Saturday, October 24, 2015

Finished Treat Holders photos --

All finished -- for the gals at work for Halloween:

Used a plastic holiday bowl from the dollar store and clear gift bags from Mikes to wrap these up. Tied the bags closed using purple tulle from Joann's and trimmed off the top of the bags with scissors:

The above photos show a couple of the bowls packed and wrapped. Hoping the gals like them and I made us all ghost holiday pins -- now to clean up all the BOO in the craft room and move onto turkeys for Gobble Day. . .  TFL and YOLO

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Flip-Its Cards

Bought the Sizzix/Stephanie Barnard die set Card, Square Flip-Its and made my Fall cards that are all in the mail on their way to wish Fall greetings to others. I bought this flip-its die set at Mikes using a 55% off coupon from AC Moore so it was $12 something with tax.

This die set has 12 die pieces so lots you can use this for. For my cards I was able to use a lot of scraps and busier card stocks that are too busy for a card front but perfect for smaller die cut pieces. Here are photos of some of the cards now in the mail:

Some of the photos are better than others so sorry about that. Some of the scarecrow hats I added a crystal to the center of the flower and others I did not. To make the scarecrow I used the Stampin Up Curly Label punch and for the embossing on his face piece I used the Stampin Up Square Lattice embossing folder. Easy card to put together in assembly line fashion. I tried to use different card stocks for the cards so out of the 15 I made only two that matched.   TFL and YOLO

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Preserving BOOs

Had made these treat holders before for Valentine's Day and decided to make them up for Halloween. I had originally seen the video by Kay Kalthoff how to use the Stampin Up Perfectly Preserved stamp set and matching dies. Here is her blog: This project is from August 2012 and she has dimensions on her blog as well as her video.

The only difference for my nugget holders is that I did not cut out the notch as suggested but put my jar front on the insert piece and then punched out the oval. This way you will not see the bottom of the insert that holds the four nugget candies in your holder. I also put my printed jar tops on my front and back jar pieces before I assembled my jars and insert piece. This way the jar toppers match on the jar pieces. I also did not punch an oval in my back jar piece so you can not see the nugget candies from the back. Here is a photo of each nugget holder:

Used various card stock scraps for the wrappers for the nugget candies and also the jar toppers. For the purple holder I used ColorBox black in and for the black holder I used ColorBox white ink. These holders go together quickly and are well received when given as treat holders.

These holders are some of the items I am making for the gals at work:

Thanks to Kay for her video and how-to's for this project. TFL and YOLO

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mini Trick or Treat Bag

Had seen a recent video from on YouTube that she did featuring a Halloween witch hat by Janet Baker. The blog for Janet is: Thanks to Frenchie for making her video and for Janet for this cute idea!!

Of course, Murphy's Law comes into play and I did not have the supplies Frenchie showed in her video so I had to make do with what I have on hand. Here is my Mini Trick or Treat Bag I just made using my version of their witch hat:

To begin with my mini kraft bag is from Mikes and it is a 2 1/2" x 4" bag which is sold in packs of 25 pieces in the gift bag section of the store. To dress up my mini bag I used this Halloween stamp set from Hobby Lobby:

Just stamped a frame and then the word stamp on the mini kraft bag using ColorBox black ink. Then used two washi tapes to run across the bag above and below the stamped images. Here is the mini kraft bag and washi tapes:

To make my witch hat I used black pearl card stock from Joanns and these punches:

Put my hat together using mini glue dots and I used a mini clothespin from Mikes for my hat. Used a small bow punch from my stash for my bow and put a black crystal in the center of the bow. Then used a glue dot to put this on the hat. Here is a closer photo of my witch hat:

Very cute idea and thanks to Janet for the idea and to Frenchie for the video. TFL and YOLO

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Used the Sizzix/SU Matchbox die for this treat holder for Halloween. Cut it out of #110 black card stock from Mikes for the matchbox. For the front of the holder I used the M Stewart Spider Web Punch All Over the Page punch. Once that was punched out I cut a 2" x 2" piece from a clear sheet for the window piece behind the spider web. I put the 2" x 2" clear sheet piece on the backside of the punched piece using red sticky tape.  The clear sheet piece will keep the chocolate nuggets from falling out of the holder: (although it is hard to capture this with the camera I hope you can see the reflection of the clear sheet)

Once that was on the matchbox top I then put together the box top and bottom using red sticky tape. For the "BOO" I used a Halloween word die set from Frantic Stamper. Using a scrap piece of shiny black card stock I punched out a bug using a dollar punch from Mikes. Across the top of the holder I put dotted washi tape.

