Sunday, July 11, 2021

BOO Day Icon Rosettes

 Recently shopped the 50% sale at and I bought her Cute Halloween Icons die for BOO Day projects:

Made some rosettes using various crepe papers I had on hand. For my rosettes I cut the length 12-15" long and folded that into quarters and cut 1/4" off the width so the rosette would not be so large. Using a small paint brush I brushed on Glitterific on the outside edge of the crepe paper:

Once that dried I used a needle and thread and gathered up the rosette and tied that off to keep it in the circle shape: 

Used #110 weight black card stock from Mikes and punched out a 2 1/4" circle to put behind the rosette to make it sturdy using hot glue:

Using the Sizzix rosette die set I cut out rosettes using various BOO Day printed card stocks. Some of the prints have a tendency to crack when you fold the rosette shape to put it together - this photo shows the cracking on the rosette on the left:

To help cover this up on the rosette on the right I went over the cracking using a black Sharpie marker. With rosettes made I began the layers for my project - the crepe paper rosette, hot glued eyelash yarn on top of that, hot glued the Sizzix rosette on that. Using a spider web die I die cut webs using various glittered card stocks from the stash. Hot glued the web to the front of the rosette. Set these aside.

Using the Icon die set I cut out all my icons from various glittered card stocks and then hot glued one to the front of all the rosettes. I want to use these rosettes on the front of my Boo Day treat bags so I used clothespins from the Dollar Tree to put the rosettes on. For each clothespin I covered the front of the pin using ModPodge, (also from the Dollar Tree), using a small paint brush. Cut a piece of holiday printed card stocks and put that on the clothespin and covered that also with the ModPodge:

Once these were dried I used hot glue and added my rosettes:

Here are photos of some of the rosettes before they were hot glued to the clothespins:

Cute icons die and they cut through all the glittered card stocks with no problems. Fun start to the BOO Day embellishments I make every year. 

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