Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chocolate BOO Pops

These treat holders are for BOO Day -- Halloween -- for the gals at work. Just came across the limited edition chocolate Tootsie Pops with chocolate outsides and chocolate centers. Everyone should love those.

For my holders I used different holiday card stocks and many are just scraps from other projects as these holders do not require larger card stock pieces. To begin with for all these holders I used purple/plum card stock. I made up a sample holder in different colours to show all the pieces and this will help with the different pieces you have to use:

First -- the sample holder has a lime green piece (for the actual holder) and that piece measures 2" W x 9" L. Once that is cut I put it on the score board, long side at the score board top, and I scored it at 3 1/2", 4 1/2", and again at 8". Used a bone folder to crease the scored lines. For my sample here is a photo:

The front panel of the holder is the shorter scored piece without the flap. For my sample I show the printed treat holder front as the darker green piece, which is 1 3/4" W x 3 1/4" L.  Cut this piece and adhere it to your treat holder front. 

For the small piece on the flap to the holder for the sample it is the orange piece and that is cut 1 3/4" W x 3/4" deep. Again adhere this piece to your holder flap. Now you need to make a hole for the lollipop stick to fit in. Using a ruler I marked the center of the scored line on your flap using a pencil. I just made a dot with that. Now close your treat holder and use a 1/4" circle punch. Center the punch over the pencil dot and punch off the scored line -- like a half circle --

Using the ruler again I made two pencil dots to mark holes needed for my ribbons which is how you keep this holder closed:

Once your pencil dots are made open the treat holder and then use a small circle punch and punch out your pencil marks on the small flap. Once those are punched then close your holder and using the punched circles as a guide punch through the holes again which will now give you holes through the front and through the back of your holder. You have to do this in two steps as with all the layers of the treat holder back, the treat holder front, the printed front panel and then the flap and printed panel it is hard for the punch to make the holes:

Now put your ribbon or twine, or in my sample piece I used yarn, through your closed treat holder, front to back. Once that is on the holder put a glue dot on the top of your Tootsie Pop and slip the lollipop stick through the center hole inside the holder. Once you have that in position press the bottom of your holder against the Tootsie Pop so it sticks to the Tootsie Pop glue dot and that will keep the lollipop in place. Now you can tie your ribbon, twine, or yarn in a bow or a knot and trim off the ends. This will help keep your Tootsie Pop centered and in place. 

On some of my holders I used small pieces of scrap card stock to go across the lower front printed panels and one holder I just used a piece of washi tape. For the pumpkins I used a Fiskars pumpkin punch. Then used a small oval punch to add an oval to each pumpkin front. Sponged the edges of the pumpkins and the oval pieces for dimension. The pumpkins are on the treat holder fronts using glue dots. 

As you can see on my holders I used many printed holiday card stocks -- some match and some do not but I think they all turned out well and I am sure the gals at work will like them. TFL and YOLO


lifesabeach32940 said...

Super cute treat holders, Candee!! Thank you for the directions!!

JoJos Mom said...

MMM where did you find the chocolate pops?? I want to make some. Love this!!

Candee said...

Thanks ladies for the nice comments about the Chocolate BOO Pops. I picked up a bag of the all Limited Edition all chocolate Tootsie Pops for $2.95 per bag at Big Lots. I did not get them too long ago so I am sure they would still have them in stock. Certainly solves a lot of problems as now you don't need to decide who gets the red or the green or the orange or the . . . this way they are chocolate through and through! Thanks for your blog visits! Candee P