Saturday, August 5, 2023

More Altered Clipboards

More altered clipboards from the Dollar Tree... Made four more of the altered clipboards using card stocks from the stash. This time I used ribbons for decoration rather than the beaded dangle I had made for my clipboard:

And the back:

The second one:

and the back:

The third one:

and the back:

The fourth one:

and the back:

Since I was using card stocks from my stash I used different papers - the purple floral printed card stock is from a paper pad by PaperRose from Australia and that card stock has a sheen to it. I was not sure how well it would work with the ModPodge but it did well and did not bubble or anything. The yellow floral card stock is thinner and after I put the ModPodge over it, being wet it looked like it would "lift" or bubble but I let it air dry and it was fine. The beige floral card stock was little thicker and that did well. The black floral card stock is double sided - as is the piece on the back of that clipboard - and that took the ModPodge well. 

The clip on the top of the clipboards from Dollar Tree only opens to a certain height so the spiral notebooks I put with them are the 100 sheet notebooks from the Dollar Tree:

For the ribbons I used a 'bulb pin" to attach the ribbons to the clip holder at the top of the clipboard. I used thin satin ribbons from my stash and for each clipboard I used four colours of ribbons. I cut the ribbons to the length I wanted and folded them in half and then put the looped end over the bulb pin and put the ribbon ends through the loop and pulled them tight. Here is a photo to show the ribbons on the bulb pin:

My concern with the satin ribbons is they would slip out of the ribbon loop over time and come off so I used a toothpick and put a dab of E6000 under each ribbon loop and then pulled the ribbon tight and put a clothespin on the ribbons until they were dry and the ribbons do not move so they will not untie with use. The bulb pin opens like a safety pin so I hung them on the left side of the clip that holds the spiral notebook on the clipboard. These four clipboards were made for gals at work that had seen my clipboard and asked me to make them each one. Here is a photo of the first altered clipboard I had made for myself:

These clipboards are easy to put together and make good use of the card stocks in the stash as well as helps to use up more of the ribbons in the stash. Each board looks so different depending on what card stocks or ribbons used and whether or not you paint the edges of the clipboards as I have done for mine
or use the clipboards as they are not painted. I did these 4 clipboards assembly style so they went together quickly - painted the edges, cut the card stocks, adhered the card stocks, added the ModPodge, let dry. Cut the ribbons and glued those onto the bulb pins and let them dry. The gals are quite happy with their clipboards and I did point out to them the ribbons can also be used as a "book mark" for their spiral notebooks since the ribbons are flat. Fun project to put together! 


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Bonnie said...

Pretty clipboards and great gifts, Candee!