them aside to dry. I put the foam tape on the back of all the black die cut squares and put those on the tag fronts. 

With the rosette pieces all glued I used tear and tape to put those on the fronts of the tags on the black card stock squares.  I used my Bow It All and crinkle seam binding and made triple loop bows for the tag fronts. Used hot glue to put the bows on the tags and added a black crystal to the center of those. Used black and white twine for the tag to be tied on a treat holder. Here is a photo of some of the tags I made:

Earlier this week I had made some embellishments for BOO Day and I had extra die cut ghosts I used for the rosette tags. One ghost is white glittered card stock:

This next tag the ghost is the white mirror card stock that I had bought at AC Moore before they closed:

For the third tag I used the holographic card stock from Park Lane at Joann's for my ghost:

I did not want the back of the tags to be plain so I used various Halloween prints from the stash and cut out tags for the backs. I used liquid glue to add the prints to the tag backs:

Easy tags to put together making them assembly style. To put the ghosts on the front of the rosettes I used tear and tape on the small black circle in the center of the rosettes and pressed the ghost pieces in place. The foam strips behind the black squares and the folding of the card stock for the rosettes give these tags dimension both from the front of the tag as well as from the side. The #110 weight card stock from Mikes makes a strong tag base as well. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Paper Roses Angel

 My order from SimonSaysStamp arrived yesterday and only two dies in that - one from Picket Fence for BOO Day and the "Little Angel Builder" die from Paper Roses.  Here is a photo of that die set as packaged:

I cut apart the die pieces and took out my scrap boxes to use for the angel pieces. First I made the angel with all the die pieces in this die set:

I used glittered white card stock for the wings and the halo is gold mirror card stock. Rest of the pieces are all scraps. Very easy angel to assemble and the die set cut all the different scrap pieces out with no problems. But.... I wanted to use a butterfly punch for my angel wings so here are the other angels I made using scraps with the butterfly punch for the wings:

For a couple of my angels I used the holographic card stock from Park Lane at Joann's for their wings.. One of the angels has brushed silver card stock wings and the last angel has wings using the glittered white card stock. This angel goes together quickly (no face to draw) and from top to bottom is approx 2 1/4" tall. Here are two photos of these angels:

These will be a good size for a card, a tag, embellishment, etc for the upcoming holiday season. Plus another project to make using up scraps!

I have a few other die sets from the Paper Roses brand and they are very nice dies and I have cut out both heavier card stocks and lighter weight card stocks and they cut nicely. Happy the Angel die set arrived in time for the weekend and craft time!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

BOO-Ellishments for BOO Day

 Worked on some embellishments for BOO Day (Halloween).  I wanted to use the holographic card stock from Joann's Park Lane brand. This card stock is sold in a small 6x6 pad. All the dies I used are from the stash and the holographic paper cut well with all the dies. 

To begin with I used the "SPOOKY" die set from CZ Designs from Simon Says. I also used some "boo" dies from my stash. Used liquid glue to put the die pieces together:

I also wanted to die cut some ghosts using an older die in my stash which I believe is from QuicKutz:

I first cut the ghosts out using scrap white card stock for my base for the ghosts. Carefully removed the die cut piece from the die cutting machine to keep the eyes and mouth pieces in place. Once those were cut I cut out ghosts using the holographic card stock, white glittered card stock, and white mirror card stock I had bought at AC Moore before they closed. Here is a photo to show a couple of the ghosts after they were die cut:

I used liquid glue to cover the scrap white card stock base ghost:

For the other ghosts I used the pokey tool to remove their eye and mouth pieces - kept those for later - and put the ghost body on top of the glue covered white card stock base:

Wiggled the ghost body over the base to help spread the glue. Once that was done I used the spare eye and mouth pieces and put them in place:

Used the holographic paper eyes and mouth pieces on the white mirrored card stock ghosts as well as the white glittered card stock ghosts.  For the holographic ghosts I used black card stock eyes and mouth pieces for that. Here is a photo to show all three ghosts altho it is hard to photograph the holographic card stock:

The holographic eyes look sparkly with the white ghosts..... While I was die cutting I decided to make a few of the spider webs using the same holographic card stock:

Die cut the webs from the scrap white card stock as my web base and covered those with liquid glue and then put the holographic webs on those. The white card stock base will make these die cut pieces more sturdy. The nice thing about the Park Lane holographic card stock is not only is it very shiny but it does not come apart when die cut as other holographic card stocks can. Here is a group photo of some of the ghosts;

Here is a better photo of one of the white mirrored card stock ghosts:

All die cut pieces will go into the embellishment box I am working on for BOO Day and when they are needed for projects they will ready to go. Working on other Halloween projects and some Christmas items so hoping to post those later this week --- 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Mini Slimline BOO Card

 Used the Mini Slimline die set from for my card: had a sale on their plastic envelopes that are perfect to store the slimline dies so I use those to store mine:

Used the TrinityStamps BOOs stamp set for my card - which I did buy last fall but did not have time to use it for last year's cards. Wanted to be sure to be able to use it for cards this year and here is one of my cards:

I used Trinity's Mini Slimline Envelope die set for my card and matching envelope. I die cut the scalloped die piece from orange card stock and that would be the front of my card. Using white card stock I trimmed that to fit in the MISTI and stamped the BOOs stamp using SimonSays Intense black ink:

Once this was stamped I measured the orange die cut scalloped piece and then I cut my stamped ghost piece to the size I would need. Used a gray and pink marker for my ghosts details. My finished card is 3 1/8" x 6 1/8". The black card stock base is the #110 weight card stock from Mikes. I die cut an envelope from printed card stock for the card from the stash and the card fits nicely in the envelope. 

