Monday, December 28, 2020

Just scoot over . . .

Finally figured out why after Christmas the craft room always looks like a tornado spent some time in here. . . then I thought about it and it all fell into place . . .   As usual I begin with the BOO Day projects which is followed closely with the Thanksgiving which is followed closely with Christmas... so really not much time for projects or maybe not enough time for projects. . .  compounded by the grand idea of moving the work table in the middle of the Christmas rush..... when else to do that???? 

One day I walked in the craft room and suddenly it came to me to turn the craft work table so it would be in the absolute center of the craft room which would give me easy access to everything on all four walls of the room rather than to have the work table closer to one end of the craft room facing one wall.... when else to do this but when Santa is just about breathing down your neck??? So one night after dinner I came into the craft room and made the change for the table location and so it goes.... like the domino effect . . . but I was happy with the change and I have tried to work in the craft room whenever I could after that to keep the momentum going until everything is where it should be and in place . . . great idea until I decided .... 

Just scoot over -- combined all the glue dots/foam tapes/tear n tapes/double sided/red sticky tapes and the extra glue sticks to my favorite hot glue gun by Surebonder. I took all the glue dots out of their packaging and that saves space as well as storing my extra glue sticks in a cleaned plastic peanut butter jar with a lid to keep them dust free. I took one of the clear dividers I had bought at IKEA for my Alex units to keep all this in in their new drawer location which is next to the work table now:

For the glue sticks I cut the name off the bag and taped that to the jar so I know those are for the Surebonder hot glue gun:

Also took all the bling - pearls/gems/crystals and put them in sandwich bags from the dollar store by colour so if I want a certain colour I will have all I have in that colour together for use. Still working on moving the glitters and embossing powders since I also moved the embossing tools to a new location but trying to get it all done ---

While putting Christmas and other holiday items away I cleaned out my bin the work table of new items to the craft room that arrived in the mail from online shopping.  When I saw the die for this little guy I stopped to put him together to see his actual size as he is just too cute to pack away until next Christmas:

Such details on this Cottage Cutz die I bought from Here is a photo of the die packaging for him:

This die has so much detail and dimension - first the mortar joints between the bricks on the chimney are a separate die piece and it sits on the front of the chimney. I used scrap card stocks to put him together so I used scrap kraft card stock for that. Also the white snow mounds that the chimney is on - there are slits that the die cuts into the snow mound for the chimney to sit it it and the red sack also fits into another slit on the die cut piece. Such a cute detail for this die:

Happy I took the time to put him together to see his actual size and all as he is a cutie. . . 

Certainly not going to complain about having a mess of a craft room on my hands with the year we have had - just glad I was able to work in the craft room here and there with everything going on . . .  too much invested in there to not use it but many times that is easier said than done. . . .     so back to scooting over and hoping to have it finished in another day or too -- and still wondering why I waited to move the craft room work table before now?  Happy New Year and happy crafting in 2021!

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Bonnie said...

Organization is never ending! Love this Santa with all the wonderful details!