Friday, July 2, 2021

July 4th Treat Bags

 Used white paper gift bags I had on stock and printed card stocks from Hobby Lobby for the fronts of the July 4th Treat Bags for this year:

and the second one:

The fringe trim is made using crepe paper rolls from Hobby Lobby. I had used a similar idea for crepe paper trim on my BOO bags from last Halloween:

The black and orange crepe paper trim was made using a pipe cleaner and hot glue and using scissors to clip the crepe paper. For the July 4th trim on my bags I wanted to be able to use three colours of the crepe paper for the red, white, and blue so once I decided which colour I wanted on top I cut my pieces. Two red, two white, and two blue stacking them as red, white, and blue. To decide the length I would need for the bag fronts I measured the bags and decided on the width I would cut the printed card stock to and that was the same measurement I used for the length of my trim. I also did not want the bulk of the pipe cleaner so for my trim I just used hot glue in a thin line about 2" long and then pressed the crepe paper into the hot glue until all layers were adhered:

Using the fringe scissors from M Stewart I cut one side of the crepe paper stack and then cut the second side:

With both sides cut I used my fingers to scrunch up the crepe paper:

The more you scrunch it up the fuller it becomes. I put the trimmed printed card stocks onto the bag fronts using the ATG.  For the crepe paper trim pieces I put those on the bag fronts using hot glue. Using a banner die I die cut a piece of 110# weight white card stock for the banner piece. Used red glittered card stock for the July 4th and words. Put those onto the banners using liquid glue. Used a small Marvy star punch and punched out stars from various glittered card stocks and put those on the bag front using glue dots. For the banner piece I put that onto the bag fronts using tear and tape. Easy bag front to put together. 

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Bonnie said...

Awesome fringe! Happy 4th of July!