Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tags and Tie Ons

YoYo Christmas Tree Ornaments, gift tags, and Butterfly Clip Angels --- in between projects so had some time in the craft room to make these up --- but now back to work ---

Made up some of the fabric Yo Yo tree ornaments for Christmas. Used fabric scraps and sparkly tulle for the top bow and some of the yo yo layers. Used a bell at the bottom ---

Some of the patterns for yo yo trees use a wooden spool for the tree base but I wanted to use the bells instead. Used a white bead for the top of the tree by the bow. Made up a few of these and here are two of them.

Here are tags I made using white pom poms for my snow men. Used PaperTreyInk Kraft paper for the tags and used the Sizzix/TH Tags and Tie tag die for the larger tag and the Scalloped Combo #2 tags die by Sizzix for the smaller tag:

Used the Bold Snowflake stamp from Stampin Up for the large snowflakes on the tags and I stamped those with VersaMark ink. Then used red and white embossing powder and the heat gun. Here is a better photo of the embossed snowflakes:

Stamps on these tags are SU Petite Pairs for the red tag and the white tag is a holiday stamp from Amy R. Added the sparkly tulle at the tag top with ribbons, yarn, and small bells from my stash. Snowmen are two pom poms glued to the tag front.

Not so traditional but still can be fun made up in the recipients fav colours:

Used the dotted paper from Mikes sold in packs. Then used white card stock from PaperTreyInk (their paper is great weight for the tags) and cut out the white and the dotted tags. I used the Sizzix/TH Tags and Tie die to cut out my dotted and white tags. For the white tag only I used a large tree punch from Fiskars and punched out my tree. Sponged the edges of my white tags with inks to match my dotted card stock. Put the white tag on top of the dotted tag using the ATG. For the greetings on these tags I used a holiday stamp set by Amy R. Used circle punches for those. Usded a small star punch for the star from shimmer paper and I put the star on the tags with a pop dot. Added white tulle, ribbon, 'hairy yarn', and bells at the tag top. The nice thing about this Tags and Tie die is the circle/ring to put around the hole in the tag top gets cut out when you cut your tag so there is no extra work punching out additional circles for that. I used a glue pen to put that ring on the tag.

More tie on angels I have made in the past:

So have a head start for the Christmas tags and tie ons.  TFL and YOLO

Monday, July 29, 2013

Boo Tags #1

What is Boo Day (Halloween) without a spider or two? or bugs?  eeek  .  . .  Used the Sizzix Super Scalloped Tag Die for the tag and that is from green card stock from SU. Sponged the edges of that lightly with green ink. Used two small circle punches for the reinforced hole at the top of the tag. For the spider in the jar I used the Halloween plate/die from the Cuttlebug and cut the spider out of flocked black card stock from Hobby Lobby. Here is the plate/die:

Once again wanted the spider to have green eyes so I used a small circle punch and punched a green circle and put this on the backside of the spider --- in person it is easy to see his green eyes:

Stamped the jar stamp from the SU Perfectly Preserved stamp set onto white/GP using gray ink. Cut that out with the matching die to that set. Sponged the edges using the gray ink. I cut out two of the jar lid pieces--one for the front of the jar and the other for the back of the jar. I wanted the back of the jar lid covered since I have the jar just off the side of the tag -- this way from the the back of the tag it looks more finished:

For the spider I used a ruler and a think black marker to show the spider is hanging in the jar from his web. Put the jar onto the tag front using pop dots and the spider is also on a pop dot inside the jar. For the "EEEK" I used a punch by Martha Stewart and again I used the flocked black card stock for that.

Once again I glued the card stock onto the clothespin using clear glue from Aleene and I used a stamp from the SU samp set Mixed Medley. At the top of the "Treats for Boo" stamp is a pumpkin---I did not want that to show on this card so using a $1 punch from the craft store I punched out bugs. Using a glue pen I put one of the bugs over the pumpkin on that stamped image to cover the pumpkin. Used various punches for the circles for that. Put this piece onto the clothespin using a glue dot.

