Sunday, May 22, 2022

Hot foil and new stuffs . . .

 First - my second order from IOStamps (Impression Obsession) arrived this weekend. I had placed an order early in April for their month long stamp sale and after that order I was able to spend more time looking through their stamp inventory and placed another order. I was happy to add these stamps to the craft room:

Fun stamps for BOO Day and Thanksgiving projects I am working on now.... I also ordered their Painted Lines background stamp:

I have quite a few of their background stamps as the quality is great as is the variety - I love this stamp since it has a distressed look to it and is not solid lines. I stamped it onto white card stock using red ink and these stamped pieces will be used for card fronts, tags, and other holiday projects for this year. 

Also have been hot foiling -- first project is using a hot foil plate from Waffle Flower:

The first hot foil plates I bought were all from Spellbinders but as time has passed more and more places are offering the hot foil plates. Waffle Flower has a few plates but so far this is the only one I have bought --- here is a photo of two pieces I foiled using two different colours of foil off set on the pattern:

One of the offset panels has green and blue foil and the other has silver and blue foil. I also foiled the negative pieces of the foils behind the off set panels and also here those are:

In the photo above I used silver, blue, green and holographic silver foil negative pieces and foiled them.

Spellbinders recent Warehouse Sale happened and I picked up the presents hot foil plate on sale and I used a light blue foil to foil that.

Pink Fresh Diagonal striped hot foil plate was used in the photo above showing both the positive and negative foiled images on white card stock.

Another hot foil plate from Pink Fresh and I used gold foil for the positive and negative images and here is a photo showing this in silver foil:

Used a background hot foil plate from Spellbinders to make this background. I first foiled it using solid gold foil and then turned the plate and foiled it using holographic gold foil:

Again I have the positive piece and the negative piece in the photo. 

I had never heard of this company before I had seen this plate in a demo on YouTube but I really liked the pattern so I ordered the plate. The company is "Dare2BArtzy" and this hot foil plate foiled perfectly the first time out! I love the stars pattern and I foiled it in silver foil as well as the holographic silver foil:

Both the positive and negative images are perfect and it foiled beautifully with no over or under foiling.They also ship quickly so I was happy with that. Have lots of foiled background pieces for projects ahead for sure and happy to report the July 4th cards are ready to be addressed and in the mail in the end of June.... Still working on other holiday projects as I go along but wanted to share the new additions to the craft room.... 


Ann D said...

Hi, Candee,

I enjoy reading your blog, especially when you write about your epic adventures to various stamping "rummage" sales. Oh, what fun they can be!

Today's blog post showed some great examples of hot foiling. I've been afraid to tackle that because I don't know either what I need to do it or how to do it. Can you share your favorite how-to website or perhaps show us how you do it? Does everything for it have to be new, or can we repurpose some old supplies for it? Also, if we buy say, an embossing folder, for foiling can it also be used with plain cardstock?
I hesitate to get involved in another "rabbit hole" -- I'm sure you know what I mean.
Thanks for your assistance!
Ann D

Candee said...

Hi Ann - Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I have learned a lot about hot foiling from watching videos and going to the "Tips and Tricks" section on They have videos and a lot of how-to's and they are easy to follow. The Hammermill card stock I use for foiling only I bought off Amazon so it is easy to buy. I have the Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil system and I bought that one because it is my first hot foil machine and I did not want to buy a higher end machine not knowing if I would like hot foiling or not but it is very easy and I am happy I gave it a try! Lots of videos on YouTube will show how to use embossing folders with hot foiling and also regular dies (not hot foil plates) so there are a lot of ways to use the hot foiling on your projects. Hoping this helps and thanks for your blog visit and kind comment! Candee P