Sunday, October 17, 2021

Candy Corn Treat Boxes

Had seen the candy corn treat boxes that "TheScrappyBookworm1" on YouTube had made for Halloween. I thought they were cute but I decided to use my new-to-me SU die set "Cutie Pie" for my treat holder:

I used white #110 weight card stock from Mikes for the box. For the yellow, orange, and white pieces of the candy corn I used only scraps. I did not measure my pieces - just used scraps and cut them as I went along. I already had the spider web die set in the stash and since I was cutting the spider web in half to fit on the box I used scrap black card stock for that as well. 

First I cut the front and back pieces for the box. I folded all the score lines, creasing them with the teflon bone folder. Put tear and tape on the scored parts and was ready to assemble the box. I attached the back to the front. Laid this flat and covered the front of the box using the ATG. Used scrap card stocks using yellow, orange, and white and cut them to size and put them on the box front:

Turned this piece over and cut off the overlapping yellow, orange, and white card stock pieces using scissors:

With both sides trimmed off I closed the box and here is what it looked like before I decorated it:

With all the boxes assembled I added Stickles to each colour of the candy corn. Set that aside to dry and die cut all the spider webs. Cut them in half for the boxes. I used glittered black card stock for the spider and I used scrap green card stock for his eyes. The smaller bugs I used a small bug punch from the stash and also used the glittered black card stock for those. 

With the Stickles dried I used TomBow glue on the back of the spider webs and put the web on the box front. Added the big spider to the lower right front of the box and then added two of the smaller bugs to the web area. The bugs are on the box front using glue dots:

I added shred from the Dollar Tree to the inside of the box and chocolate candy treats and used dotted gross grain ribbon to tie around the box: (this photo was taken before the small bugs were added to the box front)

Here is a photo of all the boxes I made:

Thanks to the ScrappyBookworm1 for her inspiration and her how-to video. Cute treat holder for BOO Day for sure. I had bought this Cutie Pie die set from a used Stampers Sale awhile back and it is fun die set - Altho it can make pieces of pie shapes or a slice of cake I have never used it for that. Last Christmas I used it for a holiday treat holder:

Using the heavier weight card stock from Mikes this holder is free standing and the weight of the candies inside does not effect that. ALSO - -

Sadly MorningStar Stamps is closing it's doors the end of this month. I found Pam M. and her booth at a stamp show years ago and have bought from her ever since online. My most used stamp of hers has to be both the large and small Snowman face stamps and here are a few projects I have made using her stamps:

Here is a link to her online store if you should want to buy the small and large Snowman Face stamps or any of her other stamps:

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