Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy BOO - tober

Just finishing the BOO Day cards to get those in the mail:

Also here is a photo of one of the treat holders I recently made using the Stampin Up Fry Box die:

Used double sided card stock from the stash for the fry box and put that together using tear and tape. The circle greeting "Happy Halloween" is a stamp from . I used markers and the 'huff' method for that. Used a recycle vegetable bag from the grocery store for the knot on the front of the greeting label:

Also from  is this cute stamp they had used on a treat holder on their web page gallery:

"eat your vegetables" tied onto a bag of Halloween candy corn. I used a candy bag from the candy making aisle at the craft store for the candy corn. Tied orange/black twine that my PIC (stamping partner in crime) recently picked up for me at Target. I used a label punch to punch this out and tied it onto the bag with the twine. Put the bag of candy in the fry box along with black paper shred from the dollar store. Easy treat holder to put together and am sure the "eat your vegetables" will be a favorite of my Halloween treat holders.  Morningstar has a lot of really nice stamps -- for holidays and greetings. TFL


Charlene said...

Wow - what a great collection of Halloween cards to send! I am impressed, so many different kinds! Your friends and family are going to love them.

Bonnie said...

Lots of wonderful Halloween goodies! I love how you used the mesh bag! It makes the prettiest embellishment!