Put my three bugs on the tag front using a glue pen. Used green tulle for the tie at the top of the tag and tied ribbon and sparkly 'hairy' yarn around that. Here is a closer photo of my spider in the jar:

This tag will go on top of a brown paper bag I am using as a treat holder for Boo Day --- I will either stamp all over the bag with a dollar stamp or I will emboss the bag in the Cuttlebug with a holiday folder -- as I had done for this floral tag using a rose folder:

To emboss your paper bag leave it flat (unopened) and put this in your embossing folder. Then run it through the Cuttlebug and when done the front, sides, and back of the bag will all be embossed. Easy peasy . . .

Tags are good for people I give treat bags to and not send them a holiday card --- like the stamp club or someone you see now and then. TFL and YOLO

Boo Tags #2

Some people get cards for Boo Day (Halloween) but for my stamp club and others I will make up treat bags instead. Here is one of the tags I made to put at the top of the treat bag. Will be using either plain paper bags that I can stamp or emboss or maybe buy coloured paper bags from the dollar store -- the plain bags I can use a dollar Halloween stamp and stamp all over or as I have done in the past just emboss a paper bag using an embossing folder:

As you can see in the above photo I put the flat brown bag in an embossing folder and ran this through the Cuttlebug---once it is embossed you will have the front, sides, and back of your bag embossed. For Boo Day I can use my pumpkins or spider web embossing folder or any other holiday folder I would like.

To cut out my tag I used the black card stock from SU and also a gray from SU. The larger black tag was cut out using the Sizzix Super Scalloped Tag die in the Sizzix machine and then used the Scalloped Combo #2 Tags die for the gray tag. Sponged the edges of the gray tag and then put the tags together using the ATG. Using two circle punches I made the orange ring to go around the hole on the gray tag and punched the hole through the gray tag and the black tag. Put the orange ring on the tag using a glue pen.

For the jar of bats I used the SU Perfectly Preserved stamp/die set. I stamped the jar onto white/GP using gray ink from SU and lightly sponged the edges of the jar. Then used the jar lid and cut out my black print top. Put the top on the jar and used thin raffia from Karen Foster to tie around it. Made a bow and used part of a glue dot to put the bow on the jar lid. Because I wanted my jar of bats to be at a slant on my tag I knew the jar lid would be seen from the back of the tag so I cut two lid pieces and put the second lid piece on the back of it--here is a photo of the back of the tag and you can see it looks more finished with the back lid on the jar piece:

This back piece covers up the raffia on the jar lid. For the bats I used flocked black card stock from Hobby Lobby and my Cuttlebug Halloween plate/die to cut them out -- here is a photo of that:

For the green eyes for the bats I punched out a small green circle and put that on the bats with a glue dot just like I did for the spiders:

Using scrap paper and Aleene's clear glue I added a piece of card stock to a clothespin and then put an extra bat on that. This clothespin will attach your tag to the treat bag. (You can put the clothespin on the tag using a glue dot or don't permanently attach it to the tag and it can be taken off when the treat bag is open --I prefer to attach the clothespins to my tags so they are not lost since they are small.)  "Boo" was also cut from the plate/die and I used a glue pen to put that on the tag. Tied black tulle at the top of the tag  with ribbon and a piece of sparkly 'hairy' yarn. A closer photo of the jar of bats:

 Quick and easy tag to make and more use out of the Perfectly Preserved stamp/die set --- think out of the box. . . .   TFL and YOLO

Candy Corn Cone Treat Box

Made up a Candy Corn Cone Treat Box for Boo Day (Halloween). Used the Sizzix/SU Petal Cone Die for the treat box and scraps for the three colours of the candy corn. Easy to do but have some tips --

First since this is a free standing treat box I used black card stock from Stampin Up rather than the black card stock from Mikes. I wanted a heavier weight paper to use for the actual box since it will have treats inside of it. Cut two die pieces from the black card stock for your box. Set this aside.  For the yellow, orange, and white pieces I used scraps. I have found in the past when I piece card stocks together for stripes and such that it works better to attach them to each other before I emboss them -- see photo:

When attaching card stocks to each other just be sure you have the edges tightly together and then tape them. I used regular Scotch tape to hold these pieces together--as you can see it does not matter how they are taped together as the die will be cutting most of this off -- and it will be on the backside of your die cut piece.

