Saturday, August 31, 2019

Time's Up . . .

Time's up. . .   Summer has come and gone, online sales have brought more products into the craft room, craft stores have had "lowest prices of the season" -- whatever that means, and so it goes... but time is up.... Time to stop working on all the projects I have started and find the top of the work table DH built me in 2017....  to put all new to the craft room products away, to stop trying to re organize or move things around.... Seems I have spent more time doing things in the craft room that do not end with completed projects... So this weekend I decided I will finish all the sorting, taking product out of packaging and putting things away where they belong.

Here is a photo of the top of the work table that I honestly have not seen in awhile but am glad it is still there!

Decided to keep my Bow-It-All on the work table top so I can get to it easily for use:

I put the Stamparatus on top of the MISTI in the same slot to free up a slot for the Bow-It-All in the white storage bag. Next to these items is a clear bin from Bed Bath & Beyond that holds refills for the ATG. Above the Bow-It-All is a cabinet storage rack from Walmart that is plastic coated. This rack can be used in the kitchen to hold pan lids.  I use it to hold my score boards - Two M Stewart boards, (one is for the craft room and the extra is for classes), also two of the Scor-Pal regular sized score boards - one for inches and the other is centimeters. Also have a mini Scor-Pal - again for classes. I also keep my small Fiskars trimmer in this rack. Here is the other side of the work table:

This side of the table has the Pamper's Chef tool caddy on a lazy susan from Bed Bath & Beyond with a Post It note holder and the holder for my stamp cleaning cloth. I keep my white/GP card stock in one slot and the bottom slot has the white #110 card stock from Mikes. I use a lot of white card stock so keeping it handy on the work table works well. The holder that has the slots I picked up long ago at a Restore. It was used under kitchen cabinets over a mini desk area to hold desk items. I am happy when DH built my work table that he knew I would want to keep using this piece so he made sure it would fit on the work table.

Happy I have found the table top once again and things are put away. Hope to finish the rest of the craft room over the weekend so next week I will be all set to get back to the BOO Day, Fall and Thanksgiving, and also Christmas projects I have already started....  Sometimes we just have to stop and clean and sort items so we can begin again with a clean work table for our creativity.  TFL

Thursday, August 1, 2019

New arrival to the craft room

Happy to say my Bow It All - V.3  arrived and is now in the craft room.  Had seen lots of crafters using this tool on YouTube videos and blog postings so I decided to buy one for myself. Amazon sells these and with Prime shipping that is free and in a couple of days it arrives!

The first bow I wanted to make was a Double Looped Bow so using gingham ribbon from: 

They have a good variety of ribbons and such with good prices. With upcoming BOO Day (Halloween) projects already started in my craft room I thought the black and white gingham bows would be good additions. Here is a photo of the box:

Inside the box is the bow working board in a zippered bag and a all the tools needed to use the bow maker:

On the sides of the bow working board you can store all the ribbon pegs and the wrench to tighten your ribbon pegs. You can keep the ribbon spools, the plastic "helping hands", and the scissors in the zippered bag for storage. This tool comes with a how-to booklet as well as a thin supplement booklet so you can begin making bows right away.

The first bow I made is the Double Loop Bow and here is a photo of that:

Easy peasy!! This is going to be a good addition to my craft room since now I will be able to make a variety of bows but also a very small bow all the way up to a large bow. There are lots of videos on YouTube for the how-to's for this product for inspiration but I especially am happy I can also use up my one sided printed ribbons to make nice bows with both sides of the print showing on the bow. When you are making your bows you are also looking at the front of the bow the whole time so you can straighten your ribbons or loops out before you tie it off and remove it from the pegs.

You can also use this tool to make tassels and pom poms so lots to use it for.  Have to make a spot on my workbench table to keep it nearby as I am sure with the upcoming holidays my ribbons will be getting used up -- finally!! ;0)