Using scrap printed card stocks I cut nugget wrapper pieces 1" x 3 1/8". Wrapped each nugget in these card stocks using glue dots. After the "BOO" was die cut I put that on the lower front of the box using a glue pen. Added the shiny bug to the letters using a glue dot. TFL and YOLO

Birthday Petals Card

Had seen the recent email from and she did a card with the splatter technique and since I had not used that technique in some time I decided to use it on this card I made:

For the flower stamps I used the Painted Petals stamp set from Stampin Up. Stamped them using my MISTI tool. Once those were done I cut and stamped the inside piece:

For the inside of the card I inked the flower stamp and stems and stamped them off onto scrap card stock and then stamped them on my inside piece. The inside greeting is a stamp from Great Impressions.

For the front of the card stock I stamped "happy birthday" on the lower front of the stamped floral piece using a stamp from a hostess set from Stampin Up Express Yourself.

Frenchie has a how-to video on her blog for this splatter technique and remember to be careful when you make your card pieces so you are not "splattering" everything nearby. Once my pieces were stamped I put them in an opened card board box and then did the splattering so the ink did not get all over the place.

This card went together quickly and thanks to Frenchie for her video on this older technique with all her tips and hints. TFL and YOLO.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chocolate BOO Pops

These treat holders are for BOO Day -- Halloween -- for the gals at work. Just came across the limited edition chocolate Tootsie Pops with chocolate outsides and chocolate centers. Everyone should love those.

For my holders I used different holiday card stocks and many are just scraps from other projects as these holders do not require larger card stock pieces. To begin with for all these holders I used purple/plum card stock. I made up a sample holder in different colours to show all the pieces and this will help with the different pieces you have to use:

First -- the sample holder has a lime green piece (for the actual holder) and that piece measures 2" W x 9" L. Once that is cut I put it on the score board, long side at the score board top, and I scored it at 3 1/2", 4 1/2", and again at 8". Used a bone folder to crease the scored lines. For my sample here is a photo:

The front panel of the holder is the shorter scored piece without the flap. For my sample I show the printed treat holder front as the darker green piece, which is 1 3/4" W x 3 1/4" L.  Cut this piece and adhere it to your treat holder front. 

For the small piece on the flap to the holder for the sample it is the orange piece and that is cut 1 3/4" W x 3/4" deep. Again adhere this piece to your holder flap. Now you need to make a hole for the lollipop stick to fit in. Using a ruler I marked the center of the scored line on your flap using a pencil. I just made a dot with that. Now close your treat holder and use a 1/4" circle punch. Center the punch over the pencil dot and punch off the scored line -- like a half circle --

Using the ruler again I made two pencil dots to mark holes needed for my ribbons which is how you keep this holder closed:

Once your pencil dots are made open the treat holder and then use a small circle punch and punch out your pencil marks on the small flap. Once those are punched then close your holder and using the punched circles as a guide punch through the holes again which will now give you holes through the front and through the back of your holder. You have to do this in two steps as with all the layers of the treat holder back, the treat holder front, the printed front panel and then the flap and printed panel it is hard for the punch to make the holes:

Now put your ribbon or twine, or in my sample piece I used yarn, through your closed treat holder, front to back. Once that is on the holder put a glue dot on the top of your Tootsie Pop and slip the lollipop stick through the center hole inside the holder. Once you have that in position press the bottom of your holder against the Tootsie Pop so it sticks to the Tootsie Pop glue dot and that will keep the lollipop in place. Now you can tie your ribbon, twine, or yarn in a bow or a knot and trim off the ends. This will help keep your Tootsie Pop centered and in place. 