Once you have your stripes together you need to put this piece on the die with the white at the point of the die and the yellow at the curved end -- when it cuts out you will have to trim off your scored lines the die makes but this is what it will look like before you cut off the curved bottom:

Cut off the curved bottom and here is the candy corn piece:

Using the Spider Webs embossing folder from the Paper Studio from Hobby Lobby I embossed the candy corn piece in the Cuttlebug. I prefer to emboss the stripes as one piece rather than to emboss three pieces and then try to line up my pattern and try to tape them together to be one piece. I put the two black pieces together and kept this flat so I could put the embossed candy corn piece on a flat surface. I put the candy corn onto the front of the treat box using the ATG. See photo:

Once the candy corn piece was on the box I then added black candy corn ribbon to the lower front using red sticky tape. Using my Halloween Cuttlebug plate I cut out a black spider from black flocked card stock:

To give my spider green eyes I punched out a small circle and used a glue dot to attach this to the back of the spider--the camera does not capture the green eyes but in person you can see them:

The spider is on the front with a pop dot. For the "Treat for Boo!" stamp I used the SU stamp set Mixed Medley and various punches to punch those out and they are on the front of the treat box using a large glue dot. Cute treat box for Halloween and it holds just enough candies for a treat --- TFL and YOLO

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tiled Card

Had seen this technique done by and I wanted to make my own. She used a patterned card stock from Stampin Up and I do not have that paper so I used a floral paper from my stash. She has a video on for this and it is entitled Tile with Grout. I will share things I learned while making this card.

First --- I cut the floral pieces apart and as Frenchie suggested I was careful to keep them in order so when I put them back together on the cream grid card stock they were in order to make the design.  The other suggestion I have is when I scored my cream card stock for my grid for the tiles I scored it twice so that my scored lines had more definition. This is a general instruction on how to make this card but I do suggest you watch her video in case I forget to explain something --

First I cut my cream piece and scored the grid lines -- then cut the floral pieces and put them on the grid piece. Then I covered the whole grid/floral piece with the VersaMark as she suggested and I will say when you do that step to be sure you have plenty of VersaMark all over the grid piece and especially in the scored lines of your grid pattern. Cover this piece with CLEAR embossing powder:

Use the heat gun to melt the embossing powder and be sure you have all the powder melted and esp on the grid lines. Using the clear embossing powder will make this piece very shiny as shown:

Once these steps were done I then put the card together -- used a card stock base from Stamping up and used a darker pink card stock to put the grid pattern on. For the "get well soon" stamp I used a stamp from a-muse studio in their Contemporary Greetings stamp set. Used Raspberry Ripple ink from SU for that. For the butterflies I used cream Vellum card stock from Hobby Lobby and cut the butterflies out using a die from Impression Obsession. Added pink crystals from the stash to those.

This is a fun technique and even after you have used the heat gun on your piece you can clearly see the grid pattern on your grid piece. Thanks again to Frenchie for another fun technique and a good video for all the How-To's.  TFL and YOLO

DULL punches ? ? maybe not . . .

Wanted to use the dotted card stock sold in packs from Mikes for my summer cards but when I used my punches on them things did not work out as planned . . .   as you can see in these two photos the edges of the punched pieces are frayed and look like the punches ripped the card stock. To correct this problem I used white/GP card stock (or any scraps you have) and put that card stock on top of my dotted card stock and then punched my shapes out. When I use my punches I always punch them from the back which means I turn the punch over and am looking at the punch from the back when it punches the paper.

I put my white/GP on the dotted card stock and turned the punch over--backside up--and then punched through the two pieces with the white/GP facing me. Once I did this each piece punched out well with no frayed edges or ripped look. This photo shows two oval pieces -- the bottom one is an oval punched with the punch alone. The top oval is punched with the white/GP card stock on top of it and then punched:

This photo shows the flowers punched at the bottom alone and the flowers on the top had the white/GP on top of them in the punch:

Some punches seem to be made for a sturdier card stock so the thinner papers do not make a good punched shape. But by putting a heavier card stock with the printed papers you may get the results you are expecting from your punches.  TFL and YOLO

Summer Season Cards #1

This is one of the four styles of cards I made and just mailed out for summer.With the weather nice and everyone able to be outside to enjoy sometimes we get busy with the parties, showers, graduations, and all other summertime activities and summer passes quickly. Sometimes I think we are all so busy we seem to miss it. . .  So I will show the four style cards I made this week and just put in the the mail this morning. This card is a circle card and I will share the tip so if you should make a circle card yours will not tip over or lean to one side or the other.

