Sunday, July 18, 2021

BOO-Ellishments for BOO Day

 Worked on some embellishments for BOO Day (Halloween).  I wanted to use the holographic card stock from Joann's Park Lane brand. This card stock is sold in a small 6x6 pad. All the dies I used are from the stash and the holographic paper cut well with all the dies. 

To begin with I used the "SPOOKY" die set from CZ Designs from Simon Says. I also used some "boo" dies from my stash. Used liquid glue to put the die pieces together:

I also wanted to die cut some ghosts using an older die in my stash which I believe is from QuicKutz:

I first cut the ghosts out using scrap white card stock for my base for the ghosts. Carefully removed the die cut piece from the die cutting machine to keep the eyes and mouth pieces in place. Once those were cut I cut out ghosts using the holographic card stock, white glittered card stock, and white mirror card stock I had bought at AC Moore before they closed. Here is a photo to show a couple of the ghosts after they were die cut:

I used liquid glue to cover the scrap white card stock base ghost:

For the other ghosts I used the pokey tool to remove their eye and mouth pieces - kept those for later - and put the ghost body on top of the glue covered white card stock base:

Wiggled the ghost body over the base to help spread the glue. Once that was done I used the spare eye and mouth pieces and put them in place:

Used the holographic paper eyes and mouth pieces on the white mirrored card stock ghosts as well as the white glittered card stock ghosts.  For the holographic ghosts I used black card stock eyes and mouth pieces for that. Here is a photo to show all three ghosts altho it is hard to photograph the holographic card stock:

The holographic eyes look sparkly with the white ghosts..... While I was die cutting I decided to make a few of the spider webs using the same holographic card stock:

Die cut the webs from the scrap white card stock as my web base and covered those with liquid glue and then put the holographic webs on those. The white card stock base will make these die cut pieces more sturdy. The nice thing about the Park Lane holographic card stock is not only is it very shiny but it does not come apart when die cut as other holographic card stocks can. Here is a group photo of some of the ghosts;

Here is a better photo of one of the white mirrored card stock ghosts:

All die cut pieces will go into the embellishment box I am working on for BOO Day and when they are needed for projects they will ready to go. Working on other Halloween projects and some Christmas items so hoping to post those later this week --- 

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Bonnie said...

Love these ghosts! Your box is filling up!