Sunday, September 4, 2022

Hershey BOO Bar Treat Holder

 Am working on Halloween treat holders and I wanted to make a holder for the regular size Hershey Chocolate candy bar. I have the candy bar holder from Jaded Blossom but that die set has stitching on it and for these holders I did not want to use a stitched die so I made my own pattern for my Hershey BOO Bar Treat Holder. Here is a photo of two of the treat holders I made:

To make the treat box I used solid card stock 3 1/4 x 11. With the long side at the top of the scoreboard I scored this at 5 1/4 and again at 5 3/4. I turned this and scored each long side at 1/2. Once all scored lines were done I used the bone folder to crease those lines. I clipped the scored lines that will make the bottom of the box. To assemble the boxes I used tear and tape*. For the prints on the fronts of my boxes I cut a piece of printed card stock 2 1/8 x 5. I put the front panel on my boxes using liquid glue. (*To make things easier I put the tear and tape on the box flaps but kept the box flat so I could put the printed card stocks on the fronts of the boxes. Then removed the white backing of the tear and tape and assembled the boxes).

The witches on the fronts of my boxes were made using the small Witch Bow Die set by (This die set has both the small and the large witch dies in it). I used all scrap printed card stocks for my witches/bows and front pieces for the boxes. For the crepe paper embellishment at the top of the box I took a piece of orange crepe paper, layered a black piece of crepe paper on that and did this twice so I have 4 crepe paper layers. Hot glued a black pipe cleaned in the center of the length of this and used fringed scissors for the top and bottom edges of the crepe paper layers. Once that was cut I used my fingers to 'crimp' the crepe paper and fluff it up. Used hot glue to put this onto the box fronts.

Used tear and tape to add the Witch Bows to the box front. For this box I used a die for the word "spooky" and I die cut that out of glittered green card stock:

For this next box I put the Witch Bow die on the box front and added three skulls from the KS Craft Holiday Confetti die sets used for shaker projects. I cut these out of white glittered card stock. Used liquid glue to add the skulls to the box front. Again added the crepe paper embellishment at the top of this box. The boxes go together easily and the small Witch Box fits well on the front of the box:

I also made a rosette using the KS Crafts Spiderweb Rosette die set I had bought earlier. I used lighter weight black card stock from Mikes for my rosette:

That is the small rosette die and I used three die cut pieces to assemble this. This rosette measures approx 5 inches across so it is quite large. I also had to cut one strip off the last piece so that I could attach one end to the other to form the rosette. I used the enclosed spider die and I cut that out of orange glittered card stock and hot glued him to the center of the rosette. This rosette would be a good size for the front of a large treat bag for Halloween. 

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