I decided to make some of these cards after I had made the half watermelon I made using circle punches. I do not have this circle card size in a punch but I do have the 20 piece Nesting Circles die set from LifeStyle Crafts/QuicKutz. I used three circles for this card from that die set and to begin with I had to decide what size my card would be.

I use clear envelopes when I mail out my cards so I took one of the envelopes and then took the largest die that would fit into this envelope and that was the die I would use as the card base. Here is the card:

To begin with this card took some planning. I knew I would use the card stock base of green card stock from Stampin Up so that was simple --- I wanted just a small amount of the white to show between the red and the green so I used white GP card stock for that and of course a smaller circle die to cut that out. For the red piece again I used a smaller circle die and the red card stock is from Mikes. To make this card this is what I did:

Cut out the green circle -- scored it in the center and used the bone folder for that. Once that was done I used green SU ink and sponged the edges of the front of the card only. Then cut the white circle, cut that in half, and put that on the card front with the ATG. Again cut out the red circle, cut it in half, and put that on the card front. For the black seeds I used the EK Success border punch on scrap black card stock and the seeds are the pieces from this punch. (The white and red pieces are on the card front only---they do not wrap to the back)

"celebrate summer" are two stamps from the Stampin Up Everyday Flexible Phrases stamp set and I used the Stampin Up Bitty Banners die for that. Using scissors I cut the banner behind the white one from checked card stock and added a button and twine from my stash to this. Put the greeting tag on the card front with a glue dot. but . .  problems arise . .

Once the banners/tag piece with button was on the front of the card it now tipped/leaned to the left. I had to off set that to get the card to stand straight --- here is the inside of the card:

As you can see I used the same die for the inside white/GP piece that I stamped on that I had used for the red piece on the card front. Used SU black ink for that and that greeting is a stamp from Stamp Rosa from 1999. Once that was inside the card I then used my small watermelon dies from QuicKutz to make the watermelon piece. Put these pieces together using the glue pen and this is on the inside of the card using clear glue dots. By putting the watermelon wedge piece inside the card to the right it now balances out the greeting and the button on the front of the card and the card will not tip over or lean to the left:

Plus this also brings the front of the card to the inside as well.

If you should make a circle card using scallop circle dies be sure to have your scallops centered on your card and just clip off a small bit of the two scallops in the center at the bottom of the card and that will prevent your card from tipping or leaning in either direction. . . .

And now to the craft room -- watermelon seeds everywhere... just like I held a picnic in here or something -hahaha. Will be cleaning this up but am glad the summer cards are in the mail before summertime passes me by. TFL and YOLO

Summer Season Cards #2

Had shown this card earlier on my blog --- what speaks summer more than watermelon and the checked table cloth over the picnic table? Used different circle punches to make the watermelon. Sponged the edges of the green piece to the watermelon. For this card the card is on a green card stock base from Stampin Up, black is from Mikes, and the white is GP. To emboss the white piece I used the Stampin Up Square Lattice embossing folder. For the seeds to the watermelon I used a border EK Success punch and the seeds are the pieces from what this punch cuts out:

Here is a closer photo of the watermelon:

Put the seeds on the watermelon using a glue pen. There are pop dots behind the watermelon piece and the greeting tag. The tag was cut out with the Spellbinders Simply Charmed dies. TFL and YOLO

Summer Season Cards #3

This card I only made a couple of because I sent it to people on my mailing list that have boats so they got this card --- I had made up this card for a friend's DH for his birthday and once that was made I thought it would be a good card for the boaters --- here a couple of these cards for the boaters:

And this is the card for the friend's DH birthday that I had made before:

All boats, sails, and flags were made with scraps. The card stock bases are card stocks from Stampin Up with the colour pieces also Stampin Up and the white is GP. To emboss the white pieces I used one of the embossing folders in the Nautical folder set from QuicKutz. Twine and buttons are from the stash. To cut out the greetings for the summer cards I used the Spellbinders Simply Charmed die set for the yellow boat card and for the turquoise boat card I used the Stampin Up Bitty Banners die set. Pot dots are behind the lower piece of the boat for dimension.  TFL and YOLO