Sunday, August 1, 2021

Holographic Fry Box

 Had seen a Halloween treat holder done by Paper to Masterpiece on YouTube using a fry box die with holographic card stock. He had used sparkly holographic card stock and although I have some of that card stock mine was from AC Moore and rather than a paper base it has a plastic base so when you die cut something using it the layers will peel apart. But I do have the holographic card stock from Park Lane at Joanns so I used that for my Halloween fry boxes. For the base of my fry boxes I used #110 weight gray card stock from Mikes:

I did have a fry box die in my stash but it is a smaller size:

In his video he suggested buying the die set he used from Ebay which I did. I bought my die set from KSCrafts and it is the Elegant French Fry Box die set. I saw the die set was from China and I did not expect it to be delivered for a month or so with COVID restrictions and all but 9 days after I ordered the die set it arrived in the mail and post marked from NYC. Here is the photo of the die set as it comes in the packaging:

I cut the pieces apart for use and put them in an envelope for storage: 

If you use the edge die piece with the lattice die pieces you can cut out your panels for the front of the fry box as well as the front of the back of the fry box. If you just want to use the edge die piece without the lattice die pieces you can cut out holiday printed card stocks for the front of the fry box and the front of the back of the fry box. This die set cut through the holographic card stock with no problem on the first pass through the die cutting machine. 

The only decoration I have on the fry boxes are the leaves/swirls/flowers I used glittered card stock and silver foil card stocks for:

When I get closer to Halloween I can always add things to the box front or a greeting strip or something. For both boxes I used the eyelet die pieces for the edges to the boxes. One box I used black card stock for that and the other I used the holographic card stock:

Here are the two fry boxes together:

Thanks to Paper to Masterpiece for sharing his cute Halloween fry box treat holder. It is a good size and the #110 weight card stock makes it very sturdy. It is a nice die set. 

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