On some of my holders I used small pieces of scrap card stock to go across the lower front printed panels and one holder I just used a piece of washi tape. For the pumpkins I used a Fiskars pumpkin punch. Then used a small oval punch to add an oval to each pumpkin front. Sponged the edges of the pumpkins and the oval pieces for dimension. The pumpkins are on the treat holder fronts using glue dots. 

As you can see on my holders I used many printed holiday card stocks -- some match and some do not but I think they all turned out well and I am sure the gals at work will like them. TFL and YOLO

Sunday, September 13, 2015

BOO Bags

Recent trip to Walmart and I came across these Halloween printed cello bags for treats. Here is a photo of the spider bags and packaging:

The package has the bags, silver twist ties, and pre-printed perforated "Happy Halloween" labels. But did not want to just use these bags as a 'sack' but wanted them to be free standing. So I took out a bag and measured the width of the bag and then opened the bag and measured the pleated sides. Took these two measurements and subtracted 1/4" from each measurement and then I cut out a piece of white card stock for the inside bottom of my bags -- cut my white card stock piece 2 1/2" x 4 3/4". Opened the bag and put this cut white card stock at the bottom of the bag, flat -- this makes it possible for this bag to be free standing. Here is a bag from the side:

Did not want to fill my bags too soon with candies so for my photos I put paper shred inside the bag. Will add the candies the week of Halloween.

Using the Sizzix Scalloped Tag Combo #2 I cut out two black tags and used scrap card stock to decorate the tags. Used the perforated Happy Halloween labels in the bag package and took two of the labels off. Since they are perforated the edges were all bumpy so I used the trimmer to trim those edges off so my Happy Halloween labels have smooth, straight edges.

Gathered up the tops of the bags to close them and for the orange chevron bag I tied black and orange ribbon around that. For the spider bag I used black tulle to tie it shut.

Added a ghost to the chevron bag tag and a shiny bug to the spider tag -- again no stamping involved.  These are easy treat holders to put together and perfect for place settings at a table or treat holders to hand out to family and friends. TFL and YOLO

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What's Up With THAT ? ? ?

Mother Nature at her best. . .  If you have seen on my blog about the Porch People AKA "Birds Nest on Porch" then you know of our on-going story of birds using the front porch as a home for their newest babies. . .

To review we have an outlet near the ceiling of the front porch which Mr & Mrs Newlyweds decided to build a nest on top of. Cute idea when they only had 3 babies... but wanting a larger family each Mr & Mrs would add to the nest and soon they were having no less than 5 babies. Which is a happy moment for Grandma Bird I suppose but as the babies grew... the nest became smaller. . .

Being a good landlord DH decided to "build" a deck around the nest so the larger babies -- who were now pushing each other around -- would not fall out. Good thing DH put that up because it was not long after that when the larger baby birds would sit on the deck as there was not a lot of room in the nest with the five of them. . .

So DH decided to remodel -- he replaced the front porch ceiling with insulation and vents and such so while he was up there he removed the now vacant nest --- which had been the start for quite a few bird families --- took his wooden deck down and put up a vinyl deck that he thought the birds might like better. Guess again . . .

Meanwhile off I go in the Spring to Lowes to buy two rectangle, flat back planters for DH to hang on either side of the front door. Nice idea and I thought they looked great. . . they were already planted with Geraniums and Verbena. I picked out the two best planters they had. Apparently I was not the only one that thought they were the best as now we have this in one of the planters:

What is that??? A nest with four baby birds napping. . . DH got on a ladder to take this photo and was careful not to touch anything as Mom would have had a hissy fit. So now the dilemma. I am afraid I can not water the planter very well as I don't want the babies to drown so I only carefully water the one end of the planter with a measuring cup. Half the planter is dying but the babies are thriving.

I told DH maybe his vinyl deck is too modern for the birdie families to settle in... maybe he should go back to a wooden deck? Gotta' love Mother Nature. . .

