Monday, July 26, 2021

MorningStar Stamps

 With stamping shows starting up again if you should have the chance to visit the booth at Morningstar Stamps at a show you need to go -- Pam M is the owner and she has such nice products and her booth displays are also very cute! Today my order came from her with some of her new stamp releases and I thought I would share a photo of those -- but first -- Both the small and large Snowman Face stamps from Morningstar Stamps have to be the most used stamps in this crafter's craft room! Here are some photos of projects I have made using these stamps for the holidays:

The above photo is of the Snow Family -- I made these last year from scraps of wood from the garage and the base is a paint stick glued to the bottom of the wood piece to make them free standing. I used white craft paint and painted the family and when dry I stamped the Snowman faces using black StazOn ink. Added holiday fabrics for the scarves and hats. Easy project to put together and a fun decor piece. This next photo shows some projects I make every year using these stamps:

These are the most popular projects for the holidays. The three Snuggets on the left are Hershey Nugget candies and the hats for those snowman are fingertips from bath gloves at the Dollar Tree. Hot glued a pom pom to the front of each hat.  The two longer snowmen on the right are craft sticks cut in half and painted white. Once dried stamped the faces with black StazOn ink. Their hats are fingertips from regular winter gloves from the Dollar Tree. Used black and white twine to attach these tie-ons to a gift, a tree, etc..  The center circle face snowman tie on is using the round metal edged key rings from Avery that I bought at the office supply store. Removed the metal ring, stamped the face, used a curved label punch for the hat and again used black and white twine to tie these onto a gift bag, gift, treat bag, etc.. Here is a better photo to show the how-to's for the key ring snowman:

Another project:

The red hat and blue hat Snowman tags are die cut using a tag die and stamped the face onto the tag and cut out the red and blue card stocks for his hat. Easy project to make.

The above photo is of the newest snowman project I made -- hidden paperclips -- I show the key ring tie on with these guys to show you can use the key rings for the tie on and also for the hidden paperclip but you can also make the hidden paperclips just using a circle punch. The hidden paperclips would be cute on a treat holder, gift bag, journal, or planner or anything else you would like to add him to. 

Happy me that my new order arrived today from Morningstar Stamps:

She has cute card samples on her website showing the projects she has made using some of these stamps - looking forward to using her new Thanksgiving stamp release on this year's card.  Also a fun Christmas stamp as well as a few new additions for BOO Day (Halloween)... Here is the link to her web store:

While you are looking at her new releases be sure to order your small and large Snowman Face stamps for your holiday treats ahead! Beat the rush while they are still in stock! Looking forward to some serious stamping of holiday projects this weekend for posting next week .  .  .


Ann D said...

I'm so glad to see your post about Morningstar Stamps! Pam and her family used to come to the shows in York, Pennsylvania, and I thoroughly enjoyed buying things from her booth. Now that I know the high quality of her stamps, I'm happy to order over the internet, but I do miss seeing her in person. Morningstar is one of those "little" companies that deserves so much more attention that it receives, and I'm happy you featured it in your blog.

Candee said...

Hi Ann - I agree Morningstar is a great company and I loved seeing her at the PA and the Western NY shows when I lived in that area. She features smaller stamps at great prices and I found her at one of the shows and have shopped her ever since. She has a fun booth as well as there are card and project samples featured for a lot of her stamps and throughout the year you can see holiday project inspirations at her booth. I miss seeing her at the shows but still shop her website so happy I at least have that! Thanks for your blog visit! Candee P