Friday, July 2, 2021

Shopping alert for holiday weekend - - -

 Received an email from FranticStamper on Wednesday morning about their "Huge die sale" going on this weekend until July 10th  --

I placed an order for $30.00 and much to my surprise it was in the mailbox today!!! Here are photos of the dies I bought for 50% off:

As you can see by my choices I am already working ahead on Autumn and BOO Day projects in the craft room.... It was a happy surprise my order came so quickly and happy to add these dies to the craft room -- or "warehouse" as DH calls it.  Nice packaging with the Frantic dies too as she has the actual sizes on there so you know what size your die cut piece will be. 

Happy she has this sale going on also. Lots of online stores have sent emails for holiday weekend sales/specials so am sure there are great deals for us crafters to snag...

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Bonnie said...

Great bargains, Candee! Thanks for the head's up.