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tiled Cards

***  UPDATE ***   The turquoise tiled card was just chosen as one of the Favorites of the Week on Splitcoast Stampers by Rita -- I emailed Deb Valder to thank her for sharing her idea and such a good video with good details as to how to make this card using the Avery Labels. Watch Deb's video and you will see how easy this card is to make and the Stampin Up Stippled Blossoms stamp set is perfect since it has so much detail on the stamps. So again thanks to Deb Valder for sharing this technique and who would have guessed it is a sheet of Avery labels????

 -- Had seen a card made by Deb Valder on her blog:

She has a video for this technique on her blog and this technique is very easy to do but gives the card front a big impact. Here is one of the three cards I made using her idea:

For each card I used the labels she suggested which I bought at a big box office supply store. The labels are by Avery and the item number is: 5418. Here is a photo of the labels in their package:

There are 28 label sheets in a package so you can make a lot of different cards or projects using this package.

To begin with for all the cards I cut and scored white #110 weight card stock from Mikes. Set that aside. For the label sheet front for the card I cut all my label sheets larger than Deb did as I wanted more of the card front covered. I trimmed off all borders on the label sheets. I made three cards so I did this for three label sheets.

Using the Stampin Up Stippled Blossom stamp set I stamped the first card using Pool Party and then followed that using the Bermuda Bay ink. This stamp set is a 2 Step stamp set and easy to use if you use your Stamp-A-Ma-Jig tool. Once the large flowers were stamped I then stamped the leaves. Again I did not have the colour ink she used so for my leaves I used Pear Pizzazz from SU. The first leaf stamp I inked up and stamped that off onto scrap card stock and then stamped the label sheet near the flowers. The second leaf stamp I inked up and then stamped directly onto the label sheet. This gives the leaves a two tone look.

For all the cards I cut my label sheets, stamped those, then cut the coloured card stock I wanted to use and then a piece of Pear Pizzazz green card stock. Here is a photo of my card pieces stamped and cut but not assembled:

Once all pieces were cut put the label piece onto the coloured card stock and then onto the green card stock using the ATG. Now for the fun part -- the PEEL --- in this photo I used a pencil to make a mark on the parts of the stamped label piece I would be peeling off -- using the awl I carefully lifted up these penciled pieces -- I put the pencil lines on there to help show this better in the photo:

and the peel begins:

For this card I used a stamp from a Gina K Design stamp set Simple Snowflakes. I cut that out using the Spellbinders tag die set Charmed I'm Sure. Used matching ribbon and tied a bow on this card and then put this piece onto the white card stock base using the ATG. Put my greeting tag on the card front using glue dots. Also used glue dots on my sequins on the card front:

Now for the pink card:

This card has a greeting from a Gina K Design stamp set Block Greetings. For the two pink inks on this card I used Stampin Up Pink Pirouette and then their Strawberry Slush. Also on this card I stamped a smaller flower from the Stippled Blossoms stamp set and I cut that out with scissors and put it on the card front using a glue dot. The greeting tag was cut out with the Spellbinders tag set Tags Ribbon Trio. Used pink ribbon from the stash and put that on the card front and added a bow.

Here is the beginning of the peel for the pink card:

Nice to make these cards using two different inks that compliment each other but I wanted to make a purple card and the ink I wanted to use is the Stampin Up Lovely Lilac. But I did not have another purple that would work well with that so I used the stamp off technique -- inked the first flower stamp, stamped it off onto scrap card stock, and then stamped the label. Using the second flower stamp I inked that up with the Lovely Lilac ink and then stamped directly over my lighter flowers and it looks two toned as well:

Once again I used a Gina K Design stamp set Stippled Nature for my greeting. Cut that out using the Spellbinders tag die set Tags Grommet. Used twine to put this on the card front. And the peel for this purple card:

My concern making cards with the label sheets was that the sheets would be fragile and I thought when I would start the peel the labels would lift off the sheets but they did not. Thanks to Deb for sharing such a nice design for a card front. Absolutely love this stamp set as well -- very nice detail on the stamps and they always stamp well. TFL and YOLO