Saturday, June 19, 2021

Uncle Sam Treat Box

 Had seen this video on YouTube showing her Uncle Sam Treat Box:

Thanks to StampingwithAmore (Angie) for sharing her idea and pattern. I changed up a few things to be able to use what I have on hand and here is my version of her Uncle Same Treat Box for a treat holder for July 4th:

To begin with I used new card stock I had just gotten on Amazon -- it is #100 weight smooth white card stock and it is a great weight for card bases as well as for boxes:

For my box first I trimmed the white card stock to the 8x8 size needed for the box. Scored this following her score lines at:3 and 5 turning it once and scoring it at 2 and 6.  Following her sample on her video I used the bone folder to crease all the scored lines and trimmed where needed to form the box. She used liquid glue for her box and I always use tear and tape for my boxes so that is what I used. Once the tear and tape was on the box flaps I left the box flat and I put the face on, the striped hat on, and placed the eyes, nose, and mustache pieces on the box front. With the box front/face done I peeled off the strips on the tear and tape and assembled the box.  Here are the dies and punches I used for my Uncle Sam box:

Face (blush) 2 3/4 circle die (one piece)
Eyes (black)  1/4 circle punch (two pieces)
Nose (blush) 1/2 circle punch
Mustache (white) 1 1/2 circle punch (one piece cut in half)

I die cut the blush face circle and used the ATG to put that on the box front. I had a little of the circle at the top of the box piece so I used scissors to trim that even with the box front top. For the striped piece I used card stock from HobLob and cut that 1 1/3 x 4. Cut a thin strip of solid blue card stock and ran that along the bottom edge using thin tear and tape. Used the ATG and put this striped piece at the top of the box front over the face piece.  Using the 1/4 circle punch I punched out two black circles for the eyes and I used glue dots to put the eyes on the face. 

Using blush ink I used a dauber for his cheeks. Punched out the white circle for his mustache and cut that in half and put that on the face using glue dots. Used the 1/2 circle punch and punched out a blush piece for the nose and sponged the edges of that using blush ink. Put that over the mustache. For the handles I wanted to use the blue card stock I had on hand so I used two circle dies from the same die set and used washi tape to keep those together. I cut out four blue circles for the handles - I glued two of the handle pieces together to make the handles more sturdy. Using a pencil I marked the center of these circle handles and put tear and tape pieces at the bottom of the circles to be attached to the inside of the box. The pencil line will be even with the box top edge so the handles will be even on the front and back pieces. Here is a photo of the dies and handle pieces before I put them in the box:

Peeled off the tape strips and put the handles onto the completed box - here is a photo to show these handles in the box:

Using various dies and punches I put together the layered stars piece. Added a clear crystal to the center of that to add sparkle to that piece. I had used this circle handle idea on another treat box I had made for Christmas and these handles are very sturdy. This is an easy treat holder to put together for July 4th and the 8x8 box makes a good size box. Thanks to StampingwithAmore for sharing her idea for this cute holder! 


Bonnie said...

This is so cute, Candee! Independence Day is right around the corner! I hope you are getting a summer vacation this year.

Brenda in IN said...

This is adorable and such a fun treat box for the coming holiday.

Candee said...

Thanks Bonnie and Brenda for your kind comments on Uncle Sam. He was fun to put together and everyone has liked him so far -- or at least the chocolates he is carrying!!! Happy 4th and thanks for your blog visit! Candee P