Sunday, December 23, 2018

Family of Flakes

LOVE the Snowmen face stamps from Morningstar and I always make the Snuggets that are Hershey Nuggets for every one for Christmas... I sometimes also make Snowman face tags to hang on gift tags or gift bags, etc.... This year I wanted to use my small Snowman face stamp for another project and I am very happy how they turned out -- first here is the link to buy the Snowman face stamps from Morningstar -- I own both the small and larger face stamps but for this project I used the small one:

To start this project I wanted to make something that I could hang from the handle on a gift bag. I also wanted to use items I already had on hand in my craft room and here is what I made:

The photo above shows two of the wooden "Snowman Hangers" that I made - I named them that because they can hang off the handle of a gift bag or even be hung on a tree or something. To start with the only wood for crafting I had in my craft room are the wooden craft sticks that are 1 inch wide and approx 8 inches long.  I had no pattern to go by but decided I wanted them to be approx 3 inches long from the curve of the stick to the bottom of the snowman.

Using crafting scissors I measured the 3 inches and cut the craft stick. Did not like that it was so thin so decided to cut another 3 inch stick and glue them together to make them thicker. Once dried I decided that would be the way to make them but.... wanted to be able to hang these Snowmen Hangers so I would have to get a piece of twine on the stick for hanging. . . Decided the best way to do this would be to have a hole in the top of the stick - the curved end under the hat - for the twine.  Using a scrap piece of the craft stick (single layer) I used a small hole punch and gently punched a hole for the twine. I was happy the hole punch did not cause my stick to crack or break! With this all figured out I started all over --

Using the full 1 x 8 craft stick I used the hole punch near the curved ends of the stick for the twine to go through. (I measured this so the holes on all the craft sticks would line up).  With the holes made I glued the two long sticks together to make my snowman thicker using wood glue. Once the glue dried (does not take long) I asked DH if he would cut my sticks into 3 inch lengths and he did - I made a lot of these and he could cut them faster than I would be able to. With all the snowmen cut to length I used white craft paint and painted the front of the snowman. Once dried I painted the back of him.

Here are some photos to show how I added the twine to my dried double layered snowmen:

I used an awl to get any paint out of the holes for the twine to run through on the front and back pieces of my snowman. I used a large eyed needle to put black thread through the hole for the twine. I ran the twine (approx 10 inches long) over the black thread before I pulled the black thread through the holes -- this photo might show this better:

With the twine through the holes I used Memento black ink and stamped the small Snowman face stamp on the craft stick about a 1/3 of the way down from the top curve of the stick.  Then I cut the hat for the snowman. His hat is a finger tip from a black pair of soft gloves from the dollar store.  To attach the hat to the snowman stick I used tear and tape on the front of the stick and the back of the stick.  I put the twine through the large eyed needle and put it through the center top of his hat:

With the twine through the top of the hat I peeled off the tear and tape paper backing. I flipped up the bottom of the hat to give it a brim and positioned the hat were I wanted it. Once it was in place I pressed the hat into the tape to hold it on the snowman. Using an orange marker I coloured in his nose.

Below his face I added more tear and tape to the front and back of the snowman stick to hold my ribbon/scarf piece. Cut the plaid ribbon a little longer than I wanted and wrapped it from the back of the snowman to the front of him. Pressed it in place. Snipped off the ends of the ribbon I did not need. To dress up this ribbon scarf I used a small snowflake die and die cut a snowflake from white glittered card stock. Put the snowflake on top of the ribbon where the pieces over lap. Added a red crystal to the center of the snowflake on the ribbon.

Here is a holiday family photo including the new members -- ;0)   haha:

So all in all being "flakey" is fun and the small Snowman face stamp is perfect for all the projects I put together! TFL

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Bonnie said...

Thanks for the how-to, Candee! Love these flaky friends!