Once the stamped card front was trimmed I used the ATG to put this onto the scalloped orange piece. Used foam strips to put this onto the black card stock base. For the "Bootiful" I die cut that twice from orange card stock and once from the orange glittered card stock. Used liquid glue to stack those layers. The "HELLO," is part of another stamp in the same BOOs stamp set and I masked off the rest of the stamp just to get the "HELLO,". I used a trimmer to cut that to the size I wanted. Put the Bootiful onto the card front using liquid glue and use foam strips behind the "HELLO," piece. Used Glossy Accents to add the holigraphic sequins to the card front. Cute stamp set and love the size the Mini Slimline die set makes. Easy stamp and die set to use and fun for the holiday as well! 

BOO Day Icon Rosettes

 Recently shopped the 50% sale at and I bought her Cute Halloween Icons die for BOO Day projects:

Made some rosettes using various crepe papers I had on hand. For my rosettes I cut the length 12-15" long and folded that into quarters and cut 1/4" off the width so the rosette would not be so large. Using a small paint brush I brushed on Glitterific on the outside edge of the crepe paper:

Once that dried I used a needle and thread and gathered up the rosette and tied that off to keep it in the circle shape: 

Used #110 weight black card stock from Mikes and punched out a 2 1/4" circle to put behind the rosette to make it sturdy using hot glue:

Using the Sizzix rosette die set I cut out rosettes using various BOO Day printed card stocks. Some of the prints have a tendency to crack when you fold the rosette shape to put it together - this photo shows the cracking on the rosette on the left:

To help cover this up on the rosette on the right I went over the cracking using a black Sharpie marker. With rosettes made I began the layers for my project - the crepe paper rosette, hot glued eyelash yarn on top of that, hot glued the Sizzix rosette on that. Using a spider web die I die cut webs using various glittered card stocks from the stash. Hot glued the web to the front of the rosette. Set these aside.

Using the Icon die set I cut out all my icons from various glittered card stocks and then hot glued one to the front of all the rosettes. I want to use these rosettes on the front of my Boo Day treat bags so I used clothespins from the Dollar Tree to put the rosettes on. For each clothespin I covered the front of the pin using ModPodge, (also from the Dollar Tree), using a small paint brush. Cut a piece of holiday printed card stocks and put that on the clothespin and covered that also with the ModPodge:

Once these were dried I used hot glue and added my rosettes:

Here are photos of some of the rosettes before they were hot glued to the clothespins:

Cute icons die and they cut through all the glittered card stocks with no problems. Fun start to the BOO Day embellishments I make every year. 

Friday, July 2, 2021

Shopping alert for holiday weekend - - -

 Received an email from FranticStamper on Wednesday morning about their "Huge die sale" going on this weekend until July 10th  --

I placed an order for $30.00 and much to my surprise it was in the mailbox today!!! Here are photos of the dies I bought for 50% off:

As you can see by my choices I am already working ahead on Autumn and BOO Day projects in the craft room.... It was a happy surprise my order came so quickly and happy to add these dies to the craft room -- or "warehouse" as DH calls it.  Nice packaging with the Frantic dies too as she has the actual sizes on there so you know what size your die cut piece will be. 

Happy she has this sale going on also. Lots of online stores have sent emails for holiday weekend sales/specials so am sure there are great deals for us crafters to snag...

July 4th Treat Bags

 Used white paper gift bags I had on stock and printed card stocks from Hobby Lobby for the fronts of the July 4th Treat Bags for this year:

and the second one:

The fringe trim is made using crepe paper rolls from Hobby Lobby. I had used a similar idea for crepe paper trim on my BOO bags from last Halloween:

The black and orange crepe paper trim was made using a pipe cleaner and hot glue and using scissors to clip the crepe paper. For the July 4th trim on my bags I wanted to be able to use three colours of the crepe paper for the red, white, and blue so once I decided which colour I wanted on top I cut my pieces. Two red, two white, and two blue stacking them as red, white, and blue. To decide the length I would need for the bag fronts I measured the bags and decided on the width I would cut the printed card stock to and that was the same measurement I used for the length of my trim. I also did not want the bulk of the pipe cleaner so for my trim I just used hot glue in a thin line about 2" long and then pressed the crepe paper into the hot glue until all layers were adhered:

Using the fringe scissors from M Stewart I cut one side of the crepe paper stack and then cut the second side:

With both sides cut I used my fingers to scrunch up the crepe paper:

The more you scrunch it up the fuller it becomes. I put the trimmed printed card stocks onto the bag fronts using the ATG.  For the crepe paper trim pieces I put those on the bag fronts using hot glue. Using a banner die I die cut a piece of 110# weight white card stock for the banner piece. Used red glittered card stock for the July 4th and words. Put those onto the banners using liquid glue. Used a small Marvy star punch and punched out stars from various glittered card stocks and put those on the bag front using glue dots. For the banner piece I put that onto the bag fronts using tear and tape. Easy bag front to put together.