Sunday, May 12, 2019

Horse trough and Mother's Day

Was taken out to breakfast this morning for Mother's Day and was given gift cards -- YAY!! One for Mikes and another for a restaurant.. Yummy.... But my DSD knows I am going to a big stampers sale in Chantilly, VA in June with my PIC (stamping Partner In Crime) so she designed and made me three tote bags for the show:

Each tote she has a key chain and tassle hanging off the handles. This first tote is nice because I also sew so she included that as one of my crafts. This next bag:

This tote has vinyl letters and they have a lot of shimmer:

This third bag is my favorite because of what it says:

This key chain is blank and she said she can put anything on it that I would want or I could leave it blank. These tote bags are thick and have a good sized gusset on the bottom/sides so they will certainly help at the Chantilly show!! ;0)     Happy me she made these for me!! She explained they are washable and should last me.... I am just happy she shared her crafting talents for me!!

Then I just finished working with the two horse troughs I had bought long ago to use as planters. DH drilled drainage holes on the lower sides and he put small rocks on the bottom and I planted some Geraniums, Zinnias, and Dianthus in them and topped them off with mulch. I only have two of them and they are round so once the flowers fill in there will be some pretty flowers for the backyard.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers today and hoping you have a relaxing day!   TFL

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Bonnie said...

Sounds like you had a happy Mother's Day! Can't wait to see what you fill those bags with! I'd love to see the horse troughs too. What a great idea for outdoor planters!