Saturday, October 28, 2017

Inside the treat bags --

Here is a photo to show the candy holders I have made or put together to go into my dollar store treat bags I stamped for Halloween -- here are a couple of the bags --

Inside these bags are these treat holders:

I made the pumpkin framelit treat holders, the matchbook holder, and the small box in the lower left corner and that holds Ghirardelli candies. The "Happy Halloween" large pillow box with stickers is a kit from Jolee that I bought at the end of the season last year. Also bought the orange spider web box in a set from Mikes last year. Not shown in this photo is the Pumpkin Poop holders I made today to add to the bags.

Inside the stamped treat bags is black paper shred and then all the candy holders with paper shred on top of them with a crumple piece of Halloween tissue paper on top. Will try to take another photo of the bags when I finish assembling them all. TFL

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